Playing the Caves & Cliffs UPDATE in Minecraft Hardcore!
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  • Barkho Family
    Barkho Family

    The missing legs are a glitch

  • Barkho Family
    Barkho Family

    Updates on steam are realised earlier than on mobile so it is 1.16 on my device later is will be 1.17 cuz on my device is now on 1.26.201

  • Boxersteavee

    "They didn't add another mob, did they." Me: YEAH THEY DID! The thing that does 6 hearts damage to full netheririte

  • Janneke Ramaker
    Janneke Ramaker

    Je map

  • LUCAS omg64
    LUCAS omg64

    Finally he makes another hardcore video🤣😂🤣😂

  • Xiamara De Guzman
    Xiamara De Guzman


  • ISimpForTendou

    wait it's that rare for a pink sheep to spawn naturally? I found one right next to my base... o-o

  • ZLM Studios
    ZLM Studios

    Wait, isn't the warden supposed to be here?

  • Pop Dragon
    Pop Dragon

    I found two natural pink sheep

  • Hoverboard2525

    my stupidest video is my most viewed video...

  • yxt78

    It's the warden that you don't killed Dantdm

  • Jacob Bogatzki
    Jacob Bogatzki

    Polar bear maybe

  • lilly the fox wolf
    lilly the fox wolf

    How u get it early

  • AstroTurkey101

    To be honest, when Dan walks on the amethyst blocks, it reminds me of the waterfall ost from Undertale

  • Kemuel Gumabay
    Kemuel Gumabay


  • Edgar Garcia
    Edgar Garcia

    I found a pink sheep in 3 worlds 😀

  • Kane Berry
    Kane Berry

    Dan gets scared of cave sound

  • Faze beast 2649
    Faze beast 2649

    Only ogs remember his Pokémon mine craft series

  • Paparus's son
    Paparus's son


  • Noah Roberts
    Noah Roberts

    i do ice bridges all the time

  • XxYoshixX

    Ah- Ah thats Poggers! Pog Champ Right here

  • Rudy McDonald
    Rudy McDonald

    The new mob is the warden

  • ii. Chxryy
    ii. Chxryy

    Hey dan, almost a year ago you told us we tame parents by feeding them cookies I held a grudge for two months I apologize

  • Zoila Flor
    Zoila Flor

    What if you use a piston to move it

  • Clone Boy
    Clone Boy

    Says that those cluster blocks are only gonna be in the clusters Someone obv gonna use pistons to bring them up

  • Brandon Reno
    Brandon Reno

    [dial up internet] it is ___________ to early for it im playin playin and playin minecraft and no new snapshot

  • slippy gamer
    slippy gamer

    Still waiting in bedrock

  • London Walton
    London Walton

    I haven’t gotten the update yet 😢 😔

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    You should and try and join hermitcraft

  • joanne crosby
    joanne crosby

    I don’t have the update🥲😭??????????

  • Claudia Ramos
    Claudia Ramos

    But I don’t ha e the update I never had it please reply I’d you know why me and my friend don’t have and ty :(

  • DURP

    he should be in hermitcraft seriously hermitcraft owner add him to the server please that would be SO COOL

  • Kylene Shaulis
    Kylene Shaulis

    You can put a bundle in bundle

  • Rachael Pointon
    Rachael Pointon

    How do they get 1.17

  • Naykaw Myie
    Naykaw Myie

    nobody gonna talk about how he found a pink sheep okay...

  • SPIKEY_45

    Dan: I don't know what that other mob we have to kill is Me: DO YOU NOT REMEMBER THE WARDEN?

  • Jesse flogs
    Jesse flogs

    DanTDM still is my childhood.

  • VapeCat

    Yu can dupe items using bundles

  • Bobux

    its been 2 years since i watched dan.

  • ry austin toledo
    ry austin toledo


  • Nikos Loucas
    Nikos Loucas

    makes me feel old that dan has a kid.

  • Ana Rinco
    Ana Rinco

    How did the cats lose a leg

  • Filip Tomić
    Filip Tomić

    You probably wont se this but there is software that u can use to delate chunks, i forgot name bu i will try to remember

  • Cass Norman
    Cass Norman

    The hardest achievement will be the monster one the warden is really hard to kill even with full netherite armour you could still get killed

  • Cass Norman
    Cass Norman

    Pocket edition is always the last Minecraft to get updated I play pocket edition :(

  • Stardust cubing
    Stardust cubing

    Well how did you get caves and cliffs before every one els

  • I Dont Know Anymore stuff
    I Dont Know Anymore stuff

    y did u not add this to playlist


    dantdm should do a playthrough series of dragon quest ix sentinels of the starry skies via a emulator. if you get the DS version get 2 so when you guys get to Stornway, so dantdm you can invite her to your world and you guys can go and complete the game together you are unable to invite people to you world when you play the emulated verson.

  • Jayden Gallego
    Jayden Gallego

    wait when ever I see a pink sheep everything crashe-

  • Saifi Suhbahn
    Saifi Suhbahn

    It’s da warden my bro

  • That1SteamingPot


  • Gary Gagne
    Gary Gagne

    Cool vidéo dan

    • Gary Gagne
      Gary Gagne

      Il rite rite??

  • Claire Camilleri
    Claire Camilleri

    Bring leads every time you go out in the nether and in the overworld for pink sheep and a chicken and a pig man

  • Kiwi

    I read that amethyst geode is extremely rare, so umm...

  • AUSTRINIX Official
    AUSTRINIX Official

    DanTDM, use missed a Diamond Horse Armor in the Skeleton mob spawner's Chest!

  • AUSTRINIX Official
    AUSTRINIX Official

    DanTDM has super vision in real life he spotted things in very dark places in Minecraft!

  • AUSTRINIX Official
    AUSTRINIX Official

    Amethyst Genomes are actually pretty rare!

  • AUSTRINIX Official
    AUSTRINIX Official

    I have found 2 Adult Pink Sheep and I have the 2 screenshots of the 2 Adult Pink Sheep!

  • Roseanne Shenton
    Roseanne Shenton

    4:28 dan missed a ship wreck underwater or just a pig patch of dirt underwater but still

  • Zachariah Walls
    Zachariah Walls

    The subscribe button is not red for me cause I’m subscribed:)

  • Samuel Varron
    Samuel Varron


  • Aaron Looker
    Aaron Looker

    If this is the caves and cliffs update than that means the 34th mob you need to kill is the warden who could probably kill you

  • Lisa Callahan
    Lisa Callahan

    is caves in cliffs a seprit game

  • Edward Delaney
    Edward Delaney

    Is this in bedrock?

  • gunna getya
    gunna getya

    I thought this stuff was new

  • Miguel Richards27
    Miguel Richards27


  • Miguel Richards27
    Miguel Richards27

    Dan your new outdo is NOICE

  • The Gaming Panda
    The Gaming Panda

    Me when I saw that DanTDM made a new Minecraft video: 🥲

  • Arctic Foxie
    Arctic Foxie

    I once got a pink sheep. I was so crazed out when I saw it!

  • Pokemon Gamer
    Pokemon Gamer

    Copper ore is a brown ore and it’s as rare as iron lol man

  • Shauna W Turner
    Shauna W Turner

    R.I.P cat leg

  • Susky Plyz
    Susky Plyz

    I have been watching since the diamond dimension videos

  • Siddharth Venkateswaran
    Siddharth Venkateswaran

    i think you have to kill a silverfish

  • Cubed Ice 9957
    Cubed Ice 9957

    You have to kill the cave warden

  • Parker Albert
    Parker Albert

    Ha zzzzz

  • Parker Albert
    Parker Albert

    I can’t believe it

  • Parker Albert
    Parker Albert

    I love your videos

  • Dilly Tube
    Dilly Tube

    My brain hurt when Dan broke all the amethyst

  • Liam Sims
    Liam Sims

    hi people!

  • Edward Olvera
    Edward Olvera

    its sad that dan can literally combine a bow with le shoot in a anvil but he will never find out because.....HE WILL NEVER READ HIS FLIPPEN COMMENTS

  • short shot
    short shot

    Can u try to speed run plz.

  • gemini the imposter
    gemini the imposter


  • Gopi D
    Gopi D

    Did u know that I found a baby PINK SHEEP

  • Johanna Blair
    Johanna Blair

    you are the best

  • Otto Phillips
    Otto Phillips

    Some people might not be signed in that watch your vids and I subscribed

  • Dashemistic

    Hey guys down here from the diamond minecart

  • Michael Fiedtkou
    Michael Fiedtkou

    Mojang add new cave sounds in 1.17 till up to 28 cave sound so better not get scare

  • Michael Fiedtkou
    Michael Fiedtkou

    Cave sound 15 11:30

  • D D
    D D

    the half episode is the upside down house

  • Ivan De Silva
    Ivan De Silva

    He has the fake minecraft cliffs and caves ;-;

  • Jay Woodall
    Jay Woodall

    Dan: I'm in danger I'm in danger big danger Me: YOU HAVE NETHERITE ON

  • Веско Шишев
    Веско Шишев

    It’s coming after 148 days and I’m so exited

  • Queen Of Rose
    Queen Of Rose

    You can use the iron picaxe to mine the amitist shards you can get eight

  • Preston Schroeder
    Preston Schroeder

    It’s a worden

  • Jaydan Vanwyk
    Jaydan Vanwyk

    Yes I remember that when he's bro exploded his base and threw trayorus

  • Gerard buendia
    Gerard buendia

    The lava Raveen I call it a lavareen

  • PuppycakeBear

    Once I found a zombie jockey a baby zombie riding a big zombie

  • Ethan White
    Ethan White

    love you

  • Petra Crack
    Petra Crack

    Dan's hardcore title in 3 years: Flying 5000000 blocks for the new update!

  • Itsyaboi Chipsahoy
    Itsyaboi Chipsahoy

    Dan getting hyped up about a pink sheep when i find pink pigs

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