MODDED 2019 Redeye vs STOCK 2020 GT500
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DISCLAIMER: Filmed in Mexico for movie purposes only. The videos are highly edited and not real. Green screen is in use during the making of the video. No Laws were broken during the making of this video.

  • Sinister Life
    Sinister Life

    Yes Guys, I’m fully aware the Blue Hellcat in the thumbnail is not a Redeye. I did not get a good photo of the Redeye next to my GT500. Figured the picture I used as the thumbnail is the best option.

    • Mustang Mark
      Mustang Mark

      Intake | Pulley | Exhaust | Lund Tune... that gt500 would run laps around them hellcats

    • Ryan Jenkins
      Ryan Jenkins

      I'm always impressed by how people are able to come by this many cars...I need a job like yours man

    • Sean Colon
      Sean Colon

      Pretty funny how someone has to lie to get there ugly ass boat on ALgone.


      Way to many ADDS!!!!!!!

    • Juice Loosener
      Juice Loosener

      Regardless of tuned or not, stock GT500 is impressive. Pretty wack if he lied about his car though... 😐 Also with the high displacement of the SRT engine, ANY bolt ons will net pretty legitimate gains in power

  • cb3002233

    Your mustang isn't stock either.

  • 885.0 ELopez
    885.0 ELopez

    Anyone with brain cells knows that red eye ain’t stock 😂

  • 885.0 ELopez
    885.0 ELopez

    He said green red eye lost cuz he wasn’t cooled down or on drag mode like if he was in the car 😂😂💀💀

  • Daryl Cohoon
    Daryl Cohoon

    Nice rides bro!! When you say your "going to Mexico" what are you referring to? I know you guys are running on M-5 because I work right off of Cabot between 12 and 13 mile, can actually see the rooftop of my building in your vid.

  • Erich Gottkaiser
    Erich Gottkaiser

    "I don't wanna show his face" Shows his face seconds later @ 7:57

  • Jacob Ryan
    Jacob Ryan

    Civic owners when they get pulled on by a Kia Rio: 11:21

  • dccole67

    why the hell would you put new parts on the car just to sell it???

  • Mr McCoy
    Mr McCoy

    2020 GT500 is not drag cars and a red eye should run with them lb for lb in race mode. I honestly think the green one was in 500hp mode reason you pulled 3 cars on him. This red eye was tuned for sure not just E40, which made alot of difference over a stock red eye.

  • krrrruptidsoless

    I'm more a Porsche guy myself But I like Ferrari McLaren I like because I had a matchbox McLaren as a 🤷 as well as an old Bugatti As far as life ain't Just watch them pass me on the highways and byways and use the excuse that who would want to pay that much in insurance to keep from being a consumer of one. Fk that Had 2 thrashed out 914's is as close as I got to anything exotic but almost bought a 12 cylinder 400A Ferrari. Purchased a freightliner instead

  • krrrruptidsoless

    The last race both those cars looked pretty quik

  • krrrruptidsoless

    15:37 All I was thinking is the yellow line needs some tar in the crack and repainted That whole parking lot needs those cracks filled. Daaaang 🤦 Probably enough fuel and oil leaked into the ground there through the cracks to bring in an oil rig and redrill for used oil and gasoline

  • kram Null
    kram Null

    Drinking game: He's on E85... Me: Hot damn it dude....

  • SSmokin2010

    Those are not HID’s on the Camaro. Those are regular as halogens. Worse than a car salesman.

  • Jeffrey Babino
    Jeffrey Babino

    Hi is the gt 500 stock nice car

  • t.watson

    Mopar r no car

  • Chance Collins
    Chance Collins

    Video is way too long... Click bait

  • Steven DeMarcus
    Steven DeMarcus

    OOPS 😬

  • B Patt B
    B Patt B

    I don't get why people lie lol whatever.

  • genesis 10 20
    genesis 10 20

    these guys really need to stop lying about their mods, no way you can run e40 with no cats on stock tune and be safe 🤣😂😂. stock for stock, the GT500 is just faster point blank, sorry mopar

  • Alexis Perez
    Alexis Perez

    Tell him to race stangmode

    • Alexis Perez
      Alexis Perez

      @Ready On 3 he just fixed it

    • Ready On 3
      Ready On 3

      Stangmode has already blew his GT500

  • FastLane Fiends
    FastLane Fiends

    Why the need to know what mods (if any) are on the other car you're about to race?!!? Run what cha brung and hope you brung enough!!

  • Meowmix4U

    More ads please...

  • John G
    John G

    How fast were you rolling at? Dude, I guess I understand why not dead stop run, I mean that is hard on a car, but, why so fast of a roll? That's like running passing gear or top end. Maybe I'm old school, run a 1/4 mile from a dead stop. C'mon OK, I have to add, lol, at the end, great runs man. Now that's racing!

  • John G
    John G

    There isn't a car that sounds better than a GT500, sweet!

  • the pseudo master chef
    the pseudo master chef

    Lol...Yeah, E85 stinks...Even just with E30 you can smell it...I'd take a GT500 over one of those 2 ton one trick boats any day

  • Greg Heitland
    Greg Heitland

    Grow up and go to a racetrack!! Otherwise just have a pissing contest, then whining?

  • Fast Life Russ
    Fast Life Russ

    who lies about mods smh 👎🏻

  • Bazooka Ro
    Bazooka Ro

    Amateur idiots

  • treypol

    What a dumb fing video!

  • Hayabusagsxr1300

    Dude why are your eyebrows so perfect? Did you get them done?!? Wtf

  • 87_GN104

    How did this chick grow a beard? So cool

  • Jerry Stanco
    Jerry Stanco

    Not sure why anyone cares, read the description, it says it was filmed in Mexico and was green screen... proof this was was all fake. Or was it all illegal??? Let's hear the arguments on this video now..

  • sam darakjy
    sam darakjy

    These races and people are funny but this lieing about whats under the hood so to speak has been going on forever. I use to work at a Kawasaki dealership in the late 70s and our best "worked on" bike would race others on the Jersey turnpike for lots of money. Everyone lied about what mods they had done.

  • matt selby
    matt selby

    It does say MODDED redeye in the headline and it is clearly modded it even has slicks on it.

  • Randy Kassab
    Randy Kassab

    Hey Guys, that was a cool video. Just wanted to remind everyone, THAT youre' more sophisticated ELECTRONIC CONTROLS, in alot of the cars, will " self tune" themselves when they sense different fuels, and boost changes, or even outside air temperature. So my point is, if the owner never hooked up his laptop, or other tuning devices and actually " put a tune on it HIMSELF" than he is correct when he says that he never put a tune on it. Your ECU is gonna change the parameters constantly, without you "downloading" anything into it at all. SO " tunes" can happen deliberately, or automatically. 😎

  • Race Gas Smells Good
    Race Gas Smells Good

    Big ol' boat putting in work! Takes a lot of power to punch that kinda hole in the air that quickly! Damn!

  • hotmucho

    Losers get gapped. Stop making excuses. Everyone has the creative freedom to mod their cars. That's the risk you take in street racing. Losers always try to rig the race in their favor and point the finger when the hazards come on.

  • Xzitz

    What’s the point of lying about your mods

  • Unicron_Zen

    No! You are seeing it wrong. You have a vehicle that is modified. How many people do you know that would remove the modifications? Better question! Why would you remove the modifications? The only viable reason is to replace those same mods with a upgrade. You never remove mods you simply add on or upgrade. So is his vehicle still modified? The answer is obvious!

  • Chad Farrington
    Chad Farrington

    Ford owners always cry when they get gapped run what u bring b****

  • Pj Bailey
    Pj Bailey

    Yeah there is no way he beat you with a stock red-eye especially the way you drug the green one thru the mudd... Lol nice car bro

  • Tony Weis
    Tony Weis

    This video is just as stupid as the guy that in the video crying because he got beat. Finding every reason to cry. If you want a fair race....go to the track...don't roll down the street without even looking over each others car....go to the track....check the cars out....then race where it will be even....stop crying. It you can't do it right sell it....if you have to buy it because you can't build it....then maybe you should put on dress because I here a lot of it right or don't do it at all!!!!!!

  • Stephen Reese
    Stephen Reese

    Maybe the guy in the green one couldn't drive....

  • Mohamad Hudson
    Mohamad Hudson

    Anymore it's run what you brung. Most people that buy these high horsepower cars start modding right after break in period.

  • Abner G.
    Abner G.

    Bro why do people lie about their mods I’ll slap a bitch if they do that . Anyways good runs hope he knows his red eye is slow compared to the gt500 stock vs Stock

  • Lowgone

    The race is at 18:30

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero

    5000+ pound rectangle gaping a Gt500 like that, looks “STOCK” to me lmaooo fuck outta here. Bet his engine would explode doing 5 more pulls like that

    • 2019 speed Stang
      2019 speed Stang

      Salty audi taco bender audis are dog water😂😂

    • Just Wryt
      Just Wryt

      Lol u must not go racing like that

  • Jordan Hamilton
    Jordan Hamilton

    That GT500 will devour red eyes all fucking day.

  • Spaniard Martinez
    Spaniard Martinez

    That f-type jag putting everybody in check!

    • Sosa 74
      Sosa 74

      Lol right nobody wanted to speak on that it pulled on all them 🤣🤣

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Love the shelby!

  • Dewayne Boothe
    Dewayne Boothe

    Plus tuning for the e-85 come on dude but anyway love the GT-500 the red paint is poppin

  • Dewayne Boothe
    Dewayne Boothe

    You have to tune anything with cat deletes he would have every warning light on the dash on or flashing well I don't believe the car isn't tuned

  • hunter meyer
    hunter meyer

    What the hell is a 2SS??

    • Ready On 3
      Ready On 3

      SS with full Options

  • Ryan S CQC
    Ryan S CQC

    How are you arguing with somebody about their car when you know nothing about it... The engine can run high octane and can achieve 800 plus. Read a book 📚

  • PureExcellence100

    Smh wow what a cheat....E85/E40 smh. I think it would of definitely been different race with normal fuel PERIODT!

  • Robert Kim
    Robert Kim

    Stop racing on public roads.

  • Kuba Z
    Kuba Z

    Lmfao “stock”

  • Astral Eagle
    Astral Eagle

    Why does the link say STOCK srt challenger?

  • Randy Farris
    Randy Farris

    My Hellcat has a lower pulley no tune and I can use E50 but the timing is all over the place

  • Fatt Boi Redeye
    Fatt Boi Redeye

    Bro you are a cry baby, it doesn't matter what he has he beat your ass!😂😂😂😂

  • Rhett Corbett
    Rhett Corbett

    Cheats never prosper. Should call ya mate Pinnochio.

  • Nitous Infinitarius
    Nitous Infinitarius

    Yeah everybody who says stock it means stock....straight pipes, e40, and wheels IS NOT STOCK! Funny thing is bet they don't build them. They just buy and race.

  • Damon Scott
    Damon Scott

    Got a high test engine it deserves high test gas not that ethanol bullshit! Hellcat🤘💀🤘

  • Your Namehere
    Your Namehere

    Yep, looks like the rustang couldn't hang, Bummer....

    • Hector Llamas
      Hector Llamas

      “Rustang” gt500 gaps redeyes all day and I can drop the videos to prove it. He’s definitely modded

  • SassyQuin

    Is he running nitrous? C'mon man it's a redeye. Don't be so surprised. Stock or not, no worry's.

    • Nick Balzarini
      Nick Balzarini

      The cars are fuckin boats theyd get gapped by literally any car in the same power range

  • Starscream 6th gen
    Starscream 6th gen

    This man have 10000th ads on all his videos

  • mopar 2ya
    mopar 2ya

    E85 E40 C16, doesnt matter. Octane doesnt make power.

  • Snow Mane
    Snow Mane

    Mopar or no car

  • KJ Mitchell
    KJ Mitchell

    tee grizzly part was lame ... black guy in 720s spider love to see it 🙃🙃

  • JoRgE Chavez
    JoRgE Chavez

    Lol at least half the comments are Chrysler crybaby fangirls making a gang of invalid excuses for the lying losers that have to cheat to shill for their preferred product.

  • Russ Nunan
    Russ Nunan

    The 2020 gt500 really has some good parts but they are slow. Stock 560 torque and 640whp. I have seen several stock gt500 dyno runs. The red eye should have no problem walking away from the stock Gt500, even though the dodge is a boat .

    • Sav Kvd
      Sav Kvd

      Lol no dude. Theres atleast 8 videos on youtube showing otherwise.

  • UneedAname45

    You are an idiot. Recording your self while driving. Street racing during the day on the highway with other drivers in 40°F weather with snow/sand on the ground. Irresponsible doesn't even begin to describe your actions.

  • Jonathan Couch
    Jonathan Couch

    That mclaren will the GT and Hellcat ass

  • AJK always needs more info.
    AJK always needs more info.

    You must live on food stamps...

  • Wideawake Totruth
    Wideawake Totruth

    Niceeeeee. Kick as*

  • dallas04

    Ford always making more or the same power with smaller engines.

    • Sundown Audio
      Sundown Audio

      Better engine designs

    • Michael O'Brien
      Michael O'Brien

      Thats because of overhead cams

    • TrentDaddy Dolla
      TrentDaddy Dolla

      @TheMarathon Continues lol

    • TheMarathon Continues
      TheMarathon Continues

      20k of mods minimum

  • JoRgE Chavez
    JoRgE Chavez

    Typical lying Chrysler shilling losers.

  • spacethottie

    Hey there’s a video in your ad

    • Jordon Patrick Mears
      Jordon Patrick Mears

      @Tin Tin71 he's talking about all the bullshit at the beginning

    • Tin Tin71
      Tin Tin71

      Download the Brave web browser, it cuts all the ads out of youtube.

  • antonio Bonebeatz
    antonio Bonebeatz

    What's the fun of cheating be honest

    • 87_GN104

      Dumbest thing I've ever read

  • Hats1976

    Mustang guy pissed because his car was beat.

    • Just Wryt
      Just Wryt

      Lol pissed bcuz its stock vs modded lol thats weak sauce no honor

  • L P
    L P

    It’s definitely not stock you started pulling on him then he came up behind you quickly definitely nitrous or E85

  • Prosource Construction
    Prosource Construction

    A butt naked Shelby GT 500 will knock a stock hell cat the flip out!!!

  • Dwayne Bacon
    Dwayne Bacon

    Take the cars to the drag strip and put them to the test.

  • SeRgio Gallegos
    SeRgio Gallegos

    Mustang can’t take a loss

  • Dylan Ahlberg
    Dylan Ahlberg

    What makes no sense is that you have E85 in the middle of winter. That’s so bad on your cars gal mileage and stuff

    • Dylan Ahlberg
      Dylan Ahlberg

      And my thing is people buy these crazy horsepower cars and don’t know anything about them or what comes stock and what has come modded

  • Dave's Buick channel
    Dave's Buick channel

    Your whining about his E85 really? Run what you brung!

    • Dave's Buick channel
      Dave's Buick channel

      @BrickHouse blah blah blah blah blah...

    • BrickHouse

      @Dave's Buick channel don't call someone out then act like you don't really care. Seems like all you really care about is running your mouth.

    • Dave's Buick channel
      Dave's Buick channel

      @BrickHouse truck vs Buick okay whatever... I could care less either way.

    • BrickHouse

      @Dave's Buick channel I told you what I had. I thought you wanted to race.

    • BrickHouse

      @Dave's Buick channel the hellcat owner claimed it was stock before he got there. Dont waste someone's time with lies. The race was intended to see what 2 stock vehicles would do against eachother.

  • LUC1F3R79

    Modded??. Really?? That mustang won just by keeping a straight line🤣🤣🤣

    • Sav Kvd
      Sav Kvd

      😂😂🤡🤡🤣😂😭😂😍💩🍆💦💦 really bruh?

  • unknown 4u
    unknown 4u

    30,000? 🤣🤣 lol what did you smoke bro?

    • JoRgE Chavez
      JoRgE Chavez

      That's not a bad deal for 30k miles and a few light modifications. You can tell it wasn't raced because it's not a LT1 or ZL1 and it can't even compete with them.

  • Robert torrez
    Robert torrez

    Just take the loss stopping complaining

  • Tremain Smith
    Tremain Smith

    Them are Not Real. Hemi's so slow fake ash Hemi's

  • Dwane Simmons
    Dwane Simmons

    Look at the color on that thang

  • Anthony Meyers
    Anthony Meyers

    Well it's no different than mustang guys saying their cars are stock and they're running on e85 tune

  • Coca Cola
    Coca Cola

    E40 ... thats not e85 hahaha what a liar.... in not ethanol haha

  • Miles Eston
    Miles Eston

    Only tune cars have the fan going like that all the time after they get get done running full speed on the freeway seriously? Don't hate on your car because it's beautiful and I don't really care much about driving next to one another on the freeway however the comment about the fan being on all the time is kind of nonsensical at least in my opinion I've owned my SRT since 2014 and it's far from stock in my fans are on all the time lol Don't hate on your car because it's beautiful and I don't really care much about driving next to one another on the freeway however the comment about the fan being on all the time is kind of nonsensical at least in my opinion I've owned my SRT since 2014 and it's far from stock in my fans are not on all the time lol. It is shady when people lie about mods

  • Official Johnny Rocket
    Official Johnny Rocket

    Mustang guys always bitching when they dont win lol American car tradition lol

  • Slayer117

    How's this dude have so much friggen money to blow?

    • Sav Kvd
      Sav Kvd

      @87_GN104 Hold up, i think im finna laugh.

    • 87_GN104

      His boyfriend is loaded

    • Sav Kvd
      Sav Kvd

      @Slayer117 Sorry, would have to ask him.

    • Slayer117

      @Sav Kvd Understandable. Do you by chance know what his job is?

    • Sav Kvd
      Sav Kvd

      Hard work.

  • David

    Ford should put the 7.0 429 in the GT mustang

    • JoRgE Chavez
      JoRgE Chavez

      427 > 429

  • A Lee
    A Lee

    So what a these cars would pretty much get dusted by a Tesla 3 lmmfbao

  • MistahMOB

    HoW dId YoU SmELl ThE e40? 🌽🤷‍♂️🤣

    • John Cosico
      John Cosico

      Lol you can smell E85. Obviously you haven’t experienced it 😂🤡

    • Suhail Ameeri
      Suhail Ameeri

      It stinks also methanol has strange sweet odor

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