Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On (feat. MØ) (Official Music Video)
Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On (feat. MØ) (Official Music Video)
"India is special and its beauty absolutely humbled me. When we toured there as Major Lazer, it was mind blowing to see our fan-base and we wanted to incorporate the attitude and positive vibes into our video and just do something that embodies the essence of Major Lazer. Major Lazer has always been a culture mashup and to us, India feels like some kind of special creature with one foot in history and one firmly in the future. The experience is something we'll never forget."
- Diplo on making the "Lean On" video in India
Music is the Weapon Reloaded OUT NOW:
Director - Tim Erem
Producer - Per Welén
Prod. Co - Diktator
DoP - Jacob Möller
Editor - Leila Sarraf (Trim Editing)
Colorist - Matt Osborne (The Mill)
Stylist - Violetta Kassapi
India Crew:
Producer - Mikhail Mehra
Producer - Akshay Multani
Associate Director - Mikhail Mehra
Assistant DOP - Zaryan Patel
Assistant Stylist - NorBlack NorWhite
Line Producer - Durgesh Dadich
Choreographer - Paresh Shirodkar
Production company: Motion Eccentricá
Special thanks to VH1 Supersonic and Oji

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      Canción de gays

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    Hi. Hi ya... Hi ya..., ... :-) Sometimes I am afraid you could hate me sometimes... Bye, ya...

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    Really great video 😍

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    This is not a comment section, but a whatsapp group.😂from 6 years..

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    krl q bom que tik tok não existia no tempo que essa música foi hype

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    Who's with me in 2022

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    Fun fact: DJ snake likes india

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    Without MO. THIS SONG IS 0. .. 👍

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    Wow I remember when this song first came out dang it’s been a long time

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    We just kind of played both of you.

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    Aditya Singh Thakur

    Legend Says The Moves Comes From 3000Future 😂

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    Aditya Singh Thakur

    Thank you For Makeing This Song In India 🇮🇳 Love From Chhattisgarh State ❤️

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    DariTube - Darius Marcellini

    Nunca pensé que esta canción tiene como 3030M de vistas

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    Life was so much better back then...😔💔

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    Love this song

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    Still a bop 6 years later

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    certainly one of the childhood songs of some

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    Beautiful song 👍👍👍,,,,,all we need is body to lean on !!!!!!

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    This is one of the first videos do reach 1B

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    Bruh make this into IO billion views

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    if i have 80 age i still listen this. MAJOR LAZERRRRR LONG LIVE

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    6 Years passed and I keep listening to this music HAHAHA 😩✨💯

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    Hi, Karen. I am sorry, Karen. I can not find the messege I typed, the messege I send. Perhaps..., could it be, can it be I remember you...? Perhaps I have been also thinking about Uri Lillawight... It would be lovely to see you. Babes..., it would be lovely to see you. It would be lovely to see you babes. Love ya... Bye...

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    esto es cansion clasica

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    Je suis vieille

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    العرب ڨاع هنا جام

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    anyone india

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    Based on which culture ????

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    omg why tf y'all here 🤡✨

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    Dite vous que cet musique est connu par au moin 1/4 de la population mondiale 👌

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    let see how many people listen this song every day

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    One question why is Dj snake got so many wievs on he”s music? Yes dont understand wrong Dj snake is goat but yeah?

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    من العايدين الفايزين كل عام وانتم بخير 😂❤.

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    When life was simple ....

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    Nba 2k16 anyone?

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    ahh yess I remember this song

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    3 000 000 000 views wow

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    Yıl olmuş 2021 hala dinleyenler burdamı

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    Dj snake🐍 from 🇩🇿😍

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    I just got deported back to Jamaica! 🇯🇲

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    All we need is somebody to lean on

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    Bunu buraya bırakıyorum çünkü yalnızım, beğenirseniz dinlemeye her seferinde girerim 💔

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    Somehow I m missing DJ snake's white hair😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

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    I'm from future to tell you guys that This song has 10B views till 2030🙌🙂

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      @Sucely Rodas R u also from future ?

    • Ritik Gupta
      Ritik Gupta

      @Sucely Rodas R u also from future ?🤨

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      Sucely Rodas


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    22 7A Mofiz Mehboob

    So no one is even gonna talk about how this song is so perfectly looped

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    Thaddeus Reed

    I cannot front, I am black and from the hood. This song has been in my playlist since it dropped. I know that I have turned over 100 people on to this!

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    Do you recall, not long ago we would walk on the side walk, remembered me old days where I could go out freely without the worries of virus 😭😭😭

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    Oh,It's the best song in the world

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    صحا صحا dg snke راك جايبها

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    I need Blackpink singing this ♡

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  • bennibenniben

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    Niraj Prajapati

    Still remember when this song was released, the comment section was filled with jokes about how both of her legs don't meet each other at all.

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    Rohgul rohgul

    is this video in india or orient?

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    2028 anyone?

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    I LOVE This song

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    How many indians watching in this song in 2nd quarantine

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    I love this song.. but the video is a low budged one :D

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  • Belieber, Swiftie & Army
    Belieber, Swiftie & Army

    2015 : I love this song❣️ 2016 : I love this song❣️ 2017 : I love this song❣️ 2018 : I love this song❣️ 2019 : I love this song❣️ 2020 : I love this song❣️ 2021 : I love this song ❣️

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