Jadakiss - Jason ft. Swizz Beatz
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Music video by Jadakiss performing Jason. (C) 2015 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Emmanuel Ocampo
    Emmanuel Ocampo

    Jada is golden, from 90s ,2k and beyond.

  • Zylaku

    "Remember.... can't breath" 😰... they managed to tell the future

  • PieWieBeatz

    cop killer music 1312

  • sharlton jocintho
    sharlton jocintho

    Green sugar street Free

  • Londell Wiggins
    Londell Wiggins

    Never heard a whack vs from Jada ever!🔥🔥 Swiss🔥🔥🔥

  • Its Shanti
    Its Shanti


  • DOOM

    Also styles P maybe Cam .. fuck it we needed a whole posse cut

  • Dubble07

    I come back every year

  • Bartosz Mizera
    Bartosz Mizera

    Resp for that project.untouchable words..real rap, but that story is sad.f t p

  • Tee Green
    Tee Green

    Eric GArdener George floyd we can't beathe as a unit

  • Tee Green
    Tee Green

    Dmx can jump on Bk to Chicago Drill fum

  • Wilbert Teamer
    Wilbert Teamer

    This is still hard af!

  • My wife and kids
    My wife and kids

    Rest in peace George Floyd

  • Michael Braddock
    Michael Braddock

    Movie, Executive Produced By: Drake, George Floyd RIP,,,

  • Sheron Moses
    Sheron Moses

    Cross ya T's and dot ya i's

  • Ayvii

    " Remember if you don't get caught, it's not a crime " this is why Jada is my fave, he spits nothing but straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Denise Broome
    Denise Broome

    Lol. I wonder who couldn't like the message. Lol. I wonder hummmmmmm..... Yeah. Y'all cnt stand to see them cops scared when face with what they're doing to our young men and women.

  • Matthew Bell
    Matthew Bell


  • sharlton jocintho
    sharlton jocintho

    Tressle plain

  • sharlton jocintho
    sharlton jocintho

    Rip gg chancellor Denver

  • Slymetyme724 Ganxta- Slammy
    Slymetyme724 Ganxta- Slammy

    Ganxta Jada 914 Ride Out. Swizzy Hoodie Up Mode ... Xop Xilla Barz

  • Crownzealous All praises to the creator within
    Crownzealous All praises to the creator within

    Jadakiss predicted George Floyd future out a long time ago

  • Crownzealous All praises to the creator within
    Crownzealous All praises to the creator within

    Jadakiss predicted his future

  • Crownzealous All praises to the creator within
    Crownzealous All praises to the creator within


  • Rie Arnell
    Rie Arnell

    RIP Eric Gardener.......Too many unarmed black men dying at the hands of police

  • Toshan Skhem Lang Lyngwa
    Toshan Skhem Lang Lyngwa

    Back to old school

  • Vernell Daniels
    Vernell Daniels

    Hands down jr.

  • Andre. D
    Andre. D

    I can hear Black Thought on this.

  • Power100

    Happy 42nd Bday to Swizz Beats 2020!!!

  • Mudi Mabiriani
    Mudi Mabiriani

    Mudi Mabiriani Alikuwa Hapa Greetings From Dar es Salaam,Tanzania 🇹🇿

  • kritakyle

    Jada never disappoints

  • vashimoon


  • Ricardo Gonzalez
    Ricardo Gonzalez

    DJPortorro in tha mix emisora Nuevo Amanecer AMEN GOD bless my family 👌

  • Power100

    Beat is still crazy to me!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • See Add Wounds
    See Add Wounds

    Am i the only one who feel Schoolboy Q could have jumped in on this?

  • Jeff Schomberg
    Jeff Schomberg


  • mrkeitt

    Still utterly disgusting after all these years 🔥🔥 Even my lady loves this shit 😂💪🏾

  • Mister G
    Mister G

    Wow these lyrics are so deep and even more relevant in 2020

  • Aints Gonna Happen
    Aints Gonna Happen

    I got my hoodie and my mask on!


    Damn kiss must be psychic!??!

  • Pretty Nikki
    Pretty Nikki

    WTF is all I can say...

  • K. N
    K. N

    STILL FCKING🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Eric Garner and now George Floyd last words Smh

  • survivalinthecity44

    Its almost mask time should have been "I got my armor and my mask on bout to get my fuckin blast on"

  • ricky Pinnock
    ricky Pinnock

    Dayum you can tell jada ahead of his time!! He quoted" I CANT BREATHE" how long ago

  • Gabriel Suarez
    Gabriel Suarez

    swizz went in hard.

  • B. Wynn
    B. Wynn

    I've never heard Jada spit anything wack. Never.

  • slimeboy tre
    slimeboy tre

    dont shoot please

  • melissa vincent
    melissa vincent

    Cousin you weirdo .

  • ItsInTheDetails

    Jada been saying it man “officer I can’t breathe” and this shit still going on wtf



  • TommyFloss


  • Golden State21
    Golden State21

    I Cant breathe OFFICER..

  • prince peter
    prince peter

    Who thought this would be prophecy (can't breathe officer )

  • Anthony Broaddus
    Anthony Broaddus

    Boy does THIS hit hard during the summer of 2020. RIP George Floyd.

    • Firsthand


  • Solomon Smith lll
    Solomon Smith lll

    Kiss always been Hot. This aont nuthin new. He should of came out with the Jason beat right before he spit.

  • Elliott N.
    Elliott N.


  • Dylann Pollitt
    Dylann Pollitt

    The song hits different in 2020

  • 一大


  • Ten Ten
    Ten Ten

    Thanks for this Jada and Swizz

  • Ten Ten
    Ten Ten

    It's Friday June 5 2020. All radios need to play this for George floyd. NOW

  • Mergie Merge
    Mergie Merge

    Dear Swizz Beatz, please stop rapping. Sincerely, everyone. thnx

  • Some Body
    Some Body

    SMH... 5 years ago an still kant breath

  • fpshooterfull

    "can't breath"

  • Tee Green
    Tee Green

    We still cant breathe RIP George Floyd

  • E Williams
    E Williams


  • Jay B
    Jay B

    Don’t shoot please! Can’t breathe! Those words are hunting!

  • lamar jones
    lamar jones

    Can’t breeth

  • Nicholas Cruz
    Nicholas Cruz

    R.i.p George Floyd #icantbreathe

  • Generation X
    Generation X

    RIP George Floyd 2020 Officer I CANT BREATHE

  • Danilo Jasse
    Danilo Jasse

    RIP George Floyd

  • Taili Mugambee
    Taili Mugambee

    Listening to this thinking about George Floyd, R.I.P mane, we gone ride for you thanks to STAK5

  • Gantz Is Sloppy
    Gantz Is Sloppy

    *SIGH* here we go _Again...._

  • James Crowder
    James Crowder

    Rip George Floyd Rip Eric Garner. This what we riot to

  • Hidden Hand
    Hidden Hand

    Long live Floyd

  • DaBestofs

    Recent lynching in Minneapolis bought me back to this song

  • LadiVirgo412

    I thought of this song when I heard George Floyd said "I can't breathe" Justice for his family 🙏🏾

  • Tshombe Smith
    Tshombe Smith

    Remix 2020

  • James Norman
    James Norman

    RIP George Floyd. “I CANT BREATHE”

    • LBG 910
      LBG 910

      Bro this gave me CHILLS! It's exactly what happened to George Floyd! Can't breathe.....officer! Crazy!!

    • Torey Townsend
      Torey Townsend

      James Norman Ahmaud Arbery as well!!! #Peace & Love #GoodDay

  • moongazer !
    moongazer !

    4 years later same situation...so unreal

  • nishisonone

    Justice for George

  • Geedicarl

    Welcome in 2020

  • Bishop House
    Bishop House

    RIP George Floyd

  • James Crowder
    James Crowder

    *Leaving during the quarintine* I got my hoodie and my mask on😂😂

  • Nixon Ndunga
    Nixon Ndunga

    This beat is pure CRACK 💥 S/O Swizzy

  • Hope Burks
    Hope Burks

    Jadakiss, Swiss killed it good, always listens to these brothers 2020 forever, God bless they heart's

  • Dee Elle
    Dee Elle

    Jada Jada

  • prince hardy
    prince hardy

    2020 still T5DOA Jada fucking Kiss 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ablk Queen
    Ablk Queen


  • Mysterious Mindset
    Mysterious Mindset

    Year is 2020 Mask on 👀

  • Se27


  • Kaylito Moyo Jumoseko
    Kaylito Moyo Jumoseko

    i got my corona mask on

  • Ablk Queen
    Ablk Queen


  • Singiphile Promise
    Singiphile Promise

    this nigga aint never drop a wack verse... period

  • Lazo Swag
    Lazo Swag

    If you don't get caught then it ain't a crime...

  • Douglas Jamison
    Douglas Jamison

    The best real shit

  • Darnell Barnes
    Darnell Barnes

    Shit Hard🔥🎙 1 of the Hardest Mc's in the GAME 💯

  • Ava House
    Ava House


  • Joseph Gardner
    Joseph Gardner

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 are you still listening every day This video Wonderful 0:35 💛💓💟 👇👇

  • Ablk Queen
    Ablk Queen

    If u dont get caught its not a crime!

  • Ablk Queen
    Ablk Queen

    We go survive!😘

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