My $100k 2020 Shelby GT500 Motor BLOWS UP LIVE on Video! *Devastated
$100k 2020 Shelby GT500 BLOWS UP LIVE on Video! *Devastated
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  • StangMode

    Can’t lie I’m feeling down - appreciate the love and support fam-

    • Kris Ledbetter
      Kris Ledbetter

      Much love bro. Keep the content coming.

    • Mopar Bros
      Mopar Bros

      I just saw a blog ford released the preadator crate Motor 25k just became available.. Wish you well.

    • Armando Montez
      Armando Montez

      Bad ass Stang ! Can't wait to see what's in store for the Hulk !

    • Quonte Glover
      Quonte Glover

      i know the feeling been down a year finally bout to be riding again only thing i’m a do different is let god ride with me no more baggage

    • BlackWhiteBeast

      @Kraig VandeVelde Hopefully he can get some sponsorship money and get a new engine or something. Who knows. These successful youtubers with daily content have all kinds of connections at the end of the day.

  • Paul G
    Paul G

    What do u expect it's a ford 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂 Another ford living up to it's name

  • Keith Adams
    Keith Adams

    Haha...saved countless lives

  • Stephen O'mallie
    Stephen O'mallie heart dropped for you.....damn

  • Kush Nd Beats
    Kush Nd Beats

    Should've spent that bread on a chevy.

  • Bill Terwilliger
    Bill Terwilliger

    Come on man, get it on a roll back and get off the road before you get run over! They always run the fastest right before they blow up 😜

  • christopher olson
    christopher olson

    Idiots are standing right next to the road!

  • matty caswell
    matty caswell

    Not surprising for a mustang

  • Matheus Santos
    Matheus Santos

    Who owns that yellow GT350?

  • CRAZY Monkey1x1
    CRAZY Monkey1x1

    Dam the amount of respect of everyone at the Car meet They all Pulled over

  • Jay Beezy
    Jay Beezy

    You deserved it guy. Abuse it and this is what happens. Hope it was worth the views

  • Denny Santibanez
    Denny Santibanez

    Dumb ash that’s for dogging the fuck out that hulk but it is what is people don’t mind throwing the money like that lol.

  • Samsgarden

    Awesome. Makes for good video

  • Al Pena
    Al Pena

    Your body shop guys had fun with your car. It’s not a coincidence that you just got your car back and it blows up... just saying

  • Edward Sadler
    Edward Sadler

    That will make all the Mustangs in that run start sweating next time there ready to run a car.

  • Robzilla Garage
    Robzilla Garage


  • Enrique

    Should’ve got that oil change

  • James Luther
    James Luther

    The next time you want to blow up a 100,000 dollar super car let me drive it.

  • North Pole Racing
    North Pole Racing

    Dang man!! It’s a beautiful looking car at least! Lol 😂

  • Mark Lemist
    Mark Lemist

    Smoke barreling out the back....yep, its a ford.

  • Michael Obama
    Michael Obama

    I thought those libtard governors up there in NY and MD didn’t want anyone out having fun. Lol. Sorry that happened to you bruh.

  • Hellraisin_6.4

    I thought mopar was trash. 😆

  • Hellraisin_6.4

    Dang! How did this happen so fast?

  • iTs-Sneak

    This is what happens when you run a nice car like ass and supe it up without proper, timely maintenance. Dumb.

  • sidharth chand
    sidharth chand

    You should’ve had the wrong price sound from price is right when you blow your engine

  • GearheadJoe

    Sorry to hear about the whip will get her back up and running soon keep us posted

  • perez13691

    Get a chevy bro!

  • Robert Mcmiilan
    Robert Mcmiilan

    Shoud of bought a dodge lol man yalll gonna learn bout pump gas above 500 hp

  • Dirichi Dorito
    Dirichi Dorito

    Its turning into a 67, we will hope the dealer doesn't have to put a 427 side oiler this time

  • Clayton

    The rpm’s were high!

  • J Shine
    J Shine

    Not surprised... It’s a Ford..

  • Hammad Masood
    Hammad Masood

    I think you should just 2J this stang More power and reliable

  • Dominik Gorowski
    Dominik Gorowski

    Q: What goes on pages 4-5 of the Ford's user's manual? A: The train & bus schedule.😀

  • Kenny Enriquez
    Kenny Enriquez

    Bunch of clowns pulling over on the wrong side of the freeway. Then you wonder why you get hit smh.. Money cant fix stupid 🤦‍♂️

  • Stanley Banks
    Stanley Banks

    Vlogging in the side of an interstate... Dumbasses..

  • Super Luigi
    Super Luigi

    0:09 ooohhh shit. 😂😂😂😂😂.

  • KV Luv
    KV Luv

    Everybody was chilling man accept for u u kept flooring the car for no reason u got to chill

  • Ender Robinson
    Ender Robinson

    I would stand right on the line of a highway and stare at my phone. Anything worse than being dumb enough to ruin a 100k car is getting hit by one.

  • Damion Osborne
    Damion Osborne

    Brotha. The car was fine in stock form. You let demonology and big hp Mopars get in your head and try to out build them with a motor that isnt necessarily built for that. You dont always have to be number 1 in power. 760hp is fine. But i swear i saw this comin. When you called out Demonolgy and Mod2Fame I knew you were punching above your weight and trying to out due them was eventually going to lead to building power in a car that couldn't handle it. At least you could have rebuilt the motor to handle the power, starting with the pistons. Sorry for wat happened tho. Shit almost made me cry. I kno it hurts.

  • Cereal Killer
    Cereal Killer

    I drive an 07 STI and this video makes me not wanna drive it anymore. Terribly sorry for ur car.

  • Guillermo Pacheco
    Guillermo Pacheco

    Warranty void with the mods


    After driving like an A-hole in heavy traffic, so many people driving by laughing their azzes off!

    • eman on
      eman on

      All you slow annoying morons who cause rolling road blocks and act like you aint trying to get anywhere are the aholes. Blow right by you on the daily. Shake your ass!!

  • Crazcompart

    I'm now wondering if you put too much power into the top end (supercharger, valves, etc), while leaving the lower end (pistons, rods, crank) unchanged at the Shelby/Ford stock GT-500 specs... I've heard of that before on an older Cobra Mustang from the 90s... The dude increased the output on the top end, (aftermarket, higher-output supercharger, valves, etc) but left the lower end at the stock Ford SVT Cobra specs... Too much for the pistons and rods, and that engine was toast!

  • ThingsAreStarting2HEATUP

    This guy had the balls to be one of the first to mod this shit and test the limits, could be a few reasons why it blew doesn’t necessarily mean the engine can’t take the power. Hellcats blow all the time and the car is 6 years old rn , people need time to figure out what works and what doesn’t . If you don’t want your shit to blow up , don’t be one of the first to mod some new shit . Stop hating .

  • J

    When mitigation can't pull timing back fast enough lol

  • Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago
    Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago

    Next time you all should stand in the fast lane and not toward the side, I want you in the middle of the lane.

  • Snowboat392

    And I thought I had it bad hell nah your long block with all those mods probably totaled well over 30k that’s almost my whole car wtf

  • O6 Gucci
    O6 Gucci

    Ford needs to hook you up.

  • God Slayer
    God Slayer

    short between the seat and the steering wheel.

    • Calvin Johnson
      Calvin Johnson


  • 3Pedal Fox
    3Pedal Fox

    Damn!!! Should have gone with a Lund tune.

  • Steve

    It could have been just a radiator hose....

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith

    This guy is a fucking clown

  • Scotty Boykin
    Scotty Boykin

    The Shelbys been having These issues with the whole power train

  • Moparian JacKaL
    Moparian JacKaL

    Racing in heavy traffic like that just isn't smart at all. Luckily there wasn't a hiccup that could have caused a devastating pile up. Those cars need to perform on a track.

  • nosumone


  • NTIMD8

    Is that detonation that I can hear in the video or wind buffeting? The one thing I have learnt after years of modifying cars is to always listen carefully to know if your motor is happy or not. Hope to see her up and running again soon.

  • Productious

    That’s what happens when you buy a mustang especially a new one


    dddaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm. that sucks man. sorry about your car.


    Hey mustang boys get use to it. Why do you waste your time and money on a ford product. People must love pissing money away. Mustangs are a joke. You need police escort because mustangs are ditch magnets. Do what Street Speed does and drive the best. CHEVROLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kevin machado
    kevin machado

    How do u let the police to do that wow that’s amazing

  • Connor Dunning
    Connor Dunning

    Feel your pain brother. My bolt on coyote blew up in March this year. Still not done yet, you’ll be back fam!

  • Prabjot Hans
    Prabjot Hans

    Sick wheels on the stang 😍

  • Mr. D
    Mr. D

    I used to drive a mustang too... I'm strictly bow tie now.

  • Speed Gate
    Speed Gate

    Found On Roadside Dead

  • Robert Jude
    Robert Jude

    1600 comments well here is 1601 how long do you expect an engine that is running at full capacity to last? Daily driver? I think not . i don't know maybe you like putting out large amounts of hard cash and losing time hanging out at these shops - instead of earning cash. Listen i am not an asshole , i have a 2013 gt500 but i understand that these types of cars are to be handled with care and respect, if i did what you did to my car the result would be the same . i am much older than you and learned a long time ago what not to do. Good luck with your car and enjoy it ( within reason )

  • Mid Valley Mexicans
    Mid Valley Mexicans

    This is why I don't buy fords !!!!!

  • neverendingmods

    Were you tuned by CSP? That looks like one of their tune outcomes.

  • Joey G
    Joey G

    That sucks but hey you wanna play you gotta pay.

  • THAT_619_DUDE

    Dam new car fresh our the shop that sucks


    Dumb ass kids standing right there on the line of the interstate like idiots just wanting to be seen by the car. Just a Dick thing to do. Even the cameraman walking down that side of the median. So unnecessary. Holding the entire interstate up being ignorant.


    8:10 is what you came for.

  • Shawn Broyles
    Shawn Broyles

    The coolest part is I could see the smoke draft through the block through the exhaust pipes!

  • aesthetic mdd
    aesthetic mdd

    Typical Mustangs

  • Kenny Van Wailin
    Kenny Van Wailin

    Blue oval strikes again!!!

  • Miles Rains
    Miles Rains

    Well....that's not good.

  • arthur r. borquez
    arthur r. borquez

    That was the ghost of Carroll Shelby catching up with you

  • arthur r. borquez
    arthur r. borquez

    Hulk stupid name . Modifying already a fast car stupid. Blowing a motor being a dumb stupid show off priceless.

  • Cybercity Oedo 808
    Cybercity Oedo 808

    Very dangerous place to stop, but I guess you had no choice.

  • 2011 SHO Kona
    2011 SHO Kona

    Driving on a public road like that? We know you Jersey drivers are the worst but you got what you deserved.

  • Steve- O
    Steve- O

    What was done to it?


    Any explanation why or how this could of happened??

  • Hayden

    They always run their best when they are about to let go :(

  • STANK5.56

    Time to buy a chevy bro stop bullshittin with a ford...

  • christian reyes
    christian reyes

    Piece of crap.. I guess this is why you shouldn't over tune something past the manufacturers recommended point

  • Tronix Gamerz
    Tronix Gamerz

    I subscribed this channel with a coat hanger

  • MrImhighoffmusic

    I really wanted to think it was coolant, but that was a ton of smoke.

  • griffin donley
    griffin donley

    what do you think happens when you add another 250-500hp without building the motor atleast a little more. Hope you get lucky fixing it though.

  • Jerry Nosowsky
    Jerry Nosowsky

    That was a good way to spend $25,000 on a short block.

  • David Leca
    David Leca

    Man sorry badass car indeed!. I'm a Ford /Stang lover, you'll be back in the game 💯 🙌...

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz

    I knew that was Jake the Italian Stallion when I saw that white 5.0 roll by at 10:41. Then assumption was confirmed when they was walkin back together at 12:55

    • Jose Diaz
      Jose Diaz

      @ItalianStallion410 one day imma get me a better mustang and terrorize these Charlotte streets. I needa a coyote motor cause they sound amazing and you know first hand that’s true

    • ItalianStallion410

      haha that was me bro!!

  • Sergio Gomez
    Sergio Gomez

    Damn, welp, had to give u a thumbs up and seen all the damn commercials to support ur income man. God bless and good luck

  • Casino 88
    Casino 88

    Just when you started to feel like a cool badass 8:15 mark happened in good F.O.R.D. Fashion

    • Matthew Bacon
      Matthew Bacon

      I mean if you stress an engine that much and then run it so frequently it's going to blow a motor sooner or later. Not necessarily a Ford thing

  • sinjin K
    sinjin K

    Im wondering if the motor was shut off right away when it blew, would it save any internals? Every second counts when metal is grinding.

  • Randy Beuttell
    Randy Beuttell

    You should have bought a 2014 cobra. Or buy a foxbody coupe like me. Cost next to nothing to modify and ot weighs 2890 lbs so 650 hp is all you need to gap MOST cars out there these days. But sorry that happened man.

  • Don Phillips
    Don Phillips

    That’s a cool car fast I’m sad to see that happen I hate to say but that looks expensive!

  • Glenn Nichols
    Glenn Nichols

    I like how you all have to act like this is some kind of BIG EVENT and need 50 people standing on the side of the hwy on the emergency lane casuing traffic backups becaue everybody wants to see nothing. What a bunch of fuck heads

  • Glenn Nichols
    Glenn Nichols

    To bad you didn't kill yourself instead of the motor. Acting like a bunch of fucking hooligans on a public hwy putting peoples live in danger. You don't deserve anything good. Keep it at the track

  • M Morales
    M Morales

    This is what happens when you get a bad driver, bad mods, bad shop and bad tuning.

  • Big Bool
    Big Bool

    Сломали одну из самых любимых моих машин !!! ;(

  • Armando Ortuno
    Armando Ortuno

    Things happen to cars , I’m just happy you’re safe brother. Hopefully things go well when fixing the car. Stay safe !

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