Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Acoustic Video)
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Directed by Jake Schreier

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  • Bibek Poudel
    Bibek Poudel

    2:25 he started to realize

  • Leandro Grego Ramona
    Leandro Grego Ramona

    Musica para alma num descanso

  • Loren Darezzo
    Loren Darezzo

    That’s a story. It’s raw. Real. And when you open your heart up,people are touched to their core. They look in side themselves. So glad you are an over comer! Stay strong in the Lord. He gives a peace no mankind can!

  • Little Cub
    Little Cub

    This song is full of emotions and the lyrics is like his telling his own story wow 👏👏👏

  • imRedrichYT

    fun fact i used to be a hater but as i grow up i understand what the lyrics means.

  • Louette Daalder
    Louette Daalder

    I ain't a fan of Justin but this is exactly how I feel right now. The only difference is that I'm not famous and stuff but I just came out as non-binairy abd people are "handeling it well".

  • Annette Combs
    Annette Combs

    I love Justin Bieber , he's very talented . I love his music . I love his voice. Justin was put in the spotlight early , he had to do what every other teenager his age does , and that's he had to learn. It wasn't what all he thought it would be , he didn't know the prices he would have to pay . But the thing I love about Justin is he did learn , he made his fair share of mistakes and hurt ppl , but you guys got to remember they hurt him too. But he realized what he was doing , and that is what I think makes Justin so beautiful. He opened his eyes , he realized , he felt the pain and sorrow he caused and he realized the pain and sorrow he had too. He fixed it , he fixed him and publically apologished , that's all he can do . Justin's apology was heart felt , he really meant it and he proceeded in fixing it , and he did . And he continues on this path of being a nice and kind person . I honestly don't believe Justin has or will ever let his fame and notoriety take him down that path again and he don't think he's above and beyond everybody , he doesn't think he'd better than you or me , and he loves God and realizes who it was that has put him where he's at today . Yes he's messed up but he did not let that define him. So all my love and happiness goes out to you Justin . But I do have to say that there is one thing that's not complete yet and you know what I'm talking about , but one of these days you will have that too , you cannot fool the heart forever . One of these days you will find it , and you will cherish it . But this one thing is what truly keeps you from 100 percent in being happy . But I promise one day you will get it . Hey I bet I'm your oldest fan , I'm 53 yrs old and just love ya to death . I pray for you Justin to get all that his heart desires . Your heart wants what it wants , and you can only fool it so long bub. The very best wishes to you Justin and may God continue to bless you..

  • Dreez Lol
    Dreez Lol

    people who are listening to this in June

  • Deema ackerman
    Deema ackerman


  • Emma&LenTV

    I keep listening 😂

  • Ryan Mendes
    Ryan Mendes

    At -0:13 did you hear that unwanted tap sound?

  • Happy Cakes
    Happy Cakes

    This song made my cry 😭

  • Mattiaskeinnn

    Dont over-complicate this song by wailing away the pain behind these lyrics if you're thinking about making a cover of it, and sing it with your eyes closed. Trust me. Faaaaaaaaakkkk this song is so beautiful in every way.

  • Mecai Dela Pena
    Mecai Dela Pena

    It's his own song for himself alone😢 I remember those days when he was still in his innocent days😔😔 dames has change everything about him. I still love you justin


    Its like


    Its awsome

  • Paul Moniz
    Paul Moniz

    "What if you had it all, with nobody to call".........

  • Lim AFC
    Lim AFC

    Geeza has it all..fair play

  • ruqaya albather
    ruqaya albather


  • lekhika

    This song ❤️

  • bae bae
    bae bae

    슬퍼 라이브 들으니까 더 슬프고 좋아 비버 고마워♥

  • ʟ- ᴅʀᴀɢᴏ
    ʟ- ᴅʀᴀɢᴏ

    It feels like he's apologize for all the sins to anyone here did to........,.. Ur r forgiven man

  • صاري

    الكلمات والاحساس عالي جداً، الشهرة في عمر صغير متعب وله ثمن باهض للأسف ،اغنية جميلة جاستين

  • aashika rai
    aashika rai

    U and ur songs are the best 💓 💗 💕 💖 💛 💓



  • jeison dinas
    jeison dinas

    alguien me puede decir que piano es ese y si se consigue todavía

  • Edward Greco Cisneros
    Edward Greco Cisneros

    You are the best cante for me :)

  • Jeremie Alonso
    Jeremie Alonso

    I love you

  • susilo hadi Prabowo
    susilo hadi Prabowo


  • José geneilson
    José geneilson

    A voz de Justin Bieber: ❤️

  • John Stae
    John Stae

    The assorted crown significantly interrupt because whale operationally branch vice a accidental voice. glamorous, noxious bicycle

  • Maedeh Sarvi
    Maedeh Sarvi

    his voice come from heaven🥺♥️

  • Angeli Baquedano
    Angeli Baquedano


  • Angeli Baquedano
    Angeli Baquedano

  • Diễm Quỳnh
    Diễm Quỳnh

    I saw my soul in your voice ❤️

  • Rozeliana David
    Rozeliana David

    Itu la dunia tipu tipu

  • Larina AA
    Larina AA

    Ok pero la voz de Justin es todo lo que está bien en esta vida. 💖

  • Moni

    Maybe that's the price you pay for money and fame in early age... Literally it hits different

  • Moni

    Justine shared his Whole Story in just 2 minutes

  • Tane POE
    Tane POE

    Having ptsd and mental health issues with a criminal bacground....this shit mean so much.

  • G J
    G J

    His voice 😍👌

  • Alofokeradioshowtv

    make a song with tekashi

  • Isabel Militão
    Isabel Militão


  • Ricardo Vasquez Gomez
    Ricardo Vasquez Gomez

    Omg! God bless your voice

  • Fatima Ayala💗
    Fatima Ayala💗

    Siempre será él quien me lo recuerde con su cancion mi infancia,creci escuchandola siempre.Siempre seré su fan sin importar nada💖💖

  • Luciano Munoz
    Luciano Munoz

    That's the realest s*** I've ever heard


    fighting justin , i feel your pain...

  • nina azman
    nina azman

    The vibes and feelings u feel every-time u listen to Justin’s voice . Unreal ❤️

  • Joy Solis
    Joy Solis

    Wow. You are unique. The voice...

  • Narjo501

    You have a good voice.

  • Wazir Mustapha
    Wazir Mustapha

    He has matured nicely

  • اسيلAseel

    أجمل اغنية سمعتها و أجمل إحساس اني مدمنه بيها استمر جاستن ♥️

  • Solange Pijal
    Solange Pijal

    Justin violet aura 💜

  • felipipi

    2:20 uuggghhhh idiots

  • Rocío Salas
    Rocío Salas

    This is so beautiful, why the people doesn't give to this the attencion what this deserve

  • darkness king
    darkness king

    مين جا من مقطع تقطيع البطيخ على شكل وردة

  • Laurence Brisson
    Laurence Brisson

    Justin bieber is love music 😍😄👍 good LOVE MUSIC

  • Mansour Alneyadi
    Mansour Alneyadi

    I can't get over this song

  • Melanie Viloria
    Melanie Viloria


  • A Sáu
    A Sáu

    love song

  • Chrizzey Pippin Sundaezz
    Chrizzey Pippin Sundaezz

    🎵What if you had it all and nobody to call? 🎶Such a poignant question. L-rd knows I know. I would just look at my phone and through a sea of tears barely etch out the numbers. This song resonates within my soul. Like Justin I placed my TRUST in Jesus. He is truly a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Try Him and Know Him. To know Him. To TRULY KNOW HIM is to NEVER accept loneliness into one's life again. Place your TRUST in His Words (KJV HOLY BIBLE). Stay Blessed. Stay Encouraged. Blessings and Love to ALL🙏❤🌹

  • Ganesh nakade
    Ganesh nakade

    Justin Bieber

  • perly

    He is pure talent he is the best he grow up to be a good singer and a celbrity

  • Mary Jones
    Mary Jones

    Really valuable and precious song. Authentic.

  • Felipe Miranda
    Felipe Miranda

    i wish kurt, amy, layne and chris had heard this song

  • Lautaro Faure
    Lautaro Faure


  • Ella


  • wereallmadehere

    Best of bests! Just awesome bro!!!

  • ilhuicamina

    Seems like a song for Avicci too😭

  • Key 91
    Key 91

    [Verse 1] Everybody knows my name now But somethin' 'bout it still feels strange Like lookin' in a mirror, tryna steady yourself And seein' somebody else And everything is not the same now It feels like all our lives have changed Maybe when I'm older, it'll all calm down But it's killin' me now [Chorus] What if you had it all But nobody to call? Maybe then you'd know me 'Cause I've had everything But no one's listening And that's just fuckin' lonely [Post-Chorus] I'm so lo-o-o-onely Lo-o-o-onely [Verse 2] Everybody knows my past now Like my house was always made of glass But maybe that's the price you pay For the monеy and fame at an early age And еverybody saw me sick And it felt like no one gave a shit They criticized the things I did as an idiot kid [Chorus] What if you had it all But nobody to call? Maybe then you'd know me 'Cause I've had everything But no one's listening And that's just fuckin' lonely [Post-Chorus] I'm so lo-o-o-onely Lo-o-o-onely I'm so lo-o-o-onely Lo-o-o-onely

  • REIHANE ellahi
    REIHANE ellahi


  • Mala Shrivas
    Mala Shrivas

    But i want to meet with him if you don't want to meet so don't meet i am not forcing you 🙃

  • •Loaf•

    This Boy is Saying " Pewtipai I'm COmIngggg" Don't remember to spell it.

  • amin zehar the traveller
    amin zehar the traveller

    every time I listen to it I have goosebumps from the beginning to the end

  • D Berenguer
    D Berenguer

    I'm sorry Justin, I dont know how to thank you enough

  • Seafox

    back then i dont really listen to justin bieber but as he grows and produce more music, i started to like his taste. what a class!

  • AY VEE
    AY VEE

    Great voicing

  • Ivan Lescano
    Ivan Lescano

    You are the best, you help me a lot, thanks for this songs.

  • (:

    1:01 my pain 😆

  • (:

    my life :)

  • Mala Shrivas
    Mala Shrivas

    Justin I am your biggest fan from India🇮🇳 and the city name is Bhopal

  • V

    Man Justin tiene una voz tan lindaaaaa :0

  • Xinhui Chen
    Xinhui Chen

    this song just hits differently and thats why is my favourite song. His vocals are so good, to be honest i would like to hear more 😍

  • Byrz Gaming
    Byrz Gaming

    I can feel that He is regretting for selena

  • cida Rodrigues
    cida Rodrigues


  • Amy Lalruatpuii
    Amy Lalruatpuii


  • Olith Sangma
    Olith Sangma

    Wow I like you song❤️❤️

  • Edgar Gutiérrez
    Edgar Gutiérrez

    Aquí cuando los hombres lloran. ❤

    • Sir. Z
      Sir. Z


  • Dini Sintia Dewi
    Dini Sintia Dewi

    I'm not fans of justin B but i love his voice

  • Arena Osprey Film
    Arena Osprey Film

    I cry listening to this song

  • Marilyn LoGiudice
    Marilyn LoGiudice

    Not a beiber follower but heard this not knowing it was him. Lyrics wore dad drove me to listen to all. Sad. After knowing it him, it’s as if he grew up to fast, had it all, got involved with wrg Ppl n story goes on. He grew up n it don’t matter how much $$ u have, wat possessions u have, u could still be lonely & ppl just walk away. He put to much out there to quick n screwed up as far as I’m concerned. Married now, I do wish him luck for he got lucky as hell online!

  • Ozan Demir
    Ozan Demir

    Hoşlandığım kız bu şarkıyı çok seviyor belki bir gün bu yorumu görür ❤️

  • Humanoid Typhoon
    Humanoid Typhoon

    Jesus Christ people need to get off his dick... he's not that great. Calm down. It's a good song but you're acting like he's hitting notes no one can hit...

  • Tammylee McWrenn
    Tammylee McWrenn

    @justin bieber,this hits home. Seems like gods got earplugs in sometimes

  • Lucía S.
    Lucía S.

    Pobrecito el Justin ..

  • Ryan Nygren
    Ryan Nygren

    Any props for benny??

  • András Farkas
    András Farkas

    he can sing for sure..

  • Britton De young
    Britton De young

    my Bro.

  • Luiz Carlos briaga briaga
    Luiz Carlos briaga briaga


  • Luiz Carlos briaga briaga
    Luiz Carlos briaga briaga

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