JAY-Z - Excuse Me Miss ft. Pharrell
Music video by Jay-Z performing Excuse Me Miss. (C) 2003 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC

  • QueenT Tarotlight
    QueenT Tarotlight

    I used to love this song it's so smooth makes me wanna take a drive

  • MarineZecity

    je like juste pour la beauté des téléphones portables!!

  • Gil Sandler Oficial
    Gil Sandler Oficial


  • Indigo Mike
    Indigo Mike

    I'm fine with being Bi like Jay-Z because I have to have money and women in my life every lifetime Amun Ra Amen.

  • PJ Clemons
    PJ Clemons

    2021 Bih

  • trap audio
    trap audio

    2021 this shit dont die

  • Kevin Winterland
    Kevin Winterland

    I used listen to my grandmother's Telefunken tape on the weekend top 20...classic never fades

  • Clofette

    Luther Vandross forever

  • Marlon Robinson
    Marlon Robinson

    Still on my playlist! 💯

  • gmoney sasa
    gmoney sasa

    Wtf??? Love it 1978-2021 4v3r

  • Love Winterr
    Love Winterr

    Hov flexed so hard in this video but I love to see how much he has grew since these days its pure black excellence

  • Lenny Brookz
    Lenny Brookz

    Hov faster then errbody sulute to him

  • M_29

    JAY Z 😎😎😎😎😎

  • Amber Hope Official
    Amber Hope Official

    Legend 🔥🔥

  • Z - Mane
    Z - Mane

    “Therefore I don’t wanna hear more, back n forth about who’s hotta it’s yung holla”

  • Nadia Humphrey
    Nadia Humphrey

    Who's here listening in 2021.

  • Yo'ur York
    Yo'ur York




  • Jason Sanderson
    Jason Sanderson

    I don’t know if I’m to young or sum but did that lady just slide her phone sideways

    • sofonda davis
      sofonda davis

      Yes, 😳😜🤪🤣🔥

  • Izreal Walking
    Izreal Walking

    Scooby doo 🐕 s Scooby Doo 🦾

  • Park Ave
    Park Ave

    I swear Jay-Z been rich my entire life.

  • Tyron Anderson
    Tyron Anderson

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  • soundofprice


  • Clyde Miller
    Clyde Miller

    Hov Raised A Generation Of Playas

  • Rickover Bonegue
    Rickover Bonegue

    One of my favs music videos, the visual story is dope af

  • Mike P.
    Mike P.

    Everyone thought the 2000s sucked back then compared to the 90s, but now they look amazing compared to the dumpster fire that is 2020 and 2021. The 00s were still a lot better than the 2010s too. It was a time before we were all glued to our phones and social media. We only used our phones for calls, texting and taking pics. People still used ipods and digital cameras. Iphones arrived in 07 but the majority of people didn’t have smartphones until the early 2010s.

  • stiicky MUSIC
    stiicky MUSIC

    Only dudes moving units em pimp juice and us

  • Lisette Rojas
    Lisette Rojas

    That elevator scene is everything

  • Ophiuchus_ Rising
    Ophiuchus_ Rising

    Best JayZ & Pharrell collab. Memories. 😋🥂

  • 26G DA GOD.
    26G DA GOD.

    3:03 wtf jay Z😭 gotta throw on da scooby doooos😭

    • Alayjia Stone
      Alayjia Stone


  • Tyron Anderson
    Tyron Anderson

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  • Tyron Anderson
    Tyron Anderson

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  • Fabian Wozniakowski
    Fabian Wozniakowski

    😂😂😂God is Loking for Love WTF ... F***k @Nigga@ Run For Life

  • Isrrael Santo
    Isrrael Santo


  • Khairul Jasni
    Khairul Jasni

    Classy 😍💯

  • Leanne Swift
    Leanne Swift

    Pharrell looks mighty FINE 😘😘🌹

  • monti lewis
    monti lewis

    These women were vixens in these videos now we in a era of “bad b*tches” how we get here

  • Lord Khaos
    Lord Khaos

    50 Shades lifestyle before 50 Shades 😂😂😂 Hov did it first.

  • Enos Moaning
    Enos Moaning

    I'm a 91 baby these lil niggas don't know Jay-Z a fucking hit maker with pharrell on the beat it's a rap.

  • Dreya Dumas
    Dreya Dumas

    For everybody trying to make this song about Beyonce...find your own D@$% lady...find what you want...

  • Izreal Walking
    Izreal Walking


  • Ed Kasprzak
    Ed Kasprzak

    All the looks in those women's eyes are watching a fat wallet walk by!!

  • Anita Y. Hamilton
    Anita Y. Hamilton

    I honestly think he was talking about Beyoncé . .

    • Taylorwaylor

      This was Jay’s version of shooting your shot😂

  • Dion Morgan
    Dion Morgan

    I 🙏 You get your MOJO back.❣lv you Blue 💙

  • druzo26

    When Pharrell wanted to be Prince so bad!!

  • Meguy Firoly
    Meguy Firoly

    Je sais pas croire vous dire vous êtes déjà un professionnel dans le monde de la musique 🎶 🎶 🎶 respect mon frère

  • Jaden Jackson
    Jaden Jackson

    This song just sounds expensive

  • Jay184Bx

    2021 I still get pump up with this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • ToHoo Childe
    ToHoo Childe

    The good old days...

  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez

    That T-mobile Sidekick 👀💀🤣

  • Big Loaf Viking
    Big Loaf Viking

    I wanna be like jay

  • Taffy Homwe
    Taffy Homwe

    Pharrell is the best hip hop producer of all time

  • Racquel Whitous
    Racquel Whitous


  • QB42477

    If nobody couldn't see this song was about Beyoncé, they were deaf.... I thought it was sweet & flattering as heck.

    • QB42477

      @Melodic Master the line was: "Who else you gon' run with, the truth is us Only dudes movin' units, 'Em, Pimp Juice and us..." SO!!! AROUND THAT TIME, DESTINY'S CHILD/BEYONCE WAS BUMPED EVERYWHERE... OVER ALL FEMALES, and they were in his "H to the Izzo" video. Mind you, I'm NOT a Jay z fan, but I did like this song... when I heard it, I was like, "slick"... then the 3 girls in the limo, her in the middle... use ya brain. Guess you wanted some attention, right... OK. 15 mins of fame. #PEACE

    • Melodic Master
      Melodic Master

      Especially when he hit em with the Whats ya name ???

  • Thando Sisilana
    Thando Sisilana

    Pharrell and Nate voices are way of gods to say, "hip-hop is the truth"

  • x Rinnegan
    x Rinnegan

    I’ve been through worst than you , Jhene Aiko STOLE HIS FLOW , BAR FOR BAR !!!!!!!

  • Nayara Soares Batalha
    Nayara Soares Batalha

    Love love love this song !

  • Corbin Noble
    Corbin Noble

    Only people doing number is Eminem Pimp C Juicey J and US. He made the South rise after this.

  • Marcus Lowe
    Marcus Lowe

    I remember this was one of the songs that played all the time to little league football practice great times #memories

  • 2 twist Baily
    2 twist Baily

    Stupid Biden thugs

  • Kiwi

    This that pimp shit.. . 2021

  • Mary Hudson
    Mary Hudson

    I didnt want to mess with any broke guys after watching this seriously!!!!

  • Charles Orikara
    Charles Orikara

    I remember this dropping on "106& PARK"...Doing the 1....2 STEP DANCE...Claaaaasssic mature grown music!!!.

  • Joseph Sisya
    Joseph Sisya

    Hov really had us fooled for pretending to write with his right hand

    • torrobaby


  • Mr No Weapon
    Mr No Weapon

    algone.info/slow/video/qoK8ya2se3-isJc . 2021 who Said Old School Music is Dead ? .... it Was .. til He Resurrected it..... 80s and 90s is BACK

  • Nicole OConnell
    Nicole OConnell

    This is 🎵 man i miss music like this 80s 90s best days eva..21 been here jammin

  • Esoteric Guru
    Esoteric Guru

    Sound like a Biggie song.

  • Jeticia Osei Poku
    Jeticia Osei Poku

    This is that type of vibe we need again😩🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jonathan Brambila
    Jonathan Brambila

    I guess pharrell sampled the hell out of a prince track

  • Superior Vessel
    Superior Vessel

    This used to be the shit💯

  • Meguy Firoly
    Meguy Firoly

    Les bons souvenir du rap groove

  • Patrice Mondise
    Patrice Mondise

    2021 Jiga still got hits that jam to now. Respect from SA🇿🇦 nothing just that🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Hector Nodal
    Hector Nodal

    🖤😎👍 #💿platinum

  • NOT a YT Guru !
    NOT a YT Guru !

    I wanted that Hole-y ass dress and fur coat my whole 20’s 😩 The way he looked at her in the elevator tho...



    • Gerald Jones
      Gerald Jones


  • wanderley silva
    wanderley silva

    Mais alguém ouvindo em 2021?

  • Nappy-Ragz Hapi
    Nappy-Ragz Hapi

    I wonder if this song was meant for B???

  • Tyron Anderson
    Tyron Anderson

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  • Tyron Anderson
    Tyron Anderson

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  • Mr. RossMitchelle
    Mr. RossMitchelle

    2021 slapn teaching my kids about that good music

  • La SconiFam
    La SconiFam

    21 Savage Bring me here

  • Benny latin king
    Benny latin king

    My cut

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas

    This might be one of the greatest songs of all time

  • Krazzy Vibes TV
    Krazzy Vibes TV

    Jay z was all about the business

  • Krazzy Vibes TV
    Krazzy Vibes TV

    I can't imagine any man that could have married beyonce besides Jay Z

    • tkthomas1692

      Her and sean paul will be a sexy couple

    • DC51 _
      DC51 _


    • Lenny Brookz
      Lenny Brookz

      He right with dat line hov faster then everybody

    • Salih Yalcinkaya
      Salih Yalcinkaya

      of course lebron

    • Rare Flex
      Rare Flex

      Master p

  • Le Phoennixxx
    Le Phoennixxx

    Qui est là en 2021???

  • Atm Moore
    Atm Moore

    When he said” what’s your name ?” to her She was looking like nigga really 🙄😂😂

  • Dr WGA Labriskagni
    Dr WGA Labriskagni

    All I can think about is Heineken...

  • Rod Murray
    Rod Murray

    I heard that Jay made this song for Beyonce

  • Tasha Lee
    Tasha Lee

    Bad Ass Dress🔥🔥🔥💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾2021

  • Tatenda Mujuru
    Tatenda Mujuru

    Whats up

  • YGC Sean
    YGC Sean

    Idk know yo name but excuse me miss i saw you frm across the roommmmmmmmm

  • Metehan Salıcı
    Metehan Salıcı


  • Cristina Marchetti
    Cristina Marchetti


  • Sassyb

    1:40 JayZ with Becky in the elevator

  • Tino popular Cover
    Tino popular Cover

    Beyonce : ......... Jay z: excuse me miss

  • Justin Morrison
    Justin Morrison


  • Tyron Anderson
    Tyron Anderson

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  • Gyula Nyitri
    Gyula Nyitri

    Nagyon durva a videó!!!!Gratulálok!👏👏👏👏👏

  • Shanice Stennett
    Shanice Stennett

    2021 and am still here💋