It's 1933 All Over Again | Perry Stone
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  • Susan B.
    Susan B.

    you described Trump to a T. He keeps repeating his lies over and over and people believe him. Bad people that use violence. He spreads hatred and divides the country. How can you condone that?

  • Heiskell Victoria Landaeta
    Heiskell Victoria Landaeta

    Most of these same things happened in Venezuela with Chavez-Maduro.. it’s so sad that when Cubans and Europeans warned the people in Venezuela everyone though “there is no way we can end up like that” ..I just pray America doesn’t make that mistake, don’t assume these things won’t happen, it’s really sad when the situation comes to a point where very little can be done to turn things around.

  • Malinda Allen
    Malinda Allen

    Everything we do online is recorded. Everything we click on, read, watch, listen to. Everything we post, chat, like, comment, subscribe. I hope Jesus takes us before the Enemy does.

  • Terry Knowles
    Terry Knowles

    When it became clear nazi germany was going to lose ww2..they drew up the plan for the european union.The eu is the project of nazi germany. Germany controles the eu.and has made itself the richest country at other members expense. The 4th riech.the bible talks about the wounded head divided east&west germany .now united.

  • Patrick Mcdonough
    Patrick Mcdonough

    I have been saying for several years we don't need a new internet but a valid workable choice in search engines. No more big G monopoly. Just the other day I was going through my phone and seeing almost endless permissions on every app and I realized what Google is actually saying is you will let us steal your personal information or we will make sure your phone doesn't work at all.

  • Hadassah Bojorqes
    Hadassah Bojorqes

    From california praying request please 911

  • Isaac Jonathan
    Isaac Jonathan

    When he says Jew he means khazar

  • meema227

    AMEN !!!

  • UpAndOut

    Who was it that called journalists and news organizations the enemy of the people?

  • Joydenton Denton
    Joydenton Denton

    Thank you pastor just got saved November 22 2020 halleluyah I can't believe he let me come back. God is Good all the time! Shalom

  • P love
    P love

    I believe the left is under strong delusion from God. I hope they find Jesus our Savior.

  • Joe SanMiguel
    Joe SanMiguel

    Awesome God bless you forever

  • Janet Skene
    Janet Skene

    Today, DEC 17, I went into a jewellery shop to Christmas shop; a woman rushed to me and breathlessly explained that my mask (the full face shield) HAD TO ALSO HAVE THE CLOTH MASK. She was adamant so I left. I explained that I have copd but she ONLY demands RULES RULES RULES. She is making up extra rules and applying them. I explained to my daughter that there are some people who will not be taught any truth. They have love of Rules and NO love of Truth.

  • Chuck Korchnak
    Chuck Korchnak

    My mom grew up in Vienna, Austria under the nazi government. She was born in 1930 and lived through the whole ordeal during the Anschluss (annexation of Austria into nazi Germany). She saw a Jewish man wearing the yellow star of David. She was exposed to the nazi philosophy in the classroom. It was mandatory to heil Hitler when the teacher entered the classroom.

  • Mark Norwood
    Mark Norwood

    Saw article on Google yesterday, last week, in New York State, an assembly member introduced a bill making the Covid19 vaccine "Mandatory" for those who can safely take it. "MANDATORY VACCINE"???😒😒😒 I Don't Think So Buddy👎👎😠😠

  • Vulvasaurus Lix
    Vulvasaurus Lix

    I'm stopping you right here... you are SO FULL OF SHHIT!!! If you even think for one fleeting microsecond that you're on Jesus' side, then I'm afraid The Lord & Savior is going to be dispensing with some VERY BAD NEWS for you when you're standing before him at his Seat of JUDGEMENT! (Just giving you a heads-up.)

  • Kelly ruppel
    Kelly ruppel

    We know and love you Perry Stone

  • Kelly ruppel
    Kelly ruppel

    Fox fake new

  • Melinda Pelfrey
    Melinda Pelfrey

    Notice how fact checkers didn't show up until truth was coming out? China has infilterated everything. And they constantly fact check real truth. But they let blatant lies go 🙄🤦‍♀️

  • Melinda Pelfrey
    Melinda Pelfrey

    Yep. For over a decade already.

  • Michelle Carroll
    Michelle Carroll

    Wish I could have one real conversation with you.about my visions

  • Willy Tepes
    Willy Tepes

    It is 1920 in Europe. I plan my first public speach this year. If you cut through the post war propganda and inoctrination, you will see that Trump is about to do the very same thing. Pull out of the Globalist club, cancel national debts, confiscate foreign assets in the US, nationalize media, and tick off the entire Global cabal. The US will get the "Germany treatment".

  • Sister Stephanie
    Sister Stephanie

    Propaganda brain washing turning the public against each other turn to Jesus Our Lord And Saviour the rapture is coming any second ,day ,month we are in the 120th year as in the days of Noah ask forgiveness of your sins repent meaning turn away from sin ask Our Lord in to your heart believe he came and died for your sins and rose again on the third day you must be born again of the spirit to see the kingdom of heaven Jesus tells us that

  • Rebekha Lynne
    Rebekha Lynne

    They cut him off, poor Alex Jones

  • gaylamorris

    Why are Perry Stone's arms and hands so yellow??!!! Is he ill?

  • Sweetly creeping in
    Sweetly creeping in

    The Simple Truth about Repetition The brain loves repetition because it's familiar - and familiar is comforting. One of the reasons repetition works is for the same reason - the repetitive hypnotic suggestion becomes familiar to the client and they reach a deeper state of hypnosis as the conscious mind relaxes into a sense of 'ah we've heard this before'. This makes the hypnosis session more enjoyable and powerful for the client, and helps them achieve a greater level of success faster. With continued repetition of familiar suggestions before, during, and after the hypnosis session, the suggestion becomes so familiar that it actually becomes what we call a habit of the mind - or what I like to call an executable program of the mind.

  • Allan Hulstrøm
    Allan Hulstrøm

    tru people off the world Perry worldwide. to say the truth out in the world.

  • Allan Hulstrøm
    Allan Hulstrøm

    It have comen to knowing that firms pay to factchekers to go against ll who expose their lies official.

  • Allan Hulstrøm
    Allan Hulstrøm

    Tru Perry. it all repeat it self again.

  • Phoenix Storm Jr.
    Phoenix Storm Jr.

    God cannot allow this to happen. This won't happen. Christians have put their entire faith in the church. If Trump loses they will lose faith and doubt the bible. God will not allow Christians to become atheists! You will see. When you see Trump's miraculous victory people will convert to christianity. God will not allow Biden to get in.

  • Angel Corky
    Angel Corky

    Excellent update for all to know.

  • Boomer

    Speak it brother

  • Cheryl Mathis
    Cheryl Mathis

    We love you Perry! We love your ministry and we want to hear the TRUTH! Also can you put your "snake dream" that is on FB on your YTchannel. Some of us don't use FB much. LOVE YOU brother!

  • Harry Kim
    Harry Kim

    China is colonizing south korea not by military power, but by it's economic and political influence. korean business, academia and political leadership has sold out to Chinese money. China is using the Chinese diaspora to increase it's cultural and political influence in korea. It's sad. Same thing is happening all the world.

  • Sabali Dann
    Sabali Dann That great and dreadful day.

  • Sabali Dann
    Sabali Dann The Battle of Lost Angeles. Thought it was Just a movie?

  • Sabali Dann
    Sabali Dann Need more?

  • Judith Cooper
    Judith Cooper

    If Trump is unsuccessful in uncovering the democratic fraud, we can look up ( our redemption draws near)!!!! God will not forsake those who love him. !!!!!💖 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Sabali Dann
    Sabali Dann Do you want to know the Truth in these last Days? If so then Lessen to the Voice for God. Jesus said 'my sheep listen To My Voice, I know them and They know Me" John 10:27. You shall know the Truth and The truth will set you free from Ignorance! My people destroyed for like of knowledge.Hoses 4:1

  • Sabali Dann
    Sabali Dann These are that SATAN that the Bible speak of.No Spook in the ground waiting for you, No God in the sky!...waiting for you.

  • Linda Gentry
    Linda Gentry

    What about what all happened to the poor Russian people the Bolsheviks killed over 60 million Russians. These were the Khazarians that did this to these people. These Khazarians are in charge of Israel at this time now the Rothschild's they were promised the NWO in 1948 when they donated all the land for Israel to become a nation again it fell in 70AD, The Zionist, Khazarians Kabala Mystic Witchcraft religion the ones in charge are the ones that killed Jesus Christ are the same ones coming after the Christians in this day and time now. They have planned this for centuries. Jesus Christ called them out Revelations 2:9 and Revelations 3:9. It is playing out right before our eyes now. BiBi changed his name he is from Poland and many others over the years in Israel are part of this evil agenda that is playing out now before our eyes. People need to wake up and stop being deceived we are being used and manipulated today. Trust Almighty God and never no man. Almighty God is my King and Savior.

  • pamela wilson
    pamela wilson

    Dear Father God, we know that the Senate needs to keep the Republican majority, so we pray and agree that Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue will win the two Senate seats in the run off in January. We all agree and pray in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  • Cathy Maestas
    Cathy Maestas

    Thank you Holy Father for Perry Stone... We dedicate the USA to you Holy Father as the Mayflower compact stated. We plead the holy Blood of Jesus Yeshua son of Mary & Joseph of holy Virgin Birth a nazarite of lineage of Abraham. Isaac & Jacob... Over the united states of America ... All 50 states. Clean our country completely in every way possible... Set a hedge of thorns as hosea 2:6,7 around the USA in all 50 states. Guide us... Discipline us... & guide us. You're Holy Complete holy will be done in the USA as written in the holy bible from genesis to revelations. Thank you Holy Father... Holy Lord stop the fake media completely...

  • Captain Tomato
    Captain Tomato

    Biden will concede. He called President Trump and asked for a pardon. When the fan BLOWS! December 13th...

  • Sabali Dann
    Sabali Dann I told you Blank folks to throw That damm Tree out and not To fallow the way if the Heathen. But you wouldn't listen. I told you That Santa was SATAN.

  • Jason James
    Jason James

    What disheartens me in my current walk with Christ is being surrounded by so many Christians who: 1. Don't see their confirmation biases. It seems that their hermeneutic of both the Bible and history - like lawyers and debaters who seek to win an argument at the expense of truth or righteousness or justice - cherry pick a few anecdotes and 'facts' and decides that's enough from which to base an entire system of belief. We find what confirms our belief and explain away or don't even notice what doesn't. 2. Declare anyone who doesn't align with their worldview as not 'true' Christians and/or Americans. This somehow allows us to not have to consider the opposing view in earnest. Disagree with someone? Call them socialist, communist, satanist, lukewarm or heathen and you don't have to debate them at all. 3. Don't notice the Americanized brand of Christianity they might be a part of, which somehow finds what God asks of us individually (personal responsibility & accountability) to align with a certain brand of libertarianism (all regulation is bad), yet somehow forgets what God asks of us corporately. This is not to say that I agree in full or even in part with the platform of new democratic socialists. Nor am I saying that the Bible is calling for the exact reforms that they call for. But I see the simple talking points and the fear mongering and misinformation and conspiracy theories and wonder how someone who is also seeking a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ and with the power of the Holy Spirit - Jesus Christ who is the Word, the Logos - are so content to stick their head in the sand and fall back on the easy makes-me-feel-good-I-was-born-like-this arguments that seem so prevalent today. We need a robust faith. To know God does not require forgetting history or rejecting all nuance for simple narratives of 'good versus evil'. I'm not saying don't call a spade a spade. Jesus corrected and rebuked. But He also told parables.

  • Teresa Davino
    Teresa Davino

    You're right everything that's going on it's coming from the Nazi playbook, and by the way where is the legal proof that Hitler committed suicide I don't believe it , and all the Nazi scientists and most of them came here into the United States to continue their dirty nasty evil ways

  • Manish Parmar
    Manish Parmar

    Very nice sir may LORD YESHUA HA MESSIAH bless you and your entire family forever amen in the name of the lord Jesus amen my dear and beloved sir

  • IAMPennane

    God ALWAYS wins!

  • DeeDee Fox
    DeeDee Fox


  • Keith Cindy Panama
    Keith Cindy Panama

    Pleas do more!!! History is being erased and left out!!! Thank you for your reporting on this!!! God bless.

  • Doug Sewell
    Doug Sewell

    Thanks Per

  • Sabali Dann
    Sabali Dann

    BLACK WOMEN. YOU are The Mother Of all Living.No other women can Produce blank, brown, red, yellow, And, WHITE. Know your self. Be Proud of your Blackness. Stop buying bleaching cream to lighten your skin.You are A song for you.

  • Sabali Dann
    Sabali Dann To all Black people.Know yourselves. You Don't know Who YOU Are.

  • Sabali Dann
    Sabali Dann Up dated less than 1hour ago. 271K +2607.Deaths. Don't believe the Hype!!! It's to Mandate Bil Gates.Vaccines. That will change your DNA.

  • Lance Harsh
    Lance Harsh

    I've read the end of the book.....guess what. HE WINS! We must remain on His side. May God grant us the strength to persevere. Maranatha!

  • Boris Missiuna
    Boris Missiuna

    I do not know why my original reply is missing. Many people confuse the second coming of Jesus with the rapture and they are two separate events. If you believe that the great commission must occur before the rapture, you will miss the rapture. After the rapture, the left behind saints will awaken from their slumber and evangelize the world. Everyone that is a Christian will know that the time left is short. The nations will hate the truth, for the Bible says that we are the stench of death to the perishing. Matthew 16:18 says that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church yet the Anti-Christ will overcome the saints during the great tribulation. This statement proves that there will be a pretribulation rapture. The Anti-Christ cannot not now withstand the church and he would be overcome if he was presented to the world before the rapture. Also note that the church is not referred to after the fourth chapter of Revelation because it is in heaven.

  • Elena Escobar
    Elena Escobar

    Thanks for preaching the truth may the Lord bless you and continue to use you

  • Sweet Romance
    Sweet Romance

    At the very bottom of it all, the Bible is truly a book of love🌹

    • Sweet Romance
      Sweet Romance

      The Bible is a book of love because it lets you know what people were meant to endure and what to avoid.😇🌹

    • Sabali Dann
      Sabali Dann

      How is the Bible a book of love?

    • Sabali Dann
      Sabali Dann

      How is the Bible a book of love?

  • 455supreme

    They get in office by stuffing the ballot box, then they push their Socialist Propaganda. I have always respected Perry Stone.

  • Mari Gold
    Mari Gold

    Excellent information!!

  • Gabi Golding
    Gabi Golding

    this is exactly what happened in South Africa, how sad!

  • Sandra McNamara
    Sandra McNamara

    Biden putba large "communications" team, this fits so well with propaganda its sad people can't see it.

  • Deep Purple 9
    Deep Purple 9

    Propaganda sets the narrative on what the majority should believe. Similar to taking the blue pill, you choose to stick with the illusion presented, not with the real truth.

  • Reconsider_Your_Considerations

    Bonhefer was a man of God

  • Shawn Holman
    Shawn Holman

    Perry Stone, " You Rock!" Truth, this is a great sermon!

  • Thomas Watkins
    Thomas Watkins

    Amen, I agree completely.

  • Sabali Dann
    Sabali Dann THE Honorable Elijah Mohamed. Seven inhabited plants.

  • Melinda Ingle
    Melinda Ingle

    AMEN Brother .... I watch OANN or Newsmax now. FOX has turned liberal.

  • Danny Gosnell
    Danny Gosnell

    I'm not worried, the scriptures tells us not to worry, what if all Christian people stopped, cold turkey watching msm, all the major networks, all the satanic sports that trashes our flag, we could do this, it would be good if all the evangelicals just put the brakes on viewers of msm TV and radio, I've started ,it's up to u.its s free country 4 now ,at least till Jan 20.this one thing boycott would turn it around.god bless u all.

  • Eric Keenan
    Eric Keenan

    If (when) America turns into 1933 Germany, what country could come to our rescue? There isn't one.

  • nancy kinnison
    nancy kinnison

    Thank you for letting all of us know the importance of sticking together and saying the same thing. Please keep your teaching s on the air. We are fighting for our freedom in Jesus name

  • roylikesitlikethat

    The " one mind" rule on many, as prophecied by Daniel. Essentially catapults us in the End Times generation. Ever learning, but never coming to the Knowledge of Truth.

  • Maronicha Lyles
    Maronicha Lyles

    Just goes to show that we need to be praying and in position. We need to stick together as Gods children and not allow wars, fighting and dissension among the church.

  • Greg McCarty
    Greg McCarty

    Amen bro.

  • lipegr

    It’s the same spirit, yes, but it never went away after the war. It’s the same motivations as any psychopath. It’s being perpetrated the exact same way as any psychopath gains and holds his victim. It would be good for people to study dark psychology.

  • Juls Adkins
    Juls Adkins

    Thank you for this video. Keep speaking the truth!

  • Kay Dub
    Kay Dub

    It is astounding how many untruths and distortions "Pastor" Perry spoke. It is equally astounding how many sheep literally buy his propaganda. 3:10 Hitler went after anyone who disagreed with him, yes. That's Trump's MO. 3:45 Americans pay 50% in taxes? No sir. MOST pay 37% tops. 3:50 Biden (President-Elect, there's nothing fraudulent about that) would tax up to 90%? No. Certainly not for >99% of Americans. 4:30 Biden's administration will be "extreme radical socialist". That is blatantly false. 5:30 What is the state of US health care? Is it good? Why do people who are insured lose their life savings after five months of cancer treatments? 7:00 on gun control. No politician and no political party seriously suggests banning all guns. It would never happen. It would take a two-thirds majority of Congress. It will not happen. Right-wing fear-mongering. 10:00 he talks about one radio host -- not a gov't official -- "censoring" the content of a radio program.

  • Sabali Dann
    Sabali Dann Sheeple, white folks in particular. Out of curiosity if nothing else, I Know you have check this video. What I won't to know is why no Comments? Anyone would check something titled (The origin of The white men), out of curiosity If nothing else.I'm Not Stupid.

    • Sabali Dann
      Sabali Dann

      CAN'T Deny this Truth.

  • William Bosman
    William Bosman

    Yes qualified docs and scientist report about covid 19 and their videos are blocked.Why is that? They know they lying and the same with the election fraud.The devil is a liar.Cape Town South Africa

  • (youaregodsmackt)

    I am from the Netherlands🇳🇱 and i can tell all the american people who think that the murders did not happen, that everything is true. In our country, allot of dutch Jews were killed. 😔

  • manbearpig

    Try some independent research unfollow

  • Antoinette Mottl
    Antoinette Mottl

    Perry, Can I post this on Facebook?

  • Corey Crytzer
    Corey Crytzer

    A lot of ammo you buy has a shelf life now. They don't have to take away guns. It just won't work when you use it

  • Corey Crytzer
    Corey Crytzer

    A lot of amm

    • Corey Crytzer
      Corey Crytzer

      A lot of ammo you buy has a shelf life now. They don't have to take away guns. It just won't work when you use it

  • Jenn Hartman
    Jenn Hartman

    What was will be and there is nothing new under the sun.

  • Jenn Hartman
    Jenn Hartman

    If the people don't practice their freedom's they will lose their freedom's.

  • Carole .M
    Carole .M

    If Trump gets in it will be 1933 all over again.

    • Isabel van Niekerk-Brzanovic
      Isabel van Niekerk-Brzanovic

      You need to explain this statement

  • YetHESaves Ministries
    YetHESaves Ministries

    Thank you for the reminder. There is nothing new under the sun, history will repeat itself so the Bride of Christ needs to remain vigilant and in constant prayer!

  • Ernie Moquin
    Ernie Moquin

    We know the one world government is coming, but we ( the church) are still here, we need to stand with the full armor of GOD on and watch our King do His work that we have the honor of being part of. Blessings to you and keep speaking the TRUTH !!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Eva
    Sarah Eva

    Amen! Stick together and stand up!! Paul said to STAND! We must fight for truth and liberty.

  • Dar Candelaria
    Dar Candelaria

    Look at Alex Jones sure he's a little out there but they banned him from ALgone 😕😢

  • Anthony Kelly
    Anthony Kelly

    Evangelicals like Perry Stone bend over backwards to defend the capitalistic, survival-of-the-fittest system of government that undermine and defy the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 25:31-46; contorting interpretation of scripture to justify their support for a malicious, unrepentant compulsive liar.

    • Anthony Kelly
      Anthony Kelly

      @Isabel van Niekerk-Brzanovic I know the truth can be difficult to receive. If you want to call what is written in scripture "socialism", "communism" and "nazism", then actually YOU have been deceived and chooses to believe lies rather than truth. I pray that your heart be filled with love rather than hate, so you can receive the truth.

    • Isabel van Niekerk-Brzanovic
      Isabel van Niekerk-Brzanovic

      Wow you use the Bible to support Socialism and Cimmunism,supporting Nazism.You are being deceived by a demon.I pray for your deliverance!

  • CRAIG5835

    You know what else happened in the USA in 1933, there was nearly an attempted on the POTUS and save General Smedley Butlers' Patriotism, it would have happened as he was asked to lead the supposed 500k strong army the conspirators had on board, one of the big men of the coup was Prescott Bush, yes Georges daddy and granddaddy respectively, they were also financing Hitler and Henry Ford was supplying Ford engines to power the Third Reich, Rockefeller was supplying via his Standard Oil, an additive to fuel that drove the Third Reich that was only available World Wide via Standard Oil, so in essence Americans could have halted Hitlers rise and European Tour of 39-45 dead in its tracks, from day ONE if they were so inclined. Ya dont hear about that unless you happen across it. Just type in the search here on You Tube The Coup Atteempt of 1933, or Smedley Butler saves the USA.

  • gRosh08

    I would say I'm surprised at the amount of Sheeple still doing Nothing... But I'm rally NOT.

  • MR carr
    MR carr

    It is quite strange how some pastors make Trump seem like Heaven's choice for America.The extent at which they go to find spiritual parallelism & bible precedents to support their expectations is palpable. THIS IS NOT 1933 BEEN REPEATED,it is a political bias meticulously presented with biblical stories and historical events to gullible followers. I believe pastors should not mix politics with the pulpit.It is GOD who chooses a ruler.Trump is no more...He lost.That is the reality. Somehow if Trump had won I bet we will not be hearing the "Christ is coming soon message"...Biden and his cohorts are devils and they will destroy America...🤣🤣🤣

  • john doe
    john doe

    speaking truth

  • Dat Baby Cherokee
    Dat Baby Cherokee

    This is also how Fidel Castro to over Cuba 🇨🇺 .

  • Indira Avalos
    Indira Avalos

    Preach pastor!!!! People need to hear the truth!

  • Tim Sherman
    Tim Sherman

    Preach it brother!! Thanks for your boldness.

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