If Everything Was Like Among Us 3
Among us in real life guys. Guess who the imposter is and let us know if you guessed correctly. This is a part 3 to our If Everything Was Like Among Us vid. Which person do you relate to the most?
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    Shiloh & Bros

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    • Ooi Mee Chong
      Ooi Mee Chong


    • Fernando junior nieto bello
      Fernando junior nieto bello

      Do impostor part 4

    • EnderBoy



      It is so cool that Elijah acts in the thunder mans so cool

    • Sapna Mangal
      Sapna Mangal

      OMG me

  • Maudilia Calderon
    Maudilia Calderon

    I might watch it 10 times to see if the impostor would of won

    • Shiloh & Bros
      Shiloh & Bros


  • Jessica Gutshall
    Jessica Gutshall

    Can you make a among us. 4

    • Shiloh & Bros
      Shiloh & Bros

      Working on it💕

  • Maudilia Calderon
    Maudilia Calderon

    wait if there is 3 impostor they win if there is 3 cremates and there was 6 crewmates so the impostor should of won

  • Zion Alvarado
    Zion Alvarado

    am I the only one where who thinks they need a medbay scan?

  • Ooi Mee Chong
    Ooi Mee Chong

    Orange:guys,is red,red is impostor! red:is orange ,vote orange orange was not impostor Jiran:orange and red get out!!😂😂 👇👇 👇

  • 2A03鄭綽賢 2A03CHENG CHEUK YIN
    2A03鄭綽賢 2A03CHENG CHEUK YIN

    u itdot u cant vote two ppl

  • lille and Silly
    lille and Silly

    Please do part 4

    • Shiloh & Bros
      Shiloh & Bros

      Working on it💕

  • Ruth Montiel
    Ruth Montiel

    The part of the wires and the leaves in the vent i replayed it like 10 times 🤣🤣 can i get a like

  • Zephaniah Peguese
    Zephaniah Peguese

    Orange always thought that britney was the impostor

    • Zephaniah Peguese
      Zephaniah Peguese

      Will there be a fourth among us

    • Shiloh & Bros
      Shiloh & Bros

      he did🤪

  • Zephaniah Peguese
    Zephaniah Peguese

    I hope there will be a 4 among us

  • gaming with chenu
    gaming with chenu

    Come on guys 100 k subs to 1 million let's make to the gold play button for our colourful devils😁😁🤘😇😍😆

  • Lisa Adamson
    Lisa Adamson

    why does that look super painful throwing urself outside LMAO

  • remi. playz
    remi. playz


    • Shiloh & Bros
      Shiloh & Bros

      Working on it💕

  • Brandon Moreno
    Brandon Moreno

    Pls pls pls make part four

  • Christian R
    Christian R

    You guys should do a part 4

  • Ron Nghiem
    Ron Nghiem


  • Yolany Vindel
    Yolany Vindel

    How would 7th

  • alex hebert
    alex hebert

    Have you ever saw a comment and and thought “dam, I wished I wrote that one”

  • Kason Thompson
    Kason Thompson

    Micah he's a rat

  • Kelton Mitchell
    Kelton Mitchell


  • Rachel’s Frozen Cover
    Rachel’s Frozen Cover

    0:18 why did red seem like she did not care?

  • payesangabriel

    That sus bro

  • Karter Leonard
    Karter Leonard


  • Mariani Sufian
    Mariani Sufian

    "Part 4" "Part 4" "Part 4" "Part 4" "Part 4" "Part 4" "Part 4" "Part 4"

  • Yulfis Wandi
    Yulfis Wandi

    Who want imposter part 4

  • I luv doggøs
    I luv doggøs

    Not how the game goes

  • JV

    If orange actually was an impostor that wouldve been a dick move by red

  • Kiera Rose
    Kiera Rose

    Do you guys have a posting schedule? I’m bored and I watched all your videos in three days!

  • maple unicornyt
    maple unicornyt

    its dadvid

  • Jace Stone
    Jace Stone

    They did get from outside crazy

  • Magi Maravilla
    Magi Maravilla

    Who want among us part 4? Click here V

  • Tim Gabriel Sandel
    Tim Gabriel Sandel

    When Elijah said " The Hamper Room " Shiloh wanted to vote him because there is no hamper room. Elijah just doesn't want to be sussed by green so he lied about the place.

  • Jace Stone
    Jace Stone

    I LOVE YOU GUYS can you play mega man 11

    • Shiloh & Bros
      Shiloh & Bros

      Yaayy thank you ❤️

  • BagsbyFam

    Just realized Shiloh plays in Feel the Beat and it's a good movie!

    • BagsbyFam

      @Shiloh & Bros Yes, the whole family loved it.

    • Shiloh & Bros
      Shiloh & Bros

      Yes!! did you like the movie?☺️

  • Rachel Melendez
    Rachel Melendez

    Bro But i Can Just tell your mom in the back i like wow They are Doing what i told them

  • Amanda McAlister
    Amanda McAlister

    and blue and david and who is that inside blacks mask?

  • Amanda McAlister
    Amanda McAlister

    its red

  • Navin Khemraj
    Navin Khemraj

  • Spartaclowny124 Forleh
    Spartaclowny124 Forleh

    It's funny when Elijah and Micah fall

  • Isabel Garcia Garcia
    Isabel Garcia Garcia

    It was so funny to me when Juda said “ It’s okay Satan”

  • Janice Paloma
    Janice Paloma

    It was so good.I love it forever 😇😇😇

    • Shiloh & Bros
      Shiloh & Bros

      Yaayy thank you ❤️

  • Becky Ocanas
    Becky Ocanas

    This among us is nothing like the real among us

  • lizeth Martinez
    lizeth Martinez


    • Shiloh & Bros
      Shiloh & Bros


  • Sandro Barros
    Sandro Barros

    Do Part 4

  • Russell Noyes
    Russell Noyes

    When are you guys going to upload new video

  • Mary Grace Garcia
    Mary Grace Garcia

    can u do a part 4 among us but with 1 imposter

  • Gian Sibalo
    Gian Sibalo

    2:14 two ejects at once? 🤣

  • Gian Sibalo
    Gian Sibalo

    Judah : red was sus I knew it! Oh snap! it was Brittany! I was right! I caught her!

  • KOPINAY Ara Lim
    KOPINAY Ara Lim

    I like it when the imposter has only 1 kill

  • ItsMeLandon

    i want shiloh to get voted out

  • Camille Camargo
    Camille Camargo

    can you guys do more among us vids

  • Matthew The Gamer 2.0
    Matthew The Gamer 2.0

    0:30 These guys are basically American police officer jkjkjk but do not scroll down ... Oh you are are still here? Please do not scroll down I aM gIvInG gIfTcArDs tO pEoPlE wHo sUb tO mE

  • attila völgyi
    attila völgyi

    Judah: RED IS SUS! Everyone: Watch Red Blue and Shiloh: What the heck judah always says red is sus! Everyone else: ooooh vote judah


    Why a three imposters ?

  • Gaming Artist
    Gaming Artist

    Can you make more?

  • Virginia Rilang
    Virginia Rilang

    Can we get a part four

  • Lilia Cevallos
    Lilia Cevallos

    I. Like. Among us. Because I Can. Imposter Every round

  • GamingflamPF

    Wow!! You guys have 900k subscribers! Congrats, You guys make me laugh so much!!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂🤣🤣

    • Shiloh & Bros
      Shiloh & Bros

      Aww thank you so much for the support😊

  • Emma Young
    Emma Young

    I love your videos every day because it when you play the part you love it

    • Shiloh & Bros
      Shiloh & Bros

      Aww thank you so much🥰❤️

  • Mareli Vera
    Mareli Vera

    How's Micah Doing With His Leg

  • Z4 Un
    Z4 Un

    My family loves to watch yall

    • Shiloh & Bros
      Shiloh & Bros

      Aww yay🥰❤️

  • Godzilla Jonathan
    Godzilla Jonathan

    Yes yes 😀😃😄😁

  • Steevie Willis
    Steevie Willis

    It is red and bule and 🍌boy

  • Josh Benjoe
    Josh Benjoe

    Brittany more like Redttany

  • Mee Meh
    Mee Meh

    Can you do a part 4 because I love these 💕

    • Mee Meh
      Mee Meh

      Wait and have a happy thanksgiving🦃 love, Emma

    • Mee Meh
      Mee Meh

      Orange keep saying red is sus but she is the imposter and I didn’t know there’s. 3 imposter and my brother told me

    • Mee Meh
      Mee Meh

      Omg a another ALgoner that is my favourite ALgoner thanks 🙏

    • Shiloh & Bros
      Shiloh & Bros

      Aww thank you so much for the support😊

  • Kiano Sorrelhorse
    Kiano Sorrelhorse

    Mike's leg is better


    When we get to part 4 do 1 imposter cause u never did it so

  • Opal's Creative World
    Opal's Creative World

    You guys should do among us part 4

  • 2011 Mommy
    2011 Mommy

    Are you going to make a part 4??

  • Wesley Schaaf
    Wesley Schaaf


  • Defender Lexa
    Defender Lexa

    "OH snap!, Oh snap! Hahaha... I was right, red was sus..." -orange🤣🤣🤣 1:45 It really got me hahahahaha😂😂

  • Enzo Veniat
    Enzo Veniat

    Why would they say where even though it would be easy to find where is the toilet paper

  • Jess M
    Jess M

    Haley the only way

  • Eric Thompson
    Eric Thompson

    can you do a part four

  • YU JING Lin
    YU JING Lin

    do this have part 4

  • Justin Nartker
    Justin Nartker

    Black no

  • Hannah Mikaela Hilario
    Hannah Mikaela Hilario

    oh I forgot red was the imposter

  • JessieMatthew 1071
    JessieMatthew 1071

    red is sus and blue is sus and black is sus

  • Hannah Mikaela Hilario
    Hannah Mikaela Hilario

    why do Orange always say read is always suspicious

  • Little red Slime
    Little red Slime

    Judah:red sus Red:I hate you Judah:*gasp*I KNEW IT

  • Bubble gum 3440
    Bubble gum 3440

    That was good but can you do part four but only with two imposters please. 👌🏻👌🏻😉😉🥺🥺

  • Little red Slime
    Little red Slime

    Judah:red sus Red:ima end yo career

  • Yogeeta Narine
    Yogeeta Narine

    I looked at the video and thought it was 2 BUT HEY PART 3 IS OUT!!

  • dos Cueno
    dos Cueno

    Judah always say sus

  • Cariona Bracey
    Cariona Bracey

    Make a part 4

  • Anna Maurer
    Anna Maurer

    u guys should DEFINETELY make another among us video, they are SO funny!

    • Shiloh & Bros
      Shiloh & Bros

      Thank you for watching 🙌🏼 Glad you enjoyed it😊💕

  • Jose Valladares
    Jose Valladares

    My godd

  • Marisol Ibarra
    Marisol Ibarra

    You need part4 please

  • Rishma Maharaj
    Rishma Maharaj


  • Rishma Maharaj
    Rishma Maharaj

    Ninja is the other impostor

  • Reda Abdallaoui
    Reda Abdallaoui

    Pls part 4 you're so amazing 😍

    • Shiloh & Bros
      Shiloh & Bros

      Aww thank you so much🥰❤️

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia


  • ShadowPlayzSwitch

    Imagine getting millions of views on videos but not even 1 mil subs lol

  • MK - 08DM 775517 Homelands Sr PS
    MK - 08DM 775517 Homelands Sr PS

    Every video just gets better!

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    Haileyz Toys

    I’m gunna get amunguse

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    Cowmard Jeffery


    • Shiloh & Bros
      Shiloh & Bros

      Aww thank you so much for the support😊

  • Panchin Carrillo
    Panchin Carrillo

    Guys can you post more among us videos

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    Rhonda Decker

    Best channel ever

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    Lol yesterday I saw they had 800k now they have 900k!

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