Jaguar Doesn't Do Deep Water || ViralHog
Occurred on January 19, 2021 / Nottinghamshire, UK
"The event took place on the 19th January 2021 at Rufford Mill Ford, North Nottinghamshire. The owner of the vehicle didn’t realize the depth of the water and his approach deemed to be far too quick, resulting in the engine being hydro locked and the car being written off."
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  • DC A
    DC A

    Why is it that most of the time it's a wealthy person trying to drive through flooded roads? Entitled complex!

  • callum1131

    Anyone know the drivers details - he doesn't deserve his car

  • olivier arbez
    olivier arbez

    Jaguar it dead ?


    cheap english trash car

  • Legaumaisdsts

    Pub Jaguar and Jaguar are two very different things. This Jaguar driver seemed to ignore it.

  • Keith Bennett
    Keith Bennett

    All I can say is, WHAT A TWAT!!

  • Kunta K
    Kunta K

    Lol should've left the sissy at home and just bought a Range instead

  • romy kom
    romy kom

    So what happened after that? My Mercedes C300 got written off after water went into the exhaust system during flooding. I was on the road, traffic jammed and sudden heavy rains.

  • 206robert206

    Looks like it'll be fine

  • Andayi Mushenye
    Andayi Mushenye

    I was looking for an animal, the big cat jaguar.

  • Ian Boniface
    Ian Boniface

    OH! It's usually not that deep when I drive through at 60mph 🥴🥴🥴

  • Azhar Ahmed Shaikh
    Azhar Ahmed Shaikh

    It's not an SUV why did he even try. If too much water entered in the cylinders it would hydro lock it and den your screwed

  • Yedidiya Nikelo
    Yedidiya Nikelo

    Lol he thought the car was gonna fly on top of water

  • vulture tribe
    vulture tribe

    can't u go slower seeing the ducks.. what stupid man

  • Worst88

    Yeah that water in the intake will compress really well 😂

  • Tony Gonzalez
    Tony Gonzalez

    Just think how much money he saved on not having to go to the car wash.

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones

    And the difference between a Hedgehog and an F Pace is??: A Hedgehog has it's pricks on the outside.

  • Gaz

    Drive home, load up Autotrader and pass it on to unsuspecting sucker.

  • Mubble Mann
    Mubble Mann

    To be honest, that's an idiotic way to enter deep water in an SUV.

  • Jay Davis
    Jay Davis

    If that had got stuck half way with him inside his car panicking , I'd of been none stop laughing for years to come.

  • mattox76

    Should have got a land rover

  • Theodor Ladar
    Theodor Ladar

    So like I said officer, here I am driving along, minding my own business, when all of a sudden this shoal of fish jumped right in front. There was nothing I could do to avoid 'em.

  • Gurvinder Parmar
    Gurvinder Parmar

    Moron driver alert. Sad part is that he could have easily made it through that level of water had he just slowed down and crossed at a low mph. That engine suffered damage... possibly very bad piston damage.


    A Few Minutes Laters... Dash board lights up like a Christmas tree. 😂 😂 😂

  • Gary Kish
    Gary Kish

    Jags all breathe through the ram air scoops behind the grill. They can't ford water like a Land Rover/Range Rover which breathe through an air chamber in the hood. Don't try this if you have a Jag or it will get pissed off and take it out on your wallet.

  • Boris Fohrman
    Boris Fohrman

    Watching toooo many T.V. commercials

  • Darren Nice
    Darren Nice

    Nice car driven by someone with zero common sense 🙄

  • ネプギアGO

    Don't worry, he will just "borrow" a brand new motor from his local dealership to replace his hydrolocked one. Because he's got a Jaaaaaaaag

  • Michael Atkinson
    Michael Atkinson

    I bet the nob sack wet his knickers

  • tim

    0:08 liscnece plate washed away

  • Labib Ishmam Khalid
    Labib Ishmam Khalid

    Tonight on Bottom Gear.........

  • Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath
    Matsuwd-Emeth Da'ath

    When you think you are driving a Hummer 2 or 3 ...

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown

    How-to make safe axel deep water fatal bonnet deep water. LoL almost any car could have crossed that

  • BugTec Pest Control
    BugTec Pest Control

    Need a diesel toyota. Nothing comes close. Go to out back regional Australia and the islands in far east. Indonesia...all you see is Toyota. Except for trendies in the range rovers and David beckham hairstyles with 2 pugs and an anorexic wife.

  • SH

    Should of bought a land cruiser. Waste of money

  • Jishay Smallhorn
    Jishay Smallhorn

    *cue excalibur from soul eater*

  • Kevin Ramoo
    Kevin Ramoo

    All name, looks and nothing special.

  • Vince Fairleigh
    Vince Fairleigh

    This driver should stick to sports cars, when doing a water crossing never hit it fast! Go the speed of the wave, this way you create a low spot directly in front of the vehicle, and I’d agree, this vehicle is a street vehicle, if one wants an off road vehicle buy a Jeep rubicon or a Toyota Tacoma... dodge power wagon,or a Ford Raptor and a few more, lesson of the day don’t hit water fast!

  • Lungani Cele
    Lungani Cele

    Not all cats are swimmers

  • Fox With Shades
    Fox With Shades

    Ah man. That 2.0L 4cylinder is toast now.

  • DJRuben GamingTV
    DJRuben GamingTV

    Too Fast and Broke the engine hahaha

  • fiona fetahaj
    fiona fetahaj

    thats not a range rover 🥶🥶

  • Central Scrutinizer
    Central Scrutinizer

    You can't cure stupidity.

  • Edward motocyclism
    Edward motocyclism

    Engine doesn't sound unscathed judging by that knocking sound when he finally gets it going 🤣 is this the definition of a douchebag?🤭

  • Bad Kitty No Milk Tonight
    Bad Kitty No Milk Tonight

    Money don't buy brains

  • DamianSix66

    Looks like one of those cheap MG's with a different badge.

  • Vlad Bleoanca
    Vlad Bleoanca

    If he would have drove slightly slower, water wouldn't have gone in the engine. By the sound the car makes afterwards, it looks like it's got water in the air system, which can lead to piston damage(water is not compressible).

  • Deep Soul
    Deep Soul

    Google search : "idiot" Results :

  • lpg12338

    He should have practiced his fording technique.

  • Jay Don
    Jay Don

    What a tool 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • MountainMafia

    flooding your engine 101

  • M N
    M N

    Get a Land Cruiser dude if you wanna do that trick

  • Serggol China
    Serggol China

    Что значит человек дурак по жизни. Где он увидел шноркель на ф пейсе? Проехал бы потихоньку спокойно ту лужу. А так влетел, а спереди под капотом воздухозаборники. Он дурак прямым напором подал воду в мотор. Ну не дибил ? А авто зачётное по всем параметрам. У меня такой был, 3л. 340л.с. Просто зверь на дороге

  • MrTurboRotary

    Awesome! Let's do it again and again 🤭

  • G sus
    G sus

    Yeah cats dont like water

  • J. Agudelo
    J. Agudelo

    Truly, manure for brains

  • Nathan king
    Nathan king

    Hold ma beer......

  • djm299

    Bloody goof.

  • Treize Elements
    Treize Elements


  • Gary Tompkins
    Gary Tompkins

    What a bellend 😂

  • Lane Robey
    Lane Robey

    Hope he lost his insurance and messed up his new Jag. That was... Stupid. And not impressive. I've easily taken a 94 Ford Explorer through water that deep and it didn't even get water in the intake.

  • Lance Jackson
    Lance Jackson

    Some people have money but no common sense. What a muppet.

  • ad mobile4
    ad mobile4

    Ducks think: This guy is a quack...

  • Abdulla Ishfaq
    Abdulla Ishfaq

    If the dude went slow the water was well below the engine intake should be. Because of how fast the dude went through he was probably an inch away from a hydro lock

  • Walter Gartner
    Walter Gartner

    Beyond stupid 👍☠️

  • Chad Tvedt
    Chad Tvedt

    Easy mistake, the guy probably asked the dealer for the James Bond submarine version, goes out to use it for the first time and discovers he got hoodwinked just like the optional undercoating

  • Greg St. A
    Greg St. A

    Why do people think if you’re driving an F Pace you have money??🤔😆 Anybody with a good job could finance or rent one of those...It’s certainly not a G63, that’s for sure!😆

  • hairy bear
    hairy bear

    Money don't buy braincells.... lucky its only a rental ;-)


    0:09 : nawet głęboko nie było, na pół koła. MJI7 ZDP = frajer

  • incediery

    What an idiot....the SUV wouldn't have stalled if he'd just drove slowly...who the hell plows through water where you can't see the bottom 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Iain Holmes
    Iain Holmes


  • icyhotmike

    You can't fix stupid

  • егор 111111
    егор 111111

    И номера отпали (((

  • Kurt Eiman
    Kurt Eiman

    That's not deep water. Even my 2008 Toyota Corolla would have gone through that

  • Blade Lee
    Blade Lee

    My Xc60 went many times through similar ponds but didn't go in like an asshole lol.

  • Zulkarnain Adam
    Zulkarnain Adam

    Money can buy car but not skill...

  • Naj the savior
    Naj the savior

    A jaguar would escape such a situation without getting wet.

  • m don
    m don

    He flooded the engine prob a bit slower would have been ok 👌

  • Cunty McCuntface
    Cunty McCuntface

    Hahahaa! What a cock! Car sounds like a tractor at the end, which is ironic as he would have got through without any problems if he actually used a tractor 🙄😁🎖️

  • Wombats

    Somehow this is obamas fault

  • simon clarke
    simon clarke

    Arse probably likes to flatten pheasants too

  • Paul Probert
    Paul Probert

    You just can't educate common sense!🤡🙄

  • Paranormal Rock Radio.
    Paranormal Rock Radio.

    It's a growing problem with our society. Self entitlement + More money than sense. A devastating combo. In that drivers mind. As far as he was concerned. He owned that puddle. They're everywhere. The type of person who ignores wearing masks, because their knowledge is far greater than all of earth's scientists, although never having studied science. They know more. Oh yeah. Especially if their mate down the pub has told them. The arrogance is astonishing. But that's the problem with stupid people. They think they're smarter then the smart people. Be aware. These dribbling fucking cabbages live amongst us.

  • Simon Thomas
    Simon Thomas

    Numpty. At least he got it going again. Unless the AA clip was edited out....

  • Curtis Drives
    Curtis Drives

    I just read an article on this🤣🤣🤣

  • m11mmh

    num nut



  • mxmillo

    Love the ducks...ha, get a subaru.

  • Robert Comer
    Robert Comer

    F**king plank.

  • Abhimanyu.M.B Madhu
    Abhimanyu.M.B Madhu

    If this is a electric Jaguar F pace it's silencer wouldn't get suffocated😉 because it doesn't have silencer. In future you can experience the power of British engineering in water👍

  • Russ G
    Russ G

    People like this make insurance rates high!

    • Jay Davis
      Jay Davis

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 definitely 👍

  • Duke Nukem
    Duke Nukem

    The article that brought me here says Range Rover makes go anywhere vehicles. Not anymore actually, newer models don't play well in the mud and are now more for the side walk than the mud especially for the price tag here in South Africa I wouldn't dare go through the sticky stuff.

  • Tom Ozahoski
    Tom Ozahoski

    My ranger would have easily handled that

    • Mike Martin
      Mike Martin

      Their engines self destruct under normal driving!

  • Potato Power
    Potato Power

    Why do people do such stupid things 😆 Sure everyone let's magically pretend our vehicle's engine inhales air from some waterproof somewhere... Like the cloud? That's gotta be waterproof, right? Sure, ppl can hack it to see private pictures, but if my car uses it to breathe then I'm ok! I'm ok!.....

  • Les Whitehouse
    Les Whitehouse

    How not to drive

  • Awad Fauzi
    Awad Fauzi

    Water Hammer

  • Nathan Mannett
    Nathan Mannett

    Fog the engine.....check

  • 218maryland

    On today's episode of "You Can't Fix Stupid".....

  • Pedro Couto
    Pedro Couto

    The broken license place is the least damage.

  • JSPH :
    JSPH :

    Dumbass Jag pretending to be a Toyota