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  • Rob Low
    Rob Low

    Brother you don't know depressing

  • Rob Low
    Rob Low

    Bet 50gs she takes that demon in the divorce 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • SkyrimInMyPants

    Wtf the wrap changed after the accident?

  • Shawn Gaming HD
    Shawn Gaming HD

    I'd cry too if I Painted my car like that it's a ugly paint job

  • Allarry Daniels jr
    Allarry Daniels jr

    I swear the super charge is stuck in my head

  • цхадиювщ

    What’s the intro song

  • Killer65malibu Gaming
    Killer65malibu Gaming

    Sucks that a drunk driver did this to you bro, car would NEVER run the same or straight just take the heart of the beast and drop it into a new whip

  • marstall04

    To replace that inner quarter the roof needs replaced the floor replaced

  • NovaBXNY Nova
    NovaBXNY Nova

    It’ll buff out. Little bondo action and a few spray cans will do the trick. Jk man hope they get you a new 2021 demon with 797hp.

  • Brandon O'Dwyer
    Brandon O'Dwyer

    I would’ve cried when I saw the wrap job. Sucks about the actual damage though.

  • Luis Arias
    Luis Arias

    Call v tuned fix fast and clean

  • Seven77 yo
    Seven77 yo

  • The Beast
    The Beast

    It does look like it been stripped hard but after all the work you’ll have a great car man still a great car Atleast it still runs and drive good luck.

  • Tyler Green
    Tyler Green

    It was supposed to get dodged not rammed

  • Challener YT
    Challener YT

    This is like watching a beloved family member have surgery. I CAN'T LOOK!

  • zezo SAFADY
    zezo SAFADY

    stay safe with those lips make them biger harder..

  • Brittany Gragg
    Brittany Gragg

    Yea someone was hurt just look at mr dodge that was a beautiful car

  • Robert French
    Robert French

    Not to be this guy but that drunk guy is the only reason you’re views are a lot now pretty hard to catch a break like that. But good luck with the demon

  • Whittle Dribble
    Whittle Dribble

    I know this feeling all too well! My 96 ranger was totaled sitting in my yard because of a drunk driver. Yeah the truck was worthless to everyone else but because of things in my past I bought that truck for a reason. The most important thing is that this guy is a neighbor and that could have been our kids in the yard.

  • Jonny Boy
    Jonny Boy

    Aww... Poor rich people...

  • Watch This
    Watch This

    My car was hit while i was pulling into a parking lot by a car backing out. I was so upset, my door had to be replaced. And the whole left side had to be painted. I know it brought down the value of my car just the fact that it had an accident. i could only imagine how you feel

  • Aman Wisdom
    Aman Wisdom

    Wifr kinda hot

  • Lucifer DaNegus
    Lucifer DaNegus

    Yall be too emotionally attached to physical material stuff

  • One hell of a lifestyle with kert 2020
    One hell of a lifestyle with kert 2020

    That’s a opportunity to take the motor transmission out and put it into another car And create your own car with them parts

  • Brian Mahutga
    Brian Mahutga

    It sucks that you can't buy a new one but at least you can go n buy a red eye witch is more than a hole lot of people can ever afford must be nice

  • Brian Mahutga
    Brian Mahutga

    It's hard to feel sorry for you. You at least had one and can afford to buy a new one. I work my ass off for 30 years in a skilled trade welding and could never afford one in the first place. What do you do for a living

  • Kenneth M. Sullivan
    Kenneth M. Sullivan

    These are wife goals. I need a thick gyal who is into cars as much as she is.

  • Ramsez Ochoa
    Ramsez Ochoa

    Just buy a new one🌚

  • Marco Morales
    Marco Morales

    Wife said make your you let them know it's "OUR" demon lol

  • Tre Collins
    Tre Collins

    I felt your pain when your baby was hit. My charger I worked so hard to get and build was hit omw to the hospital to watch my son be born. Seeing it cut up hurts me. Prayers your way🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • NorCal SRT
    NorCal SRT

    Let it go man it sucks but u will be way farther ahead with a faster car and more cash in the pocket in the end if u walk away and buy a super stock then give it to ur tuner and have a monster

  • Christopher Valencia
    Christopher Valencia

    Put on your seat belt

  • Epic Sack69
    Epic Sack69

    Drama queens

  • Jeff Johnson
    Jeff Johnson

    Yeah, damage is kinda extensive but it's nothing that can't be repaired. Tell the insurance company to screw off and start talking to other ALgoners that rebuild salvage cars. Make a few episodes out of it.

  • thestradwomen

    Its a car lol

  • Mark Tosolt
    Mark Tosolt

    Did anyone notice the beautiful Boxers!!!

  • Tyrone Shin Bones
    Tyrone Shin Bones

    Y cant i post that picture of that guy saluting and crying

  • Modern Muscle 365
    Modern Muscle 365

    Hopefully all works out for ya

  • Jay Escobar
    Jay Escobar


  • Shamar Erskine
    Shamar Erskine

    Its still repairable right

  • ferp420

    our hyunday stay with me here our brand new hyunday was hit so bad the front wheels dident line up any more i thought for sure it was a gonner but they cut everything out and glued it back together and its as good as new they took from the front a piller to the back of the car from the roof down and replaced every pannel including the entire floor from the fire wall to the bumper and the pasenger side of the car b piller and rear quarter pannels too they replaced almost half the car we had it done at the dealer it cost around 7k to rebuild the point is if they will fix that hyunday they can fix your rig no matter how bad the damage is

  • KrypticBee08

    Hey kev check Instagram man when u can please

  • KrypticBee08


  • saormart

    I saw the video where that dude smashed your beauty Deamon... so sad... what happened with that dude ? Did he get arrested ? Did he had insurance ? Did he payed for it ?

  • Ryan Lindahl
    Ryan Lindahl

    Need a Chevy

  • Ryan Lindahl
    Ryan Lindahl


  • déād_bēät_bõí

    im sorry is that tana?

  • Project Rescues
    Project Rescues

    Like I said in the other video of it, quarter panel section, door, and some roof and pillar section work.

  • GoBot Studios
    GoBot Studios

    I still don't get why dodge discontinued the demon someone pls explain

  • Burnout Bray
    Burnout Bray

    These people can fix her

  • Junior Garcia
    Junior Garcia

    Wait so why don’t they make the demon no more ?

  • sean911sc

    If and only if your original plan was to never sell the Demon - Repair and continue to make more memories. The Demon will always have value, but not all value can be measured in dollars. Let the journey continue.

  • Deante Askew
    Deante Askew

    Send it to DIY GANG!!!!! If he rebuild a burnt hellcat he can definitely fix that for ya.

  • Saaheb Mahant
    Saaheb Mahant

    Damn he really milking this demon story for as many views as possible 😂 I respect it tho keep grinding

    • NyXoY E
      NyXoY E

      It's called keeping us updated on what's happening with the demon not milking lmao

  • Christopher D'Erasmo
    Christopher D'Erasmo

    Totaled does not mean unfixable. It just means the cost of repair is over 50% of the cars current worth. The right guys can repair frames. Just look up repaired totaled Ferrari's.


    Out of all the cars the guy could’ve crashed into he decided to crash into a $90.000+ car 🤦🏽

  • SS vs SRT
    SS vs SRT

    Hey bud just to let you know at the dealership I got my car from tomball dodge tomball tx @bjmotors the yave a b5 blue demon for sale

  • The Outlaw
    The Outlaw

    cringe intro tho

  • Şhคk

    This sad story made me subscribe the camera footage was the first video on my YT home screen

  • TK's Garage
    TK's Garage

    Sucks about the 😈 demon.

  • Christopher Van Gelder
    Christopher Van Gelder

    I passed though, I feel your pain on a car that special. I'm sorry that happened. Hopefully the insurance pulls through.

  • Amna

    Kevin & Rachel Im so sorry that this had to happen to you guys, the sentimental value and aspect to it I mean I cant even begin to imagine, but despite the circumstances I found your videos and you’ve gained a new loyal subscriber ♥️ I hope & pray it gets easier to cope with over time. Love you guys, stay strong ♥️

  • killzx701 adam
    killzx701 adam

    You’re just dragging this out as much as possible for the attention right?

    • lucas

      of course

  • Miguel Aguilar
    Miguel Aguilar

    Man I thought u lost a child or something. It’s just a car be thankful no one got hurt or killed by the drunk driver just saying man!!


    Put a f in the chat guys

  • inamission

    At least the airbags didn't deploy

  • Sandra Guntorius
    Sandra Guntorius

    Love ❤️

  • ebike rider
    ebike rider

    Repair is expensive but fuck it repair is better

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    You're seriously milking the fuck out of this.

  • DontDoGarage

    Brother I am so sorry for your loss🙏 I couldn't imagine how I would feel if somthing like that happend to my 1992 honda accord wagon.. yeah it's not a demon but I built it from ground up from a totaled shell to a beautiful optioned out station wagon

  • Spacely

    Situations like this suck! I had a drunk driver total a Buick Regal T Type and they let the sob walk.

  • Crescent Crest ‘
    Crescent Crest ‘

    Supercharged .... Automatic’ supercharge

  • Demetrey Slivko
    Demetrey Slivko

    Keep it! Don’t get rid of it! It’s a one of a kind to you guys. Not gonna lie, I started watching the videos from where Kevin posted about the situation. But that car is irreplaceable because, yes you can get one just like it BUT, it’s not the one you guys worked so hard for and that one specifically. You’ve made it YOURS and it’s a part of the family now. I’m a car guy at heart and this gave me a lump in my throat. Stay positive guys and whatever you choose will be the right decision in your eyes

  • Broderick Gabbard
    Broderick Gabbard

    This us sadly the first video I have watch from your guys channel and just from watching it I can tell him positive and creative you guys are and I love it and I am sorry to hear about your baby

  • Eastern metal
    Eastern metal

    Ya..sorry too see anyones car messed up..but..ya that wrap is gross 🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢..why do people do that

  • Lucas pipitone
    Lucas pipitone

    It’s still sad but y’all can’t even feel bad cuz they got so much fuckin clout and free publicity off this

  • brucewaynerodo rodo
    brucewaynerodo rodo

    Dude u blew your engine 3 times then they wreck your demon sorry but the car gods are not on your side dodge is not for u /go to church u need cleansing good luck


    Should have put it in ur garage 😂😂😂

  • 71 Stingray
    71 Stingray

    Did the fucko have insurance?

  • eggbeaters

    Those are tears of joy . She hopes you’ll give the car a proper paint job . You ruined that car breh

    • eggbeaters

      @Kevin Van Voris I’m not ragging you bro I’m just being real and honest . It’s ugly man . It’s literally just stomach turning . I love your channel and I love your work there’s no way I’m the world you think that looks good man . That car is expensive AF then you go lower the value of it by doing that ? I guess you grew up spoiled and privileged because I had to bust my knuckles as a mechanic for 20 years to get that bag you have and I would never desecrate that car like you did . You just grew up rich I see so you don’t value the actual beauty of that car . Have a good day brother

    • Kevin Van Voris
      Kevin Van Voris

      @eggbeaters crazy man what a disgrace, I’m sorry bro. I guess it’s good someone wrecked it then.

    • eggbeaters

      @Kevin Van Voris no problem . I’m sure you see it yourself . You took an American classic muscle car icon and made it look like it fell out of a cereal box. What a disgrace

    • Kevin Van Voris
      Kevin Van Voris

      Thanks brah

  • Dimitri Politis
    Dimitri Politis

    Just gonna throw this out there. It will probably be totalled yes. I haven't seen the other video about the frame damage before I make this statement but everything can be fixed. Weather its you that do it or someone else. I encourage you to fix this car if it means as much as it does.

  • NüT-Desu69

    Wait why would you even park it outside?

  • cory ce
    cory ce

    Be glad it's just a dodge

  • William White
    William White

    Does he not have insurance

  • Elliott Poel
    Elliott Poel

    How did you refrain from killing the person that hit your car man..?

  • Alberto Quinones
    Alberto Quinones

    It’s your dodge lol she don’t drive that shit 😂😂

  • r s
    r s

    Did the air bags deploy

  • Avery Washington
    Avery Washington

    I mean you guys are getting it fixed right I kinda know the feeling I just got hit and ran by someone in my first car and it’s totaled so i have nothing as of now but I def felt the sadness bruh

  • James Roberts
    James Roberts

    You gotta teach us youngins how to get a trophy wife like that. Man. As long as she’s all good that’s all that’s matters to me as a man.

  • Moses H
    Moses H

    Dude coming from a huge dodge fan I’d literally cry if this happened to my charger and that’s a whole demon I’m so sorry this happened to you

  • Michael Hernandez
    Michael Hernandez

    Good u guys look like assholes y’all deserve it

  • Are You 0k
    Are You 0k

    He's milking the fuck outta this lmao

  • Ferrell Scales
    Ferrell Scales

    Dude does anyone else hope that young prick is getting taken for everything he has idgaf his situation. Crackhead should have kept the cool whip on his god damn pumpkin pie. So sorry man.

  • Mrxcrazeeman3

    I hope to God that guy never even gets to LOOK at a car for the rest of his life.

  • SonOfDrTito

    I hope you decide to keep it and use this as an excuse to get a custom chassis. Aluminum!

  • Maurice Hunter
    Maurice Hunter

    Please tell me you beat that guys ass before and after the hospital......

  • Hartadventure HA
    Hartadventure HA


  • Hartadventure HA
    Hartadventure HA


  • Feeds YT
    Feeds YT , used your car for their thumbnail and your crash in their compilation today

  • Big Guy Small Cars
    Big Guy Small Cars

    I never heard of this channel sadly until the day the crash was posted. Between that video and this one, I wanted to jump in the phone and beat the guys ass with them, and wanted to send them flowers or something seeing how upset they are as a couple. Terrible situation but it’s great to see a couple so involved and same level of passion as they do. I will definitely go back through and watch previous videos.

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