"I'd light you up, man!" Best of Aaron Rodgers Mic'd Up!
"I'd light you up, man!" Best of Aaron Rodgers Mic'd Up!
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  • King Pasi
    King Pasi


  • Joseph Bennett
    Joseph Bennett

    Green Bay is the best team in the nfl

  • J.D. Matthias
    J.D. Matthias

    Compared to Favre, Rodgers is a complete *yawn* on an open mic

  • Declan O' Halloran
    Declan O' Halloran

    As a vikings fan he's a huge rival but I've nothing but respect for him..itll be a sad day for the sport when he retires..unbelievable player...take it easy on us this coming Sunday will ya..were fragile at the moment

  • wiz sharif
    wiz sharif

    That lineman is clueless

  • ryder franks
    ryder franks

    Didn’t Odell get in trouble for smacking a cop on the ass

  • Kitlynn Mccaig
    Kitlynn Mccaig

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  • David De Anda
    David De Anda

    🐐 🧀

  • Huy Nguyen
    Huy Nguyen

    Aaron is all about Aaron, that's why he will not win another super bowl.

  • John Gladden
    John Gladden

    *REALLY INTERESTING; **#BOTH** *A. Rogers and Troy Aiken are **#GODLESS**, 🖤 Bought & Paid, Bedeviled* ☠️☠️☠️ #Soddomites.. *Same as Cam Newton..* All Three have Super Satanic Ability, Cause Demons are #Assisting???* *HMMMM... ( Repent too Jesus or 🔥🔥🔥 Burn, That's a* *10-4* ). #REDEMPTION ✝️ 👑 🛐

  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson

    The bj raji bit was so frustrating for me to watch lol

  • C.O.B. D.Z.
    C.O.B. D.Z.

    This guy make any wr a all pro.

  • Kobe Is The Goat
    Kobe Is The Goat

    My🐐💯🏆 🏆🏆💍🏆🧀

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    Lmao imagine being at Cal with ARod, Marshawn and Djax there at the same time, place be wild

  • Jiraden

    Back when Jennings and Rodgers had a good relationship T_T

  • FigureItOut

    He’s better than Tom Brady.

  • Jacob Davis5212
    Jacob Davis5212

    I miss these days ngl

  • tony sobon
    tony sobon

    I hated the MIc'ed up part but liked the highlights. Without question the most talented QB i've seen play , i love they showed some of his runs , he's not a running QB but he has always been so good at getting very good runs yards when it's there.

    • tony sobon
      tony sobon

      @dcoog anml Marino was my QB as a kid , it's such a shame he never won a superbowl , people now are starting to forget about him as the years go on. I have no problem with saying Brady is the GOAT because of all the rings but it feels unfair to judge a position on a team title. Also i hate how people are already saying Patty is like nothing we haveseen before when if you watch Rodgers highlight reels cleary we have seen it. Not to say that someday he couldn't be as great but way to soon on a team loaded with play makers.

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      He has like a slingshot for an arm, this is coming from a die-hard Marino fan.

  • Das Right
    Das Right

    Pat Mahomes is waaaaaay better than this joke.

  • TheFirstSlice

    God I miss Jennings and Driver so damn much.

    • Garrett Hampton
      Garrett Hampton

      You do realize mahomes literally said he watched Rodgers play and that’s how he got to where he is today, without Rodgers he would’ve been nothing, not to mention a 37 year old is playing better then this kid 😂

  • Scooter Stax
    Scooter Stax

    A rod and marshawn convo was legit real recongnize real they both are great players!!

  • Cj

    Youre a light drop off no matter what you say or think im physically stronger than you and just in general I don't use gadgets you not a spell caster its bootleg

  • willy-J -bean
    willy-J -bean

    Aaron Rodgers is the dad of football

  • Trev Carter
    Trev Carter

    Aaron be getting quiet around Suh.

  • Ghettopotato5

    as a bears fan i have so much hate but so much respect for him

  • J Clutch
    J Clutch

    I wish I had a girl to hype me up the way Greg Jennings hypes up A-Rod

  • The Ninja
    The Ninja

    Get this man another superbowl

  • Andrew Holden
    Andrew Holden

    6:34 vintage connection - Jordy with the NASTY head fake

  • Seth Marion
    Seth Marion

    Take a shot every time you hear rainbow this video......😵

  • Simon Gujbhi
    Simon Gujbhi

    Can you believe people actually try to say he don’t get along with teammates??

  • Kenjen Vang
    Kenjen Vang

    All the rodgers haters are gonna miss him when he’s retired...packers fan are blessed to have farve then Rodgers. Sad that the packers wasted his career.

  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu

    He has like a slingshot for an arm, this is coming from a die-hard Marino fan.

    • Trev Mac
      Trev Mac

      1 Super Bowl win between them

  • Banana Surplus
    Banana Surplus

    Greg Jennings hype af

  • jasonator221

    mike mccarthy before he ate another mike mccarthy

  • Kameron Knodel
    Kameron Knodel

    as a Steelers fan Aaron is my 2nd fav Quarterback of all time

  • Sanchez Sanchez
    Sanchez Sanchez

    Man I love Coke head Rogers

  • doyouknowdawae

    And then he got lit up by the bucs. The end

  • Tahjir Taylor
    Tahjir Taylor

    aaron rodgers been doing what mahomes doing now

  • R S
    R S

    Damn Rodgers used to be a biggin

  • Ben Swartz
    Ben Swartz

    Want him to win a super bowl

  • huttio srreu
    huttio srreu

    Idc what anyone says he’s the MOST TALENTED OF ALL TIME NO DEBATE not one of the most talented THE MOST TALENTED

  • Jeff O'Neill
    Jeff O'Neill

    All these Mahomes comments are hilarious. Obviously these people don't know that Mahomes literally studies Rodgers 😂

    • Jeff O'Neill
      Jeff O'Neill

      @vinasu maaj what? Lmao

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj

      imagine if he got a coach he respected.

  • NateD4WGG

    5:15 when people take ur dumb jokes seriously... Rip

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj

      Blame everybodt but himself when things go bad Rodgers does great against nediocre teams and one Superbowl in 15 years...lol overrated..

  • Urassnface 1
    Urassnface 1

    Rodgers seems like he's a super funny dude to be around. I've never doubted his gameplay but the guy always looks solemn or salty as hell most of the time on TV. This video gives him a lot more likeability in my opinion.

    • Urassnface 1
      Urassnface 1

      @huttio srreu I wouldn't necessarily say that because he has been quite well above league average QBs in recent years but the show should be close to ending for him.

    • huttio srreu
      huttio srreu

      AR is a joke He needs to retire

  • blacklevinae86


  • Bob Charlie
    Bob Charlie

    Aaron is just a cool dude.

  • vinasu maaj
    vinasu maaj

    This video just makes me miss Raji even more😔. Such a fun dude to watch and he was funny af

  • Mr. Me
    Mr. Me

    Dude you can't go to Tampa and fold after one pass! PUT IT TOGETHER BRO!

  • Dave C.
    Dave C.

    He threw a pick six and pissed down the side of his leg for the rest of the game. Rodgers has a lot of natural talent but he isn't a killer.

    • Garrett Hampton
      Garrett Hampton

      @Dave C. well when his defense has given up an average of 36 points per nfc championship game I wouldn’t be able to either 💀

    • Dave C.
      Dave C.

      @Garrett Hampton Won't win another super bowl in his career

    • Garrett Hampton
      Garrett Hampton

      @Dave C. yessir 🙏

    • Dave C.
      Dave C.

      @Garrett Hampton Oh, he beat the Texans. Good for him, quality win.

    • Dave C.
      Dave C.

      @Garrett Hampton Did Rodgers win another regular season game or something? I'm not paying much attention to this year's horrific season.

  • Codey Snow
    Codey Snow

    6:11 is a perfect example of what those who say Aaron has been making throws that people are raving over Mahomes about.

  • C_Wonder

    He’s one of my favorite old school QBs in the league. Respect this mans talent -49ers fan

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee

    “Goofy or regular bruh?”

  • Dustin Kunick
    Dustin Kunick

    Something between Rodgers and Jennings just dont feel right🤦

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson

    Idc man telling your coach in your headset, "hey i got this" is just badass

  • bilisha coli
    bilisha coli

    This video just makes me miss Raji even more😔. Such a fun dude to watch and he was funny af

  • D OneAndDon
    D OneAndDon

    Blame everybodt but himself when things go bad Rodgers does great against nediocre teams and one Superbowl in 15 years...lol overrated..

    • Peter Kay
      Peter Kay

      exactly this

  • michael hogan
    michael hogan

    imagine if he got a coach he respected.

  • Brian Her
    Brian Her

    Vikings fan here but gotta respect the bad man Rodgers! Future hall of fame.

    • bilisha coli
      bilisha coli

      He has no heart.. not a soldier..

  • Mac Aroni
    Mac Aroni

    AR is a joke He needs to retire

  • donnie

    i miss raji

  • Isiah Easterling
    Isiah Easterling

    Aaron Rodgers "I think we're pretty good on offense " *Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defense has entered the chat*

    • Frippertonics

      It's only breakfast, but this made my morning.

  • Hussain Ataullah
    Hussain Ataullah

    11:20 MARSHAWN!!!

  • Juan Echevarria
    Juan Echevarria

    Aaron rodgers weird....

  • Justin Gardner
    Justin Gardner

    What a shocker “ Off the hands of Jones”

  • Shoresy 69
    Shoresy 69

    This didn't age well

    • Garrett Hampton
      Garrett Hampton

      Neither did this comment 😂

  • Badass Beast
    Badass Beast

    Still trying to find out why people calling him the GOAT .. no passing yard records no records for most MVP no records for most TD. No records for most super bowl wins or even gone to. No records for the most winning QB. No records for the most accurate QB. I mean the list is soooo long. What the hell has he done in pro football that makes him the GOAT

    • mijuo roui
      mijuo roui

      Dude cant get a superbowl

  • Ms Tec-o
    Ms Tec-o

    Aaron Rodgers take that L 😂😂

    • mijuo roui
      mijuo roui

      The only thing stopping him from being the goat is that one ring hopefully he can get another before he hangs it up

  • Mike sampson
    Mike sampson

    I loved Watching Roger's get lit up sunday. Poor guy.

    • Frippertonics

      Wasn't Green Bay supposed to have a defense, too?

  • man man
    man man


  • JT

    Bruh he has gunslinger X5

  • beedsj roiue
    beedsj roiue

    “Goofy or regular!?” As a skater 🛹 Rodgers is somewhere up there with Tony hawk

  • 1986

    O V E R R A T E D

  • erbgorre

    i would actually pay to see him try and tackle marshawn. even now, coming straight off the couch ;D

  • Drew R
    Drew R

    He has no heart.. not a soldier..

    • beedsj roiue
      beedsj roiue

      Did he light it up against the Bucs?

  • Hotforteacher 75
    Hotforteacher 75

    All I know is that two beautiful women has left him. Rogers must be gay. Maybe when he's done with football he'll come out of the closet and say, "this is my boyfriend Steve." LOL

  • Afif Hizami
    Afif Hizami

    Who's here after Rodgers got thrashed by Bucs? Edit: Someone said "beaten" is an understatement. Thrashed is better. He's still an elite QB though.

  • Jonathan Anderson Sr
    Jonathan Anderson Sr

    Who else is here after that Bucs ass whipping? We will bounce back!

  • Rodney Horsley
    Rodney Horsley

    Lets see what he was saying yesterday. A lot of crying I'm sure.

  • Prisoner of Alcatraz
    Prisoner of Alcatraz

    What a bum

  • bordercity kid1999
    bordercity kid1999

    The only thing stopping him from being the goat is that one ring hopefully he can get another before he hangs it up

    • bordercity kid1999
      bordercity kid1999

      @J S well I guess that’s the cool thing about opinions my guy...nobody’s wrong

    • J S
      J S

      The only thing stopping Rodgers from being the GOAT, is the 10-12 other quarterbacks that are in front of him on the list. Rodgers has no great records to help his case as the greatest of all time. One Super Bowl ain't gonna do it.

  • Bruce Bivens
    Bruce Bivens

    Dude cant get a superbowl

  • Thrice

    I'm here wondering if they caught him and Suh exchanging words at the Bucs game lol

  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei

    can we just appreciate how Jennings held onto that touchdown while getting Absolutely bodied by Polamalu at the goal line?

  • demetrrius3000

    You would think this video is heavily edited just to show his good throws or no INT’s, when in reality most of his throws are good lol. This dude rarely throws a pick

  • Just My Opinion
    Just My Opinion

    With his arm talent and athleticism he should have more than 1 ring but he doesn’t cuz he isn’t a good teammate. He doesn’t care if other people like him because he likes himself enough for everyone

    • sotuur aeei
      sotuur aeei

      Ref: Touchdown McCarthy: Oh really.... Nice job.

  • T AU
    T AU

    Did he light it up against the Bucs?

  • Anthony Melendrez
    Anthony Melendrez

    who’s here after the bucs game

  • Fadeaway Shots
    Fadeaway Shots

    Justin Herbert>Rodgers

  • Alexander Watson
    Alexander Watson

    Rodgers is waaayyy to subtle for BJ Raji 😂

  • Can Tyler Lee Cover memes get to 100,00 subs
    Can Tyler Lee Cover memes get to 100,00 subs

    Came after the bucs game

  • Kai Edmonds
    Kai Edmonds

    Who’s here after he ruined your fantasy week

  • Derek Roberts
    Derek Roberts

    Troy Aikman was a better qb. Better leader and winner. He laid into guys and kept the drug invested Cowboys a float. Jimmy Johnson was bellicheck before bellicheck. Jerry just screwed it up. Kraft cares about winning...Jerry marketing and his face on the print. I'd rank: 1.) Brady 2.) Elway 3.) Manning 4.) Marino 5.) Brett Favre 6.) MONTANA- He was just not as innately good as the above. 7.) Staubach 8.) Troy Aikman- He was Brady before Brady. 9.) Steve Young 10.) Rodgers

  • Mic ultraaa
    Mic ultraaa

    Rodg does it For The Brand #patmcafee

  • empier79


  • redmasc

    Funny, Rodgers got lit up today. He was eating grass all game.

    • Shawn Brink
      Shawn Brink

      @Kaiden Beahm Instead of replying to the subject of the comment you deflected to something that was not relevant. That is called a whataboutism. It is what stupid people do because well they just aren't smart.

    • Kaiden Beahm
      Kaiden Beahm

      Just gonna say this look at brady vs the bears defensive 🤡🤡🤡

  • Jacob Gonzalez
    Jacob Gonzalez

    Big Ben is better he never gets no credit tho

  • Jacques so what
    Jacques so what

    Mr brady made the gun slinger look like a joke today. Xo

  • XD BaconBitz
    XD BaconBitz

    Who’s here after the packers loss

  • mijuo roui
    mijuo roui

    This man’s up was flat out electric! There’s nothing mahomes has done that I haven’t seen Rodgers do on the football field..

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