I Take My Shifter Kart to the Drag Strip And Tear Up the Streets!

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  • Lucas Sturgin
    Lucas Sturgin

    Get a lectron carb maybe for less jetting problems

  • shaunmilor


  • Nathan matas
    Nathan matas

    2 stroke love

  • Heil Estate Service, Junk Removal & Hauling
    Heil Estate Service, Junk Removal & Hauling

    CR 500 on my cart👋

  • Canyon’s Creations
    Canyon’s Creations

    This showtime speedway?

  • wootww19

    head mounted camera makes it seem like your riding in an earthquake lol

  • Tyblorg

    We run methanol and dyno 54hp at the rear wheels with 125cc. We also have a twin 200cc engine methanol cart that's legit insane.

  • Bryan McGee
    Bryan McGee

    This may be the best carting vid I've seen. 👏👏👏👏👏

  • jayls5

    Would you be willing to try an A/C motor setup? They perform insanely well in that type of shifter cart. I've got some extra electric motor goodies lying around. Just let me know.

    • Fasterproms

      Sounds very interesting

  • Xotic SharK
    Xotic SharK

    Is that track in Punta Gorda?

  • Sid 6.7
    Sid 6.7

    Great horsepower, zero torque.

  • Neil Titmus
    Neil Titmus

    Go carts are hectic

  • Neil Titmus
    Neil Titmus

    Be nice if you could go all the way round in the same gear or have your change as you come out of the corner to make some use out of it

  • BiscuitPuncher

    Karting is so much fun! Sadly, it is way too expensive these days. I remember friends karting back in the '90s and my father wanting us to get into it. The start-up cost back then was astronomical. Although, now with the internet, maybe it would be easier and cheaper to get into since we have all the marketplaces to access used material. It was not easy trying to research and find what we would need back then compared to now.

  • Ranch Man Tubular Space Sausage
    Ranch Man Tubular Space Sausage

    Yellow belly

  • Edward Myers
    Edward Myers

    thats pretty neat

  • PenyPies

    tip for your starts, you need to slip the clutch more your droping it and droping all your revs

  • 177SCmaro

    13:56 what you came to see.

  • Tomáš Greško
    Tomáš Greško

    My teacher has made a jet powred cart. Not sure if its faster than you tho.

  • Cody Perdue
    Cody Perdue

    I saw me drive by at 16:22 pretty cool man. My buddy and I walked by you when you were filming but I didn’t want to disturb your clip! One day I’ll say hi to you man be safe out there

    • Fasterproms

      Cool. Yeah don’t be shy. See you out there sometime.

  • Nz540i M
    Nz540i M

    Those drags are 1/8 right? Have to be?

  • Junior 249
    Junior 249

    This was fun to watch....thanks for showing this !!!!👍👍👍👍🏁🏁🏁

  • b gg
    b gg

    Wow good shit but compared to top fuel drag nothing

  • Burritoast

    i miss my CRG 125

  • Brian Markavitz
    Brian Markavitz

    Hate 1/8th mile

  • 1105_해군

    Hi I'm new to this series, this is a Tony Kart right?

  • Spedracer55

    i wanna race this with my rc car lol

  • Corey Stuber
    Corey Stuber

    omg that shirt is sick :O

  • Tony Cook
    Tony Cook

    You allowed to do this on public roads in the US? Or you just figure they won't catch you?

  • NoMore Mr.NiceGuy
    NoMore Mr.NiceGuy

    Totally random trivia: In the mid 1980s they ran the 250 twin superkarts on the long course at WGI. They were turning laps within a few seconds of what theNASCAR guys did on the short course. At Watkins the long track is roughly a mile longer than the short. The howl up the back straight was epic. When I first clocked the leader I thought my watch was messed up. 🤣

  • Chris Shine
    Chris Shine

    I got my first Kart in 1972! Mac 101 motor. Use to get the city cops, sheriff and HWP to chase me around town all day long at 11 years old! At 62 still racing and many championships! Love it.

  • Chris Shine
    Chris Shine

    Good Job Brother! I Race Karts Here In No CA!

  • Rick T
    Rick T

    I think I have seen that track?

  • thecouchtripper

    That track looked like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie. Cool!

  • Shad

    Damn if i drove my 125cc kart on the uk roads i would be nicked and the kart taken.

  • theoriginalmungaman

    Ported head? Two strokes don’t have ports in the head! More like 20 horsepower.

  • Copisetic 1
    Copisetic 1

    How do you port the head on a two stroke!

  • mack hathorn
    mack hathorn

    Race some cars😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Ross Elliott
    Ross Elliott

    Is that a aprilia rs125 engine ?

  • Grady Browning
    Grady Browning

    I had a engine come apart like that while racing, piece of the rod hit the corner flager.

  • TJ D
    TJ D

    this is at showtime speedway near orlando i have raced legend cars here 7.5/10 recommend the track owner is very rude

  • EllzFromHellz

    You’re not supposed to rev engines without being under load. The stupid Lamborghini owners are the worst at this. Picture being at the redline in your top gear and it popping out while WOT. Free spinning at that rpm is too much and eventually the valves and pistons are going to take a shit. It happens all the time. Drive that shit to warm it up. I’m not 💯 when it comes to two stroke motors. My guess is that it’s gonna fuck up regardless.

  • PhoenixUltraMotive

    Was that a stock Stinger GT? Or was it modified? Cus if it's stock I gotta get my dad to launch his somewhere.

  • kevin bailey
    kevin bailey


  • Jesse R
    Jesse R

    “Ported head” and “custom tune” on a carbureted 2 stroke huh 😂

    • BrixMotoVlog 2k20
      BrixMotoVlog 2k20

      Might be talking about how he tuned the valves to act, open longer or shorter, tuned the engine, he dint specified what tune,valve tune,bore stroke or (ecu tune)- which a cdi doesnt have but its quite amazing that a 125cc can do 40-45hp a 400cc territory

  • None

    put a rack on the back and you can get groceries.

  • Derek V
    Derek V

    Ok that looks so fun

  • Charles Wall
    Charles Wall

    No way I’d drive that on the street. And you think a motorcycle is hard to see?

  • Dante stellato
    Dante stellato

    the sound quality at the end tho

  • frosty A B
    frosty A B

    ported head on a two stroke? do you know anything about two stroke engines? THERE ARE NO PORTS IN THE HEAD!

  • fredde johansson
    fredde johansson

    U do realize that not even the pro circuit factory 125 mx bikes had 47hp right?. No diss but im pretty sure u dont have even close to that when a factory 450 w insanely tricked out engines has hp in the lower 50s, There is simply no chance that u have more than maximum 35rwhp if that and thats with a ported cylinder, aftermarket head, aftermarket carb and a pipe built for that setup. Stock 125 mx engines back in the the were rated around 40hp but when u took em on a dyno it was always low 30s/high 20s rwhp that would mean u have almost 30more hp than a stock 125 and even more rwhp than a new ktm sx250 and there is no chance tbh.

    • Fasterproms

      I’m sorry sir there’s a vast difference in rpms in these 2 setups and the Tq as well. Mx stuff is far Torquier and doesn’t rev out to 13k like this does. While what you say may be correct their Tq is far greater and thus that engine gets its work done at a much lower rpm

  • Samuel Hoover
    Samuel Hoover

    I’ve got to know where you get your Golden Retrievers from?

  • Chris Nunya Business
    Chris Nunya Business

    How long ago was this shot? The Freedom Factory looks different...unless it’s not that 😂

  • Justice Kreider
    Justice Kreider

    Ok.......now put a v8 into it 😂😂

  • King Hip-O
    King Hip-O

    Dom: You owe me a 12 second car! This guy:

  • Maximus Gameplay
    Maximus Gameplay

    Theres a reason shifter karts are the step up to open wheel race cars, at top level the speed is ridiculous.

  • anton herres
    anton herres

    Did he say revving it to warm it up, and it blew up, who would have thought?

  • Brendan Nelson
    Brendan Nelson

    Why can't these things be street legal everywhere lol


    That kart rips, keep on having fun.

  • Stian L
    Stian L

    First 7min the ngine runs a bit lean, just sounds like it. fyi.

  • ben smith
    ben smith

    Total cost in the kart? How does a beginner build their kart on a budget?

  • 54SCV8

    This reminded me of my son's first jr dragster. We now have a Jr Comp dragster. YES, I said we, he runs Jr Comp and I run bracket ET in his dragster till he turns 16. Then I may have to buy my own. Lol

  • Hunter Grimes
    Hunter Grimes

    this is a race i would definitely pay to see. a bunch of youtubers buy or build shifter karts and race them at FF. seems kinda unsafe after seeing the mayhem of the crown vic races but as long as you dont invite whistlin douchebag everything should be fine.

  • 2000acdcman

    anyone else think the HANS if kinda funny for a kart?

  • jey Lee
    jey Lee

    40hp is PERFECT for a tiny cart, any more and you're just spinning the wheels, at least this little beasty can get the power down.

  • Gabi Koonings
    Gabi Koonings

    Wow, that track looks beat to hell.

  • De'Angelo Fernandez
    De'Angelo Fernandez


  • Mr Hyde #BHR Security
    Mr Hyde #BHR Security

    Lol, R1 swap??

  • jacob van halteren
    jacob van halteren

    Pretty sure you are supposed to launch those carts like starting an MX bike. Slip the clutch while in 2nd gear

  • PoweredByTim

    How to do great starts in shifter karts: Pump the gas fast (at high revs) and let go slowly off the clutch with brakes at the same time so you feel that it wants to go. then full gas and release the brake and clutch. Maybe you need to make the low leaner in the carburettor and then you also need to change the high.

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe

    Shifter karts are the shit.

  • Nimrod US
    Nimrod US

    13:48 that grand national though!

  • Roger Rolex 69
    Roger Rolex 69

    47HP is NOTHING put a R1 motor in it 200HP

    • Fasterproms

      Yeah great for straight line but completely useless around corners and hence slower around a circuit

  • PapaWheelie

    Two strokes are just one away from rocket powered- nothing gets you going in the morning like race gas and 2 stroke smell

  • Lord Belvoir
    Lord Belvoir

    Dude ya got to work on getting off the line.... Other then that ya kart is sic😎

  • Dave R 80904
    Dave R 80904

    Revving when cold is death to a motor, it’s called cold seize,,common in chain saws cause people think it won’t hurt them

  • Turbo_Richie

    That thing needs tuning

  • JJ Sorenavki
    JJ Sorenavki

    CR500 swap daaat shiz,

  • Robert Dogoli
    Robert Dogoli

    Why do these expert racers call an engine a motor. Motor's are electric people.

    • Krispy juniors
      Krispy juniors

      Pulled directly from the dictionary definition of “motor”- noun a machine, especially one powered by electricity or internal combustion, that supplies motive power for a vehicle or for some other device with moving parts.

  • Braedin Patterson
    Braedin Patterson

    if u want soeed just use a crf450 motor

  • PA

    Florida- road safety 10th

  • Seth Lenzi
    Seth Lenzi

    Nice to see some f body’s but that red one tho 🤮

  • Dawson Campbell
    Dawson Campbell

    When it bogged off the line i DIED laughing 😂😂😂

  • RecklessMods

    Time to go against boostedboi shopping cart.

  • Kevin Rader
    Kevin Rader

    You need a CR 500 motor on that thing!😁 oops someone already said that. Glad you included the spectator view. That thing is fast!!!!

  • Diving Eagle
    Diving Eagle

    9:18 what a car is that? looks fuckin dope

  • 427med

    i am 73 my brand new 1968 Plymouth gtx 440 automatic ran 9.20 every time for 4 years and drove home and to work in 1/8 mile your cart does not impress

  • 1 1
    1 1

    Short shifting that thing

  • bobgail15

    You really hit the nail on the head, especially in the last couple minutes of your post. I've been go-karting my whole life since 1959 when I started out with a 3hp "Go boy kart" at age 13 for 62 years so far now. And just like you said "it's a big family affair with my daughters, grandsons, nephews and on & on." My buddy and I have now moved ourselves up to the top level of Karting.With our new Go Kart sprint track electronic paddle shifter* machine for the 2020 season with a 76hp Honda CR250cc engine but now bored out to 277 cc's This new engine is really a "Oh Wow" factor on a short track for a 70 year old Driver and Crew Chief Bob Horvath age 75 (me) *The 277cc kart so fast that there's just no time manually shift it and without the electronic shift system to help with this problem we wouldn't be able to be competitive. Thanks Bob H

  • no

    remember when humans used to be amazed by those chicken head cameras?

  • Alexander Johannesson
    Alexander Johannesson

    Is it legal to drive the streets with a kart in the US ?

  • ted.g8

    Whos G8?

  • Mec Tec
    Mec Tec


  • John CCISD
    John CCISD

    Kind of only bang for the buck if you already have truck :/

  • John CCISD
    John CCISD

    Gixxer kart next?

  • Robert Elmo
    Robert Elmo

    Where that old Gixxerkart at lol? Had to be 18 years ago? algone.info/slow/video/nZzL13pommN7koE

  • L Bank
    L Bank

    Definitely not revving that thing near its power band. Wind it out man. Don't be scared

  • skullduggery

    Can’t drive for 💩

  • Joel Turpin
    Joel Turpin

    His first launch sucked. Major bog and a terrible sixty foot time.

  • brandon smith
    brandon smith

    You should make a lever jack to have someone lift the rear end to do an actual burnout