L.O.X., Drag-On, Eve - Ryde Or Die, Chick
Music video by L.O.X., Drag-On, Eve performing Ryde Or Die, Chick. (C) 1999 Ruff Ryders/Interscope Records

  • Michael Gray
    Michael Gray

    Timbaland is decades ahead of his time

  • Jay Wad
    Jay Wad

    The times of yesterday, good atmosphere!

  • Roya Wiley
    Roya Wiley

    I wanted to cut my hair n color it like Eve’s and mom wouldn’t let. I had to be 14🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Woodis Maxx
    Woodis Maxx

    back when the word weed was censored

  • geeftw69

    🤪🤪🤪🤪 crazy

  • Last Capp
    Last Capp

    Eve always been solid and solo. Never had anything bad to say about the sister. She stay rapping ill and moving in silence

  • Robot Cameron
    Robot Cameron

    Sexyyy Ma Eve.

  • Fear061

    love this track. Ride or die!

  • earvase

    Double R For Life.

  • Hector Nodal
    Hector Nodal

    🖤😎👍 #💃

  • Dawn Nicole
    Dawn Nicole

    Love the song but hate this video

  • Toriano Webb
    Toriano Webb

    Everybody was fire on this, from the lox to Eve to Timbo.

  • a a
    a a

    2021 g's upppp🙏🏼

  • Michael Spikes
    Michael Spikes

    The greatest song ever in history legendary

  • Eugene Phifer
    Eugene Phifer

    40 bodies no kids i need the 👑 aaliya to grab my hand and make me a husband

  • Ty Alston
    Ty Alston

    Artist: The L.O.X. f/ Eve and Drag-On Song: Ryde Or Die, Chick Album: We Are the Streets Release date: March 27, 2000 Recorded Year: 1999-2000 Genre: Hip Hop/Rap Labels: Bad Boy Records Publishers: Ruff Ryders Records Studios: Sony Music Entertainment Producer: Timbaland Director: Hype Williams Writer: The L.O.X. & Eve & Drag-On & Timbaland

  • Louie Tzepher
    Louie Tzepher

    The memories and nostalgia this brings back is overwhelming.

  • Toyota Corolla car club
    Toyota Corolla car club

    I need a ride or die chick. 2021? Those Spanish girls are beautiful 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Casa Franca
    Casa Franca

    Timbaland tracks are blessed

  • Victoria Igunbola
    Victoria Igunbola


  • 1trx2

    I remember the production crews were setting up filming this video on Crenshaw in L.A in front of the holiday bowling alley which is now gone back in 2000 but didn't know it was this until like 3 months later when the video got released. I should've been a extra in this even though I was underage back then!🤦‍♂️

  • Antonio Gambardella
    Antonio Gambardella

    the Real hip-hop classic

  • Freshgresh

    Who produced this joint again??

  • Miyamoto

    2021 and it still goes hard 👂🏼

  • Goat Gamer
    Goat Gamer

    Dj snake brought me here

  • Tanzania O'Neal
    Tanzania O'Neal

    Here in 2021!! My shit !!! Oh and we did it Joe❗️❕🎉🍾

  • Roberto Dinkins
    Roberto Dinkins

    Yeah I Need A Ride Or Die Chick💎...🤓🎬🥂📺

  • Messibat International Messibat International
    Messibat International Messibat International

    2021 who is still there? 🤔

  • jam

    The Jump-off!

  • Barnacle Bill
    Barnacle Bill

    One of the finest 'Hip-Hop' tracks of all time in my opinion.

  • Tracey Haynes
    Tracey Haynes

    *HOTSGIRLS.CLUB* “Snad ne k jídlu?“ podivil se Neználek. „Takováhle obluda se přece nesní ani za rok!“ ஈரமான پاؤڈر କିନ୍ତୁ ମୁଁ ହେଉଛି ନାହିଁ ସବୁ ଆରମ୍ଭ ! କୌଣସି ଭଲ ହେବ ! ଓଲଗା ବିରକ୍ତ ହୋଇଥିଲେ

  • Luis Arnold
    Luis Arnold

    2021 anyone ?

  • Luis Arnold
    Luis Arnold

    That chick that was all over styles during his verse... DAMN 😍🤩

  • justin billops
    justin billops

    much love 2 da lox from Detroit shit still #dope .....

  • Jamie Friday
    Jamie Friday

    2020 still banging

  • Eve Goddess
    Eve Goddess

    911...aint gonna be me...

  • Malcolm Dullah
    Malcolm Dullah

    That beat tho

  • kingdza

    Almost 22 years later and this beat still sounds amazing!! Timbo beats were iconic!

  • Marlon Campbell
    Marlon Campbell


  • Rappers Digest
    Rappers Digest

    banger 🎧🎵

  • Ryan Mahabir
    Ryan Mahabir

    Eve was bad a chick

  • FrnnkEducation

    Legendary track. Almost forgot about it. We baaaaaaackkk

  • Manny Henry
    Manny Henry

    The last trick that white man does it give you his girl. What's up with this goofy video of all these white women in there. Every n**** this video is lost

  • Queenbellaofhearts

    play this at my funeral 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Dipset Forever
    Dipset Forever

    2000!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Christian Lambert
    Christian Lambert

    is drag-on even in this video?

  • JJ Vegas
    JJ Vegas

    How the f...Sheek got away from the cops? lol

  • JJ Vegas
    JJ Vegas


  • Simon Sadat
    Simon Sadat

    Eve looking like a 'redbone steak' in the word's of Styles!!!! lol.

  • Da IBM
    Da IBM

    Was Timbaland going mad with this beat or what lol

  • Power100

    Happy 42nd & 44th Birthdays to EVE And Sheek 2020!!!!!

  • Brandon F
    Brandon F

    The delayed bassline tho. Classic Timbo

  • David Callinan
    David Callinan

    back when rap was whack .love ruff ryders .good to see no clown looking for likes in comments "" who here in whatever year" ryde or die till we die.


    Certified banger

  • Kelo Ryms
    Kelo Ryms


  • lyndon thomas
    lyndon thomas

    Add seaonsud itt omtieud Ysubsus ineueya SYSI ISEARAA NK RID ONRUS;π∆('50&&)

    • lyndon thomas
      lyndon thomas

      Tyessea az :*70✓®€×∆¶ AOMEYA MINSA

  • the Knowledge
    the Knowledge

    Styles had the BEST verse!! Hands down

  • Eddie Vance
    Eddie Vance

    When you had to put Latin music in your hip hop if you was from the east coast

  • Madena Hargrove
    Madena Hargrove

    My friend is 1 of the hardest this for you i love y

  • lyndon thomas
    lyndon thomas

    HubonrusysvYsivsus :*69✓®π∆ RUSUSS

  • Rolling Up To: Sway's View
    Rolling Up To: Sway's View

    I rate the lox one of the best groups ever.

  • Fahd Shad
    Fahd Shad

    2020 big tune

  • Warren Demmon
    Warren Demmon

    Absolute classic, but they should have rewrote their verses to avoid censoring

  • God's Child
    God's Child

    Jada's barz still gimme that face after twenty years.

  • Meka Monroe
    Meka Monroe

    I was 20 when this came out...all the music during that time was lit!..Maaaaan it was a good time to be ALIVE!!!!

  • A Johnson
    A Johnson


  • olga simons
    olga simons

    Listening 2020🔥🔥🔥

  • Mark Dwyer
    Mark Dwyer

    Philly stand up and kiss still double MARK


    *1 of the best Rap songs ever!*

  • RockiaR

    Forgot about this song, that was my jam! Drag-on wasn't in this, though. Swizz Beats and Timb should go into this one day, since that was Swizz crew. Classics! 😊✊🏾❤

  • Demario Chambers
    Demario Chambers

    This new generation could neva

  • Donnell Bennett
    Donnell Bennett

    The Lox whachest shit better than most of today's music.

  • Basic Barks
    Basic Barks

    Don't know why it popped up today, but good memories!!!

  • Vitor Vilenna
    Vitor Vilenna

    L.O.X Brazil fans ❤️. 2020

  • D- Reality
    D- Reality

    I love the LOX... Eve & Timberland did this justice too!

  • Darrin Campbell
    Darrin Campbell

    I'm that ride or die chick🤗 Yours😍❤🙏☝😘😘

  • Richard Sun
    Richard Sun

    Who else saw Ryde or Dick

  • Alvarez Watson
    Alvarez Watson


  • DJ Extrodinare
    DJ Extrodinare

    Type of song you gotta bump in the summertime flying down the highway on vacation

  • Daniel Sparks
    Daniel Sparks

    I had such a huge crush on Eve as a kid. Dayum.

  • Jay 2Z
    Jay 2Z

    late 90s rap was really good

  • Edward Freeman
    Edward Freeman

    Philadelphia yes eve one of the legend female artist she was 🔥 a inspiration to female artist in Philadelphia

  • Niece Suell
    Niece Suell

    Eva still fine 2020

  • Anthony Choyce
    Anthony Choyce


  • Talent Page
    Talent Page

    This my Shit!! Family Couldnt get this video this clear when it came out. That antenna was serious. But yeah , Timbo got head during this shoot & most of the people there was Ruff Ryders. Video goes hard & Im just now understand the "Holiday in" metaphor Styles did Smfh.

  • Pascal Aka
    Pascal Aka

    So no one is gone mention how Drag-On's name is on the video by mistake?

  • Flo Master
    Flo Master

    Wooow i havent heard this in so long

  • MrPaa86

    Ruff Ryders Chronicles send me here...

  • TmacDaFuckingGreat

    Eve is fine as hell

  • Nix iNixcessBeats
    Nix iNixcessBeats

    2020 smh shit still more fire than 90% of whats out

  • edwin nganga
    edwin nganga

    When Timbaland dominated the scene...

  • Naruto514

    Back then when guy dressed like guy

  • DW International
    DW International

    Still Banging !! #2020

  • Jackie Bennett
    Jackie Bennett

    Eve is beautiful

  • TheMaclife

    That chick with sheek tho

  • Donell Alston
    Donell Alston

    “You can catch holiday in at holiday inn with a bad bitch swallowing gin word”

  • Razr Ramon
    Razr Ramon

    Shiet took me a decade and a bit

  • Jaden J. Cruz
    Jaden J. Cruz


  • 21. Hlompho
    21. Hlompho

    Timbaland is one of the greatest producers of all time.🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏👏

  • Niraj Lal
    Niraj Lal


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