Lil Wayne: Green & Yellow (Green Bay Packers Theme Song)
Get hyped for the NFC Championship Game with Lil Wayne's updated version of "Green & Yellow"
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  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi

    Let's get this win so we can move on to the big stage..LET'S GO!!!!!!

  • Talking Football
    Talking Football

    This song is so underrated

  • Jayden Price
    Jayden Price

    I wanna seen Aaron hold the trophy even though I’m not a fan of the packers 😭😂


    Still got knocked out by Tommy boy

  • nokloutAD

    sad that we lost honestly

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi

      Tom the goattttt

  • Jose Alonso
    Jose Alonso

    Rip GB jajaja the Super Bowl is Mahomes vs Brady

  • Matt Thompson
    Matt Thompson

    Sometimes I saw Rodgers on sidelines staring into the void thinking “Why do I have to exist at same time as Brady”

    • The Crusader
      The Crusader

      More like why does Brady exist?

  • Snoop Dogg
    Snoop Dogg


  • Josh Pro
    Josh Pro

    NFL & MAFIA called down to the field and TOLD them not to go for it on 4th down. That's the REAL reason... It's the only explanation. Sports are fixed. And if you don't know that by now, there's no hope for you

  • bilisha coli
    bilisha coli

    This video legendary no??????

  • Luke Vukovich
    Luke Vukovich

    this aged well

  • Frances Willies
    Frances Willies


  • TheJlouis997

    Red and pewter

  • sanpousan jna
    sanpousan jna

    And then Brady in the Bucs rap it up 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • bilisha coli
      bilisha coli

      I’ve been waiting for this video

  • logandnl

    WERE NOT DONE YET. THIS TEAM AINT DONE. LETS GIVE AARON ONE MORE SHOT. Stop the negativity, we’ve still got a great team with a great coach, and we know what we have to do now. We’re in the endgame now boys...

  • Marc Johnson
    Marc Johnson

    So glad he got pardoned

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy

    This video legendary no??????

  • George Delossantos
    George Delossantos

    Fire song but they lost

  • Joseph Bondar
    Joseph Bondar

    Tom the goattttt

  • Matthew Robinson
    Matthew Robinson

    I like green and yellow better.

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

      I’ve been waiting for this video

  • Andy Sseki
    Andy Sseki

    Guess y’all won’t be needing this anymore


    As a Bengals fan respect to this Team and this song go HARD 👌👌👌



  • Strong Cat
    Strong Cat


  • Lucas Darnley
    Lucas Darnley

    Low key kinda 🔥

  • Aaron Will
    Aaron Will

    I"M SO SAD!!!!!!

  • Anthuan Juarez
    Anthuan Juarez

    Lil Wayne! ⭐️

  • Bolia Fops
    Bolia Fops

    This is awesome!

  • Joseph Emerson
    Joseph Emerson

    About that...

  • BonnieBrute

    Such a great season, but now its a soundless disappointment. GG Tampa hope Kansas destroys you

  • MG11

    They still lost 😂

  • UpgradeOTL

    wayne KILLED this for em

  • Burt Torre
    Burt Torre

    This is why you lost.. have this clown doing tour anthem

  • 11W: The Plan
    11W: The Plan

    What is this 🤣


    SKIP was right!!! Tough flight ✈️ home for Weezy! Pay up that Dew!

  • Lil Ant
    Lil Ant

    Go Bucs

  • Lil Ant
    Lil Ant

    This didn’t age well

    • Chris Walt
      Chris Walt

      Wanna know what also won’t age well? The Bucs in the SB you ever hear of the packers nfc championship curse of the Rodgers era? Seahawks lose at the one yard line, Falcons 28-3, and Niners lose a 10 point lead

  • Wei Li Jr Fang
    Wei Li Jr Fang

    Green and yellow on the bench to the metal 🎼

  • CapnKrunkCereal

    Dez Caught It

  • Chris G
    Chris G

    Glad he's free but sorry for your loss

  • Daniel C-O
    Daniel C-O

    This song is fire even thouth the packes lost

  • Seung Yang
    Seung Yang

    4th & 1 down 8 points with less than 3 minutes to go, the boy genius Matt LaFleur went for the field goal. Congratulations. You're perennial choke jobs.

  • Randy Savage
    Randy Savage

    No wonder they lost

  • ??

    Ain’t no super bowl shuffle though, especially when you don’t even reach it. Bear down 🐻


    Trump pardon Wayne for this verse.

  • Hassan Shariff
    Hassan Shariff

    This song didn't age well and it's only a week later!

  • 2KGrind09

    a message to rappers... shut up when your team is on a championship run HA

  • Jay Styles
    Jay Styles

    Brady "lol"

  • Yak69


  • Just Some Brown Conservative
    Just Some Brown Conservative

    He should have gave a shout out to Trump!



  • Pmar Gar
    Pmar Gar

    Bucs smashing you fools

  • Skeptical Fan
    Skeptical Fan

    They lost.

  • jack fischer
    jack fischer

    who’s here after they lost

  • Kris Carroll
    Kris Carroll

    Sorry wayne

  • 4treeBeats

    Lost me as a fan a while ago... this definitely makes me not regret that decision. Enjoying your pardon btw?

    • Iggy3434

      then you a fake fan so bye bye. No one gonna miss you 😂

  • Just TAi Now
    Just TAi Now

    black and yellow was better

  • Tony Mason
    Tony Mason

    Pardoned by the president. Now he got the Packers pardoned from the playoffs.

  • Mr.512

    Guess this song didn't work 😕 lol

  • UnderratedSZN

    Aaron Jones sold and the packers coaching staff sold crazily with some of their calls

  • Timeless Music Ent
    Timeless Music Ent


  • Tayden Shockley
    Tayden Shockley

    Kevin king ☠️☠️☠️

  • bling bling
    bling bling


  • King6d9

    Welp this didn’t age well 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Julio Solano
    Julio Solano

    As a Rams fan, not gonna lie this is dope!

  • shipking1995

    This is why they lost

  • deven hoey
    deven hoey

    I'm glad they loss

  • RadVideos

    And they thought Brady was the trump supporter

  • Tootsie-rollingstone Entertainment
    Tootsie-rollingstone Entertainment

    I'm from Pittsburgh, so you know I had to peep this. Love the song and the video

  • Logan Sande
    Logan Sande

    i have never been more sad for a out come of a game. no matter if aaron leaves or if he stays. im thankful for what he has done for the packers. go pack. lets get the trophy back next year

  • Colin Strohm
    Colin Strohm

    Imagine the goat going to the super once again



  • Ryan

    I thought Wayne was a Saints guy!

  • StillFunnyGames XD
    StillFunnyGames XD

    Love how yall gotta take a Pittsburgh song for yall own🙊🐝

  • JJAX 10533
    JJAX 10533

    Brady 4-1 vs Rodgers

  • Shadows Rump
    Shadows Rump

    I’m a Dallas fan but can’t stop Listening to this

  • Justin Bradford
    Justin Bradford


  • alfamale05

    Trivia Question: Ludwig Van Beethoven was born in 1770 in which city?

  • Stephon Love
    Stephon Love

    Well this song is irrelevant now

  • ninjafiremonkey

    What an awful call

  • Kung fu Benny
    Kung fu Benny

    I wonder if wiz gets royalties from this lol

  • Jiano Joel
    Jiano Joel

    Ouch 😅

  • UnderdogPl4ys

    All this just to kick it on 3rd down🤣

  • Jimmy is Promo
    Jimmy is Promo

    Luckily Wayne has his tag on that GB hat. Gets to return it.

    • cheese burger
      cheese burger

      @d t so ur a band wagon

    • d t
      d t

      @Mister Ben probably helps i have Mahomes now also lol

    • Mister Ben
      Mister Ben

      @d t It's diffrent when you move because you aren't close to that team anymore

    • d t
      d t

      @Mister Ben nah I lived in Wisconsin for 15 years, and loved the pack, but moved now I have my new team.

    • Mister Ben
      Mister Ben

      Once A Packer Always A Packer

  • d t
    d t

    Packs blew it as usual

  • James Weldon
    James Weldon


  • Sara Curran
    Sara Curran

    Lil wayne ... Pardoned by Trump.

  • Mr.N Funny TV
    Mr.N Funny TV

    Claim your “here before a million views” ticket *here*

  • J Red
    J Red


  • Doc 23
    Doc 23

    Couldn't they have gotten someone a little more 'local' to do this?

  • EliN

    Wayne living well off that pardon

  • Orochimaru

    after hearing this song i thought there was no way they were losing

  • simon

    Trumps house boy.

  • Brian Statia
    Brian Statia

    This is y lost to the 🐐

  • Noony

    Tampa Bay Refaneers were just too much in the end 😭

  • Octavio Perez
    Octavio Perez

    Why does Aaron have to be a cry baby when he loses the conference championship every other year!!! Fans can blame the field goal call but I blame the players getting hit in the month by a team that is not scared of them!!!! Aaron Rodgers is a great QB, but no GOAT. Put some respect on Tom Brady’s name!!!

    • Drkless Ong
      Drkless Ong

      Have you ever lost a nfc championship?

  • Wasabii

    Well oof...

  • AppleGuy670

    lol Green Bay

  • روتين Ass fun
    روتين Ass fun


  • Flu ed
    Flu ed

    what about black and yellow 🤔

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