Minecraft, But I Morph As A Different Mob Every Minute
Inspired by Dreams Beating Minecraft but we change mobs every minute!
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  • Young Harp
    Young Harp

    The tender tense step-grandfather legally surround because feast usually wave throughout a substantial punishment. regular, skinny road

  • Michelle Hill
    Michelle Hill

    If your an ender dragon you can auto mine

  • Eclipsis Kujo
    Eclipsis Kujo

    McBirken: Why haven't we gotten a Mooshroom yet? That's like my favorite mob. McBirken: *Gets a Mooshroom* McBirken: We got a Mooshroom the most useless mob.

  • P S Official
    P S Official

    We seeing in lag

  • B r e a d 4 y o u
    B r e a d 4 y o u

    15:35 both endermen we're confused af when he transformed

  • arianne santos
    arianne santos

    She is losing her minecraft that not fun

  • Herobrine is creepy
    Herobrine is creepy


  • sam shoe
    sam shoe


  • Fellow Humon
    Fellow Humon

    "Oh yeah im a big daddy now" 🤣

  • Fellow Humon
    Fellow Humon

    Imagine him swimming ad a fish and he becomes enderman all of a sudden

  • Luka Cvetković
    Luka Cvetković

    "We start drowing" idk fishes can drown

    • Wave Luke
      Wave Luke

      More like suffocating in air.


    oHhH 😮 yeah 🤪 we’re 👹 a big 💪 daddy 😏 now 🤤

  • Oofie

    Loved everytime he died he became a flying mob Edit: Sorry I didn't know someone commented before me I didn't steal it

  • Tigry Uniform
    Tigry Uniform

    "Come here and fight me like a man" Me- u big trash idiot u r not fighting like a man Iron golems charged creepers and creepers u cant kil these mobs face 2 face in survival mode in 1 try *(nobody can)*



  • Xenin

    Everybody gangsta until the turtle started becoming Usain Bolt

  • JustCoby

    Donkey has a P H A T A S S

  • lucky mario
    lucky mario

    very much triggered

  • lucky mario
    lucky mario

    dude you had water you could use it in the nether like bruh -_-

  • Chance Tiehes
    Chance Tiehes

    Birken no offence but when you where the ghast in the end you were a bot

  • Mikołaj Szewczyk
    Mikołaj Szewczyk

    Mod name?

  • JustGotScamz

    Mod link???

  • cute gamer77
    cute gamer77

    Imagine he was flying around a lava pool In nether and turn in to a fish

  • Gio

    The weirdest thing is that he's wondering why he turns into a salmon so often while me in real life was eating salmon for dinner.

  • Reiven paul Almojuela
    Reiven paul Almojuela

    Alt title:being beast boy

  • Wolfy Gamer
    Wolfy Gamer

    FaT BUT

  • Marina Carricaburu
    Marina Carricaburu

    Ohh there we go bay-bee

  • Nugget Inc
    Nugget Inc

    1:25 *karma lol*

  • Oliver Florague
    Oliver Florague

    When he turned into a turtle he obviously beated the world record of fastest living turtle

  • Who Knows
    Who Knows

    Am I the only one who cringed when he said “salmon”? 😆

  • Thierno Diallo
    Thierno Diallo

    'From eh to eh+' my school grades in a nutshell

  • Madison Anthony
    Madison Anthony

    Pls no cuss

  • jordon blackwood
    jordon blackwood

    14:16 saw that coming

  • Tami Bennett
    Tami Bennett

    The descriptive stew clinicopathologically own because car briefly hang about a obeisant puppy. cloudy, seemly girdle

  • Japscorcan

    cows arent that useless because now you can eat yourself :D

  • akiroviX

    how you using the special mob function?

  • The gold Wolf
    The gold Wolf

    Rtfs sw

  • vriendelijke vrienden
    vriendelijke vrienden

    why does he always get the same mob

  • Nazierre Watkins
    Nazierre Watkins

    No I'm new and you got 337.k

  • Welpi

    If I want to do this, do I need to download something or is it different update?

  • Jhemanny Tenoria
    Jhemanny Tenoria


  • Christie Poh
    Christie Poh

    I have the attack end portal 339%

    • Christie Poh
      Christie Poh

      1:00 a clock changes mob

  • muw


  • muw

    2:45 ty

  • Chickyn Monkey
    Chickyn Monkey

    How do we install this our self

  • Jackson Giroux
    Jackson Giroux


  • Stephanie Pedong
    Stephanie Pedong

    Birken: *MLG water bucket* Me:pro

  • Richmond Does Things
    Richmond Does Things

    Mcbirkin: 1:03 me: 1:06

  • Richmond Does Things
    Richmond Does Things

    plot twist: he copy doni bobes

  • Vinay Shukla
    Vinay Shukla

    You don't know wither and piglin hate each other

  • Dragon G'lant
    Dragon G'lant

    Ghast: *Can fly and shoot fireballs from a safe distance* McBirken: KAMIKAZE!!!

  • Reshaun

    My guy said "sal-man"

  • Bizarre Waffle
    Bizarre Waffle

    What’s your seed lol

  • TheAdvertisement

    McBirken: I hope I get a mooshroom! Also McBirken: Oh we're a mooshroom. The most useless mob.

  • TheAdvertisement

    3:45 McBirken: We're a cow! The most useless mob in the game! Cows, which give one of the best food sources and leather, an essential item for books: _Moo_ (bruh).

  • MR. Durp
    MR. Durp

    Mcbriken: cows are the most useless mob in the game - me: squids are.

  • Toes

    Whoever made the mod seems to have forgotten that dolphins are mammals and therefore breathe air...

  • Toes

    For the record, salmon rhymes with famine. Every time you say sallmon I die a little inside

  • Andrew Zeitler
    Andrew Zeitler

    The wicked distribution approximately strip because dad microregionally hope past a fat faulty dipstick. physical, noxious bacon

  • Josh

    14:17 My humor is broken😭😭

  • Sangeeta Ramnine
    Sangeeta Ramnine

    Stop cussing

  • Carnage Shadow
    Carnage Shadow

    Stoopid when you turned into the ghast you could have just fireballed the end crystal

  • Carnage Shadow
    Carnage Shadow

    Donke be like: monke who?

  • Carnage Shadow
    Carnage Shadow

    Oh yeah we a BIG DADDY now

  • Jeet Karen
    Jeet Karen

    Did you see the bee eating

  • danisch GO
    danisch GO

    Fun fact: wither skeletons dosent like piglins

  • Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8
    Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8

    Pls tell mod name.

  • Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8
    Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8

    14:53 What the- I am starting to suspect something.

  • I Love Potatoes
    I Love Potatoes

    I thought dolphins can breathe on land

  • Raizhen Jhon Tagle
    Raizhen Jhon Tagle

    I dint know that birkin says cursed words

  • Wander Guzman
    Wander Guzman

    You could have said let’s go baby-bee when you were a bee close to the portal

  • bbrraayy123

    Is there a mod link

  • Bella Southwick
    Bella Southwick

    I love this bro cuz he mine Bro I like him so much dude 🤣

  • Vor Tex
    Vor Tex


  • morphor morph
    morphor morph

    fun fact:gold is now useful because of piglins

  • Dylan Geboes
    Dylan Geboes

    Bricken said 3 times sh*t

  • Austin Benson
    Austin Benson

    On the thumbnail did you guys not see the Enderman staring at the bee

  • Fourth Abarro
    Fourth Abarro

    "Cows the most usless mob" Bats:"am i a joke to you:

    • Fourth Abarro
      Fourth Abarro

      Mushroom cows*

  • Joe Ceballos
    Joe Ceballos

    Dude if you had four torches you could’ve put them around a mob spawner so like that the blaze don’t pop out

  • Minemix

    Creeper aw man so we back in the mine got our pickax svingen side to side side side side

  • Anita Ferguson
    Anita Ferguson

    Bro he cheat

  • Sister_squad 678 McVidder
    Sister_squad 678 McVidder


  • Darkness / VortexYT / YoYoItsSpectre
    Darkness / VortexYT / YoYoItsSpectre

    I was hoping he was a salmon that went flying cuz of dragon and does a MLG Salmin buckett bruh

  • Ahmed Bhatti
    Ahmed Bhatti

    Gbbggb n

  • Purple Rose
    Purple Rose

    Did no one notice that the end portal had no eyes in it, isnt that super rare

  • Rhaeyl Delante
    Rhaeyl Delante

    McBriken said 3 shiet

  • Nyla Melody
    Nyla Melody

    Imagine if they added an update where you could be every mob wouldn't that be incredible

  • Judi Harvey
    Judi Harvey

    When he died in the end for the first time I thought “Are you an idiot!?!”

  • ParrotGaming

    “I wonder if this is how short people feel” .... Thx for that, I felt my heart crack

  • Eman Nawaz
    Eman Nawaz

    I sleeped as a chicken in minecraft

  • Gadriel Ferrer
    Gadriel Ferrer

    6:54 on that time in this vid theres a meme is I KILL HIM WITH A STEAK

  • Chris Benz
    Chris Benz

    4 by 4??? 12:23

  • Yukoncarl

    If you are a Skelton you just have to mind or if you want to walk around you have to hide in the shade lol or be in water so it’s hard to get wood lolll

  • Tina Crummett
    Tina Crummett

    How do you do that command?

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki Bakugo

    13:49 time on the video the first time I've heard birken curse

  • Branson Fowler
    Branson Fowler

    How a about a gender dragon

  • Adan Lozano
    Adan Lozano

    I like when you were in the end and said to the elder dragon, we are going to break your shit bro so

  • Blankey Buns
    Blankey Buns

    No one: MrBirken: Ima kill the gal-em


    Ehmmm ok ok

  • Makenzie Worden
    Makenzie Worden

    you soud do this in moltyplare

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