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After Chad Wild Clay made "HELP ME, CLOAKER! VY is In DANGER And Needs To Be SAVED!", Vy Qwaint created "RACE to EXPOSE CHAD'S SECRET on Project Zorgo Hacker Mask", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "I AM IN BIG TROUBLE...", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "DEFEATING HACKERS IN ROBLOX ARSENAL", Daniel is no longer hypnotized and needs to fool Alie, The Leak, and Chef who are still under the spell of Horseradish. They want Daniel Gizmo to put on the hacker mask and see what Chad's secret is. Chef is upset as they are not treating the Project Zorgo Leaders Mask with respect. Daniel must now try to escape this strange place but it's like an escape room. Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, Regina Ginera, and Melvin PZ9 are on their way to help. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Joe Gaming
    Joe Gaming

    He actually ate paper

  • Borka V
    Borka V

    Sbi nihs helpdano

  • Through the trees.
    Through the trees.

    Daniel needs help

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    Modiss k

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    Mj اسمها لام الحلوان Swango

    # Danielle needs help

  • sufi haseeb Peterborough
    sufi haseeb Peterborough


  • Mohammed Ezzulddin
    Mohammed Ezzulddin

    Daniel is not hypnotises

  • Sarah Pope
    Sarah Pope

    I like how he the time to edit 😂😂😂

  • Tanatswa Muchinguriz
    Tanatswa Muchinguriz

    Q help danil

  • Tanatswa Muchinguriz
    Tanatswa Muchinguriz

    Help daneil. Now

  • Santokh Kaur
    Santokh Kaur

    Hashtag Danil

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    George Signo


  • syed shehazadi
    syed shehazadi

    war has happend where are the cops

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    Savannah Fitzsimmons


  • Porosh Illusions
    Porosh Illusions

    Shut the ???f???

  • Paul Hopwood
    Paul Hopwood

    OMG what do you gies think will happen next

  • Lucas xD
    Lucas xD

    Plz don’t join the spy ninjas

  • Thien Truong
    Thien Truong

    Can I have a shout out so I can let them help you

  • Marian Jama
    Marian Jama

    daniel nshap haftdani

  • Shamima Parvin
    Shamima Parvin

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    Hi I have to be on the same as you

  • Citlally Ortega
    Citlally Ortega

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  • Cherry DaPop
    Cherry DaPop

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  • K Jacques
    K Jacques


  • Alexandria Mitchell
    Alexandria Mitchell

    Jetway clay Vy envy quaint help download he is captured but he's not here with no spread no more make you go save her cast out Daniel Daniel Gizmo

  • Kayle Mutoni
    Kayle Mutoni

    When we're going to battle hackers will probably lose yeah he's so Bland and just love vanilla

  • Kayle Mutoni
    Kayle Mutoni

    Come back Chad the one we always have come back Chad without you were so sad sad for such a doll and you become such a snooze

  • Kayle Mutoni
    Kayle Mutoni

    Come back Daniel the one we always had come back down there without you were so sad da da

  • Zharich Gingoyon
    Zharich Gingoyon

    Ewww you ate a paper!! DANIEL in you Swallow it Yuck okay BYE

  • Simarjeet Dhaliwal
    Simarjeet Dhaliwal

    You all there the best

  • Luka Dumb
    Luka Dumb

    I feel bad for the people that actually believe this trust me I did too lol

  • Lucille Morris
    Lucille Morris

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  • Nany Pieter
    Nany Pieter

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  • Tong Vang
    Tong Vang

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    Can you help Daniel he locked

  • Evelina Seremet
    Evelina Seremet


  • Evelina Seremet
    Evelina Seremet

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  • Annette Thomas
    Annette Thomas

    Daniel you are OSAME!👍🏻

  • Samantha Ralley
    Samantha Ralley


  • Karla Frantz
    Karla Frantz

    Daniel need help

  • Brantley Cathell
    Brantley Cathell

    I know what alie face looks like evry Sence he met her

  • Brantley Cathell
    Brantley Cathell

    Welcome home hr look into my eyes be sp now I will call fbi

    • Brantley Cathell
      Brantley Cathell

      With hr

    • Brantley Cathell
      Brantley Cathell

      I'm angry

  • Brantley Cathell
    Brantley Cathell

    How did he post it

  • LuisG Diaz
    LuisG Diaz

    No. Daniel

  • Zafar Wasim
    Zafar Wasim

    It was weird when Daniel ate the paper 📃

  • Tigerish Lion
    Tigerish Lion

    At 14:13 the doppelgänger sounded just like the chef

  • Enass Shiyab
    Enass Shiyab

    Why big boy

  • diana schipor
    diana schipor

    Did Daniel just ate paper ???

  • Mateen Lodin
    Mateen Lodin

    i love the spy Ninja

  • Mateen Lodin
    Mateen Lodin

    Daniel need halp

  • Azra Perveen
    Azra Perveen

    Rk and jwu are u on the same page as 10236

  • Azra Perveen
    Azra Perveen


  • Azra Perveen
    Azra Perveen

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    • Azra Perveen
      Azra Perveen


  • • Grape •
    • Grape •


  • Ericka Barredo
    Ericka Barredo

    When hr says welcome home Daniel and Alie and the leak gets confused and becomes bad to the spy ninjas

  • 1012758 Selina Zeng Liu
    1012758 Selina Zeng Liu

    daniel i will say the spy ninjas

  • Nicolle Scary stuff
    Nicolle Scary stuff

    Yay you back but not save

  • Princess_ Unicorn
    Princess_ Unicorn

    Finally Daniel you understand you belong with the spy ninjas. I hope you can try to dehypnotize Alie and Leak.

  • Andrea Rosas
    Andrea Rosas

    He’s a queen happy face

  • Andrea Rosas
    Andrea Rosas

    Get in tell me your name

  • Khrystyna Savkiv
    Khrystyna Savkiv


  • Anna Lautner
    Anna Lautner

    daniel when your hypnotized your supposed to always agree with horse radish and do what he says and also dont say all hale horse radish thats why their sus of you!

  • Anna Lautner
    Anna Lautner

    their sus of you daniel the leak was right behind you go back to the video and look at 8:15

  • Anna Lautner
    Anna Lautner

    thats not how the digestive system works it doesnt break down food that fast!

  • Attiya Batool
    Attiya Batool

    Im hear

  • Galaxy Plays
    Galaxy Plays

    why did you quit spy ninjas

  • Galaxy Plays
    Galaxy Plays

    She dumped you we told you why did you quit them

  • LW - SFSJ 946941 Derry West Village PS
    LW - SFSJ 946941 Derry West Village PS


  • Haoruo Chen
    Haoruo Chen


  • Ezeb Joseph
    Ezeb Joseph

    # Daniel needs help

  • Raymond Masaraure
    Raymond Masaraure

    Let me see Chad's secret right now first Elsa part of the spy ninja now if you don't let me see dad secret I will quit the spy

  • Raymond Masaraure
    Raymond Masaraure

    @dino need help

  • gamer playz YT
    gamer playz YT


  • Rosa amelia Ramos pineda
    Rosa amelia Ramos pineda

    Jack Daniels

    • Rosa amelia Ramos pineda
      Rosa amelia Ramos pineda


  • Sewa Amin
    Sewa Amin

    Hi daniel

  • Melisa Elisabet
    Melisa Elisabet

    And im Not subscribe to you yet but in 2020 i Subscribe to you Daniel but in 2021 you are Not doing like in 2020 like and real Spy Ninja..............

  • Melisa Elisabet
    Melisa Elisabet

    You did Daniel you did mad at the Spy Ninja Chad Vy regina Melvin

  • Melisa Elisabet
    Melisa Elisabet


  • Insiya Fatima
    Insiya Fatima

    Maby it's something to with the mask

  • Rehan RF
    Rehan RF

    Daniel ate the paper it sayz sos# haha

  • djp2386

    I have a question I don't think he like Ali anymore because I think you like like Regina

  • Nawla Jackson
    Nawla Jackson

    La la la la la

  • Anne Beth Caparros
    Anne Beth Caparros

    Daniel please go with spy ninja

  • Rashitha Nilofer
    Rashitha Nilofer

    And give noise out my name does ask heard playing with Daniel Daniel gu

  • Zubair Rahman
    Zubair Rahman


  • olivia cornish
    olivia cornish

    i know dan was not under hipnosese


    You made everyone sad and heartbroken and now we are making a lot of videos edit when you were a spy ninja I am crying 😭:(

  • KidCop Mowrey
    KidCop Mowrey

    Danyol nes help

  • Kevin Raja
    Kevin Raja

    The camera man be like O_o

  • Ermaliza P Alfante
    Ermaliza P Alfante

    How did the camera turn off.

  • Kawaii Kitty
    Kawaii Kitty

    OK finely now he is back I thought he was bad now he is back the nice and lovely man I rlly want him to never give up the spy ninjas and let Nicloe be another color spy ninja!:)

  • Safia Alarimi
    Safia Alarimi

    I did not subscribe to you because you left the spy ninjas

  • Andrei Chirvase
    Andrei Chirvase

    When horseradish says welcome home he ts hypnotised

  • X_Wolfies_X

    Regina or Alie? My opinion:Regina Comment bellow who you think is better for Daniel

  • Suzan el-chafei
    Suzan el-chafei

    # Daniel needs help

  • Lilyanna Block
    Lilyanna Block

    # Daniel needs Help

  • Piper Vrieze
    Piper Vrieze

    I wonder if he is ever going to leave the team

  • holly trow
    holly trow

    ok now i feel bad

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