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  • Tonizinho _FN
    Tonizinho _FN

    Laugh from video ❌ Laugh from Ksi’s laugh ✅

  • Gavin thomas
    Gavin thomas

    I have a vinal record player in my basement,

  • Dylan hewer
    Dylan hewer

    He should make ksi bandanas

  • king goku black
    king goku black

    His beard looks fake not trying to be mean

  • Cee.xo

    No one gonna tell him that the guy is actually British just putting on a American accent 😂

  • Reptull

    Vid begins at 4:09 aha

  • JustBread OG
    JustBread OG

    me:*sees title* also me:eey twitter so we have to talk about ksi

  • b1gg3r sp1nn3r
    b1gg3r sp1nn3r

    I identify as a 3 ft 11 skateboard

  • no thankyou
    no thankyou

    i identify as race fluid. today white, tommorow black, the next day asain

  • thxz _
    thxz _

    The game haven’t even started and he has already lost

  • liken_yt

    If u want to skip the 4 min intro hear 4:10

  • Mohammed Shaik
    Mohammed Shaik

    14:25 That was so unexpected lmaooo

  • Piñata filled With shit
    Piñata filled With shit

    Video starts at 4:10

  • Call of Duty wf
    Call of Duty wf

    Rip in peace Ksi

  • Josh Manalang
    Josh Manalang

    Why do I always hear “KSI LGBT” in his intros

  • Tommy Michael
    Tommy Michael

    6:26 When you unzip something

  • number 1 gamer
    number 1 gamer

    I wanna smoke what ksi smokes sum that forbidden fruit


    man apologized 99999 times in 1 video

  • Keandra Naufal
    Keandra Naufal


  • Psychological Disrespect
    Psychological Disrespect

    The cancer one 😂😂😂

  • Nini Nini
    Nini Nini

    Why u laught like pennywise😂😂😫🛐

  • Kaveh Bee
    Kaveh Bee

    When he reminded the laugh oh my that was hilarious

  • Poppazak

    Vid starts 4:09

  • FakMaskBoi

    11:53 did I really just apologize

  • Younas Aziz
    Younas Aziz

    So sad I can’t go to his shows for multiple reasons

  • tab

    the album is gonna drop two days after my birthday

  • Aiden Morris
    Aiden Morris

    your album is coming up a day before my birthday, can't wait to listen to it

  • Charan goud bandi
    Charan goud bandi


  • The potato Pug
    The potato Pug

    I’m seeing this on the 16th of June

  • Your annoying Girlo
    Your annoying Girlo

    damn congrats on ur album jj

  • gacha dj
    gacha dj

    my birthday is on the 22 of july ,6 days on

  • awsomegamer 17
    awsomegamer 17

    I keep thinking it's about "all out toilet paper

  • civyx

    4:41 count as a laugh

  • Norah.C. IIV
    Norah.C. IIV

    12:33 “You haven’t got the time on you have yah” Meanwhile the guys carrying a clock the size of Big Ben🤣🤣🤣

  • KingZ

    Damn, so that's why Deno was in the studio

  • pepo nada
    pepo nada


  • Zha Warudo
    Zha Warudo

    Let's rewind that laugh. Lmao

  • quintin russell
    quintin russell

    Yo July 16 my bday

  • Kaden Armendariz
    Kaden Armendariz

    4:07 you’re welcome :)

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    I can laugh at whatever I want

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    I'm the fat lad lol

  • Rashard Lewis
    Rashard Lewis

    I identify as 10 feet

  • 295

    3:20 until he talks

  • IsaacDraws

    Logan is better

  • samara gaming
    samara gaming

    KSI :do not laugh its 2021 me: laughing like crazy im so sorry

  • samara gaming
    samara gaming

    me loving how he says mat and i say mad is it mat or mad ?

  • Hi

    The into was 4:10 minutes long 😭

  • Bensen Dole
    Bensen Dole

    Ksi makes my day when he laughs lol

  • Emil Ehrnrooth
    Emil Ehrnrooth


  • KingRevi

    4:10 thx me later lol

  • ahmed abdulfatah
    ahmed abdulfatah

    ARE YOU 18

  • MR. CRO
    MR. CRO

    just 1 day till album aotp i cant wait

  • joshua campbell
    joshua campbell

    Bruh don't apologize just laugh and have a fun time you have 22 mil + people supporting u

  • Jayden Lol
    Jayden Lol

    12:57 I don't get it

    • Human Lettuce
      Human Lettuce

      He didn’t have a foot

  • Juliet Pinto
    Juliet Pinto

    Smeone here with the new moresidemen video title😂😂😂

  • Meeku on 0 fps
    Meeku on 0 fps

    This vid getting recommended to me one day before releasing the album

  • Cool_ggyettman 2
    Cool_ggyettman 2

    I was I the show loo

  • Cool_ggyettman 2
    Cool_ggyettman 2

    We going to give him platinum

  • Kenne_th

    If only I wasn’t poor I would go to concerts

  • Nick Estrada
    Nick Estrada

    I needed this, thanks man

  • Salma Useef
    Salma Useef

    JJ the challenge is called “ try not to laugh “

  • RK Troops
    RK Troops

    Bro u almost didn’t have any eyebrows my nigga… well much love from JA

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah

    it starts at 4:10 for my lazy people

  • Daniel Walker
    Daniel Walker

    Ksi is laughing like a chicken and then a KFC advert comes up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ben Evenson
    Ben Evenson

    The intro took 4 mins

  • Sebastian Jaros
    Sebastian Jaros

    man love you XD

  • Vishal Patel
    Vishal Patel

    Damn. Man got bugzy

  • SonyGamer 3
    SonyGamer 3

    12:07 dude like wtf

  • anna lol
    anna lol

    the rewind laugh didn’t help at all😭

  • TheLegendGamer

    That First One The Guy Looks Like Robert Pattinson

  • Sean O Brien
    Sean O Brien

    Fuckin hell half the video was an add😂

  • Tenzin Monlam IX D
    Tenzin Monlam IX D

    AOTP=All Over The Place? more like AOTP=Attack On Titan's Power

  • יובל מגן
    יובל מגן

    Then baldski 2021

  • MegaMacca

    "I do not encourage kids under the age of 18 swearing". Most people that watch you are under 18

  • A0097

    AOTp more like attack on titan place

  • Nixon Richi
    Nixon Richi

    Guy in first clip looks like Robert Pattinson on drugs!

  • Nixon Richi
    Nixon Richi

    Video starts at 04:09

  • OP虎皇


  • Otto Teo
    Otto Teo

    He laughs like Mickey Mouse.

  • ItIsWhatItIs StandupForGreatness
    ItIsWhatItIs StandupForGreatness


  • spuder

    jj: children under the age of 18 should not swear also jj: *starts swearing at tommy* tommy : *also swears* jj and tommy: *swearing intensifies*

  • alex jimenez
    alex jimenez

    Ok so it is only Americans that call crime lotion

  • Nick-is-sleepy

    Video starts at 4:10

  • MisterSlippi

    If they don't want you to laugh at someone disability they should not put it on a try not to laugh ya know

  • Psycho

    React to one of ur own vids

  • Xced Kilz
    Xced Kilz


  • JJ fan
    JJ fan

    Yessirrrr can't wait

  • schanae blast
    schanae blast

    11:30 to 12:27 JJ denying the video was funny *him internally laughing*

  • schanae blast
    schanae blast

    Not pennywise laugh intro

  • Jaycob Avalos (Student)
    Jaycob Avalos (Student)

    It comes out on my birthday

  • Semaj Hunter
    Semaj Hunter

    Your album came out on my birthday 🎂

  • C0rb1n g4m3s
    C0rb1n g4m3s

    He doesn’t even where his own merch

  • Carys Lindley
    Carys Lindley

    Just me that noticed minx then ..... Kk 🥲

  • REPLAY 2017
    REPLAY 2017

    14:39 Best one yet ❤️🤣

  • Teddybear playz
    Teddybear playz


  • Cloak Devil
    Cloak Devil

    His every laugh makes my day I love Ksi keep up the grind 🔥🔥🔥

  • wiuo O
    wiuo O

    El 2@nm2@nm

  • A Z U R I
    A Z U R I

    Change the title and use try not to cancelled!

  • Trevyn Brazeal
    Trevyn Brazeal

    So- yah boy is new- and he need to know what KSI means- cuz im dumb af yea so um- help me out;-;