I Tried Lifeguard Academy
Without any prior training, I decided to see how I would fare against some of the world’s best lifeguards. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next Challenge Accepted! :)
Thank you so much to San Diego Lifeguards for showing us a piece of the amazing work you do. If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to visit: www.sandiego.gov/lifeguards/about/employ
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  • Kiana Wilcox
    Kiana Wilcox

    The encouragement is so sweet!

  • lizziefairyyee

    As a lifeguard, and a swimmer the no goggles stresses me out,,,, but she did absolutely amazing !,

  • Rose Austin
    Rose Austin

    Who else thinks she should try EMT academy? Leave a like and repost if you agree.🤩🤩🤩👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


    U should try and become a professional diver or swimmer

  • Jean Alyssa Langley
    Jean Alyssa Langley

    HEY MICHELLE!!! amazing job girl

  • Milena_eats

    Michelle is so good at all this but if you hate don't watch if you not like it and Michelle is amazing

    • Milena_eats

      Michelle if you see this I love your channel

  • • VOLTAGE editZ •
    • VOLTAGE editZ •

    Plz attempt to be and equestrian for 6 weeks because I really want this to happen and I think it would be a challenge for you but I think you would have fun with it Like if you think the same Equestrian means horseback rider

  • Nour S
    Nour S

    I miss your videos!

  • Tamaratritania Citta Trisnantari
    Tamaratritania Citta Trisnantari

    I literally cried.

  • Gina CassAt
    Gina CassAt

    I did lifeguard when I was younger. I can do CPR on anyone still and I’ve done it on three boys

  • Derrick Sullivan Davis
    Derrick Sullivan Davis

    didn't you hear her say god damn*t #9:08

  • Lily Ilous
    Lily Ilous

    Yeet Brad off the cliff

  • Livie S
    Livie S

    you were so good Michelle! I love your videos and you are so amazing!

  • TsunamiPapi

    ngl I could do all of this if u dont believe me fly me out i dare u

    • Trey Sweeney
      Trey Sweeney

      Good for you👍

  • Shravan Viraj Cunchala
    Shravan Viraj Cunchala

    Damn Michelle is literally the living example of “If you set your mind to something, you can achieve anything!”

  • Meadow ayala
    Meadow ayala

    Am i the only one that saw that fin pop up @ 1:18

  • Cheryl MacG
    Cheryl MacG

    You should do professional gymnastics, and do a competion at the end. That would be amazing

  • Jordan Camille
    Jordan Camille


  • Cory Avelar
    Cory Avelar

    They really should have given her a lesson on how to surface swim with fins.

  • Joshua S-d
    Joshua S-d

    I love the way they describe Gareth as a professional drowning victim 😂😂

  • Bobby Jenkins
    Bobby Jenkins

    New gm but I’m back

  • Jaidan Bowers
    Jaidan Bowers

    If every Women was as Strong and Beautiful and Incrediable like you in the world... WE WOULD HAVE AN AMAZING WORLD😂💪

  • Jaidan Bowers
    Jaidan Bowers

    Michelle. You are a beast!! I have so much respect for u!!!! You literally can do everything!! U did so amazing!!! Love u girl!!

  • Alba Bazan
    Alba Bazan

    Not gonna lie i had a completely different (baywatch) idea of what exactly lifeguards did. thanks for the insight Michelle definitely gonna give lifeguards more credit from now on.

  • Roy

    Bruh... I don't think I could even make 50mtrs swimming...

  • illVirgo

    best trust excercies

  • illVirgo

    yikes he really just slipped well it happens

  • ueli

    If you're interested in lifeguards and their work, you should check out bondi rescue

  • Cowgirl Tay
    Cowgirl Tay

    What a bad ass 💪🏻

  • illVirgo

    i either saw a shark or there was a rock

  • Jedi master Lopez
    Jedi master Lopez

    Please make a military police video

  • Saniya S
    Saniya S

    I was a lifeguard at a pool last summer and all I did was sit in a chair. Ocean lifeguarding seems so hard

  • Smokey’s life
    Smokey’s life

    Hi Michelle, I am a huge fan and I am going through a lot. I get so much hate and death wishes on social media and school. My parents have done the most they could do to help solve it but it just made it much worse for me. I am like so proud of what I do and I get hate for it. You and your videos are what help me keep pushing and making me smile everyday. You help me more than you know. I am very thankful for you and I am glad to have came over your channel two and a half years ago. I am a proud fan and subscriber. From your biggest fan, Aimee R. Age 12

  • Thoriso Tlake
    Thoriso Tlake

    Dear Michelle, you're amazing!

  • Rastafari

    She’s cute

  • Roi-Andra Lewis
    Roi-Andra Lewis

    i love the editing of this video! its honestly so professional! its like an episode of a real show and not on youtube

  • Ailene Montes
    Ailene Montes

    Garret be like i didnt sign up for this guysss 🥲

  • ZeraCloud

    My uncle is a life’s guard in the San Diego Bay Area as well, and he actually had to rescue someone in the sewers. And he’s been doing this since I was a little kid. He even once took me and my cousin on a ride along.

  • Rosie Nelson
    Rosie Nelson

    It would be so cool if you could try horse riding!

  • K M
    K M

    Lol u should go medical school

  • Lilly Rosen
    Lilly Rosen

    Do colour guard please!!!! (Not honor guard )

  • Ariana Vazquez
    Ariana Vazquez

    Sgt. Strobel!!! He was my main supervisor this summer for lifeguarding! So cool to see him in this video. I like how I knew exactly where you were in every clip

  • Lilly Rosen
    Lilly Rosen

    Me and my friend were at a beach once and we were chilling on the sandbar and we saw these two people who were screaming for help and turns out it was a mom and a little girl that had wandered off a sand bar. We went to go and help them and everything was fine but I can’t imagine how scary that would have been

    • Joanna Garcia
      Joanna Garcia

      Well I am at least glad they are all ok😌

  • Julia Vallely
    Julia Vallely


  • Rose Austin
    Rose Austin

    Please try EMT academy! 🤩🤩🤩

  • Country Girls Stuck In The City
    Country Girls Stuck In The City

    Please try EMT academy! Someday I want to become an EMT and would love to see you try. 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Joselyn Arriaza reyes
    Joselyn Arriaza reyes

    You should do"I trained like a professional artist"

  • Hi-c boy _
    Hi-c boy _

    Am I the only person that watched this just bc of how bad she is

  • Roxana Beltran
    Roxana Beltran

    nice job :)

  • Namun Ganbold
    Namun Ganbold

    why does sgt rick look like the grinch here 2:02

  • Alex is An idiot
    Alex is An idiot

    Reminds me of the actual Malibu beach saves

  • Beth Wightman
    Beth Wightman

    'when i think of lifeguards, i think of humans at their peak physical performance' im a lifeguard and i cant even walk up the stairs without needing to pass out lmaoo

  • Lara Wyse
    Lara Wyse

    😢😢😢😢😢so happy and u are so strong

  • Lara Wyse
    Lara Wyse

    U are the best girl!

  • Mixi Alexis
    Mixi Alexis

    ahhh you were in SD! this my home town, thanks for working here :)

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    Tw1n Charm

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    ꧁Melanie Playz꧂

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  • happymama

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    βΘlΘH AG

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    Kai -brawlstars

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    Harry Dunkwu

    I tried being Aqua Woman!

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    Sabdi Vazquez

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    Margarito Soto

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    Siti Sakinah Abd Rahim

    Omg 😱 u so cool 😎 good job 👏 👏👏👏



  • John Mark
    John Mark


  • David Balderston
    David Balderston

    personally, I think you are a very brave and determined young woman.

  • Amanda Hampton
    Amanda Hampton

    This series gives me so much motivation and strength to accomplish my own obstacles. Thank you so much for having the positive attitude no matter what and always pushing yourself!

  • Curran Schaefer
    Curran Schaefer

    23:36 Chris Traeger?

  • StinkyDoodle

    a idea for a video is '' I trained as a zookeeper'' You could help animals and stuff like that! Or maybe '' I trained like a professional skateboarder''? - Also, ily you and your videos so much!! your really inspiring!! 💕

  • Dev Kochhar
    Dev Kochhar

    Michelle's parents friends: My daughter is a doctor what about your daughter? Michelle's parents: 👁👄👁 uhh

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    Chris Hoath

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    Kaden Bryant

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    Jian Ming Zeng

    What the... she did this in the corona virus? Dang you know she cares about us

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    Andreas Kallis

    Great Content!!

  • the pekka
    the pekka

    I grew up in the ocean

  • Derek H
    Derek H

    Awesome as usual! Next step sprint triathlon lol

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    Nabovy Chhay

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    Ugnė Suslovaitė

    But you need to trust your horse 2

  • Ugnė Suslovaitė
    Ugnė Suslovaitė

    Michelle you have done a lot of chalanges and I have one in my head. You say you need to trust your self. So will you acept show jumping.

  • creamcakee

    fun tip for swimming: swimmers who have meet someone to teach them to swim probably know this but when your swimming it is much better to kick with *straight* legs, it doesn’t sound right but it saves energy AND it may make you swim faster!! 💕 PLEASE DO PILOTING IF YOU HAVENT

  • Popa Andreea-Maria
    Popa Andreea-Maria

    When the ife guards joined her i was tearing up, they were so so sweet.

  • shreedhar sharma
    shreedhar sharma

    i ain't gonna swim without goggles

  • Kate Carlisle
    Kate Carlisle

    me being a volunteer lifeguard from australia watching this and all I have to say is ,, you're a literal inspiration . this course looks incredibly hard . we did quite a lot of the elements from it ,, but this is like ,, top level shit . well done ,, you crushed it as always .

  • Ashley Toh
    Ashley Toh

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  • Chelle

    Kinda of why i wouldn’t be a beach lifeguard i stay at my pool😭😭😭

  • Alex Krol
    Alex Krol

    i have to say. im a lifeguard at my local pool and you will never be fully prepared for first aid situations. last year there was a guy who had a heart attack at my pool and you would never expect what its gonna be like in the real situation. its honestly horrifying and nothing will ever prepare you to see a died body on the floor.

  • aola wili
    aola wili

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  • Schnapps

    You were doing great!!! I would be never able to do it without some preparation. You rocked it!

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    Brian Smith

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  • eggs are beautiful
    eggs are beautiful

    Challenges Accepted: Calligraphy

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      aola wili

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    Ellysa Zainul

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  • Hannah Noodle
    Hannah Noodle

    Michelle I challenge you to try ColorGuard. It’s a sport with dance, flag, rifle, and saber. It is very demanding. I would love to see you try it because I know you would do awesome at it!!

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    Isabella V

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    Zaid Nazif

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