Making a bismuth knife to undo an injustice
Check out some cool Bismuth sculptures, crystals and pendants by going to:

I attempt to undo an injustice and re-create the bismuth knife that should have never been destroyed.
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Nile talks about lab safety:
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  • NileBlue

    I'm going to defend my horrific tool techniques. I am not at all offended by the comments and I think a lot of them are pretty funny, but I think it might be worth mentioning why I made certain choices. For the file, it was mostly because bismuth is really soft (softer than aluminum) and it has a low melting point. So, as you file it, it gets even softer. I'm not exactly sure what happens, but it looks the file just starts cutting grooves instead of cutting anything off. I edited it out, but I did initially try filing it the same way I would steel/aluminum and it just didn't work. It's why the video immediately cuts to me moving the file around aimlessly and saying it's hopeless. It seemed to work best when I used the rasp which cut very deep grooves (the first file I used was pretty close to useless), pushed hard and constantly changed directions. I also got super tired doing this and I got super sloppy in general. I am not claiming at all that it was the best way to do it, but bismuth is different from other metals and you can't file it the same way as you would steel/aluminum. I'd love to hear from anyone who has tried filing bismuth before. For the knife, I just overestimated how sharp it was for the first cut. After failing, I thought it would be fun to use it more like a cleaver. I am nowhere near a master at using a knife, but I can assure anyone who is worried that I know how to cut food. Also, I should add that part of the fun of this video was trying to emulate Kiwami's method (which added a lot to the struggle). If the point of this was to do it most efficiently, I would've just molded it and used a belt sander or something.

    • Levi R.
      Levi R.

      @NileBlue iss okay thats none of my BISMUTH

    • Shanic Plays
      Shanic Plays

      How many people actually read this?

    • Shanic Plays
      Shanic Plays

      How many people actually read this?

    • lone wrecche
      lone wrecche

      @The blacksmith Initiative isn't it whetstone?

    • The blacksmith Initiative
      The blacksmith Initiative

      I cringed at the first attempt using a wetstone as a grindstone

  • Anthny Bsg
    Anthny Bsg

    local man inhales 10 pounds of bismuth dust, find out why machinists hate him

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    When's the album dropping

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    Paul Panaitescu

    Chonky knife

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    Can we get Bismuth Knife? Mom: We have Bismuth Knife at home!

  • Mario Joodah
    Mario Joodah

    19:35 I used the bismuth to destroy the bismuth

  • Kiki Cogger
    Kiki Cogger

    "Shouldn't this be in the flame hood?" "Too late now"- something you never want to hear when doing an experiment.

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    Fire Blazer777


  • Bill Kerman
    Bill Kerman

    you know you could have just bought new blades for your coping saw

  • Wonderer

    27:36 Among us- Orange: I'm doing electrical Blue/ Bismuth knife: hehe *kills orange Orange: oh no BLOOD

  • Kadon manning
    Kadon manning

    Imagine going out to buy a knife to trace a knife on a soon to be knife to make a knife🥱😐😑

  • Geoffrey Arthur
    Geoffrey Arthur

    Why did he weight them on the floor 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  • I Chamu Ko I
    I Chamu Ko I

    20:25 the bismuth decides to make it's own knife

  • Najanah

    I saw him pull out the whetstone and went "OH SHOOT HECK YES WOW THAT'S GOOD STUFF" *Uses it dry*

  • I Chamu Ko I
    I Chamu Ko I

    Bro I love this video technique with the lab and everything.

  • Liocla

    Dude, you have the Jeremy Clarkson drawer of hammers.

  • Ramune_ Lemonade
    Ramune_ Lemonade

    Y'all worry too much in the comment section

  • Max

    no hate but watching you saw and file hurt me on a personal level

  • St. Nicolas
    St. Nicolas

    This was a dope video but I got so irritated at the cutting ooooof

  • clown boy
    clown boy

    Silly science boy on the floor breaking bismuth with a hammer whats he gonna do with it.. oh I don't know mAkE A KnIFE

  • Buzz

    he bought the knife sharpening blocks but forgot to use them

  • Clayton Yun
    Clayton Yun

    Who is this NileRed wannabe from Walmart?!! (no hate luv ur content)

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    vika mosquera

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    dealer of deeth

    2:04 yes kemistree!

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    Reverend Glitch

    You know, you're a great chemist

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    Madelynn Schupe

    I really want to go there and make that knife sharpener

  • Justin Capella
    Justin Capella

    pre-heat the knife

  • \/

    This is the best artisan video I've ever watched. 10/10

  • Casper was here
    Casper was here

    He reminds me of my 8th grade shop class

  • Dracopyre

    i will easily admit that it looks like an awesome knife but I almost wonder how it would look if you made a mold of the kitchen knife and cast formed the blade and used a belt sander to sharpen it.

  • Apollo Dalton
    Apollo Dalton

    required: belt sander

  • SilkHatchet

    8:15 Not a jab, just tips here! If you ever wanna use a jeweler's saw in the future, make sure you have the saw blade in so it's taught/tight so it'll cut a lot better and faster, and don't shift the angle while cutting so the blade doesn't break ( often...). Jewelers go through tons of sawblades so no shame in that lol

  • Travis Mann
    Travis Mann

    Hey I love what you do I'm a long time subscriber, this is an awesome idea regardless. Maybe you could reach out to Alec Steel. I think between the two of yall, you could definitely make an amazing bismuth knife. Keep doing what you do.

  • Steven Faw
    Steven Faw

    “It looks about good.” ...thank you.

  • Leonard H.
    Leonard H.

    Why is everybody making fun of him? It is supposed to be a funny video, the professional stuff didn't make the cut😂

  • Laydin Gibson
    Laydin Gibson

    you need to sharpen it

  • Sendy Bans
    Sendy Bans

    Even stronger than _The Breaking Point_

  • Nom De Plume
    Nom De Plume

    ok that Smithie is amazing! that jewelry is gorg


    I relate alot more to NileBlue than I do Red.


    I'm a dumbass for thinking you were going to extract the bismuth from pepto bismol and then make a knife out of it. That'd be a fucking nightmare in all aspects.

  • Connor McHarney
    Connor McHarney

    so he's gonna hold the tomato and drawt he knife across it right- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Anime One piece naruto Pokemon and beyblade
    Anime One piece naruto Pokemon and beyblade

    It’s better if you had a belt sander

  • all star
    all star

    You have every right to endanger yourself but maybe issue some form of warning... So you don’t get sued.

  • David Shade
    David Shade

    Wait why not just buy a sander?...

  • ParryHotter

    Cool. Now do a Bismarck knife please.

  • Yash Singhal
    Yash Singhal

    He made a Bismuth knife to explain the cycle of 21 frames regarding a certain 4-wheeled vehicle in a specific game where a plumber jumps on turtles.

  • õkami andrea
    õkami andrea

    I wish i could hang out with you, you seem like a really fun guy, id be nice to be friends and talk about chemistry

  • Umar Abdullah
    Umar Abdullah

    Nile Red, What kind of alloys could be made by combining bismuth and other low temp melting metals like lead or sodium?

  • Treasure Downing
    Treasure Downing

    dude. show that to forged in fire judges. i bet they will be shocked

  • Beans and rice
    Beans and rice

    you hav nice hands :3

  • galux rmz
    galux rmz

    Nileblue: Has an axe in his drawer Also Nileblue: Doesn't have a knife

  • Natalie Lim
    Natalie Lim

    "I think it can already cut a pickle" is the new unit of measurement

  • TinyTigerTamer

    He should have added grooves on the blade

  • Holar

    Labs in movies: perfectly clean and sterile Labs in real life: oops, i dropped some molten bismuth on the floor, whatever, just it there; oh look, my gloves are smoking

  • Alexandra 20
    Alexandra 20

    I’m a jeweler and a horologist in training. From what I’ve seen from your projects, your technique is almost there, and like all craftsmen you just need more practice. I never worked with bismuth, or most of the metals, but if you ever need some advice I’d be happy to give it to you! Just reply to my comment and we’ll figure out a way to talk. I love your channels btw! It sparked my lost interest in chemistry and I have a lot of fun watching your videos. Good luck with the next projects and experiments and thank you for your work!🤗🤗


    has this man ever made food before

  • reuben stander
    reuben stander

    17:31, that weight estimate is the like earner, holy sh*t

  • Max is here
    Max is here

    That is not how you use file.

  • lapinozz

    Feels like Electroboom but with chemistry

  • A Stang
    A Stang

    I was also deeply saddened when he melted his cool knife!

  • Brimo1992

    11:14 laughing my ass off, definitely a science guy but not a craftsman xD

  • Rain

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  • Goat-Gamer

    9:03 *minecraft tool breaks* Nile: ARGHH

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    i hate life

    this channel is the perfect mix of chaotic teen and actually smart people and i’m loving it

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    Evelyn Alley

    "Nile Makes a Mess for Half an Hour"

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    OvalThomas 123

    this man didnt use the sharpener at all

  • Al Jay
    Al Jay

    You should try forgery, Nile!

  • Goo se
    Goo se

    I had an aneurism when he flipped the unsheathed knife in his hands

  • john Gallo
    john Gallo

    DougDoug was right his investment is paying off.

  • gentleman Edward
    gentleman Edward

    That knife looks cool but for cooking it would melt

  • Tomás S.
    Tomás S.

    the title makes it seem like u bout to kill someone

  • The Dream
    The Dream


  • Cannabis Dreams
    Cannabis Dreams

    Why didn't you just do wax casting? You could have cast it in the shape of a knife and saved yourself time and effort, or us bismuth uncastable?

  • Voyager

    I can’t believe that little saw didn’t come with more blades, I make jewelry and when I get these saws they come with a whole bunch of extra blades. Nile didn’t do anything wrong they are very fragile!!!

  • MysticMaxie

    That poor cast iron...

  • Big Poppa
    Big Poppa

    I lost it when he picked up the wet stone and grinded it agaist the knife...

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    RPG Gamer

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    Chase Dittmar

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  • SlovenMalaphor

    For a moment there, I confused bismuth with gallium, and I was like "Genius! Get revenge by stabbing the person, they get heavy metal poisoning, and you leave no prints!" But then I realized wrong kind of injustice, wrong kind of metal.

  • I Am Sam32
    I Am Sam32

    After listening to him say so many words I don’t understand and explain so many concepts that go over my head, it made me feel better when he didn’t know what to call the hacksaw

  • Chris Evil
    Chris Evil

    ah, i see you were trying to use someone else's procedure. hey big props. but man, some casting sand and an oven would have saved you hours. but hey, this channel is all about fun, and this was a fun video to watch man =)

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    Carolina Damiani Paiser

    NileRed is chaotic good and NileBlue is lawful good

  • Cannibal Penguins
    Cannibal Penguins

    The file...THE FILE IS SUPPOSED TO BE USE LENGTHWAYS SO THAT-never mind. I give up. I will live through the pain.

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    Andrew Yin

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  • Terra Universe
    Terra Universe

    i think i've deduced the main issue, aside from the complete lack of preparation on the task at hand, your knife is WAY too thick, like doubled in size, i dont exactly know what kiwami did but they get a light layer of crystals ontop, whilst your knife gains a thick layer of metal and then crystals, might be worth a retry with some research and prep

  • Tomasz Czarnecki
    Tomasz Czarnecki

    11:29 and ... the pain goes away 8D

  • Alexander Gisbert
    Alexander Gisbert

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    Insane Rotta

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