My Mustang’s 5th Engine Blows Up on Camera...
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    • TicTacawsome 2
      TicTacawsome 2

      ls swap it already

    • God Father Deuce
      God Father Deuce

      Diesel swap satan

    • Aaron Mills
      Aaron Mills

      Dude you need toLS swap that or at least put a ztexas Speed engine in there because where ever your buying your engines from there extremely unreliable or give the car away problem solved

    • Aaron Mills
      Aaron Mills

      This is why you need to use Texas Speed engines much more reliable

    • Life Noob
      Life Noob

      satan won’t stop blowing up 😪

  • Dontlosesight 6
    Dontlosesight 6

    (Temps looked fine) zorbi (temps were like fucking this high)

  • BWA Daniel
    BWA Daniel

    Bubbles coming from radiator and it’s not boiling AND oils in there, head gasket. 100%

  • Brett K
    Brett K

    20:30 dude this is actually so sad but comedy gold 😂😂

  • cookiemonsta212

    I remember watching adam lz's mustang blow and oil filter off and burnt down the car lol

  • Tom the raton
    Tom the raton

    What did you expected lol revving at more than 8500rpm

  • fastestaventador

    Lol Satan great

  • FonkyFoxX

    he just said the n word... 12:55

  • Robert Fabian
    Robert Fabian

    "soo if you would like to fund this glorious build..." so fucking stupid to fund for this build just for this guy to floor the shit out of it after there was something wrong with his engine

  • Tonkata 2006
    Tonkata 2006

    I think its time for a cummins swap

  • peter PETER
    peter PETER

    so what do u put in ur hair? 5w40?

  • Jonathan Arcos
    Jonathan Arcos

    Gavin plz coyote swap my Miata and let me spend a day with you guys 🥺!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Decaf Nation
    Decaf Nation

    Roses are red... Violets are blue... I came for 8:15... And so did you.

  • Xpert

    That back from the dead merch tho sent me through the wall I laughed so hard

  • send it
    send it

    #1 problem FORDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD POS change gears earlier and get of the ethanol it is constant problems

  • send it
    send it

    put radials on it the slicks are not going to get it

  • Alan Franco
    Alan Franco

    My dad's old mustang gt never breaks

  • Jordan Mckeel
    Jordan Mckeel

    As upsetting as this was I’m gonna be glad to see this car with a happy reliable setup #DONTLOSESIGHT

  • Zander Putnam
    Zander Putnam


  • Pierce Glisson
    Pierce Glisson

    This man looks so much like sypherpk

  • Dylan

    Dude this car just doesn’t wanna live 😂 RIP

  • Lost Souls
    Lost Souls

    Lol you abuse it you deserve the consequences

  • alessandro

    ESP should,d help keep it in line no? just enable it

  • SmallerJester35

    When ur car only has 920 hp :(

  • David Parke
    David Parke

    8:17 is what you came to see

  • Calvin Walters
    Calvin Walters

    I don’t live far from Ruston, would love to drive around with you.

  • William Dean
    William Dean

    5th Engine, best advertisement for the Tesla Roadster 2.0 I've ever seen.

  • Riding Without Limits
    Riding Without Limits

    If you don’t want it gift it to me 🙃

  • Purple Sus
    Purple Sus

    Mustangs suck mopar or no car 🔥

  • Brett Rushing
    Brett Rushing

    He was redlining every single pull, no wonder the engine blew up

  • hunter Wagar
    hunter Wagar

    Even a Japanese swap 2j would be way more reliable power just get billet something

  • hunter Wagar
    hunter Wagar

    How many blow ups till you're done with ferd

  • Brutticus The Bear
    Brutticus The Bear

    Red lines almost every gear and is surprised when it blew up

  • Mystical Zeus
    Mystical Zeus

    People wonder why people hate on Fords. They suck.

  • Bill Stern
    Bill Stern

    I saw an LS swapped stand at the Metalkraft coachwerks in cincinnati once and Had the silly idea of using the 3.0 vulcan out of a wrecked B3000 dual sport I had (80K miles, 10K were mine) to repower a mustang with a dead 3.8.

    • Bill Stern
      Bill Stern

      I was gonna call it the "F*ckstang* because When I'd pop the hood people would go "the F*ck?" To be fair I loved driving my old B3000 dual sport with the 5 speed and a slightly woke up 3.0 ("Worn" exhaust, Hydraulic roller rockers, freer flowing intake, considered Tom morona's 3.3 stroker kit but never did it.)

  • BK25 4
    BK25 4


  • Freddyboii xox
    Freddyboii xox

    Why does it feel like his head is too big for his body? Like is it just me or does he look like a God damn bobblehead figure 😅

  • Marc Zevering
    Marc Zevering

    yeah i think every car does not like it to be red lined the whole time

  • mister p
    mister p

    man you click bait us but it blowed something but not the motor

  • Warranty Killer Motorsports
    Warranty Killer Motorsports

    Damn dude. That's a bummer

  • Kvvonga

    Yessir in subscriber number 1,000,001

  • SquareEyes

    The mechanics are sick of it xD. "What a surprise" "I'm guessing you need to be picked up?"

  • Dark Lotus
    Dark Lotus

    What do you expect its a ford, and its cursed

  • Biker Wheelies BMX bike
    Biker Wheelies BMX bike

    Ford fix repair daily

  • Biker Wheelies BMX bike
    Biker Wheelies BMX bike

    Ford repair Daily no wonder Ford suck so much

  • Cody Hufstader
    Cody Hufstader


  • Cameron Huff
    Cameron Huff

    Gavin-car didn’t like that Gavin again-car go VROOOOMMM

  • No parts, No tools, No plan!
    No parts, No tools, No plan!

    Yea it must be the car, can't be the way you drive it.

  • Highway Dreams
    Highway Dreams

    Typical ford lol. But it dosent help that it’s going Over 8k rpm.

  • Dejan Mandzukovski
    Dejan Mandzukovski

    ofc its gonna blow up, she doesnt like to be red line that much, 22 min video and i just see redline shifting

  • Lobotomizer


  • kenny didnt die
    kenny didnt die

    Man I honestly wouldn't blame you If you sold the car or did something different instead of trying to keep doing the same thing over and over and over and over and expecting something different I think that's litterally the definition of insanity I looked it up and yeah theres a pic of this car

  • XConvictPanda

    "Its not like we abuse this car or anything" 14:08 Lmao

  • Jaimen Brunson
    Jaimen Brunson

    FORD F U€ked Up R ebuilt D odge

  • Dabby

    Puts distilled water after popping coolant off, Does massive pull and says hes not abusing it. Bruh.

  • Stormcaller King
    Stormcaller King

    I'll take it. Dm me on instagram @jahleelthechosen

  • Alan Arroyo
    Alan Arroyo

    what a POS lol ill never buy domestic trash

  • Hashh B
    Hashh B

    This guy really driving this American muscle car like it can handle being redlined all day everyday lmao 😭like honestly how do you blow a hose and thing your motors blown and still do pulls on the way to the shop.. lmao

  • SGC

    Do a 5.8 trinity swap :p

  • Daniel Georgianni
    Daniel Georgianni

    This kids annoying.

  • Barnard Studios
    Barnard Studios

    Calls the car satan literally will get gapped by hondas

  • 89rx7turbo

    You smoke motors like crackheads smoke rock!

  • Shawn Sampath
    Shawn Sampath

    Put a 2j in the mustang

  • Chafed Coochie
    Chafed Coochie

    just a shitty engine design at this point. i mean it is american built so

  • AWordFrom Mr.Jones
    AWordFrom Mr.Jones

    1000 HP Mustang Owner: Let's Make a Highway Pull on distilled water 🤗🤗🤗 Mustang: 🏎️🏎️🏎️🏥

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe

    Has engine issue, whips car to workshop.....

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe

    Another user error video. Maybe MMR put the air in the tyres.

  • Maurxce_04

    yes when the black mustang goes i go too. all the other cars are so fucking boring


    I hope the mclaren blows up


    Dude you guys are just dead ass shitty engine builders

  • Brandon Cartwright
    Brandon Cartwright

    No matter how much hp it can handle, you can spin into 10 11 12 or 13,000 rpm because you cant put the power down. I believe that you running thru gears and spinning the engine way beyond you should is the problem. You pushed a head gasket out? Floating valves

  • Grahame Freestone
    Grahame Freestone

    Look on the bright side, you're nearly at 1m subs. ;-) 👍

  • Pj Biggleswerth
    Pj Biggleswerth

    I know the pain. 4th coming for mine

  • SKUD 1
    SKUD 1

    Must b nice to b able to blow through $ like that. Im over here strugglin to feed my family. I cant even afford a new water pump for my 03 yukon. Gotta love life!

  • petros pago351
    petros pago351

    its his fault the engine got fucked

  • Rick Field
    Rick Field

    Not built properly. Driver error.

  • TRD_SR5

    Smh that car deserves a better driver

  • Ryan Romano
    Ryan Romano

    Who else thinks gavin should throw a stock engine back in it because that thing took so much abuse before

  • Honda Ryda
    Honda Ryda

    uses the hoonigan click sound... KEKW

  • Christopher Gray
    Christopher Gray

    haha your stupid girls car the mustang puked its guts after a grand total of 6 runs lay off the boost youngsters

  • Christopher Gray
    Christopher Gray

    the on)y thing I thought could be more douchey and more repulsive than a dog charher driver is this mustang driver

  • Mike Alpha Mike
    Mike Alpha Mike

    Why do these fords seem like such a pain to deal with? Sheesh....

  • dudder86 dudder
    dudder86 dudder

    One reason I never ever run my car with a thermostat in it

  • dirtdude

    i don't know, buddy. i've had the same engine in my mustang for 25 years... i'm not an expert but maybe if you quit beating on it, your engine might last longer.

  • Sab Jones
    Sab Jones

    Ford! Lmao

  • rob thomas
    rob thomas

    Mustang garbage lol

  • joe grimes
    joe grimes

    Another 0-20 weight oil horror story. How many you gonna blow before you stop putting water in your motors? Thick oil for racing. 20-50

  • Cody Twine
    Cody Twine

    First time seeing a video of this guy and he really doesnt seem like he knows anything about his vehicle or what a car or engine is.

  • Misfit01

    Why did that engine blowing up sound like CS:GO hitmarkers lmfao

  • Luke Placher
    Luke Placher

    Your car is the definition of crowd killer but is great

  • JustAnotherBoog

    100% had a air pocket .

  • Tniedrich

    5TH engine? This is my first vid of yours Ive seen and IDK if you have a shop to build your motors or if you build them yourselves. Either way, this feels to me like there was insufficient break in and maybe a bearing spun.

  • Kaelen Thurlow
    Kaelen Thurlow

    i love how calm Gavin is when it blows up "uh oh"

  • Beowulf7544

    Have you learned nothing?

  • Jim Nesta
    Jim Nesta

    There's nothing funnier to watch than itsjusta6, Stangmode and Zander 13 blowing up Mustang engines.

  • I am the Offender of All
    I am the Offender of All

    5 much as I would like to peg Ford for building garbage....operator error here. I can buy a replacement engine giving it up. a row? No chance high pants. Its ALLLLL you!

  • Jwork 5
    Jwork 5

    No matter how bad it is for the engine to rev that high for that long, watching old videos with the stock coyote block in the old setup revving to the same rpm and same power level... you would expect a $30k built engine to stand up to that abuse a little bit better than the stock engine from Ford 😂

  • Lswon2004

    This dude always been a joke wowww weeeee we are going 40mph OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Laughed to hard at MMR fb post last night saying this dude has no idea what he’s doing 😂

  • Ken Anderson
    Ken Anderson

    thats to be expected when you stab it deep into the redline over and over and over,,, not the engines fault at all.

    • Bkhwks 10
      Bkhwks 10

      Yes it was the engines fault, watch the latest video.

  • GTB Brian
    GTB Brian

    Ur 9k away form a million holy crapp I remember being a sun since the corvette and FYI I don’t wanna lose subs wen ur that far away from something ik you dreamed off big time

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