Jesus Showed Me 2 November Surprises Coming
Jesus showed Dr. Francis Myles these 2 surprises coming in the November election.
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🚨🚨 Renissa was a lifelong Democrat UNTIL the message in this book changed her mind. Now she is voting for President Trump! 🚨🚨
A battle is raging in America between two altars - one righteous and the other evil. Which altar will you side with? The soul of America is at stake.
Dr. Francis Myles shows that all spiritual warfare comes down to the battle between righteous and evil altars tied to our souls. This is the battleground we cannot afford to overlook!
In The Battle of Altars Francis equips you with prayers of activation for you to do something about it. You will learn:
✅ How to identify and destroy evil altars operating in your soul or generational bloodline including any evil altars of your father’s house (bloodline)
✅ How to take legal action in the Courts of Heaven
✅ 12 spiritual laws of altars, whether righteous or evil
✅ Why the Altar of the Cross is the highest altar on earth
✅ How to recognize when a political platform has become an evil altar
✅ The spiritual connection between the Law of Dominion and the platform of altars
✅ How to appropriate the power of righteous altars in the Bible-altars of Noah, Abraham and others
✅ How to protect children from satanic influences in music
▶▶Get your copy of The Battle of Altars by Dr. Francis Myles:
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  • James Chieftain
    James Chieftain

    Yeah, I believe this happened. 80plus million votes: dominion changing them and then we MUST PRAY FOR THE STRENGTHENING OF OUR PRESIDENT AND HIS (our) LAWYERS

  • Kymmberliestarr

    God wins. We've known for a long time since 2006 Trump was going to run and win soon. He's been taking down the world since he took office. Go watch Charlie Ward and Mr. Clark. It's on Bitchute. We've been trying to tell people. He took over Saudi Arabia first. Then went right to Israel after that I think the Vatican. That one was good to watch. You can tell Pope Francis hated to give up but he did. He kept going and then nato. He's now the richest man in the world. He also took out our central bank the federal reserve which the Vatican controlled. He's already got our new money backed gold and silver. You can find it at NESARA and GESARA. 16 countries have already coverted. He did an executive order on Nov 2nd and started that process. You'll see a lot of assassination starting today and more and more arrest. Next week will be busy as well. The election he placed under national security back in 2018. Anyone getting donations from China or doing voter fraud is treasonous. That's what Sidney Powell is for. Military lawyer and does tribunal for treason. One of the only ones in this country. Michael Flynn was pardoned on Jon Kennedys birthday. No accident. The QANON is real why else would Trump support it. He knows who they are. It's not a conspiracy and I think we know some of the ones behind Q. I think Jon Jon will be a huge surprise. I saw Robert Kennedy Jr on live Instagram a few months back. Someone said touch your nose if Jon Jon is alive and he did. Now others have said that are close to this case that he's alive. I could say so much more but what God wants us to do is pray and pray while Trump is working for God. We don't want one hair messed up on Trump. We are God's children and Trump was always sent here to take down Satan. Pray. Amen.

  • AB D114
    AB D114

    Will you be man enough to admit when your lies don’t happen or do you like to con people in the name of God to get at their money? You are a false prophet for profit.

  • Chi Tsang
    Chi Tsang

    No wonder corrupt pelosi witch said senile creepy joe doesn't need votes to win. Per Google

  • Chi Tsang
    Chi Tsang Per Google


    Amen as I can see it Trump is is like king Saul JOE BIDEN Is king David 🤴


    Amen ! Trump is losing the Presidency. False prophesy



  • Jennifer Christensen
    Jennifer Christensen

    Fill in the blank: ________ lives matter a. White b. Eternal c. Black d. Filipino e. All

  • imf calif4nia
    imf calif4nia

    Trump loses on presidential bet.

  • Dominador Dacong
    Dominador Dacong

    The Bible said Test the spirit . How can they be wrong if God tell them Trump will win . May be what they hear is wrong instead of hearing Biden they disagree it , instead they say Trump

  • Mike Pulido
    Mike Pulido

    you all make fools out of yourselves calling yourself prophets,,,,, profits fits all you much better

  • Russell Henderson
    Russell Henderson

    Repent of being a false prophet November is almost up? Sid is running a clown circus of false prophets repent! repent!! repent!!! Lucifer has Won look at you crying people are saying bad things about you just admit you are a false Prophet deceiving God doesnt love you? Admit Lucifer has WON? Evil is greater? Your heart has already denounced God. You are in a cloud of doubt? Lilth will be our new President? Where is that red wave? Doubt! Doubt!!DOUBT!!! deny! Deny!! DENY!!! DON'T MAKE GOD A LIAR? ADMIT YOU ARE A FALSE PROPHET? MARK TAYLOR CLAIMS NOW HE IS NOT A PROPHET? YOU ARE CURSING THE TRUTH? SHAME ON YOU? SHAME ON YOU?? SHAME ON YOU??? MAY THE TRUE GOD FORGIVE YOU? JUST ADMIT IT YOU WERE WRONG? ASK FOR FORGIVENESS TO THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE DECIEVED? REPENT! REPENT!! REPENT!!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF THE TRUTH HURTS? HAVE A HAPPY THANKS GIVING?

  • Diana Baskin
    Diana Baskin

    Another lying prophet. No way would the majority of blacks vote for Trump. Trump lost by a large amount. Thank God Trump lost by a large margin because the criminal tried to steal the election.

    • Andy

      You speak as if it's over. Strange.

  • Richard Brown
    Richard Brown

    Wrong the election is over with Trump is going on vacation God bless you

  • Danny Clay
    Danny Clay

    How can you lie on God?

  • Adrianne Junites
    Adrianne Junites


  • Kevin Bossick
    Kevin Bossick

    These false profits and preachers, have hijacked Christianity for political purposes and financial gain. Thou shall not bare false witness.

    • caroline10081

      They've pivoted back to making abortion the main issue for separating good from evil. They need to keep their people engaged and enraged because engaged and enraged people donate. Multiple fundraisers have been created to uncover fraud or fund legal challenges. It's obvious where the money is going when there are no legal challenges with proof of fraud. The legitimate lawyers have already fled the scene. Con men are experts at leaving just before the scales fall off people's eyes. Unfortunately, some people are willing to drink the koolaid. I expect Trump to be the GOP's presidential nominee for 2024. I'm afraid Evangelicals will be in lockstep all the way to 2024.

  • Tiffiny Contreras
    Tiffiny Contreras

    Trump lost now how do you explain this

    • Andy

      Is Biden president?

  • bbbf09

    Here are some words from speeches a particular politician who was very opposed to abortion (..and homosexuality in fact) > "Today, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before the fact that it was for this that He had to shed His blood upon the Cross. As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice… " > "We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity … in fact our movement is Christian" > "This government professes its allegiance to Christianity. It will be its honest endeavour to protect both Christians in their rights, to secure them from interference with their doctrines" > "In this hour I would ask of the Lord God only this: that, in the years to come He would give His blessing to our work and our actions, to our judgement and our resolution, that He will safeguard us from all false pride and from all cowardly servility, that He may grant us to find the straight path which His Providence has ordained for the people, and that He may ever give us the courage to do what is right, never to falter, never to yield before any violence, before any danger... I am convinced that men who are created by God should live in accordance with the will of the Almighty." Attracted by this man's words. By his position on aboprtion? Persuaded to vote for him perhaps? Maybe you shouldn't All those words are the word's of Adolf Hitler Note everything boils down to a single issue.

  • bbbf09

    The Lord says this . . The Lord says that... Really? Deuteronomy 18: 20- 22

  • Patsicle Pixelpop
    Patsicle Pixelpop

    Guess God didn't talk to him after all LOL!

  • William Sullivan
    William Sullivan

    What happened to the November surprise what happened to the overwhelming number of people that was going to give this election to Donald Trump does Scripture says when someone declares that they are speaking prophetically from God NF that prophetic word does not come to pass that the person who’s peaks those words are declared a false prophet I declare and now you my brother are a false prophet and do not speak for God you are the voice of the enemy the spirit of the devil a lying spirit and you should cease from declaring you are a servant or messenger of God you are in forever follow profit unless you repent and turn from your wicked Waze

  • Soldier4LordJesus

    What is going on here....... Many “Prophets” are saying Trump will win again. If this doesn’t prove to come true, many Christians need to take note of the things they hear. Put things on a “shelf” and see what happens. I myself am very confused. I’m watching until it is considered over by Trumps admin. When this happens, we will know who has won. Nothing has been validated as of today. I see so many times at church when some people think The Holy speaks to them every time they ask a question. This isn’t true from what I know personally, and from The Bible. Just because he doesn’t speak to me personally all the time, maybe there is a reason for that, I don’t know; however, many older Christians, who I know for a fact heard from God, have all said the same things- “God is a God of few words most of the time.” God doesn’t always tell us things, because we are suppose to live by faith and not by sight. You can’t live by faith if God is always speaking to you. He wants to see what you are going to do. The man in this video......I know nothing about. He clearly thinks he was told this by God. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. I personally witnessed something that opened my eyes greatly. I seen a “healing school” that a preacher was hosting near me. I was told that many people were getting healed from this church. My family and I went many times and witnessed first hand that people were getting healed. Every time my wife, 14 yr old son and I went up for prayer, nothing ever happened. I kept praying and praying. Nothing changed. One day when my son was being prayed for by two people from their prayer team, and the church was emptied out, I heard an audible voice say, “wrong anointing!” It was loud and it was clear. It came from a part of the room where nobody was standing. No one walked through there right before or after my son was prayed for. Days later, I kept having headaches really bad. I thought I had the flu or something. I got a call from a pastor, whose church we use to attend, and hadn’t attended for over a few years. I was told that God gave this pastor a dream and told this pastor that I was at a church where there is false anointing and I needed prayer to get the demon out of my mind. The pastor then prayed for me, and I could feel some pain in my head while the pastor prayed. Afterwards, pain went away and didn’t return. Be aware because the devil can seem like an angel of light. Take this as a warning. Be careful what you believe. Today’s churches have been infiltrated by the devil and there is a mixture of some things going on that might not be Godly. If you don’t believe what I say, that’s fine. Hopefully you will see for yourself. My website, where I wrote my testimony called, “How God saved me from me” is there for your reading. Have a blessed day everyone.

  • cat mcalpine
    cat mcalpine

    You were wrong. The president we love and the America we love and knew are gone. No miracles. No God saving us. It’s over! All the prayers in the world didn’t save us.

  • Truth Matters
    Truth Matters

    Y’all should close down your churches. Hate seeing grown men embarrass themselves like this. How can you align Trumps character with that of Christ. God is God. His ways are not our ways.

    • Miscellaneous

      It seems like you didn't even listen to what he said

  • Phoenix Ministries
    Phoenix Ministries

    Every single time I pray for that prayer at the end I swear I feel something so powerful.. Something about it that prayer is just so powerful it really routs the enemy I believe.

  • Gary Michael Richards
    Gary Michael Richards

    Ha ha Trump gives Joe Biden the go ahead for his transition Biden wins election this guy is fake than ebay

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    Another one dead wrong.. When Will people learn?

  • Gunner Jones
    Gunner Jones


  • Good To Grow
    Good To Grow

    Trump woke up a lot of Christians but he woke up the devil as well. The devil has not had to work this hard in many many years. My faith is dwindling but it is not gone. I've not prayed this hard in my whole life!

  • Christine Stoneman
    Christine Stoneman

    Donald J Trump World President

  • WEB

    Suprise...........God has selected a man after his heart! President Elect Biden! 2nd suprise Kamala Harris will be his Vice President!

  • 5 flapjacks
    5 flapjacks

    So if anybody desires to come to the knowledge and understanding of the real Jesus Christ....i can recommend a good bible teacher who is not a hustler, Joe Cortes. His site is teachingfaith com. All of the content there is free. The teaching series that has all the basics is titled, 'change of mind'. In ebook & streaming video's hard to find a good teacher in the Christian sphere. Most suck, it took me 50 years to find but a few. Joe being one...he just sits in a chair and teaches, no theatrics.

  • Windel Ross
    Windel Ross

    You lier,God told you nothing,which God,not the lord God Almighty,be careful,don't use God's name for popularity or mix God's name in idle talk lier,go repent or you shall go to HELL.

  • Vicky Wu
    Vicky Wu

    It is truth that we are facing the battle between light and darkness.

  • Philips Louis
    Philips Louis

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    • ABDALLAH Malek
      ABDALLAH Malek

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    • Miriam Benson
      Miriam Benson

      @Olga Алексей Thanks for the recommendation , I've contacted him and he responded swiftly . I'm starting immediately no more procrastination .

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      Olga Алексей

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    • Miriam Benson
      Miriam Benson

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    • Kendrick Don
      Kendrick Don

      When it comes to investing, nothing will pay off more than taking the first bold step to start and you are close to becoming a boss in no distance time

  • Edward Lockwood
    Edward Lockwood

    If you people think Trump is a Christian, then you are stupid. But for all the believers, you keep giving these people your money because they told you God said to do it. Yet, in the bible, I can't find 1 passage where Jesus said give us your money & you will be saved.

  • Chauncey Mccrae
    Chauncey Mccrae


  • Charles Temple
    Charles Temple

    Too bad Jesus (?) lied to Myles ... at least the Dr. (?) got some pocket gravy for making the video.

  • JigglyJubb

    I wonder how many times god chances his mind? Must be a lot.

    • Traders Anonymous
      Traders Anonymous


  • Chauncey Mccrae
    Chauncey Mccrae

    Its truly a sad thing when I read through these comments. I see more Donald Trump supporters then Jesus supporters. The truth is alot of u really don't have a clue in what ur doing so please forgive them Heavenly Father. Picking one side over another and arguing back in forth about abortions and other nonsense amongst yourselves. You All yes thats right You All .. Are sinners. No difference then when they pointed at the women sins of the bible and Jesus said He without sin cast the first stone. You claim to be Holy and to know my father while casting stones at the other side. If God puts Biden in office it may be just for that reason. To show u all who is in Power. You all point ur fingers when ur not truly saved or even free from deaths grip. The righteous are not listening to False Prophets nor care what they have to say because they themselves have a personal relationship with the Lord. All those screaming Donald Trump and not Jesus please reevaluate yourselves. Same with all those screaming Biden instead of HolySpirit. Neither man can compare. God may very well put Biden in office to shine a light on all the False Prophet that the scripture clearly states will rise in the end. Does not say there will be many abortions but that there will be many False Prophets. And many will be deceived. These fake evangelicals are no better then the Pheresies. You do not or can not know the mind of God but tell everyone to Vote Republican when they should be voting Redemption and taking Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior before its too late. May God Bless You All

    • Chauncey Mccrae
      Chauncey Mccrae

      @Patricia T anything that takes ur eyes off the prize my friend is nonsense. Also does it make sense for people to kill babies b.c of the fathers crime or w.e reason. No so thats nonsense and out of everything I wrote my friend thats all you see. Must be a Trump supporter. Well Biden is president Now and Jesus will always be King. If its not love or for the glory of God its nonsense!

    • Patricia T
      Patricia T

      Abortion is nonsense?

  • Josiah Ryan
    Josiah Ryan

    Here's the evidence. - STAND STRONG BELIEVERS!

    • James Remus
      James Remus

      The media isn’t the courts. His cases are being thrown out by those who have the facts. You’re being lied to.

  • joseph k martin jr
    joseph k martin jr

    Altars have slain George Floyd; Brionna Taylor; incarceration is of Ba'al and the percentiles. The demonization of the healthcare community; industry. Gerrymandering; banking industry, voter suppression. We. do need to pray. It's not in the "platform", but the altar. The clause is 3 fifths and the altar of the supreme suppression of "america"...the deception of history slides the altar in "Grace"(of God).

  • Griff

  • Cathy Jamieson
    Cathy Jamieson

    On the 3rd of November I asked God who was going to win the American election after drinking a cup of tea I saw in the cup the outline map of America with DJ trump across the middle in the bottom of my cup I am watching this from Scotland UK I am a firm be!River in GOD have faith I send love to America the world is watching this is SUPERNATURAL I watch this show intently she bless America cj


    We have 10 commandments in the bible , why talking about 1 in this so called platform??

  • Gibson Les Paul
    Gibson Les Paul

    looks like you got it wrong

  • David McCormick
    David McCormick

    Trump is similar to Cyrus, who was a ruler more than a believer. Cyrus was a gentile, yet God used him as a witness and doer of mighty deeds. His faith may have been weak in the beginning, but it has grown somewhat. “He who blesses Israel will be blessed, and he who curses, cursed” That oath still stands.

  • Jonathan Evans
    Jonathan Evans

    People who hear voices are mentally ill

  • Deus é amor
    Deus é amor

    Its grose to see people try and make money off Jesus, discusting Liars and you will answer to God. Gotta get those views, oh well if he ends up wrong

  • Richard R
    Richard R

    Jezebel spirit continues to thrive. Donald Trump lost. I.e. Georgia and Michigan are about to be certified for Joe. Miracle did not happen. No massive landslide. I suggest we put away the so called prophets and prophetess. The Lord did not say any such things. When I read the words of Jesus, he said it would continue to get worse prior to his coming. I'm sure this guy has the best of intentions but the over charismatic secret word this and that is mostly rubbish. I am not saying the spirit of God is not moving. I am saying, these guys are making certainties they can't cash in on. I respect Sid. I wish he would strip himself away from the majority of these people. Offcourse I want their words to be true. Offcourse I want a prolife president to win. But that didn't happen. Get these guys off tv. They should focus more on evangelism then tickling peoples ears with words God gave but actually did not.

  • Keith Just
    Keith Just

    Please help Rudi Giuliani. He now needs $20,000 dollars a day more than ever! So even if you are poor, please donate to this historic campaign! He may even thank you from his vacation resort while you are schlepping your way to work.

  • Jan Db
    Jan Db

    Just another scam prophet as the rest of them.

  • Stephanie Tyler
    Stephanie Tyler

    So why didn't Trump win the election? Why did more blacks vote for Biden? You all need to repent...

  • Charlotte Shears
    Charlotte Shears


  • Passiondriveme

    What did you see? Who showed you now?

  • Genesis Dandasan
    Genesis Dandasan

    Lord please help this nation, It is too scary if Left will rule

  • Christopher Munn
    Christopher Munn

    Praise the Lord, trump will soon be out of office and all true Christians, say Amen.

    • AaronP11

      @Sue Carol Burton 💯💯💯

    • Sue Carol Burton
      Sue Carol Burton

      You are a very seriously decived person.

  • K Newkirk
    K Newkirk

    I am praying

  • time day
    time day

    Matthew 24:11 11 And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.

  • time day
    time day

    2 Peter 2:2 2 And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed.

  • time day
    time day

    1 Timothy 4:1 Some Will Depart from the Faith 4 Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons

  • time day
    time day

    Acts 20:29 29 I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock;

    • Griff

  • S

    This guy is NOT a prophet. He meets NONE of the three qualifications to be a prophet. God does NOT speak directly to his followers. Everything He has to sat is in His Word in the Bible. There is nothing else. People like this guy are false prophets who in effect deny the sufficiency of God's word in the Bible. Folks, don't confuse prediction with Biblical prophecy.

  • Dean Agnor
    Dean Agnor

    Eunics = white liberals .... lol.... sorry friends...truth is truth


    I am an African socialist, until someone show me where God said that Socialism is wrong I will continue to fight and pray for a socialist oriented economy in my country

  • elita6753

    God doesn't lie, the devil does. If you really believe in God, then don't worry because my President Donald J. Trump won, but they're stealing the elections. God's prophecies are clear, President Trump won, but there will be a step back, but 3 steps forward, and the Victory will come from God. Don't believe what the MSM and the world says, we have a real God, believe the Lord. We just need to kneel, pray, fasting and believing. God is not a liar, He promised and He will deliver. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  • Buck O'neal
    Buck O'neal

    Francis if we were living in Old Testament times you would be dead!

  • William Henderson
    William Henderson

    He's got 12 more days. If the surprise doesn't show, you people will know he's a phony. Just like so many false teachers of today. NOT an exhaustive list. Joel Osteen; T.D.Jakes; Kenneth Copeland; Joyce Meyers; ( twice in the NT it tells one NOT to let women teach; preach) Kenneth Hagin; . many others. Type in America's biggest 10 false teachers. ✝

    • Tristan Anderson
      Tristan Anderson

      Women can actually can teach and preach: Does Paul authorize women to be preachers in Galatians 3:28? In Galatians 3:28, Paul teaches us that God is not a respecter of persons (cf. Gal. 2:6). Everyone who is baptized into Christ, puts on Christ. Therefore he (or she) is a son of God (Gal. 3:26-27). Our nationality or gender does not help or hinder us in becoming a child of God. Earlier, Paul told them that anyone (including himself) who preached a different gospel was accursed (Gal. 1:6-10). Paul did not teach one doctrine regarding women to Timothy and the Corinthians (1 Tim. 2:11-12; 1 Cor. 14:34), and then teach a different doctrine to the Galatians. If he did, he was accursed. Rather, Paul's message was consistent in all the churches (cf. 1 Cor. 7:17). Women are not permitted to teach or have authority over a man in any church (1 Tim. 2:11-12; 4:6). Women are Permitted to Teach Women and Children, but not Men Women are not permitted to teach or have authority over a man; they are commanded to remain quiet (1 Tim. 2:12; cf. 1 Cor. 14:34-35). Women, therefore, may teach other women (Tit. 2:3-5) and teach children. In the church, women are not permitted to be preachers except in the capacity of teaching women and children. They are not permitted to have authority over a man; therefore, they cannot be in leadership roles when men are present: e.g., leading prayer, reading Scripture, speaking publicly before the congregation (1 Cor. 14:34-35).

  • Lance Ray
    Lance Ray

    All the people who thought that Trump would win because " false prophets" said so should shake their heads in disgust for believing such nonsense. Does this President act like a righteous man to anyone? He lies more than any president in history. God is not the author of confusion. Trump brings nothing but confusion and division to this Nation. Lives are being lost over the Covid virus and he is not giving Biden the update he needs to deal with this virus. All who believe that Trump is some kind of Savior are incredibly naive. A fountain can't spew both bitter and sweet water. All I hear and see is bitter division and too many lies to count.

    • Lance Ray
      Lance Ray

      This President has fosterd more division than any president in recent memory. He has made a fool of most Republicans who blindly follow every ridiculous word he speaks. But the People have spoken and Mr President you are fired!

    • Tristan Anderson
      Tristan Anderson

      Lies? are you you honestly think politician Biden is a white knight? You blue dems kill me. Your such hypocrites too.

  • mini yado
    mini yado

    I went thru the same thing.

  • Gary Seats
    Gary Seats

    Treason? You be the JUDGE. With a infra red security system view the clouds during daylight. See how the objects form clouds? These objects are real and have been here forever, giving water and controlling the weather undetected until radar. The FAA and other organizations must know of them. Do you think our Presidents know of them? If so why have the people not been told. I feel it is my duty to report all enemies alien or domestic. If any Judges read this, I ask you what is your Duty towards truth and honesty? Remember these are GLOBAL. So other GOVERNMENTS more than likely know of these objecs. Maybe our GOVERNMENTS are even controlling the weather for their nation. These objects control the winds rain, hurricanes tornados lightning and thunder and fires. Please help bring the truth out . See for yourselves. Weigh the evidence. Remember, the Campfire and the Car fire and all the fires. Think of 7D holographics. Notice dark edges on the tops of clouds.

  • Cyber Bey
    Cyber Bey

    We need the Trumpet to Blow in America

  • Ian Copeland
    Ian Copeland

    I keep praying that God removes all evilness and our racist thoughts from our minds and is truly demonic, devilish and disgusting...🤮

  • Miss Nolver
    Miss Nolver

    Christians in America are very divided, due to politics and racism. What would Jesus think if He would come back right now? He would be very disappointed 😞.

  • Gord Vargic
    Gord Vargic

    Another false prophet!!!

  • Ruth R.
    Ruth R.

    So many Prophesies about Nov elections, catastrophic events, and none of them came to pass. Imagine what God is saying about all of you false prophets and prophets 🤦‍♀️


      We will all answer to God

  • Raelan Daniels
    Raelan Daniels

    Perversion is ALREADY in the country! Nobody has to “bring” it here. All of this yapping about what God said. They just compared a well educated, ATTORNEY GENERAL Harris to Jezabel!!!! They completely bypassed her credentials and caste her!!! Unbelievable! God will not be mocked. Who is the tea demon here.

  • Thomas Ray
    Thomas Ray

    It is amazing how these people have push this anti black lives matter narrative. Lots of white supremacist propaganda. These white Christians don't care about black American citizens.

  • Raelan Daniels
    Raelan Daniels

    Don’t be intoxicated by a woman of color on the ballot????😳 You cannot be serious. I am soooo glad God has His own mind, that He is sovereign. This is God’s world. Ten thousand issues and you only focus on the ONE issue that has been around for decades. Ridiculous if you think God is ONLY with Trump. You do know bonafide Christians are praying as well? I can’t. Thank you Lord for your wisdom. Thank you for having the final word.

  • Peter Brouwer
    Peter Brouwer

    2 FALSE PROPHETS, repent judgement is coming!

  • Gary G Garner
    Gary G Garner


  • Pams Love
    Pams Love

    Amen 🙏🙌❤️

  • Zoila Simpson
    Zoila Simpson

    Angel Truth.. You are a REAL 🕊️ANGEL of The LORD👑 GOD, for Bring Out THE SWORD of GOD👑. HE Richly🕊️ Bless You, for Applying Correctly, PRAISE GOD👑 Almighty for having Such of Soldier's. Aleluyah🕊️✝️👑🔥

  • GN

    Though I am still hoping, and waiting for an overturn about these elections and think that God’s hands is working; I have to say this prophet to me said things that are very predictable... «many white liberals voting for trump » LOL!!! No need to be a prophet to figure this out; all that happened with BLM and antics was def pushing even the most liberals towards Trump...

  • Rachel Davidson
    Rachel Davidson

    The many names for satan and how they relate to DONALD (ruler of the world) Trump:

  • packingten


  • Rachel Davidson
    Rachel Davidson

    Deu 18:20 But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.

  • Uche Ogwude
    Uche Ogwude

    Again, this did not age well, did it? This black pastor has better spend his energy in making his continent better. Remove the log from your eye first before you take the speck from America's eyes. You evangelicals have made Christianity look really silly.

  • Neither Here Nor there
    Neither Here Nor there

    Spread the true gospel of JESUS CHRIST and stop propagating lies about virtues that Trump lacks. When did Trump go to church if not caught speaking loathly about women. Jesus Christ preached about the love of church and forgiveness. These are hateful partisan propaganda and not prophecy. Almighty God may your truth prevail in our hearts.

  • Neither Here Nor there
    Neither Here Nor there

    Christians PLEASE!! PLEASE!! stop listening and giving your hard earned money to these conmen!! There is no holy spirit here they are lying!! They are hateful people who spread lies and are looking for people to con money!! God will indeed punish all these liars!!!

  • Bivotar Shamble
    Bivotar Shamble

    So many prophetic dreams by so many fake prophets. You all should be ashamed of yourselves, leading weak minded people on false truths!

    • David Baylon
      David Baylon

      We shall see.

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams

    Remember the Reverend Jim Jones in the 1970's? Well as you recall the Reverend Jim Jones took his congregation to Guyana and started a new community. In November, 1978, the Reverend Jim Jones entered into a suicide-murder pact, forcing the entire community to drink a kool-aid laced with cyanide. Those that refused to drink were shot. More than 900 died. I see Sid Roth as the modern day Reverend Jim Jones.

  • Clyde Harris
    Clyde Harris

    America is at the Red Sea as was the nation of Israel coming through the desert, and many are fretting with very little faith , but as was said at the Red Sea Crossing, "Stand back and watch the salvation of the lord". He will deliver America from this evil assault from the leftist's communistic Democrat's agenda to bring down America's freedoms. "Stand firm and watch him work".

  • Rome Royals
    Rome Royals

    God is here message

  • Chris Tates
    Chris Tates

    The November surprise is that God is with Biden.

  • Chris Tates
    Chris Tates

    So this revelation that Francis received was just a lie?

  • Ann D
    Ann D

    I am baffled that when it comes to police men killing people for no good reason, that the same drive and enthusiasm is not given to it as with the anti-abortion passion, or even with the ownership of guns. People care about "Thou shalt not kill" when it's a baby, but when that baby is born into the world he/she is on their own: "well he shouldn't have resisted arrest then he'd still be alive". I'm sorry but it seems that there is a double standard. America currently has 600+ children at the border separated from their parents, and the cries of those children could possibly be what changed God's mind about Trump, I don't know. I don't recall Christian groups advicing Trump on that or even looking to help those children. Trump is not God himself, he is someone that God put there and God has changed him mind many times about men of God when they go astray, just look in the Bible

  • Sol Sant'Ana
    Sol Sant'Ana


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