My Dog Answers Fan Questions
My Dog Answers Fan Questions
Tucker answer's your questions. The fans chimed in and asked the questions and now Tucker goes through and answers the best of the best!
Want Tucker to answer your question? Leave a comment below!
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    Tucker is so cute 😍 and I can't believe that tucker loves smelling butts.😶

  • Rati Sharma
    Rati Sharma

    Do you smell like cake

  • Aahna Shetty
    Aahna Shetty

    Video suggestion: mom and dad questions

  • Collin Pickel
    Collin Pickel

    Do you like squrls

  • Tanisha Srivastva
    Tanisha Srivastva

    Why are you not uploading more videos ?? what is the matter

  • عزام خالد
    عزام خالد


  • Ms Thea
    Ms Thea

    Question for Tucker Why are u SOOOOOOO CUTE

  • Rebecca Wigglesworth
    Rebecca Wigglesworth

    I have I question tuker do u like to drool

  • Galaxy gacha Girls
    Galaxy gacha Girls

    My question is when you fart do you blame it on linda

  • Cindy Clark
    Cindy Clark

    I thought I recognized Tucker's Michigan accent! Hello from across the Detroit river in Ontario Canada!

  • ch rajyasri
    ch rajyasri

    Can I ask a question do you like sleeping

  • jacob carl bayron
    jacob carl bayron

    Tucker is funny and good dogo

  • Janice Charlotte Arbutante
    Janice Charlotte Arbutante

    And nice


    does tucker say i will poo in every shoe question

  • Janice Charlotte Arbutante
    Janice Charlotte Arbutante

    So cute

  • gamingchanal 132
    gamingchanal 132

    Question i s Linda dumb and stupid????

  • osimaaliben13

    You play roblox

  • Hyper X Gamer
    Hyper X Gamer

    Tucker would u like a house full of tree of doom ...? Plz askk

  • sans under world
    sans under world

    Are you ah bad dog and sniff buts? Heh huh

  • Neil the netherite sword gaming
    Neil the netherite sword gaming

    For tucker Would you like to be with john cena instead of linda

  • SwappySansYT

    This is well teached dog

  • Sofia Montgomery
    Sofia Montgomery

    Awwww he’s sooooooo cute

  • mdkohl21

    :ouesion for tucker Do you like chicken

  • Wassim Daou
    Wassim Daou

    Do you fart on all Linda's stuff

  • Scootyboy 2010-official
    Scootyboy 2010-official

    do you like any food apart from chicken

  • kameron wroe larkin
    kameron wroe larkin

    Yes or No answer: Do you like going in the tub

  • Darin Chadwick
    Darin Chadwick

    Do you Dog love you

  • sourse of gaming
    sourse of gaming

    Do you like to get kidnapped?

  • Prince laurence joy Lumatac
    Prince laurence joy Lumatac

    Your smell man

  • rosemarie cambe
    rosemarie cambe

    Hahahh blopp

  • MS Squad
    MS Squad

    Do you like kisses from Linda

  • starplays

    And funny

  • starplays

    Trucker is so cute

  • Shaira Navarroza
    Shaira Navarroza

    do a 2nd yes or no for tucker :)

  • Samantha Wisniewska
    Samantha Wisniewska

    Linda do you smell kids some time???

  • Victoria Howe
    Victoria Howe

    Do you like your wife

  • Almond Milkッ
    Almond Milkッ

    Cute 🥺

  • Filip Olejarz
    Filip Olejarz

    Good doggo gooddddd

  • Mycella Angelique Widjaja
    Mycella Angelique Widjaja


  • Lucia Cronshey
    Lucia Cronshey

    Is dad more annoying than Luna

  • Claire Simon
    Claire Simon

    Does Linda hate you?! ʕ •́؈•̀ ₎

  • Melissa Dalton
    Melissa Dalton

    Do you love journey

  • Sophie Pugh
    Sophie Pugh

    Do you like chimken more than Linda ?

  • Marianne Samulis
    Marianne Samulis

    For Tucker: Do you like sleep Hi Tucker and Linda I Really like you ALgone channel can you please try that upload maybe every week Thx For Tucker : 🥰🥰😘😘😘

  • Lewis Storey
    Lewis Storey

    Linda: *says do you miss journee?* Tucker: *CRIES*

  • Carly Luxton
    Carly Luxton

    Is mama annoying

  • Vijayalakshmi V
    Vijayalakshmi V

    Tucker - Do you like Linda ??

  • SilverWolf Channel
    SilverWolf Channel

    Y E P

  • siasiunia7

    is dad and linda mean

  • misti & anika's channel
    misti & anika's channel

    For tucker: Is tucker a golden retriever.

  • Manjula Devi ramesh Raj
    Manjula Devi ramesh Raj

    do you want to meet my three big pups and thier parents

  • Venna Crowchild
    Venna Crowchild

    Me eating 🍽 While watching

  • Umadevi Mahasrii.s
    Umadevi Mahasrii.s

    Linda = why dont u prank ur dog by telling home tat we r not going to keep u ? ( and also act like ur talking him out But at the end give him treats


    For tucker: You like Linda more or your dad more?

  • Game Gameplus
    Game Gameplus

    Hey tucker you should try a starbucks puppuccino

  • Prisha Rai
    Prisha Rai

    do tucker do not like pewnut butter

  • Megha Nair
    Megha Nair

    For tucker Do you understand Linda And you very very cute tucker

  • kps Cafe
    kps Cafe

    Question : 1.) Is Journee cute ? 2.) Do u Like your papa ? 3.) will u ever cry ? 4.) Do u talk ??

  • Abbi Games
    Abbi Games

    Are you a bad dog

  • Joud’s gaming Alameen
    Joud’s gaming Alameen

    Is he a nice dog

  • marjpadilla

    IS linda cute?

  • Eleanor Cupit
    Eleanor Cupit


  • Chris Mori gaming Estacio
    Chris Mori gaming Estacio

    Did tucker a big dogg


    The people who disliked this are monsters

  • Chris Marie Jaramillo
    Chris Marie Jaramillo

    Do you poop in de backyard

  • Vignesh

    What food u gave him when he was a pup

  • Chaitanya Sankar
    Chaitanya Sankar

    I have a golden retriever as well! Golden luvers, like here 👇

  • Manikandan K Pillai
    Manikandan K Pillai


  • Jade Graham
    Jade Graham

    1 do not like linder

  • chris papadopoulos
    chris papadopoulos

    Was Tucker traind to do stuff

  • swayam Shedge
    swayam Shedge

    A very intelligent dog 👍👍

  • shashi kala
    shashi kala

    Question you like to travel🏠🚘✈🚢🗼🌉

  • Liberty Lagang
    Liberty Lagang

    Super cute

  • Boba Kai
    Boba Kai

    My question: Are you having a fun time with this covid or you hate it?

  • Ayushman Sarkar
    Ayushman Sarkar

    Tucker just spit some fax

  • Harshini Amudhaganesan
    Harshini Amudhaganesan

    Question : would u like to have pearl to be ur new sibling

  • SMG4654

    It’s funny how tucker calls his mom Linda even tho her real name is Courtney

  • •Alisa•

    Y r u so cute 🥺

  • Kalpa Kamat
    Kalpa Kamat


  • Jack Muchukot
    Jack Muchukot

    can i pet tucker plz

  • Mike Reed
    Mike Reed

    2:59 Me: (WHEEZING TO DEATH)

  • Puppy lover:3 Lol
    Puppy lover:3 Lol

    Hey tucker do you still know bout maya?? :3

  • I'm yoongi's Daughter
    I'm yoongi's Daughter

    A question for tucker: Do you hate baths?

  • Wyeth Nice
    Wyeth Nice

    will you ever do a dog ASMR video

  • Ytza Alvarez
    Ytza Alvarez

    For tucker bo you love yourself.

  • Abigail Campbell
    Abigail Campbell

    Is tucker still a puppy cause he is still super cute

  • Zuriel Castillo (Student)
    Zuriel Castillo (Student)

    Tucker’s trained to press buttons wow. All my golden retriever does is eat diapers he finds on the street.

  • Stephanie Suarez
    Stephanie Suarez

    Hello Tucker your so smart and cute dog i have a 2 months puppy ( Aspin ) i name her Tucker also were from Philippines 🐶🦮

  • Arabella Butler
    Arabella Butler

    Part 2 for tucker: Do you eat your throw up?

  • Cupheadwhacker 45
    Cupheadwhacker 45

    Question for tucker: did you like pizza cheese and burgers

  • Souad Badaoui
    Souad Badaoui

    So cool the dog is so Smart how did you train the dog

  • Souad Badaoui
    Souad Badaoui

    Did you train the dog then make. a move of the dog you training him

  • Nerd YT
    Nerd YT

    This was posted on my birthday

  • Freya Moon
    Freya Moon

    If humans ha e thoughts like dogs they want to sniff buts lol

  • Esmeralda Jaramillo
    Esmeralda Jaramillo

    My mom watches you on Facebook


    Does Tucker Like Humans

  • Ngeley Baby
    Ngeley Baby

    Can your dog want to be a dad when he has a wife will he anwser no or yes

  • Bread Loaf cat
    Bread Loaf cat

    Do you roast Linda? If not or do Roast her anyway

  • Sophear Pheang
    Sophear Pheang

    Is she nice

  • Marcy Jess
    Marcy Jess

    Do you like your mom?

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