It’s On! Ram TRX vs Ford F-150 Raptor In SURPRISING Off-Road Showdown With Special Guest Star Truck!
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In this video, it's an off-road showdown of EPIC proportions. The 2021 Ram TRX tries to dethrone the Ford F-150 Raptor as the best off-road truck, but how well does it actually perform in the Colorado mountains? Only one way to find out!
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  • Brandon Jackson
    Brandon Jackson

    Cool video! Thanks for the top youtube content :)

    • David Klimmek
      David Klimmek

      Ford for the win! Love my '19 Raptor #Ecoboost.

    • robert walker
      robert walker

      Who wins tonight’s main event in Las Vegas?

    • JOHNWAYNE1920

      Imagine TFL choosing the Ford. What a shocker.

    • Greg Weik
      Greg Weik

      900lbs of payload for the TRX and Raptor... 😆 I will stick to my f250 diesel Tremor package. 3x payload, more than 2x towing, factory 35’s and locker.

  • Forza Addict
    Forza Addict

    Does the gladiator roll coal?

  • Tanto Wiyahya
    Tanto Wiyahya

    Ram 1500 TRX the fuel is diesel?

  • tmmsplace

    So, 2 Stellantis to compete against 1 Ford 🤔😂

  • tmmsplace

    Incredible to see how many of these trucks come with sedan-esque CV axle, instead of durable U-joint

  • tmmsplace

    The Raptor suspension is too flex. And for that reason, I'm out! R.A.M. Charger, baby!

  • Sealof TheLiving
    Sealof TheLiving

    Ford soon gonna release version of Raptor the Spinosaurus defeating T rex 😁😁😁😁😁 much powerful than T rex

  • Matthew Vorndran
    Matthew Vorndran

    No one cares about the gladiator lmao😂

  • Ben Guillen
    Ben Guillen

    Theses trucks aren't ment to crawl. There ment for more wide open stuff

  • Bella T844
    Bella T844

    Raptor is in bad need of a v8. Come on ford, $70k and it sounds like a 1990 ford ranger.

  • gfh77665

    I am a big fan here, but at 9:40 you critique the RAM TRX for being "understated" and "not having a hood scoop"? What?? If you will notice, the RAM TRX does have a hood scoop, and the so-called "pitch perfect" Raptor does not! Can you explain please?

  • Eduardo Ponce
    Eduardo Ponce

    Why not do the baja 1000 test with this truks

  • Andy Ham
    Andy Ham

    Take a trip to the dessert with these rigs. Slow speed rock crawling with 700 plus hp is like making usain bolt competing in a walking race. Not saying these trucks can’t do this cause they can but big trucks like these just aren’t the best for tight narrow mountain pass trails or slow speed rock crawling. Just get a base 4runner or wrangler for that. Now in the dessert is where you can really have fun with all this horsepower and the inspiration behind these trucks in the first place. Baja blasters

  • Olivier Roy
    Olivier Roy

    Just gonna wait about 5-8 years and they are gonna be half price

  • Black Rifles Matter
    Black Rifles Matter

    Thank God Ford stopped using SVT suspension on the Raptor. Their suspension is crap. I'll take the TRX. You don't buy a truck like this for fuel economy. 😉

  • Elias Ew
    Elias Ew

    Compitan sobre los 100 km por hora

  • Michel Weber
    Michel Weber

    TRX and Raptor are great trucks, I would love to drive them once. Unfortunately, I don't have the money and dealers to buy these cars here in Switzerland. And we pay 3x the price for gas here so the 6.2 Hellcat would be way too expensive to drive.

  • Daniel Chase
    Daniel Chase

    I’m glad I now know what my grandpa would look like driving those trucks. Thanks pussies!

  • austin cassell
    austin cassell

    Id take some rubbed paint on a fender flare to be able to tuck a 35" INSIDE the wheel well.... thats pretty impressive

  • Adrian Duran
    Adrian Duran

    Great video gentlemen

  • jayson escoe
    jayson escoe

    No matter the cost!! I’ll still pick Ford over Dodge any day!!! Fun comparison to watch either way!!

  • Rob

    Horrible video

  • ThatKidNicoLay

    But how can u compare the trx to a older raptor, ofcorse dodge is going to win

  • Ernesto Golli
    Ernesto Golli

    I’ll provide you the standard internet comments: Raptor suspension is horrible! Ram’s efficiency is terrible! Gladiator is too long! My Camry err Tundra can do this! Those guys are all so smart.

  • el dedo
    el dedo

    its like apples to oranges comparison(jeep vs raptor/trx), they have very distinct design purposes.

  • Jamie Kelley
    Jamie Kelley

    Tommy, Please don't reference the soldiers landing at Normandy on D-Day. Nothing that you do at TFL even vaguely compares to breaching a beach under intense weapons fire surrounded by dead and wounded comrades while wondering how you will possibly survive the next 10 minutes of your life. Your worst case scenario is getting stuck on an off-road trail and possibly damaging a vehicle. - Respectfully, JK

  • Ken Merriman
    Ken Merriman

    Just make sure you don’t actually drive your Gladiator through more than a few inches of mud, or FiatChrysler won’t repair it under warranty if it breaks.... (this may apply to your TRX, too...) 😂 I mean, nobody buys a Gladiator to off road it, everybody knows that! It’s clearly designed and intended to crawl around mall parking lots in 4Lo by yuppies who don’t even know what the hell 4H or 4L are, or who would likely even miss the capability that they represent if the truck had no front diff or transfer case in the first place... It also would’ve been nice to see at least an extended cab Gladiator, not to mention a single cab, short bed Gladiator. I understand why there isn’t a single cab from a business standpoint, but a shorter extended cab with a more realistic breakover angle would’ve been pretty awesome. A Gladiator with the 6.4 Hemi like the upcoming 392 Wrangler would also be totally awesome. Preferably with two doors, a single cab, and a short bed. They might only sell a handful, but in 20-30 years they’d be worth a small fortune. Offer it with a stick, and whoever buys one of the ten made can sell it down the road and retire comfortably. End of rant.

  • drinkingpoolwater

    the TRX is ugly as hell. i’ll take a raptor any day.

  • Von Roy
    Von Roy

    That raptor is trash

  • Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia

    Can we get a drag race?

  • Riley Carelock
    Riley Carelock

    The raptor looks great I think the Trx is ugly and just looks weird

  • Matthew Saunders
    Matthew Saunders

    For me personally and not only because I couldn't afford a raptor or a trx I'd go with the zr2 bison. You can fit anywhere and go anywhere

  • rkw junior
    rkw junior

    Horsepower isn't everything. And im shocked thats the only thing Ram beat Raptor on. Youd think they'd beat the Raptor in all aspects. They tried to cover up with a big engine. So basically Dodge put a big engine in a Raptor


    Ford has a Raptor Ram has a T-rex I guess GM will need a dinosaur too?

  • Jorge Zepeda
    Jorge Zepeda

    He just said that the truck looks understated but then doesn’t get the sticker pack on the long term truck. Lmao.

  • Jeff 68
    Jeff 68

    what about the shelby f150 offroad

  • soldierofliberty

    That jeep won't tow shit though

  • Marcel S
    Marcel S

    It is cool but can you please drive the same track with the G-Class. I think it will be a bit faster.

  • E Stars
    E Stars


  • Brad Leming
    Brad Leming

    $77,000 for a v6 truck???? Dumb.

  • Squish

    Shame GM will never compete at this level while there's a woman running the company.. instead we get a "Blazer" that looks like a station wagon made for soccer moms...sad

  • NoNegotiations

    So why did it rub in the Raptor? How can engineers miss that.

  • Firestarter

    What does landing a boat have to do with crawling over a boulder? It's like he's trying to seem wiser than his age, but it just comes out as nonsense.

  • Firestarter

    Why'd you buy another Raptor? It's been out and reviewed for like 4 years now... People are probably far more interested in seeing normal affordably optioned vehicles... do some market research... see what people want and need... then make content for them.

  • Firestarter

    10:52 since when does Jeep use airlockers? I know the TJ uses airlockers and weak torsen rear diff when it's unlocked iirc, but I thought all the new stuff was electric?

  • Firestarter

    You guys do realize that diesels DON'T, and this goes for the ecoboost motors as well, have the torque their ratings suggest without the turbocharger cramming air down their throat. 440 ft lbs could only be generated under max load... Also, the diesel has a 70:1 crawl ratio vs the gasser at 84.2:1, so I doubt the difference is all that much between an unboosted 3L diesel and 3.6L gasser... diesel does have more energy density and the engines are a little more efficient, but the gasser is 20% larger with a 20% better crawl ratio. . Further proof, my 1998 Cummins 12v had a 5.9L turbo motor making 215hp and 440 ft lbs of torque under boost. That's 75 ft lbs per liter with turbocharging and an incredibly efficient engine (25mpg unmodified 2wd manual stock tires 2500 with dana 80h axle). If the Jeep could make that same 75 ft lbs per liter without the turbo it would make 225 ft lbs of torque unboosted... much less than the 260 ft lbs of the v6 gasser... Now the 12v was a restrictive head that took 70psig to make 750rwhp, but I sincerely doubt it's making much more torque than that... It would have to make 87 ft lbs per liter to match the gasser, and needs to make 312 ft lbs to match the gasser's torque and crawl ratio, so it would need to make 104 ft lbs unboosted. . You guys need to stop referring to boosted torque figures for crawling... how often do people really floor a rig when crawling? I'm not counting Hammertrucks and other rock racing rigs. . Basically all the torque difference you're feeling is coming down to the torque converter having a lower stall rating so it can use the lower diesel rpm. and converters multiply torque substantially.

  • The Dove Society
    The Dove Society

    wait till they find out about the gmc black widow 😂

  • Sean H
    Sean H

    Raptor is still my pick

  • Big Tan Toes
    Big Tan Toes

    He really doesn’t know that the Jeep scraped the most?

  • Vincent Alvarez
    Vincent Alvarez

    Trx, Raptor, what’s next? Is Chevy gonna come out with the indominus truck?

  • Death Token
    Death Token

    Chevy owners have left the chat ...

  • Death Token
    Death Token

    The absolutely tiny skid plate scrap everyone in this video omg I hear that wtffff

  • Faithful Servant
    Faithful Servant

    Hummer EV will make all these trucks look Foolish!

  • Brian Coleman
    Brian Coleman

    That Gladiator dragging its belly over every rock lol. Should have been made as a shorter wheelbase vehicle.

  • Юрий ббб
    Юрий ббб

    Рам лучше!)))

  • DM Esche
    DM Esche

    I came here to research the TRX and realized that the Gladiator is the best of the 3.

  • Jim Wood
    Jim Wood

    aaaaand the jeep sucks

  • Eli Rodriguez
    Eli Rodriguez

    Difference between the TRX and Raptor is depreciation. Raptor does NOT depreciate TRX WILL 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • jay sam
      jay sam

      @Eli Rodriguez Rams actually good off road and on road, they've also had the Power wagon and Rebel from before as well. Ford only had the Raptor. The reason why the Trx is more expensive is that its simply a newer, better, and more exotic than a Raptor. Raptors still nice but its a cheaper, affordable, and more common vehicle, not as high end as a Trx. Its right Fords been making the Raptor from before but Ram has brought in a newer and advanced vehicle than what they still have out going.

    • Eli Rodriguez
      Eli Rodriguez

      @jay sam I’m not a Ram guy, the new raptor comes out this year and it’s 3 generations newer of trial and error this is RAMs first TRX that’s my point, I personally believe it’s overpriced for what you get compared to a used 17 Raptor. Also the Raptor drives better on highway Fox shocks are the perfect all around driving quality the Bilsteins in the RAM perform better off road but lack the smoothness on highway

    • jay sam
      jay sam

      @Eli Rodriguez Hows a brand with a 2021 100k extoic truck like no other got a lot of catching up to do? This isn't Ford. Rams the most advanced truck brand we have and they haven't decided to keep a 2017 Trx unlike Ford who still has their 2016 Raptor.

    • Eli Rodriguez
      Eli Rodriguez

      @jay sam it’s a RAM a former Dodge product Raptors been around since 2010 and has already proven itself RAM got a lot of catching up to do

    • jay sam
      jay sam

      How??? Its newer+better

  • B.P.s Timemachines
    B.P.s Timemachines

    Hell yes a diesel jeep, now u don’t need the inline 6

  • Oscar Gouveia
    Oscar Gouveia

    77k with ALL THE OPTIONS know to Man, and you think its expensive! In my country a ase model Ranger Raptor (not even a real Raptor) with a crappy 2.0 Ecoblue (213Hp) diesel goes for 56k. On top of that theres taxes... You have no idea how good you get it in the USA.

  • mr poizun
    mr poizun

    How do you claim the Dodge is "understated"? It's got all the bulges the Raptor does, plus wider tires and the hood scoop and fancier grille.

  • Badger Pa
    Badger Pa

    If I could have any of the 3 no charge it would be the TRX and I would trailer it to another dealer and trade it in for a 4500 or 5500 with duals. Awesome truck but I would lose my license and I do not like traffic court.

  • Kaden Jason
    Kaden Jason

    The approach departure angle of the gladiator is as good as a Honda Civic

  • Gerard Arciga
    Gerard Arciga

    I like how the driver of the Jeep lied about how his Jeep didn’t touch anything when he bottomed on the high center, makes people wonder just how accurate some of the things they do here

    • Badger Pa
      Badger Pa

      I think you could tell he was joking if you had a personality.

  • Jose Sical
    Jose Sical

    I love the ford raptor.

  • Fr anz
    Fr anz

    Difflock when the ground is solid and dry🤌?

  • Brody Wyman
    Brody Wyman

    I love that the Raptor Price is 53,000 and the TRX is 90

  • Palanthis

    OMG - I mean... they're cool trucks as things. However, as rock-crawlers, in high school I had an '88 Samurai with a 6" lift that would destroy all three of these on that trail.

  • Irvin Herman
    Irvin Herman

    Until the trx survives baha 500 stock it will not get my full respect (yes I am bias)

  • mr. zander
    mr. zander

    Both the dodge and the jeep didn't get high centered but the ford did 😂

  • mr. zander
    mr. zander


  • FitHealth Pros
    FitHealth Pros

    Always Great off road content. Dr Kevin Fox @FitHealth Pros

  • Stephen Breen
    Stephen Breen

    GM is nowhere to be found


    What’s the elevation?

  • Faisal Muteb
    Faisal Muteb

    If u want to have some full exiting review of Raptor and good landscapes watch this

  • Robert Hall
    Robert Hall

    Let's stop pretending that Ram or Jeep has any reliability at all.

  • Jonathan Lunger2
    Jonathan Lunger2

    Who let the snowflake buy a jeep and go out in the woods to pretend to be manly? Everything he says sounds like hes reading it off a script. He doesn't sound like he knows what he's actually saying, he's just regurgitating what the other guys say

  • paul allen
    paul allen

    WHERE IS NATHAN ??????

  • Gus Shackleford
    Gus Shackleford

    How many of these trucks drove to baja, finished and drove back home?

  • Kyle Thorpe
    Kyle Thorpe

    Was not a fan of how half the audio was through a walkie-talkie.

  • Jerrell Esplain
    Jerrell Esplain


  • Tim Viechec
    Tim Viechec


  • Jay The Producer
    Jay The Producer

    " can you see my chin ?" *Which one?

  • Jeremy K
    Jeremy K

    Raptor may have rubbed the tire but it flexed more and didn’t lift a wheel like the TRX and jeep did. Also that Jeep departure angle 😂

  • Brian Palomo
    Brian Palomo

    Minecraft Lightshow sentido ex eBay de New Car llover

  • Travel with zhadeen jhun
    Travel with zhadeen jhun

    I like it!! ( both )

  • fauxhawkmullet

    17:16 I see a crack.

    • Dylan Russell
      Dylan Russell


  • José Luis Barajas
    José Luis Barajas

    I def want a TRX

  • Clifton Graves
    Clifton Graves

    I'd like to see this without having to hear these idiots talk.

  • Nicolas Rulli
    Nicolas Rulli

    “The gladiator will go over it” *scrapes*

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts

    Where is the tundra Ted pro

    • Deez Nuts
      Deez Nuts


  • MrDucYellow

    The new Bronco makes the Wrangler look like a grocery getter!

  • JRindestructible

    I'd rather have a Ram Rebel for $20k less...

  • علي اسامه طالب علي
    علي اسامه طالب علي

    Amg g class 6x6

  • Rouland Marshall
    Rouland Marshall

    That Jeep spoiled the video

  • Zane 27559
    Zane 27559

    The JEEP gladiator isnt a truck its a jeep that wishes it was a truck


    0:15 the unimog might beg to differ, along with the m35a2 and the sherp.

  • Anthony Mercado
    Anthony Mercado

    Kid with the keep ruined this video. Dislike because of that. Who cares about a Jeep, we are talking about two beasts in the truck market not some dumb Jeep

  • Mr Gagarin
    Mr Gagarin

    Autistic tests.

  • strelnikoff7

    $91K for a Dodge... 😂

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