I BOUGHT the CHEAPEST ELECTRIC dirt bike on Amazon
I bought the cheapest electric dirt bike on Amazon! This electric Amazon dirt bike by Segway has a lot of hype surrounding it, but is it worth buying? Does this motorcycle have the features needed to make it stand out? Here is an honest review of the Segway X160 electric dirt bike!
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I BOUGHT the MOST EXPENSIVE street legal bike on Amazon
I BOUGHT The MOST EXPENSIVE street legal dirt bike on Amazon
I BOUGHT the CHEAPEST street legal bike on Amazon
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  • Bikes and Beards
    Bikes and Beards

    What is the most expensive street legal GAS dirt bike like? algone.info/slow/video/n6KTqYx7bZ6W2as

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      Maison Wang

      @Ray N lol okay bro

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      Ray N

      @Maison Wang My post was for the channel owner guy "Bikes and Beards"

    • Maison Wang
      Maison Wang

      @Ray N Lol thanks have a nice day

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      Jeavean Martinez

      @Ray N boi

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      Ray N

      You are not so funny :p

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  • Joseph Bodhorn
    Joseph Bodhorn

    Lmfao, subscribed!

  • puteraslayer

    I like the camera man he is so AWESOME hell yaaaaaaaa

  • Quân 4
    Quân 4

    Nice 👍 video thanks 🙏 for sharing my friend stay safe stay connecte good luck 👍🍀

  • Prayitno Ashuri
    Prayitno Ashuri

    it is a hybrid, indeed

  • Porei Heisnam
    Porei Heisnam

    Bro can u give it to me

  • David Herron
    David Herron

    You shouldn't have to log into your vehicle that's communist digital bullshit brigade

  • Porei Heisnam
    Porei Heisnam

    Bro i subscribe ur channel i want that bike it cool

  • Old Man Jim H
    Old Man Jim H

    So not funny.

  • Kyle Arinella
    Kyle Arinella

    That looks so cool I wish I could afford it

  • Fabiano Bianco
    Fabiano Bianco

    Let the camera man talk.

  • Ciabhan Mullan
    Ciabhan Mullan

    Can I have the bike

  • Bradley Williams
    Bradley Williams

    I love the camera man interruptions

  • Jorge Miguel
    Jorge Miguel

    LOL, UR the BEST!!!

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  • Yanko_BG XD
    Yanko_BG XD

    I like Haransan

  • Salah Kuro
    Salah Kuro

    I need just one hareley

  • Kito L
    Kito L

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  • Justin Ryan
    Justin Ryan

    Haha love the big FU twist at the end. Freaking classic mate... and for what it’s worth, I thought this would be a POS and was correct... it’s just as lame as what Ewen and Charlie were riding in Long Way Up - diesel generator truck anyone?

  • Jeremy Lee
    Jeremy Lee

    Camera guy knows more than you...he should be reviewing it and you should be doing camera work...just saying...;)

  • Nasty business.
    Nasty business.

    It's a bit shit for the money.and it's electric. No thanks..

  • A o'luain
    A o'luain

    annoying - wont be watching any more vids from Bikes and Beards

  • 雷神Raijin

    I love how he's just overkill with the chain saw, cuts the box open with a chain saw and still have to pull the box apart by hand XD *FAIL*

  • Juan Osorio
    Juan Osorio

    Can't believe the camera guy is getting out of control and wearing shorts to work lol

  • Henry Ames Photography and music
    Henry Ames Photography and music

    Can you test a 150cc Chinese vertical engine dirt bike ?

  • Harry Cooney
    Harry Cooney

    He said he better pick it up or gas would come out and it is eletric

  • MrLegacy36

    Nice haha 😆

  • Doron Dsilva
    Doron Dsilva

    helmet and gloves optional


    what if you do with solar?


    dame the jump he does with the Dirt-E-bike seems so easy to do

  • DrBarrymoreDude

    WHY IS the cameraman starting talking and stuff,,probably has a full head of hair

  • Mikhail Wright
    Mikhail Wright


  • Michael Surette
    Michael Surette

    You should buy a mule ride it out of town and stop bothering everyone

  • WassupItsMike!

    Oh wow that’s a ripoff. I was on the Virginia creeper trail and I saw an electic bike and I forget the brand but looked way better and they had extra battery’s with them ... also I remember googling it and it was cheaper

  • Michael Surette
    Michael Surette

    Put a helmet on ding dong.

  • Harold Patterson
    Harold Patterson

    My beater car cost 800 dollars which is a 1997 ford escort with a manual transmission

  • MAKUK64

    check out the truth about amazon on channel 4 UK so you know how much your being conned false reviews crappy products returns destined for landfill and greenwashing do yourself a favour this year and don't but from this con site

  • Scotty Zepplin
    Scotty Zepplin

    Opens with Bibke verse. Kills gods creation (fly). We are all gonna burn now.

  • Damian Brown
    Damian Brown

    How fast does it go

  • Damian Brown
    Damian Brown

    How much money does it cost

  • just kaz
    just kaz

    These two does put in the effort on the humor aspect of the video.

  • nathan s
    nathan s

    Stop being an ass to the camera guy

  • Rishi pawar
    Rishi pawar

    Some people cant even take or understand a Joke he's not being mean to cameraman they're just joking around jeezzz...guys get a sense of humar

  • Tim Malik
    Tim Malik

    Its bike video. Why u acting. Go. U suck

  • Tim Malik
    Tim Malik

    Too. Much. Trash. Talk.

  • Greg Maggio
    Greg Maggio

    My gawd,,it's obvious the baby cart buggy addition just further highlights and underlines the fact that this thing is kinda gay,,and for some it may cause image anxiety,,or maybe trepidation that this things gayness may result in some type of future assault & battery situation,,but I digress..

  • Shawn Hurst
    Shawn Hurst

    bro shut up man suck let the camera man talj

  • Shawn Hurst
    Shawn Hurst

    man channel ducks let

  • Leather Face
    Leather Face

    That camera man stuff is funny

  • tyranmc

    Basically a Sur-Ron.


    Yeah down load the app to unlock the speed ,that's sort of the Segway rule, learned that from the nine bot.

  • Ethan Lockwood
    Ethan Lockwood

    So its a SurRon bike

  • msing400

    Why do you use black movie clips for your cutaways? Just a question but seems to be the “thing” for ALgoners 🧐

  • Ryan Gaming
    Ryan Gaming

    Dude just let the camera man talk he is nice

  • Kiiro The Driver
    Kiiro The Driver

    I like how the criticisms are compliments here.

  • Luke Trujillo
    Luke Trujillo

    It's not the cheapest

  • juanmangerita

    What a 💩

  • Mark Szanto
    Mark Szanto

    I aspire to be the type of man to carry around a pocket chainsaw

  • Gabriel Colon
    Gabriel Colon


  • Joshua Gordon
    Joshua Gordon

    I actually like hearing the camera man

  • LA6UOA

    Come on! Bibleverses?? We are in the 2020s... No need for faerietales like that!

  • d.a c.h
    d.a c.h

    Be nice to harrison ,he makes the show come alive ,breaking the fourth wall

  • amador vega Medina jr
    amador vega Medina jr

    may tama ang utak mo adik ka si ungas

  • Michael James
    Michael James

    donate me one

  • loader 04
    loader 04

    I like to buy someday like that use for my work someday

  • Vedanth D Singh
    Vedanth D Singh

    STOP being mean to camera man OK can you understand


    Ok Dude what's wrong with you seriously.and don't Disrespect your camera guy does an great job

  • Rapscallion2009

    Harrison was the true star of this.

  • Paco Wilson
    Paco Wilson

    Pot favor perdona all hombre que filma

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales

    This vedeo was a total crack up!! Hey watch out for pedestrians when you ride the sidewalks lol but your idea of the portable charging... genius!! 😆😆😆

  • Logan vandersluys
    Logan vandersluys

    I don't really care it doesn't confuse me I kind of like Harrison

  • Sourabh ahirwar M1000
    Sourabh ahirwar M1000

    We want to see camera man's face

  • David Huffman
    David Huffman

    The camera guy is cooler then you man ...just saying

  • iTzZTCxD - Random Games -
    iTzZTCxD - Random Games -

    If you’re spending 3500$ you should have a smart phone 🤣

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  • Bros For life
    Bros For life

    I like having the camera man take

  • Austin Barratt
    Austin Barratt

    let him talk

  • Ohu8one 2
    Ohu8one 2

    I'm hearing voices please put tape on the camera guy's mouth so he quits forgetting.

  • Matt Morgan
    Matt Morgan

    I love how he opens everything with a chainsaw.

  • heavystarch100

    I would like it if I won it or something.

  • Travis Hines
    Travis Hines

    Like that one buddy

  • flipped68

    Keep the good times rolling

  • Rocco Suckert
    Rocco Suckert

    cheap ? It isn’t cheap

  • Nono Perez
    Nono Perez

    Complaining about a bike the entire time.

  • Avinash Rajan
    Avinash Rajan

    You have opened box pack in wrong way and blaming on company

  • OutofContent

    I love the camera guy bit

  • Richmond Kinzler
    Richmond Kinzler

    Sorry bruh, the camera guy thing kinda funny the first two times, but after that you were definitely beating a dead horse, just like get on with the video.

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson

    Harrison is the only reason I'm watching.

  • Sidananda Pamegam
    Sidananda Pamegam


  • Enjoy the beautiful Planet
    Enjoy the beautiful Planet

    *I GOT for One too **algone.info/slow/video/e4-TuG6vaZCRr6M*

  • Ariel Hoshana
    Ariel Hoshana

    Whats a camera man i thought all youtube videos were filmed on cellphones in portrait mode

  • therockkkkher

    more worried about spare parts and new batteries, i have never bought any due to these issues.

  • danteelite

    Put that camera slave in his place, or I'm unsubscribing! How unprofessional to allow the less-thans from the ugly side of the camera make themselves known. It was both confusing, and infuriating and I will *not* tolerate such behavior from my two wheeled motor vehicle and facial hirsutism entertainment. So uncouth...

  • MWJ

    So can you get the battery from the other company?

  • Pedro Barbosa
    Pedro Barbosa

    Dude... do bikes or do comedy... mixing them is weird.

  • Rohan Valencia
    Rohan Valencia

    Hey I like the camera man:(

  • Länny Lähser
    Länny Lähser

    You talk too much and you talk too much bullshit...

  • Gabriel Vien
    Gabriel Vien

    Bro that is improper unboxing

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