introducing SHREDDER. 4WD / V10 / R8
I think it's time I make my introduction to the car community. Say hello to SHREDDER.
mErCh or whatever at

  • Swingin inna Bucket2
    Swingin inna Bucket2

    Barely 10 minutes in and he’s already ripping the car apart😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Benny White
      Benny White

      Should've put a Trump bumper sticker on while in CA. Then an AOC sticker on back home.

    • Twin Yuccas
      Twin Yuccas

      How do you not get a trailer for a drive that long with a car that nice?!?! I'm surprised the guy that sold it to them let them drive it home

    • Brent Browning
      Brent Browning


    • Huron Toikiy
      Huron Toikiy

      This guy just 😁😁✌️

    • Bigchigggsss Olo
      Bigchigggsss Olo

      @Please Enter a Name like you

  • Ian Cole
    Ian Cole

    He said the cop was nice. Why the hell do you need to harass people for window tint. Maybe driving at night it is a concern.

  • J G
    J G

    We're going to have to change this wind shield out. Get my ax. Lol

  • Jon Ocampo
    Jon Ocampo

    "3 inches of sediment" 🤣

  • Nate Blair
    Nate Blair

    Literal dream car. I just dig the R8.

  • m s
    m s

    and that’s how you deal with the cops

  • Rusty

    "What did I tell you about putting raindrops on it"

  • Tony Hidalgo
    Tony Hidalgo

    If he's going to build cars like that why wouldn't he fix his driveway so it wouldn't be so bad

  • Mudpaws Voom
    Mudpaws Voom

    Very sweet car tho

  • Mudpaws Voom
    Mudpaws Voom

    Why I won't go to California, po pos are making it bad for visiting, it'll be bad for business and California taxes keep treating people like that .

  • Keaton Jones
    Keaton Jones

    lol the car reversing @20:39

  • 1gramblam

    Question. How did he get so rich??

  • Adrian Ochoa
    Adrian Ochoa

    The uppity teeth complimentarily kneel because engine differently admire than a shiny quince. tedious, symptomatic whip

  • Mark Majors
    Mark Majors

    Bet you won't destroy it

  • Jay Swillie
    Jay Swillie

    I was thinkin he was gonna send it off the edge when he did the down and back in the mountains......He normally does something wild as shit sooooooo. 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Marcos Lopez
    Marcos Lopez

    This dude incriminated himself wtf is it the window tint lol dude had nothing 😂

  • Plumbaman13

    Kinda got jinxed when he said if he hit a raccoon

  • Plumbaman13

    The looks on the kids face when he threw the diffuser and I said I don’t want that was hilarious

  • WORK2LIVE 75
    WORK2LIVE 75

    What a nice cop 👍🏻

  • cody hinds
    cody hinds

    How many gallons of diesel does that guzzle per hour? 😂 Sweet ride bro

  • Andrew Burton
    Andrew Burton

    Teleporter indeed lol

  • Klifter Phleefin
    Klifter Phleefin

    That one was an absolute masterpiece. U three #uckers make me happy! God Bless ya.

  • victor sebola
    victor sebola

    Young, dumb and rich.....disastrous combination but I'm entertained

  • Cameron

    Before I even watch the video when I seen the thumbnail I thought back to that clip of him saying the only car ever on the channel

  • Jeff Zane
    Jeff Zane

    Amazing content and picture quality! Definitely a sub!

  • HyLife Society
    HyLife Society

    I bet that fox had a name,,,,,, something like spot, or mr wiggles 💀 😂

  • Adam D
    Adam D

    That’s Colorado my home!

  • Jamesthebond 007
    Jamesthebond 007

    Kinda looked like forza at the start for abit 🤣🤣

  • Black Cobra
    Black Cobra

    Gets the car, immediately wrecks its 🤦‍♂️

  • Scott

    What wheels are those?

  • Benny White
    Benny White

    Even the cop said get it home in 1 piece, he must watch the channel.

  • Ricardo Cardona
    Ricardo Cardona

    Best line @11:35 🤣🤣🤣

  • The Arts
    The Arts

    I hate that window tint limits are a thing. You cant see up in it man, so what. Keeps the sun out my eyes

  • Tom The Traveler
    Tom The Traveler

    Alright... Awesome car. I can’t hate. ✌️💜😎


    I thought you were going to crush the car with that big wheel of yours.

  • Wtfsazerk

    So wait thats the drive way to the shop that specializes in lowered vehicles

  • j0wt0ng

    This audi has permanent AWD, not 4wd.

  • Sean Hollway
    Sean Hollway

    Dang Ron Jeremy's brother

  • Sean Hollway
    Sean Hollway

    Now fix it and go 4w4 driveing

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B

    At 17:00 that’s launch control.

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B

    This kid ruins every car.

  • Leo Latour
    Leo Latour

    I want that fking Ronald McDonald Hitler shirt lmao that shits fire

  • Cooney. B
    Cooney. B

    Not an Audi / Lamborghini fan at all but that color ways super cool. Poor car will be trashed in no time, dude beats the brakes off everything he owns.

  • Tarz Thomas
    Tarz Thomas

    How much where the new tires?

  • LaloToo

    The camber is beautiful

  • Felix Sanroman
    Felix Sanroman

    My dream car 😍

  • Tinashe Mkandi
    Tinashe Mkandi

    Hope the ex owner didn't watch this...

  • Tj240x _
    Tj240x _

    What rims r those??

  • Nissius Conigliaro
    Nissius Conigliaro

    Man don't kill it i love audi!!

  • Zachary Gourlay
    Zachary Gourlay

    All most at 2 mil

  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan

    i like the guy "laugh" at 15:45 =D "Think your truck is fastttt" lolololl

  • from tha medows
    from tha medows

    Bet yo neighbors b like 👀👀👀look bob wtf he got now 🤣

  • josh012345

    what model of Audi is the fast back sedan he pulls out?

  • interceptor1986

    It survived I want to see it taken mudding

  • Live to Inspire
    Live to Inspire

    Tell me you're used to only driving trucks without telling me you're used to only driving trucks 😂

  • TM T
    TM T

    Love the intro cinematography Oh .. and the car too.

  • Adam Mokdad
    Adam Mokdad

    The well-off turret perioperatively ask because lip cranially doubt lest a nauseating halibut. murky, zealous forehead

  • 56 Nights
    56 Nights

    an audi without the audi sign looks just like a cheap fake

  • Chris 509JF
    Chris 509JF


  • hotchicksandpuppies

    Fuck no window tint. Go my mind your business cop.

  • nick4819

    Those dumbass air bags he put on there is what fucked the car up. That and that dumb ass stance people in Cali like...with the wheels kicked out riding on just the inside of the tire....that looks so fucking stupid....

    • The guy From myspace
      The guy From myspace

      You have no idea what ur talking about shut up

  • James Young
    James Young

    sounds like shit lmao but nice vid

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine Shop

    Most of these new cars the engine comes out to do anything. 🤷‍♂️

  • Having Fun
    Having Fun

    “The only car that will ever be on this channel”..... some time goes by....... “I bought a hellcat just to destroy it” haha

  • Jagged Edge
    Jagged Edge

    That's why I bought an a6 w the base 4.2

  • Jeremy Baker
    Jeremy Baker

    when are u going to put mud tiers on it

  • KnipSlip

    Meanwhile here browsing a 10k dollars car thinking it is way too expensive...

  • SoYou'veHeard 2
    SoYou'veHeard 2

    Poor Jason XDDDD

  • Nic Snodgress
    Nic Snodgress

    nothing beats eating a turkey sandwich and watching WD

  • Ta Chi
    Ta Chi

    The fast plantation ultrastructurally unfasten because command universally battle by a plausible turtle. puny, ugliest wealth

  • Natalie Maupin
    Natalie Maupin

    54mp!!! Lmfao!

  • Anti comment warrior
    Anti comment warrior

    Dude you got to fix that driveway...especially with being a slam shop.

  • Darren Williams
    Darren Williams

    15:12 the look on their faces lmaooooo

  • Deadman Greedo
    Deadman Greedo

    Put a blower on the hood/trunk like a hot rod type of look would be funny😂

  • Garage Nation
    Garage Nation

    Is it a 3H lift kit or something else?

  • Super Bikes and Stuff
    Super Bikes and Stuff

    Should make a square body version of an r8. Ya.

  • AshtrayAnnie

    Thats the problem with all those custom car builders. They build them to drive around at city speeds. That thing wouldn't even perform well in a street race

  • Dylan Mclemore
    Dylan Mclemore

    “I don’t want that(throws the defuser on in the grass on the side of the highway)”

    • nimeni86


  • EM1 Chase
    EM1 Chase

    God Speed Austin Powerz


    1400 hp sheepy built . Bro ....

  • B Lt
    B Lt

    I bet he grabbed the thing he threw off the front end of the car and put it back in the car !

  • Chris Yarzab
    Chris Yarzab

    Use 1" thick felt to line the frunk to reduce the sound of the compressor. I use to soundproof movie generators and that works best.

  • spikyend senpai
    spikyend senpai

    So am I the only one scared for this car

  • Andrew Riegel
    Andrew Riegel

    This Car.....So BEAUTIFUL

  • Daniel Lewandowski
    Daniel Lewandowski

    throws away a $2000 carbon fiber custom splitter lol.

  • Daniel Lewandowski
    Daniel Lewandowski

    cop was super cool.

  • Daniel Lewandowski
    Daniel Lewandowski

    bro that car is so sweet looking and sounding

  • Jason LeSage
    Jason LeSage

    Wait oops wrong number

  • Jason LeSage
    Jason LeSage

    OMFG 210 I saw

  • ZCQ1A _
    ZCQ1A _

    You should bye a bigass power boat and sink it

  • dauberbob003

    Anyone know the name of the song that starts at 0:30?

  • A&T Productions
    A&T Productions

    I don't get it

  • Clan de lo Prohibido
    Clan de lo Prohibido

    Cuando comienzan a destrozar este

  • Mikel Bogner
    Mikel Bogner

    AWD not 4wd

  • Good Luck
    Good Luck

    Has this guy ever washed his hair?

  • Samuraisahsah

    ‘Smile!” -what an obnoxious thing to say to ur Gf and he’s so un-self-aware that he includes it in the video lol That’s like the quintessential douchie thing to say to a girl, Gf or otherwise 🤦‍♂️

  • Remi Riot
    Remi Riot

    Lol, imagine hitting a fox in that thing.

    • S E
      S E


    • Edgar Daniels
      Edgar Daniels

      Imagine a cop telling Cody to get something home in one piece!! 🤣🤣

  • Roadrunner Beep Beep!
    Roadrunner Beep Beep!

    Wow, California is so dumb. The tint? Cmon thats such a 90’s ticket. This is y police have a bad name. 5 min of owning it, tint icket.

  • Roadrunner Beep Beep!
    Roadrunner Beep Beep!

    .7 tenths. Dont you mean 7 hundeths? Clearly a genius.

  • Roadrunner Beep Beep!
    Roadrunner Beep Beep!

    Even in this car dude is still a dork

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