Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Why The Sky Is Blue
Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? Neil deGrasse Tyson is here to help you answer that question alongside comic co-host Chuck Nice. And, you’re about to find out why the answer is easy to understand, but not that simple.
You’ll learn how the white light from the sun interacts with the atmosphere through a process called “Rayleigh scattering” that makes the sky blue. Neil tells us why the sky turns different shades as the day goes on, and why the sunset changes from blue to amber.
Discover why the reason we have a blue sky is the same reason you can’t see stars during the daytime. And, how this lead to the discovery of the operational definition of where the atmosphere ends and space begins. Neil explains why he thinks space should be defined by gravity and not by the circumstances of our atmosphere. Lastly, Neil gives us a lesson on the frailty of our atmosphere and our delicate place among the stars.
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  • Love Moe
    Love Moe

    What about the purples and pinks ? Same concept ?

  • Santosh Rao
    Santosh Rao

    VIBGYOR is easier dhan ROYGBIV xD

  • boot ngammaoh
    boot ngammaoh

    Colour of Sun is white...Caucasians are Pink not White.There is no ground for racism .

  • Chevon Keller
    Chevon Keller

    Anything under our sun that doesn't contain air turns blue or is perceived blue through the eyes of a human N.b water reflects the colour of the sky

  • Loek Verkuijl
    Loek Verkuijl

    Ok so why do we see blue watching up but transperant looking to things closer. Like why isnt everything around me blue-ish? Maybe because there are less particals lower to the ground?

  • Dawan Dukes
    Dawan Dukes

    He definitely can’t repeat this theory, cause he making it up As he go

  • Dawan Dukes
    Dawan Dukes

    This dude is a complete JOKE and anybody who believes these fairytales are DOOMED

  • Sam Kaplan
    Sam Kaplan

    Who’s the guy interviewing ndt. He’s a legend.

  • abdul shaheen
    abdul shaheen

    If this guy was my teacher, I would go to school everyday.

  • Jay Greenwald
    Jay Greenwald

    I always wondered why we cant see planets during the day

  • Femineity

    I'm obsessed with this channel and I just found it LAST NIGHT! *StarTalk* is MY 'Space For Dummies'!🚀☄🌌🛰💞

  • danny mendez
    danny mendez

    Chuck is annoying

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    Justine Banda

    Science is Philosophy

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    Sergio Olmos

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    Gina McDonald

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    beata blanda

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  • Qiang Tien
    Qiang Tien

    So since the moon doesn't have an atmosphere, would we be able to see the stars in the day ? Yes yah ? According to this yah ? But how about mars ?

  • ABC Z
    ABC Z

    Joe Rogan needs to learn how to interrupt Neil deGrasse like this guy

  • Narayan Koss
    Narayan Koss

    I like to think that the different hues uh blue in the sky make up the different pigmentations of Krisna's skin. Either he can be a super bright pale blue, or a soopuh dark purpley blue like the night sky, and of course everthing inbetween ~ awsome to learn how stuff works and is made up of different energies! Thanks yall

    • Narayan Koss
      Narayan Koss

      Also thas a liquid shirt yo!

  • It is what it is
    It is what it is

    This guy is a fraud!!!

  • Coco Milk
    Coco Milk



    I love you guys!!!

  • Larry S
    Larry S

    This guy is annoying

    • ẞ45h[ ] r
      ẞ45h[ ] r

      Not anymore annoying than your presence

  • Stan

    Love watching you two interact

  • Benji Albert
    Benji Albert

    This is the 9th explanation I've heard from the 9th different scientist.. Know one knows...

  • Benji Albert
    Benji Albert

    Because it was written that, the waters above from the waters below was divided by the firmament.. end of story

  • Paco Ramirez
    Paco Ramirez

    I love this

  • Richard White
    Richard White

    Then why does the sky scatter the light of the stars during the day and not at night

  • Nicholas Russell
    Nicholas Russell

    Proper color 😂

  • Mike Literus
    Mike Literus

    Neil deGreasse Tyson explains why my head is bald. (next episode)

  • TryingAesthetic

    Jokes and conversations of highly intelligent people are so amusing, no matter what they say it still sound conplicated but you kinda understand it 🤣

  • Awesome Finish
    Awesome Finish

    These videos would be 100x better without chuck.

  • I'm SUS
    I'm SUS

    Fun fact: the sky is blue did you know this???

  • Golden Gryphon
    Golden Gryphon

    I love it! chuck, when I asked that question (why is the sky blue) as a child I was told "because it's not green!"

  • alchem lifestyle
    alchem lifestyle

    The bromance is real😂

  • kenny walker
    kenny walker

    Why would anyone think he would know the answer to this question. The firmament separates the waters from earth and the water in heaven . What color is water 💧

    • ẞ45h[ ] r
      ẞ45h[ ] r

      Water doesn't have a color

    • jaymz1999

      @kenny walker I’ve seen water absorb and reflect light.

    • kenny walker
      kenny walker

      @jaymz1999 ocean water is not colorless and what large body of water have you seen that has no color ?

    • jaymz1999

      Water is colorless.

  • GasKing 1
    GasKing 1

    Man my brain was running from 0-200 watching this

  • Pat Smith
    Pat Smith

    Wikipedia him

  • Pat Smith
    Pat Smith

    Actor at his finest

    • ẞ45h[ ] r
      ẞ45h[ ] r

      Sure he's acting for the show but he knows what he's talking about he's not acting when it comes to science

  • MikeDF2020

    it would've been easier explained if that other guy wasn't interrupting him

  • Edward Monix
    Edward Monix

    Because green is tacky

  • Leo Chav
    Leo Chav

    Missed opportunity. NEIL: “What’s the color of the sky at sunset?” Chuck: “ROY”

  • Amadeus Frazier
    Amadeus Frazier

    Very entertaining! Love this!

  • bennywidag

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    Amit Pandey

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    Score Avenue

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    Michael Meyer

    That guy is incapable of learning as soon as he brought race into it

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    Atzin J. Castellanos

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  • EchoRhythm.TV

    Why is water wet? Why did Judas rat to Romans while Jesus slept? WHAT!

  • Hussein Ali
    Hussein Ali

    the sky is blue because we live inside the eye of a blue-eyed giant named 'Macumber. ( Real G´s know what im talking about)

  • Eunine Elizze Arzaga
    Eunine Elizze Arzaga

    7:30-7:37 Chuck: (gets enlightened) Neil: YES!--- actually, no.

  • Raoras

    They both look so comfortable together

  • Gestoni Cordova
    Gestoni Cordova

    11:57 So that is what causes earthquakes.


    Thanks for this! I'm a science teacher and had the privilege of naming our first-born daughter, Rayleigh. She's heard me say several times that I'm reminded of her whenever I look up at our beautiful blue skies and our equally majestic sunrises and sunsets. She now has a much better understanding and appreciation for why that is.

  • Stepan

    Actually it is not blue ... grand illusion ... we all know it, but we admire scientists who are trying to explain it. ;)

  • Misod Gurung
    Misod Gurung

    I love Neil deGrass Tyson also i just felt like Cleveland was explaining astronomy 👌🏼

  • King J
    King J

    The whole video is explained in less than a minute timestamp: 12:23

  • Metaphysical

    No offense to Chuck, but I just want to hear Neil talk

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    Peter Lundstrom

    NDGT is soo amazing.

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    Apollo Cube

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    Will Mathieson

    Sometimes it appears invisible and we see darkness

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    javafornia channel

    Why the sky is blue?...because the earth is Flat...👍

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    Ronie Casaljay


  • jayman691

    This is one of the most Lit science lesson I have ever had

  • tomberi

    Don't hit people when you talk ffs! nice explanation though.

  • lemon714

    so that explains it . But why ?

  • ClawsMaster

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    • ClawsMaster

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    • ẞ45h[ ] r
      ẞ45h[ ] r

      I can imagine the next gender reveal party results in the entire planet exploding and the explosion colors blue or pink congratulations it's a boy with the Earth exploded into pieces

  • Keith Jenkins
    Keith Jenkins

    He is just lying,the sky is blue because of the water above,smooth talk no truth

    • ẞ45h[ ] r
      ẞ45h[ ] r

      Nope that's not how gravity works


    From the waters above....Man lies Bible don't!!!!

    • ẞ45h[ ] r
      ẞ45h[ ] r

      You put all your trust into a book that you don't even know where it's origins come from the original story lost in history there are only modified versions of it don't believe everything you read

  • Stevo Maginn
    Stevo Maginn

    We're ingaged in a war isn't that right

  • KAY B 14
    KAY B 14

    imagine if he told you there is no color just wavelenghts converted into electronic signals and colors is just a construct of your racist brain? just so happens that most people have the same kind of racist brains regarding to colors. But than there are those who have a diffrent bias and we call them color blind? allthough they perceive colors just diffrently. humans are just so pathetic in comparison to physics.

  • Parth Deshmukh
    Parth Deshmukh

    I've learnt more from Neil than any teacher from school.

  • Jamie lombardo
    Jamie lombardo

    The sky is blue because it’s Water, read the Bible

    • ẞ45h[ ] r
      ẞ45h[ ] r

      Okay but what if it's false then you would be very wrong not to mention that's not how gravity works

  • Dan Dart
    Dan Dart

    Why is the sky blue? Because Tyson broke a globe and bopped Nice on the head with it.

  • Robert Caskie
    Robert Caskie

    The sky is a hue of indigo that no human can see. Every sunset on a clear day is a rainbow.

  • Bear Back
    Bear Back

    Could you imagine smoking a j with him wow

  • shad pierre
    shad pierre

    This guy have a 5th level entellect, and he is enjoying it.

  • Nick Clutterbuck
    Nick Clutterbuck

    So many ppl legitimately think it's blue from reflection of the ocean 😆

  • Anansi Mikhail
    Anansi Mikhail

    That "because I live in america" had me dead 🤣🤣🤣

  • CH C
    CH C

    Why the sky in china always gray

    • ẞ45h[ ] r
      ẞ45h[ ] r

      Because a lot of people live there and there's a lot of pollution because Earth is overpopulated with the form to mental idiots that don't understand when enough is enough that want more that ruin the environment for their own intent for corruption and entertainment humans are an invasive species for the entire planet I hate us for that

  • Imogen-Bess van Beers
    Imogen-Bess van Beers

    If Neil's definition of what is space is true, does that mean the moon wouldn't be in space, coz it's in our gravitational field, in orbit

    • ẞ45h[ ] r
      ẞ45h[ ] r

      What do you mean

  • Fathema Sultana
    Fathema Sultana

    I was said my boys list to the Indians. I don't change my mind.

  • Crazy Pit Mom
    Crazy Pit Mom

    The best “insult” ever: you’re such an astrophysicist 😂❤️

  • M M
    M M

    I love how this is such a kindergarten explanation. I guess the saying is true, you can't really understand something until you can explain it to a 5 year old

  • zenoist2

    Its obviously trumps fault and he needs to be arrested for it.

  • Osvaldo M. T. F. Freire
    Osvaldo M. T. F. Freire

    And why is the SEA blue?

  • Benjamin Gal-Or
    Benjamin Gal-Or

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  • Núbia Ferreira
    Núbia Ferreira

    Amazing!! 🤯

  • Chris McQueen
    Chris McQueen

    Chuck, I caught that: You thought it was ROY G BUV with Ultra-Violet at the end. Don’t lie 😂

  • Dark_Dirt Tv
    Dark_Dirt Tv

    English version of the question would be ‘why is the sky grey’

  • BigDaddyCool42

    Only blacks can goof about racism. If white people do, they are called racist by the libtards.

  • mark lopez
    mark lopez

    I know I ain't the only one who thought of one piece when he said Rayleigh

  • Nate Pascall
    Nate Pascall

    So it aint the ocean😢😭

    • Bendigo

      The ocean looks blue because the sky is blue.

  • Steve Jarvis
    Steve Jarvis

    Astro Klump is awesome!

  • volley smackz
    volley smackz

    So what's happening to the Red or non-blue component of the white light during the day. As Blue is scattered intensely during Sun sets or rises, Red light becomes predominant. Now we see red component? Why not during the day if sun light is lit directly during the day?

    • volley smackz
      volley smackz

      @Bendigo I was just asking how a human eye works because if we had a different version of the eye we would have seen a different color to which we are sensitive in your terms

    • Bendigo

      @volley smackz are you asking why we can't see the red side or why is the sky blue?

    • volley smackz
      volley smackz

      @Bendigo Blue actually scatters more so no longer visible during Sun sets or rises. Yeah I know sky is blue independent of the looking time but why is the question?

    • Bendigo

      @volley smackz no because our eyes are less sensitive to the light towards the red spectrum and more sensitive to the light past the green spectrum. So no matter how long you stare at a blue sky it will remain blue. Blue wavelengths bounce off particles in the atmosphere during the day more than any other wavelengths so we see more blue. And they scatter less during the sunset and sunrise. So we can see more of the red spectrum.

    • volley smackz
      volley smackz

      @Bendigo" sensitive" is how quick we observe things so if you just stare into the blue sky for longer.. you should just see white light? But no..😅

  • redred

    If the moon doesn't have an atmosphere, what colour is the sky on the moon?

    • ẞ45h[ ] r
      ẞ45h[ ] r

      Well it would look like what night time looks like on earth except with a giant bright white ball in the sky plus you'd get an extra dose of vitamin c from the sun's UVS on the negative side you would melt into a pile of molten flesh because of the burns you would experience

    • Bendigo


  • Andrew J Kantono
    Andrew J Kantono

    9:08 you know how to differentiate old ppl with youngsters when roll the window down by doing that motion 😆

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    digital subliminal messages

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