King Von Ft Lil Durk - "All These N**gas" (Music Video)
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Official music video by King Von Ft Lil Durk - All These N**gas © 2020 Only The Family Entertainment / EMPIRE

  • Dab Unwin
    Dab Unwin

    rip von

  • Hezekiah Lee
    Hezekiah Lee

    Vroy come back😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • reversed krampus
    reversed krampus

    my best friend, he got killed. rip Troy

  • Semaj Shannon Semaj Shannon
    Semaj Shannon Semaj Shannon

    R.I.P VON 🙏😪😥

  • Young Gang
    Young Gang

    RIP VONNNN!!!!!

  • Paris S
    Paris S

    “ Boy come here” 😈

  • Talan Littlejohn
    Talan Littlejohn

    Rest In Peace 🥰

  • Braylon Brown
    Braylon Brown


  • Kam Derrick
    Kam Derrick


  • Robert Rogers
    Robert Rogers

    king von always gone be a legend in my book!🗣

  • ᴋɪɴɢ ᴠᴏɴ
    ᴋɪɴɢ ᴠᴏɴ

    Rip 💔

  • Fiz

    It’s sad this man has 62 mill view but still has 1 mill and 500k likes

  • Jack Cartwright
    Jack Cartwright

    Fucked around listened to von this morning and left my girl 😈🤦‍♂️true ass story..

  • Maddison Beache
    Maddison Beache


  • Adrian Street
    Adrian Street

    I wonder what they do with his clothes I'll take them

  • london beats
    london beats

    Il be happy when Quando is gone 🤦🏿‍♂️ for now I'm still feeling this great loss .

    • Michael Diaz
      Michael Diaz

      Yeah me to this for von

    • unknown

      Nocap 🥲

  • Terek Gaines
    Terek Gaines

    This still hit different 🔥🔥🔥 R.I.P. Grandson real 😈

  • Phildo


  • Naytel Mitchell
    Naytel Mitchell

    who else just found out lil durk was talkin first 🤦🏽‍♂️😂


    Who TF disliked 🤦🏽‍♂️😑🖕🏽

  • Eternal Element
    Eternal Element

    Wack af

  • Sincere Edwards
    Sincere Edwards

    Who listening in March 2021?

  • dlneacy

    I listen to this song everyday 🎶

  • Deakwon Adlam
    Deakwon Adlam

    Yoo nigga is shittin on this beat ...

  • Justgetlive Twin
    Justgetlive Twin

    Should of chilled with dissing tooka now u dead

  • Bradyn Pierce
    Bradyn Pierce

    Bruh does the piano remind anyone of back in blood either way tho this shit slap 😂

  • Matt DeMouy
    Matt DeMouy

    Such obvious results of demonic brainwashing

  • Guess Account
    Guess Account

    Rip von 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kevin Bryson
    Kevin Bryson

    Rip king von

  • HexMafia

    All that goofy ass rake droppin caught up with him


    Rip von but weres durks part?

    • Lil Jay Wop
      Lil Jay Wop

      Durk is the first one rapping lol. He raps from 0:23-0:48 & 1:15-1:41

  • Leslie Garcia
    Leslie Garcia

    Rip the 👑

  • AyeYoGOTTI

    you know he knew the ops wasnt on shit to be a top op to pull up in a rolls royse in his own hood but at the same time you know they had them straps on em to lmao.

  • Emily Gamer
    Emily Gamer

    Rip king von 🥀🕊 we all miss him 🕊🥀😭😭

  • Tony Bostick
    Tony Bostick

    Rip king love v 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😇😇😇😇😇

  • Libra Libra
    Libra Libra

    My favorite song! LLV Von!❤️

  • Adriana Marcelino
    Adriana Marcelino

    "ain't gotta back door ain't gonna snake you out"-von "close that back door can't get snaked out by my homie"-durk hmmm

  • Wooski

    who here March 2021

  • Youkhana Mansor
    Youkhana Mansor

    Welcome back not your first time


    Who here in March?

  • X X
    X X

    Von 64wenot from63

  • Learn Lyfe Beanz
    Learn Lyfe Beanz

    DJ On The Beat So It’s A Banger 🔥

  • fosblob 10
    fosblob 10

    R. I. P he was my favourite rapper😭😭😭😭😭but this song is dobe❤️❤️😝😝😝😝

  • petro rehani
    petro rehani

    part of this song is when von say O BLOCK

  • Tyler11cop1st

    Damn this got 62million views now...

  • Shad Corey
    Shad Corey

    How u gone back door a nigga u love for a lil bit of clout thats a shame on niggas

  • Lor Tay
    Lor Tay

    Longlivevon mannn🤦🏽‍♂️

  • 6Kobe Dollaz4
    6Kobe Dollaz4

    King von was what durk tried doing for nuski before he passed he was tryna put him on n make him n independent artist at the same time to make so bread n I genuinely feel like von reminded durk of nuski so much that’s why he tried getting him out Chicago so fast on king David I respect tf outta durk n y’all niggas think he sacrificed his peoples durk ain’t do nothing the reason the people passed is cause they got caught slippin sad to say n that’s how it is in Chicago even sitting at a red light could get you smoked going to a barber shop could get you smoked that’s why most of us niggas in Chicago have our barbers come to our crib cause shit do get krazy out here on king David

  • Ayden Brantley
    Ayden Brantley

    fucking awe some rip von

  • Adil Atif
    Adil Atif

    like if king von is better than @6ix9ine

    • Stitches

      You can't even compare them, King Von all the way 💜

  • Luis Aguilar
    Luis Aguilar

    Rip Von 💯🔥

  • Aiden Walsh
    Aiden Walsh

    RIP BRO dod his job but sadly past 💯💤🙌

  • Arielle Rodriguez
    Arielle Rodriguez

    Just listen and you will get it

  • William Carter
    William Carter

    Rip king von bring your spirit to me pleas

  • William Carter
    William Carter

    That is my guy

  • Kodjo Gan
    Kodjo Gan

    Long live Von. 🔥

  • The BLZP Family
    The BLZP Family

    😭😭😭😭😫 king von

  • Trikilz

    Pisses me off that I didnt hear off till after his death. RIP Von you was a real one.

  • Nicholas Balderas
    Nicholas Balderas

    Hml if y'all trying to link 🔗 I'm in that shit l

  • Nicholas Balderas
    Nicholas Balderas

    I'm Latin king 👑 but I miss your music. Fuck 69. His ass be in the ground soon 💯

  • Jaydin Scott
    Jaydin Scott

    Rip king aka von did you guys hear the ad diss

  • Lillian Faunteroy
    Lillian Faunteroy

    My favorites 💛 💓 ♥ 💗 ❤ songs

  • Demetrius Jones
    Demetrius Jones

    Mfs better skip to 64 mill or I’m smacking niggas

  • Tyliyah Dixon
    Tyliyah Dixon

    why he had to die on my bday that so sad i miss him people say i do to much bc all i talk about is him my name nevaeh bye the way

    • Opp Pack
      Opp Pack

      You probably didn’t even know Von b4 he died 😂

  • Bossman Jay
    Bossman Jay

    Rest in piece

  • Bangerfrmdabx


  • Michael Gillum
    Michael Gillum

    Did I miss lil durk's part?

  • Josiah Peguese
    Josiah Peguese

    The beat hard

  • The Quiet Kid
    The Quiet Kid

    Von didn't have to die bro.. why couldn't they just atleast punch him back or smthn' didn't have to fucking shoot ffs

    • Opp Pack
      Opp Pack

      Don’t mess with 4kt 🐍💚

  • The Quiet Kid
    The Quiet Kid

    i wish Von was my dad, bedtime stories gon be firee

  • Javari Leuaxay
    Javari Leuaxay

    Yeah O block OTF 300 ()itch just checked the state

    • Javari Leuaxay
      Javari Leuaxay

      Oml I can’t type😂😂

  • Julio Dionizio
    Julio Dionizio

    Damn still can't believe Von is gone..

  • Rasta Fari
    Rasta Fari

    Fuck how you feel for reall💯

  • mahbubrr59 Rahman
    mahbubrr59 Rahman

    “The goal isn’t to live forever, but to create something that will”

    • Daily Dose Fails
      Daily Dose Fails

      "The goal isn't to last forever,but to create something that will"

  • God YouTuberR
    God YouTuberR

    Here before 63 million views😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dj Tape
    Dj Tape

    BDK For Von Im smoking him

  • Dj Tape
    Dj Tape

    Fuck 64th😂

  • Dj Tape
    Dj Tape

    Rest in piss Von

    • Opp Pack
      Opp Pack


    • huston scuffed
      huston scuffed


  • FoLKs Stay In My Bluntz
    FoLKs Stay In My Bluntz

    The Bds made peace with da latin kings money talk bs walks von made it happen GDK LMFAOOO

    • Opp Pack
      Opp Pack


  • Ray Ray Dewit079
    Ray Ray Dewit079

    It’s Fucked up seen bruh just starting and it’s over

  • LaDarryl J
    LaDarryl J

    RIP Fred Hampton. When you take out the real kings you get what you see and hear in this video. Not just in Chicago, but across the US in black communities.

  • jayman1819

    1:28 best part

    • Chiraq

      naaa its this part 1:09


    Look at Lil T.Roy stunting💯🗣

  • Darwin Givins
    Darwin Givins


  • Yung Brizzy
    Yung Brizzy

    Rip King von now this is my fav song like if it's your favorite song

  • Christiano Minnaar
    Christiano Minnaar

    King all the best for you up in heaven I been gone I tryinging to come home

  • R.o.s.e C.h.a.n
    R.o.s.e C.h.a.n


    • huston scuffed
      huston scuffed

      ik me to

  • TwinkleTea Mirah
    TwinkleTea Mirah

    😭R.I.P 😭

  • James Keyes Jr
    James Keyes Jr

    Rip the king

  • Shaking Owens
    Shaking Owens

    1:37 is the part that got "back in blood" video and the rest of 2021 hood videos poppin. It's the go-to edit now

  • J Roc
    J Roc


  • Nita Taylor
    Nita Taylor

    Rip kler vin

  • wildmanjr p
    wildmanjr p


  • Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez

    Feb 27

  • vincent gray
    vincent gray

    RIP King Von

    • vincent gray
      vincent gray

      Going before his time I have to admit he didn't even get a chance to show the world all that had to offer ✌️✌️

  • Susan Carr
    Susan Carr

    Rest Up King!! 👑 #69PaxxSoon

  • Dj Tape
    Dj Tape

    Im screaming Fuck Von

  • Dj Tape
    Dj Tape

    Smoking on this Von cause he dead man😈

  • DonWon DOA DaReal 313
    DonWon DOA DaReal 313

    Everytime I c Von in this video it hit supa different RIP King Von 👑

  • Dj Tape
    Dj Tape

    Where Von? 😂😂😂Damn.He died🤣🤣

    • huston scuffed
      huston scuffed

      @Dj Tape bruh you you cant smoke him you didn't kill him

    • King The Sauce God
      King The Sauce God

      @Dj Tape 👨🏻‍💻

    • Dj Tape
      Dj Tape

      @Jaquarius Gaston l will smoke Von every day.And you will pound in your ears 😂😂😂😂

    • Jaquarius Gaston
      Jaquarius Gaston

      not even funny lil bru

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