Nicholas Kole Unboxing: Art trade package with goodies!
Truth be told, I received and unboxed this wonderful package back in November, I think it was. I could only just get around to editing it now. Enjoy! And Happy New year, everyone.
Nicholas Kole:
@nicholaskole on Instagram
Doll clothing patterns here:
Musical tracks from:
#unbox #nicholaskole #arttrade

  • Yuriitea ,
    Yuriitea ,

    Omg the whole collab is just wholesome!! Everyone is just so happy and it makes me very happy. (〃^∇^)ノ💕🎀☁️

  • Ălex_

    You should customize one of those L.O.L Dolls! (If you can find one) ^w^

  • joie fun lab
    joie fun lab

    I have a tip maybe you should start using Barbie made to move bodies with monster high or ever after high doll bodies

  • Paper Clip
    Paper Clip

    I feel like I've seen this before I even seen this, lmao.

  • Halle Kaelynne Murad
    Halle Kaelynne Murad


  • Red wildblood
    Red wildblood

    I’m not sure if you are aware of this but a channel called makuru(I believe) had reposted your wendigo art doll video. Just wanted to let you know.

    • Red wildblood
      Red wildblood


  • SISsy's Art's
    SISsy's Art's

    3:45 omfg no I still- WHAT DOES THAT M E A N lol

  • Kaylea Kellie
    Kaylea Kellie

    can you make a pride/sexuality doll series

  • Shatila Sago
    Shatila Sago

    can you make a mlp doll

  • Unknown -Frog
    Unknown -Frog

    Do you have your own doll line? your dolls look amazing! Especially your Halloween ones.

  • bensfam !!!!
    bensfam !!!!

    I was wondering with the new show Mandalorian well new for me I was wondering if you could do a Mandalorian one of your other dolls inspired me and I think it would be a really good addition to your collection

  • Malcolm Azzaro
    Malcolm Azzaro

    For this pride month make one of your characters a girl freind

  • -Sus Sister-
    -Sus Sister-

    *can you make a doll's fingers move? :0*

  • Aubrey Alexander
    Aubrey Alexander

    can you do a tutorial

  • Spencer Henry
    Spencer Henry

    On October 31st 2021 you can make a Beast of Bray Road doll because is a type of werewolf

  • XxxYinYangxxX

    you should make trico from the last guardian as your next doll

  • blacephalon

    Could you possibly do a series for the ultra beasts from pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon? If you did, i'd love that :>

  • Drew Davis
    Drew Davis

    I was thinking that maybe you should make a non-binary doll! I just thought that it would be a good idea to support the LGBTQ+ community ^^

    • IzzysWorld

      Her water dragon doll is non-binary!!

  • roza rozov
    roza rozov

    For as long as I lived in Canada I have never seen suck cookies!

  • georgia guenard
    georgia guenard

    Me: wait only canadians have “chunchie“ chocolate bars

  • Bloom Carimo
    Bloom Carimo

    Hello sweetie.. big fan... how about making a lioness African tem doll

  • Personcalledme

    tim tams are lit

  • Toga Himiko
    Toga Himiko

    Hi I know you probably won't notice me Kathrine but it would be cool if you customize the ball jointed doll you have like a elf or something for spring I would really like to see that ☺ . That is all and stay safe and have a good day/night ❤

  • Katelyn

    You should make a pride series like the LGBTQA+ flags as dolls!!!!

  • Zombyprincess

    You are the sweetest! I hope people leave you alone. Im going to miss wendy.

  • L J
    L J

    Dolls are an art form. You express yourself through this art. If people have a problem with the art, then they can click the back button and watch something else. Art has been controversial since the dawn of time. I think wiping out all existence of your winnebago doll was the wrong choice.

    • L J
      L J

      Windego. Sorry, autocorrect.

  • LonLonMarin

    Yummmm enjoy the ketchup chips 🤤🤤

  • Ashley Mahadeo
    Ashley Mahadeo

    I had maple sugar candies once or twice, I think it was maple sugar fudge actually, and I loved them but they were so incredibly sweet I couldn’t eat more then one 😅

  • St0n3r Bunny
    St0n3r Bunny

    I kinda would like to see a strawberry inspired doll

  • BlackStar

    Its been years since i seen this channel im happy its still going keep up the good work I'll see you in a few more years

  • Madelyn Worthing
    Madelyn Worthing

    i would like to just say something about the apoligy video a view weeks ago. you are forgiven. You apologized and realized that your actions we're not okay. Some people don't own up to it and just say that the indigenous people were wrong and that their interpretation was correct. Thank you for apologizing and realizing your mistakes.

  • Bubble tea
    Bubble tea

    Hey can you make vídeos teaching how to make clothers for barbie

  • Hey Itz J.J
    Hey Itz J.J

    Pls do a undertale frisk custom doll!!!

  • Ayumi Kuboki
    Ayumi Kuboki

    Catherine, you should totally do a grunge ulzzang doll, or something along those lines I loved the vibe of the pink haired male character you did (can't remember his name)

  • Rebecca Sample
    Rebecca Sample

    Wait is it normal to get those bottles of maple syrup in provinces that aren't quebec? Because I always get cans of real maple syrup 🤔🤔🤔 I've just never seen those bottles.

  • Kuroyami Edits
    Kuroyami Edits

    oh my n e e d to make a mermaid that would look so prettyyyy

    • Kuroyami Edits
      Kuroyami Edits

      @IzzysWorld no i mean *again*

    • IzzysWorld

      She made a mermaid a while ago! I think her name might be coral if you wanna look her up

  • Cibele Barbour
    Cibele Barbour

    Da windago Was my feivoret:(

  • Maya’s Dream Land
    Maya’s Dream Land

    The apolagy video i know they will forgive you! Im not Amarican but i know theyw ill forgive you, you are the most nicest doll maker and customiser EVER AND I MEAN EVER! SO PLSSSS DONT FEEL TO BAD!

  • Steve Medina
    Steve Medina

    can you pls make a another doll plssssss

  • Izzy M
    Izzy M

    omg hi i dont know if youll see this comment but can you do a mha or haikuu inspired doll?

  • Emo Susan
    Emo Susan

    Holy crap, the lighting on the prints looks so good I legit had to squint

  • Rocketkat50

    yay cat

  • Cj _Crisi
    Cj _Crisi

    Nicholas looks like Mr Beast-

  • Enni Tolonen
    Enni Tolonen

    Can you do a stock box doll using leftover stuff that havent gotten used

  • Brookie Price
    Brookie Price

    What you should do dollightful is you should do dolls inspired by the pride flav colors like one rainbow for gay, and one pink,blue and purple for bi their is quite a few LGBTQ+ flag colors yiu could do I am actually bi myself💗💙💜

  • Jo Small
    Jo Small

    Maple cream cookies is good. Me as a Canadian is she not Canadian

  • uwu xxx
    uwu xxx

    Hi! I’ve been a fan for years and I would love to see a Hatsune Miku doll in your art style.

  • • The_Dino_Face •
    • The_Dino_Face •

    Hey Dollightful, you’re probably not gonna see this comment but you could make a planet series, like every doll is inspired by a different planet

  • Gacha Bunny_ 626
    Gacha Bunny_ 626

    This is just a question but I heard you like Game theory and I don't know if you play or like horror games but I'm wondering have you ever thought of making a Five nights at freddy's doll?

  • Loe

    That’s so nice of him! What a wonderful box! & now I’m hungry 🥰

  • Matt Fredericks
    Matt Fredericks

    So I just came from the apology video and I'm really confused. I thought you based the wendigo on the until dawn game

  • Claire Drake élève
    Claire Drake élève

    I love me some ketchup chips!😋

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa

    “These snacks will last us a year!” That would last one day in my house.

  • Gabrielle Tuttle
    Gabrielle Tuttle

    As a First Nations person of Canada, I thought the representation you gave the Wendigo was awesome. Not many people know of the Wendigo, and I am a full believer in it, plus skin walkers, and I thought you did a really good job on the doll. I’m sad it’s taken down, but I’m happy you understand how the representation of a creature of a different culture can be tricky. You took it down to keep peace with everyone who has different ideas of it, because that’s how folklore creatures are: all similar but never the same and people will tear you up if it’s not their version of it represented.

  • Katiova Kouadou
    Katiova Kouadou

    @Dollightful Somebody copied your channel! it's named "Dollightful COOL" Please help us report them

  • cracky makey
    cracky makey


    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      Love your work btw! If you look up pictures look for the black and white bear.

  • crazydolkadot

    So many people in the comments are going on about Tim Tams but what about the bag of all amazing Ketchup chips!!!! Love me some Ketchup chips!

  • cookie Bells
    cookie Bells

    I LOVE UR VID'S PLZZZZZZ MAKE me a costume doll plzzzzz😊

  • Gabes Pets
    Gabes Pets

    If you made the doll four years ago why are people getting angry about it now if some people didn’t like it back then not now when it is not even relive the anymore I mean seriously people

  • Gabes Pets
    Gabes Pets

    Why did you take down the wendiego video it doesn’t matter if it was offensive it is just a fun doll it does not matter and you put all that time and effort into it I think you should put it back up so people can appreciate your hard work

  • Teresa Fugett
    Teresa Fugett

    I'm kinda bummed that her Wendigo doll was taken down cuz I freaken lobed that thing but I guess it did get. Complaints so I understand

  • nightmaregameing13 29
    nightmaregameing13 29

    Even tho I live in Canada I have never seen these

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay

    “These snacks will last us a year!” That would last one day in my house.

  • Clear Katana
    Clear Katana

    I know this may seem silly would you do a tomboy doll.

  • Livia Robinson
    Livia Robinson


  • SaRaH RaNdALl
    SaRaH RaNdALl

    When she says that she never tried Tim Tams 😰

  • shadowkitty0099

    I wish she would do a fairy series 😍😍😍

    • shadowkitty0099

      @doliio volay what???

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay

      You've never had a timtam I'm insulted 😂😂

  • Emily Hoselton
    Emily Hoselton

    Mmm...Tim Tam Slam....

  • Qin Longyuyang
    Qin Longyuyang

    Hey I enjoy your too much pink doll, can you do more of just one color doll. Maybe do a rainbow color for each color doll.

  • KatieKat R.
    KatieKat R.

    Catherine! girl you are the sweetest, kindest, most awesome person i can think of! ive seen a thousand Native Americans commenting that the wendigo was not an offense, but the exact opposite! one lady said that it was the reasons he got into ur channel! another said they got to learn more about their culture since their grandfather,( who was Native American) died the day she was born and she never got to connect with her culture or grandfather! people who *informed* you it was offensive were most likely ppl who weren't even Native American, but ppl who love to shout out and yell about small mistakes instead of looking at the whole masterpiece! u r amazing and don't u DARE blame urself for the possible single person u offended with the work of art that is wendy-chan, our beautiful wendigo!

  • Welome_To_My_World

    If you want you can do a Monokuma doll. If you want I'm not forcing you but I think it would be a cool ooak doll. Monokuma is from a game called " Danganrompa v3 " and/or v2. Love your work btw! If you look up pictures look for the black and white bear.

  • AlterEgo

    You should make vocaloid dolls like miku, rin, len, etc. or if you listen to vocaloid and have a favorite you should do that one, i think it would be really cool

  • Lucas Liebman
    Lucas Liebman

    can you make a poison dragon.

  • Dawn Coates
    Dawn Coates

    I approve of the candies ( I'm a Professional Canadian) founder of eating candy ( its a joke )

    • Dawn Coates
      Dawn Coates

      but i am canadian

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    I like 1. The longer one is better

  • Creeper_chasm

    Please read this but if you didn’t already can you make a kitsune doll I think they have six tails I don’t know if not then a axolotl

  • Rosalie Beaulieu
    Rosalie Beaulieu

    how do you make the face?

  • Confession

    Nobody: Me: *Laughs in Canadian and is currently in Canada*

    • aola wili
      aola wili

      Katherine could literally make a doll from scratch out of wire and apoxie sculpt

  • Bryan Latchaw
    Bryan Latchaw

    You should make Katara form avatar next

  • Lilac T
    Lilac T

    You should the zodiac signs as dolls

    • Christopher Thomas
      Christopher Thomas

      Check out her Q&A videos, she said that she's not really interested in stuff like that

  • Rachel O'kane
    Rachel O'kane

    You've never had a timtam I'm insulted 😂😂

  • S t x r g x z e r _ l i i l y
    S t x r g x z e r _ l i i l y

    okay so nothing to do w/ this vid but... rn im sitting at home in my kitchen, holding a doll head in hot water. almost all the plugs are out a few left, i have been pulling out these plugs for 4 hours 46 mins i hate this but im still not quiting

  • Baby Pooh
    Baby Pooh

    i love

  • Jamie Lynn Wood
    Jamie Lynn Wood

    Have you tried to make a tea-cup doll?

  • Shrekbobcow Boblastchange
    Shrekbobcow Boblastchange

    Actually I feel like you would like marinette more so can you just make marinette if you want ofc from miraculous she’s really colorful to

  • Shrekbobcow Boblastchange
    Shrekbobcow Boblastchange

    Can you make a ladynoir and ladybug doll and cat noir doll please I love your dolls so muchh

    • Christopher Thomas
      Christopher Thomas

      She doesn't like doing pre-existing humanoid characters

  • chiaki nanami
    chiaki nanami

    canada in a box-

    • EarlGrxy

      Lmao yep

  • Pip-Tizzle

    AH! I never even knew this existed and I now absolutely adore his art style. Hes so unique, you two are just so creative and obvious dragon admirers! this collab was just perfect!!!

  • Linnea Clifton
    Linnea Clifton

    I feel like she should do the zodiac signs as dolls ^w^

    • Christopher Thomas
      Christopher Thomas

      Check out her Q &A videos, she said that she's not interested in doing them

    • EarlGrxy

      That’s a great idea :D what’s your sign? I’m a Sagittarius lol

  • Squishy Omega
    Squishy Omega

    I love your content you’re amazing ♥️

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    seems to be good

  • Abbys Random
    Abbys Random

    Someday I wanna see a tour of the doll room

  • Sofia AG vlogZ
    Sofia AG vlogZ

    Katherine could literally make a doll from scratch out of wire and apoxie sculpt

  • gurpreet kaur
    gurpreet kaur

    Hi dollightful can you make a video on a doll with no nose because my doll have no nose please. And my doll have short hair she is a barbie. Please make a video of a doll with no nose.

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      loose it! Lol.

  • XOXheartAmy

    Space-themed dolls for the new sparkly chiffon backdrop! They can hang out with Nova and Nyx (when she needs a break from her siblings)

  • bilij pdan
    bilij pdan

    For the Chiffon: I think it would be PERFECT as a cape for Nyx or Nova!

  • Elizabeth Sharp
    Elizabeth Sharp

    I know this will never get seen but it doesn't hurt to ask so I have a cousin who really loves dolls and I do too it's kind of a thing we bond over anyway since we were little she's hated our dimples and thinks she's ugly because there's no dolls we know of that have dimples I was just wondering if you'd show how to give a doll dimples so maybe I can surprise her with a mini us

  • Tiziana S
    Tiziana S

    You should do dolls as the zodiac signs

    • Christopher Thomas
      Christopher Thomas

      Check out her Q&A videos, she said that she's not really interested in stuff like that

  • Demongirl 16
    Demongirl 16

    the pink and white socks are slipper socks they are very comfy i wear mine all the time around the house

    • bilij pdan
      bilij pdan

      She received Canadian snacks... I am silently nodding, approving in Canadian. Our maple Syrup is amazing. And ketchup chips taste good.

  • bretni spradlin
    bretni spradlin

    how about after you use msc you use mate varnish on the joints after you stop blushing the body just a Suggestion

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