If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge
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  • Milkii Playz
    Milkii Playz


  • BlueShurriken77792

    I wanna know who are the other Impostors, aside from TB and X.

  • tinahyberger

    I have four pets

  • Baldibasics2009zoom

    Too sus, try again.

  • Snowball_cyan

    Reds kinda sus

  • Violy Guamos
    Violy Guamos

    Hello I'm under the wotor pls help me I'm draning

  • Wee Goh
    Wee Goh

    Bfdia, two Galatians. Among us bfb after the kill, no gelatains.

  • Luca Tube
    Luca Tube

    X is the imposter tennis ball is two

  • Luca Tube
    Luca Tube

    Where’s x

  • Learning awesome animals With Alia
    Learning awesome animals With Alia

    X: hi gelatin.....”click click click” abahgsgdbdhdgdgbdh

  • Learning awesome animals With Alia
    Learning awesome animals With Alia

    Omg lol

  • Jake Blue Bird
    Jake Blue Bird

    New Medby

  • Jake Blue Bird
    Jake Blue Bird

    New Bird BFDI

  • Bendyandfnafgamer

    1:05 excuse me?

    • Kitten comics The Four fangirl
      Kitten comics The Four fangirl

      Ngl that’s kinda *gay* 😳

  • Amber Songer
    Amber Songer

    3:01 ah cool big laser less cool

  • SpriteCranberry

    NOOOO!!!! NOT YOU TOO!!!!

  • Amber Songer
    Amber Songer

    oh ya i vote [a] to join TPOT

  • fishy

    Lollipop:your so talented 4 but why are you wearing a inoccent scraped off body from a teletubbie 4: uhhh

  • The Swimming Head
    The Swimming Head

    red do be lookin kinda sus tho

  • Brock Animations
    Brock Animations

    “Ships should not exist” Literally half the object community: an I, a D, an IDC

  • Boba Ferret
    Boba Ferret

    Bruh why is nobody talking about how gelatin is a cannibal.

  • Prashanti Paramita
    Prashanti Paramita

    Lol lollypop says: four! Why are u wearing teletubies thingy?

  • Russell Fam
    Russell Fam

    Wait a Second...If Match is Wood, so is Woody! So Match and Woody are related?

  • moe fox
    moe fox

    1:39 for some reason I really like the way Four says "dumb candyball"

  • Aiden Boggets
    Aiden Boggets

    rtx off: among us. rtx on: tel. e. tubies.

  • XxxStrawberry._.cowxxx

    4 x X I love it

    • Kitten comics The Four fangirl
      Kitten comics The Four fangirl


  • Jason The Kid Network Studios
    Jason The Kid Network Studios


  • StxrDxst AnimatesOWO
    StxrDxst AnimatesOWO

    i miss bfdi

  • Mary Hodges
    Mary Hodges


  • Its_Saberz


  • SaveTheEarth YT
    SaveTheEarth YT

    What if all of this started from lollipop saying “seems kinda sus to me”.

  • Yenieth Veliz
    Yenieth Veliz

    Those are the skin of among us 🔪📁👨🏻‍🚀💀

    • Yenieth Veliz
      Yenieth Veliz

      Report body

    • Yenieth Veliz
      Yenieth Veliz

      Encenry meeting!!!!

  • Raveny Claw
    Raveny Claw

    Tennis Ball sus.


    He sus

  • Paul Naing
    Paul Naing

    tennis ball is the inposter

  • e e
    e e

    1:10 ??????

  • This name in unnecessary
    This name in unnecessary

    Yasssss sisters

  • e e
    e e


  • hi bye
    hi bye

    The worst thing to think about this eventually BFB will end this whole phantom will eventually die

  • Daniel Lytvyshko
    Daniel Lytvyshko

    *Me before this was uploaded* *Me* I wonder if they make an among us episode.

  • Andrea Kay
    Andrea Kay

    I like how this been made

  • สมจิตร อมาตย์มนตรี
    สมจิตร อมาตย์มนตรี

    Tennis ball and X is a imposter

  • 미니특공대X tube
    미니특공대X tube

    • Russell Fam
      Russell Fam

      How did you get those emojis?

  • Windows 7fan 375
    Windows 7fan 375

    Jelly boy blocked me

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    Eraser: ships should not exist Shippers: Say sike right now!

  • Landyn Blalock
    Landyn Blalock

    Do a Nother Among us

  • pb boy and friends
    pb boy and friends

    1:25 lollipop has no scriple

  • Hyra-Mae Greer
    Hyra-Mae Greer

    What if you wanted to go to heaven but god said "Hey guys for a prank-

  • Joana Bernal
    Joana Bernal

    Tennis ball & X are impostors

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon

      The character I'm recommending is Football! Character info - • Gender - Female • Best Friend - Leafy

  • Hunter Patino
    Hunter Patino

    0:50 match: THESE DUMBO BOYS

  • Loli_ROBLOX

    The screech is back :D

  • Ollie Bawllie
    Ollie Bawllie

    3:02 Tennis ball was an imposter 3:59 X was an imposter 4:42 Black hole was an imposter

  • Joana Bernal
    Joana Bernal

    Among us

  • Joana Bernal
    Joana Bernal


  • Henry Stickboi
    Henry Stickboi

    U 2 need to calab

  • strawberry

    Good vid

  • snickrdoodle skywalker
    snickrdoodle skywalker


  • Hayden S
    Hayden S

    Four is sus

  • 2_ yutiu
    2_ yutiu

    Tennis Ball is the imposter Huh? Vote tennis ball NOOOOOO Tennis Ball was the imposter

  • Peytonanthony321


  • Lluvia Valdivia
    Lluvia Valdivia


  • Strawby.35 Neko
    Strawby.35 Neko

    You mean, Spaceships should not exist?


    The character I'm recommending is Football! Character info - • Gender - Female • Best Friend - Leafy

  • CrazyDJ

    Hey Micheal And Cary I was about to make the same video but i scrapped it but now you guys made it im proud!!! :)

  • MaskedRaptor


  • ๏꧁SuperSonic꧂๏

    0:47 I thought coiny cussed

  • Catherine Driscoll
    Catherine Driscoll

    Braslity seeing slober on his card

  • Wilians Gomez
    Wilians Gomez

    Among Us y Hola 😁😁😁😁

    • Wilians Gomez
      Wilians Gomez


  • Hello Me Trash
    Hello Me Trash

    Ships don’t exist Me: what about BFB 15!

  • Kristiane Maia
    Kristiane Maia


  • PercyRobloxYT

    Ganna like

  • Nestle Crunch
    Nestle Crunch

    Requst: Happy Thanksgiving! Also BFB 27 On December 9!

  • Sweetie Cane
    Sweetie Cane

    wow blue really shattered that glass

  • Noodle Occasionally Does Stuff
    Noodle Occasionally Does Stuff

    BFB 12.

  • Hamid sayed
    Hamid sayed

    Remember when there was no emergency button in bfdi? There is now!

  • Lina The bee-roblox
    Lina The bee-roblox

    among u

  • Daysen B
    Daysen B

    There is 2 imposters among us

  • Jelena Kovaluka
    Jelena Kovaluka

    4:05 scares the heck outta me X is not as innocent as we all knew him as.

    • Kitten comics The Four fangirl
      Kitten comics The Four fangirl

      X is just horrifying

  • Roblox BEAR the cheese master
    Roblox BEAR the cheese master

    ‘Body scraped teletubbie’

  • Pedro Meira Mendes YouTuber
    Pedro Meira Mendes YouTuber

    x is creepy

  • rahmi shloul
    rahmi shloul

    Eraser :ship should not exist Bell:WAIT SHIPS SOULD NOT EXIST Everyone:*scream* Black hole:black holes always win at the end

  • Juanito B Productions
    Juanito B Productions

    there,s an object among us

  • Trypod89

    Sorry if I was late I was fixing mai computer/ also I knew the real swipe card was behind gelatin (lie :I

  • That's right y'all better be scared of me!
    That's right y'all better be scared of me!

    Lollipop doesn't have scribble Oh no..

  • Ian Chen
    Ian Chen

    Bfb 27 is finding the eliminated content

  • Salima Dib
    Salima Dib

    I like among us

    • Salima Dib
      Salima Dib

      I accidentally pulled the wrong email

  • Mac Casarez
    Mac Casarez

    Among us game

  • Lollipop Bfb Games!
    Lollipop Bfb Games!

    Eraser: Ships Should Not Exist! Shippers: Oh God Now Pencil X Match Leafy X Firey Pen X Pencil Gelatain X Lollipop Four X x Tv X Remote Ruby X Flower Golfball X Tenisball Dora X David Book X Taco Zizzy X Pony Mousy X Robby Penny X Foxy Ballony X Cloudy I’ll do More Later

  • Foxy3737 YT
    Foxy3737 YT

    Bally and Marble • • HelloKevin • Lego Brick • Purple Face • Tune • Waffle Announcer clones • Bozo • Bugs • Carrot Cakes • Cheese Orb • Fire Monster • Fish • Fish Monster • G and O • Radio Announcer • Sam • Stick Figures • Unknown Shadow • Weird creatures was not the imposter

  • ꧁ Luna Martina ꧂
    ꧁ Luna Martina ꧂

    Wooooooooooooow! Among us and BFB

  • spideyt roblox
    spideyt roblox

    2:54 and 3:59 all of those are the deaths

  • Mr lol
    Mr lol


  • Mr. Click clack
    Mr. Click clack

    1:10 to much information pencil

  • XxlolmasterxX


  • Destiny Reyes
    Destiny Reyes

    Eraser and Penny don't that is the emergency meeting that was somewhere else when you were there or somewhere else there was no emergency button the hair doctors emergency button

  • XxlolmasterxX

    there HUGE!

  • Jama Jama
    Jama Jama


  • Dr eggs
    Dr eggs


  • Villa Almhill
    Villa Almhill

    I wanted this too happen🥳

  • Jevil

    So X can still teleport

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