I Bought a 500HP Jaguar with an "Engine Knock" at the Junk Auction. It was completely MISDIAGNOSED!
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I bought an incredible Jaguar XF R at the Junk Auto Bank sale. It was sold super cheap because of an "engine knock" which was misdiagnosed and it is just a simple $20 part... This car is easily as good as the BMW M5, E63 and E55 AMG, and Audi RS7 if you compare how much they cost. Also make sure you check out the Jaguar XF Supercharged, it's nearly as good and even cheaper!
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  • Troy Grant
    Troy Grant

    Good for you, everything is a gamble in the auction business, and ya win some, and....

  • Daniel wary
    Daniel wary


  • Mark Webber
    Mark Webber

    Pure crap..

  • Joseph Mayotte
    Joseph Mayotte

    Buy the oil additive with the most promises on the container.

  • Rahul S
    Rahul S

    Sam looks like Adam Sandler in this vid

  • Ray Sampson
    Ray Sampson

    Yah sam u smoke crack.. U weasel

  • No Togoogle
    No Togoogle

    Two things never ever flush an engine with over 50k, and always drain your oil from the sump, leave it over night, to get all the gunk out.


    Sam, I had some extreme results with *CERATEC* from Liqui Molly! I use it on my Jaguar XE 20D as well as my three VW’s TDI, and although I use diesel prime from Liqui Molly as well, I seem to also have some extreme results with royal purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer. Sam you know someone who can help me fix my diesel pump on my Jetta... the O-ring is leaking from the side.... and I can’t do it, sadly :o(

  • Trevon Smith
    Trevon Smith

    I'll trade my BMW 745 li lol

  • icecubesbrother

    G8 gxp they still go for 25 thou!

  • Shawn and Brittney
    Shawn and Brittney

    Where did the worms come from lol there are so many

  • Mykola Rieland
    Mykola Rieland

    Anything put together by thought is limited, thought has divided the world. Is intelligence the activity of thought, or it is outside the realm of thought, which then can use thought? To inquire into the nature of intelligence, one must carefully examine the only instrument we have, which is thought.

  • saferider10

    Those are not worms ! Those are larvae. They will be coming back next year in force

  • Brian M
    Brian M

    20$ part plus free labour from sam 😁🤣

  • Alex McDonough
    Alex McDonough

    I have used Seafoam in my oil and gas for decades. Never sludged.

  • kierenalvarez

    Oh look, another convenient miracle for you to make a video about haha

  • Richard Massesy
    Richard Massesy

    I use motor coat i love it. My motor has 800,000 on it n14 Cummins. Took a ton of the noises away.

  • Walter Frankenstein
    Walter Frankenstein

    So jaguars are fancy fords now ???

  • Rodolfo Lopez Duran
    Rodolfo Lopez Duran

    Definitely not in Mexico lol.

  • Michael Vandromme
    Michael Vandromme

    What a gorgeous car! 😍😍

  • Tim !!!
    Tim !!!

    "Even though were in Mexico, we want to be considerate of the people who live here......" wow

  • Tyler b
    Tyler b

    Dang son goonzquad’s where it’s at

  • Lance Miessner
    Lance Miessner

    Engine made by Ford, Problem Found!

  • Andrew McClintock
    Andrew McClintock

    Looks like the guibo on my old E30, but smaller

  • Ethan Harrison
    Ethan Harrison

    That driver seat is the Same as my dads rover

  • Coastal Cleaning And Maintenance
    Coastal Cleaning And Maintenance

    Looks amazing brother jag always get a bad wrap but all the ones I've driven have been fun as heck and super comfy while doing so. What a steal brother I'll give u 15k for it today cash money.

  • Jacob R
    Jacob R

    Like a Ford taurus and a Chevy ss had a very ugly crack baby

  • Mark Stach
    Mark Stach

    There is no such thing as *full manual* without a clutch pedal.

  • Philip john
    Philip john

    I have the 5.0 na. It's a cool sleeper and has been reliable.

  • Appley Systems
    Appley Systems

    Nice looking car - but the engine is not a Ford. It is 100% Jaguar - built & designed by UK by Jaguar engineers in the UK (Wales actually) - Ford did supply the money though !

  • Austin Arroyo
    Austin Arroyo

    13:40 “even though we’re in Mexico...” immediately drives past an American flag

    • L J DUCE
      L J DUCE


  • Jay Swift
    Jay Swift

    Where do you buy your cars?

  • tee Nasty
    tee Nasty

    He lives in mexico

  • Cristian Alejandro
    Cristian Alejandro

    Sam what happened to ur forehead?

  • Max Moovin
    Max Moovin

    Thanks Samcrac. You convinced me to buy the same Jaguar.

  • Squirrel Nutz
    Squirrel Nutz

    How about this. Quit your chanel and get a real job you loser. You obviously need money. You got recommended to me by ALgone and I gave it a shot. I pay for premium to not hear commercials and bam! First 5 minutes is you begging, and I mean begging for money. Get off your knees good sir. If this is the new tactic to make people listen to you swallowing sponsor nut, as a way to still reach premium subscribers, that sucks. Lol. Anyways i will hit the not interested or don't show me anything from this chanel button. How bout next time if you absolutely have to have a commercial block do it in the middle atleast, the end preferably. Adios.

  • Michael Mende
    Michael Mende

    I change my oil all 12500 Miles. And my 2013 Frontier run smooth 😁

  • Denny D Speed
    Denny D Speed

    Great video Sam!

  • Stephen Price
    Stephen Price

    Jaguar XF was the best car I ever owned. Could do a 1k trip and get out as fresh as the moment I got in. Finally sold it with 300k on the clock. Will get another some day

  • xargon1234

    Same problem supercharged 3.8l buicks and grandam have that coupler goes bad and make a nasty noise easy fix, its wild that they mount the supercharger upside down in those motors must be so they can keep the hood low

  • Zak Brinkhoff
    Zak Brinkhoff

    Changing the oil by sucking it from the top is so bad for the car

  • john edwards
    john edwards

    My you buy junk cars the worst in retaining value .

  • Carnell Lee
    Carnell Lee

    @samcrac I have access to a 2014 Jag Xf 3.0 with 79k miles if you're interested. Wrecked driverside quarter panel.

  • H R
    H R

    MOTORKOTE!!!!!!! Made my f150 transmission shift normal and smooth I put it in steering oil and became so smooth so idk why not put it in the engine too?? It’s great

  • John Lukach
    John Lukach

    Rather have an S type R with this motor tuned to 600hp. Then it would go kaboom! Good driveway ornament though

  • aomanchutube

    Sports cars are much lighter and have a sturdier suspension and a bigger badder engine.

  • Joe's Shows
    Joe's Shows

    That knock would definitely scare off the buyers!

  • Joe's Shows
    Joe's Shows

    Oh no gypsy moths!!!!!!!

  • Kwest Reef
    Kwest Reef

    It's super easy to remove the supercharger or any other part. My problem is putting it back together.

  • Octavio Trujillo
    Octavio Trujillo

    American Traffic signs in México now?! Da'Fuck have I been all this time?!?!?!? 😳🤣😳

  • Adrian Newman
    Adrian Newman

    I use ams oil on my vehicle and been using it since I bought it new 5 years ago. I got 98000 miles on it and I just did a oil pan gasket and valve cover gasket and the engine still looks new inside with no sludge build up

  • AdultKontent x
    AdultKontent x

    Lol its made by ford of course 😂

  • Jorge Santana
    Jorge Santana

    I don't even own a car but I enjoy you sticking it to overpriced mechanics lol

  • Surferant666

    Yes Slick 50 is highly recommended. It protects the surfaces and helps the heat transfer. The engine feels freer and smoother. Also put some in the gearbox if its a manual. Beware of FWD gearboxes with lsds mind. The gears change so much smoother and quicker with about a 50- 100ml added

  • Jumbo

    Love goonzquad btw

  • Mike Gamble
    Mike Gamble

    How can I pay someone to walk me thru the does and donts and I can pay for assistance with a car project

  • M K
    M K

    So whatcha going to do wit the jag after it’s fixed ?

  • Mark T
    Mark T

    I use Cerma oil and first did the Engine treatment 1500 miles then added Vanos Additive ! My 2006 M3 80K at the time was so Quiet and Better MPG and noticeable Power ,Engine never burned OIL Ever ! Oil stayed much cleaner just changed oil filter 2 times and ran 10 K on Changes NP !!! Very stratified and you can call the Owner John Murry ,he will talk with You !!! Great customer care ! BTW Nothing compares to this Product Cerma OIL!


    Like the car man!!!

  • Hector Keezy
    Hector Keezy

    “When i get behind the drivers seat”. Ok. So you drive from the back seat ? 😂😂🇩🇰🙋🏻‍♂️😷👩🏻‍🚀🇺🇸

  • John Dow
    John Dow

    Jaguar are made by Ford and put by cheap parts this why they are cheap cars . Not worth my time down the road other parts going give you a headache

  • GnarDope__ Radington
    GnarDope__ Radington

    Omg those worms got me so uncomfortable 😖 good god that’s like a horror movie. All up in the garage hiding out in the alternator. I’ve never seen that many of anything in one place haha

  • LiTenUpADP

    I have used the BG product line. My indy MB mechanic suggested their friction modifiers because of their warranty on engine failure. I have used the flush and it, for sure, cleaned out a clogged lifter on my Silverado. No more tick tick tick. Not a bad idea every 20,000 miles. I still change the oil every 4,000 miles or so because I have heard way too many stories from mechanics that say the extended intervals are baloney. Oil is relatively cheap. Repairs aren't.

  • King Aryan
    King Aryan

    I have this car

  • Lucas Blanchard
    Lucas Blanchard

    I love these supercharged 5 liter V8 Jags!

  • Ken May
    Ken May

    My Jag has a knock but the wife out it there

  • Tyler Jones
    Tyler Jones

    Ahhh the old supercharger coupler. Too funny.

  • Matt Parker
    Matt Parker

    Good ol eaton


    I had the same issue with a knock in my 2000 vw Jetta vr6. Turns out it wasnt the engine knocking.... it was coming from some weird hollow plastic tube that goes into the intake called a intake shift rod. The rubber bushings were shot. Fixed it myself for 25 buck. Every mechanic I brought it to told me it was a knock in the engine and the engine had to be replaced lmfao. Good thing I dont give up easily. Most people would have junked the car.

  • shawnsin

    For sale?


    Mexico 🧢 😂😂

  • Matthew Westbrook
    Matthew Westbrook

    Army worms

  • John Cruise
    John Cruise

    he looks happy

  • Doc Doom
    Doc Doom

    Wtf are u doing driving a "luxury" car in mexico ???

  • ImmersiveGamer83

    I have a black XE manual but swapped 17 wheels for 19's off the XF and swapped interior for the R sport very similar to XF just a bit shorter and lighter. Great car

  • My reply is dumb But,
    My reply is dumb But,

    Goddamn I want one of these so badly. Currently saving up hopefully a TBSS or one of these by March!

  • Jerome Brotton
    Jerome Brotton

    Get the Cadillac XLR V

  • Richard Johnston
    Richard Johnston

    Does he actually ever show invoices or receipts? I mean these guys always say they paid X amount for the cars but how do we know?

  • Chef Deeze
    Chef Deeze

    I just used liqui moly flush and ceratek on my 2013 c300 4matic m276. It worked well sonically. A bit more power as well 200 miles in

  • Rufus

    There's a sucker born every minute.

  • Vinchenzo C
    Vinchenzo C

    That Range Rover engine was a nightmare. You bought another one?!

  • eee diaz
    eee diaz

    Liqui moly engine oil friction reducer is the best ;)

  • Brad Caldwell
    Brad Caldwell

    If you're disappointed "when you get behind the driver's seat" (3:20), I'm not surprised. Try getting IN the driver's seat instead. The difference will be immediately apparent.

  • Chrisb2099

    Army worms. Not good for your hay.

  • Doane Ponder
    Doane Ponder

    Hey Sam ive been a fan of the Grand Prix GXP with the 5.3 liter v8 for years and I'd love to see you find one in the 1-5000$ range and fix it up. I need the inspiration my man so please dont fail me!

  • Dr. Gaz Matic
    Dr. Gaz Matic

    Yeah. The piece costs $20 but the knowhow and expertise are priceless... Well... Not priceless... A couple thousand in repairs...

  • Steven Peterson
    Steven Peterson

    The Jaguar XF was rated one of the best values under $20k for a super/turbocharged luxury sedan. Theres nothing wrong with them, they just depreciate faster than anything else.

  • D M Horton
    D M Horton

    Since the engine is built by Ford, would that be a mustang/f150 5.0?

  • j freed
    j freed

    Ha it figures a stupid weak part failure cost the Jaguar seller _a 15-20 grand loss..._ Knowledge is power! 👊 and wealth... 💵

  • wokeN1 179
    wokeN1 179

    Why is their a log in the engine??

  • Ibrahim Saleh
    Ibrahim Saleh

    I had add liqui moly hydraulic lifter additive to reduce knocking noise but nothing change

  • Pattay's Performance
    Pattay's Performance

    Jesus Christ, I use the same $20 pump off ebay for all small engine related equipment on my channel! Oil better be hot! Love the colors of the jag

  • Sean C
    Sean C

    I see you scrolled past audiobook David Goggins “Can’t Hurt Me”. an excellent book!

  • Helidude350

    LeCar I dare you

  • dean Grant
    dean Grant

    Your in mexico Driving around in a 500HP Jaguar XF your Brave

  • MrOilcountry

    USE synthetic oil.

  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker

    To much BS get a life blar blar blar bollocks

  • Daniel

    Jag/Rover group, worst crap on market. IF you see any, run. AR9200 is best friction modifier due to WS2 and MoS2, it lowers max engine oil temps by over 10 degrees. Only one that really works well. If you ask me, nothing else is worth any money at all.

  • Jimmy Jay
    Jimmy Jay

    sam bum crack

  • BigCooter.com

    7:30 A LOG in there !!! ..easy repair!

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