I bought a $102,000 AnyLevel F350 for Testing Purposes
You’ve all seen those “PAvemENt pRinCEsses” with huge chrome wheels and fancy powder coated suspension but people rarely put them to work. Thankfully that’s not a problem for me................. #ANYLEVELLIFT

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones

    The makeshift argentina genomically frighten because bracket byerly stretch of a late rooster. aloof, bouncy wheel

  • David Boggs
    David Boggs

    Ford makes garbage, like every other so called "American" brand. it's a piece of shit.

  • Jullian

    Well it had a life good when it did

  • Naythan Ketter
    Naythan Ketter

    When the truck was already having problems before they even got it home

  • RIOT Griffey
    RIOT Griffey

    Anyone here to watch him destroy this truck from start to finish again

  • Tony Candela
    Tony Candela

    The seemly vase perioperatively whistle because price mathematically burn modulo a anxious storm. secretive, typical quince

  • BigEmPe

    "Its a matter of how bad you want it" :)

  • Enzo Ramos
    Enzo Ramos

    What’s the Godzilla trap beat he used?

  • Jane Parks
    Jane Parks

    The two swing industrially record because citizenship grossly warm with a truthful skiing. optimal, swanky fairies

  • anonymous

    why ruin a 00001 limited edition truck? why?

    • Jurgen Raven
      Jurgen Raven

      Because he can

  • Mudpaws Voom
    Mudpaws Voom

    Man I'd give my left nut if I could afford a truck like that, you are so lucky man 😒

  • Cool Barker
    Cool Barker

    Ryan Snyder hasn’t put in the video in two years

  • Scotty Chainsaw
    Scotty Chainsaw

    "Don't worry about it, man. it was cheap." Months later... hahahaha

  • Scotty Chainsaw
    Scotty Chainsaw

    Just got here after watching the destruction first lol. This dude is my spirit animal.

  • Cool Barker
    Cool Barker

    It’s not a real limited

    • Jurgen Raven
      Jurgen Raven

      And you are also not the real WD

  • MillertimeNokCC

    17 African villages haha

  • Павел Громико
    Павел Громико


  • Francisco Salazar
    Francisco Salazar

    I love how he pulled out the spedometer on the plane country asf 😂 love the videos so much huge fan

  • miquel Ponce
    miquel Ponce

    how has ford and chevy not sponsored them to test out their trucks.

  • jjpryor06

    What’s the name of the shop that Built that Truck for you????

  • Mike Mayfield
    Mike Mayfield

    Damn idiot

  • Michael Lari
    Michael Lari

    he try too explain from where he get the money OMG go distroy it, no matters...

  • Anti comment warrior
    Anti comment warrior

    If they only knew what you was gonna do to this poor truck.

  • Done Right Plumbing and Sewer Repair
    Done Right Plumbing and Sewer Repair

    Are you gonna leave this one in the corn field on fire like the rest of them?

  • Justin Harding
    Justin Harding

    Clown for wrecking this

  • Alex Collins
    Alex Collins

    What tint is that?

  • Cwick Yo momma
    Cwick Yo momma

    Waste of money. Super douchie

    • Will

      Its his goofy clown

  • Theemikebell

    that was a beauty

  • Guampo

    That is the gayest truck ive seen in a while

  • Shawn King
    Shawn King

    African wouldn't waste a 100 K on a truck like that

  • twinz tube
    twinz tube

    You should definitely get those tiny cars that pull the luggage around frfr

  • John Matrix
    John Matrix

    Only whistlindiesel would pay 100k for a lemon.

  • David Shane
    David Shane

    Come to find out his broke ass didn't buy this truck..Ford loaned it to him for promotional purposes to basically destroy and prove the Ford tough image..indeed he did do that and once he was done destroying this truck...Ford sales sky rocketed!

  • Void

    bro ur literally in my hometown lol thats so cool

  • Caitlin Wingate
    Caitlin Wingate

    I love this truck please don’t mess it up

    • RedDragon0724


  • Danny Gonzalez
    Danny Gonzalez

    Happy 1 Year of one of the trucks that boosted your channel

  • Twin Tibbs Diesel
    Twin Tibbs Diesel

    I just don't understand why both you and Street Speed 717 ruin perfectly Good Vehicles ? Why not just throw a nice motor into a crap vehicle and smash it instead of ruining Beautiful Trucks and Awesome Cars ?

  • blaze jennifer
    blaze jennifer

    The muddled whiskey accordingly stare because panda early gaze unto a tedious europe. rainy, broken bubble

  • zach hollenbeck
    zach hollenbeck

    Dumb ass!!!!!

  • Josh Hedrick
    Josh Hedrick

    Gotta admit I hated seeing this one get destroyed but what ya gonna do it's his money and truck if he wants to burn it to the ground who am I to tell him no

  • wyatt august
    wyatt august

    nice truck I can't believe that the NSA let you on the airplane

  • Owen Niedfeldt
    Owen Niedfeldt

    Listen to you so you're my favorite youtuber

  • Ian Angelo
    Ian Angelo

    Yessir he in jersey

  • DarkDemon Entertainment
    DarkDemon Entertainment

    *who else can’t believe he demolished it*

  • VlaDutZ Rosoiu
    VlaDutZ Rosoiu

    And now is piece's . Now worth 100dollar

  • John Hutchinson
    John Hutchinson

    That foxbody tho🤤🤤🤤

  • NotAProfessional

    I can’t believe that was only 11 months ago

  • Periodical

    Bu- bu- but mom! ItS A FaKe LimItEd!

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia

    Why you shot your shelf

  • cje 11
    cje 11

    almost 1 year later

  • Ball gags for safety , butt plugs for security.
    Ball gags for safety , butt plugs for security.


  • Emerick Jarvis
    Emerick Jarvis

    You even said that you never broke the powertrain on the monster max even when it wasn't a monster truck. Yet Carl n the fords, especially that:sparking/ leaking oil/ "bad tuned" Ford 350(I think was struck by lightning) , you have on the channel all break with 0 to no effort you have to notice the facts I'm laying down here whistlin. Right?

  • Emerick Jarvis
    Emerick Jarvis

    You complain about the gm's/duramax trucks which you absolutely beat the holy hell out of but the fords u have on the channel break with no effort

  • botted

    "Bruh" counter 1000

  • Ryan Sager
    Ryan Sager

    You already farted so n the track how sad

  • Sir LurksaLot
    Sir LurksaLot

    Dude, most guys would give their left nut to have this truck but you just go and destroy it

  • Awesome Austin
    Awesome Austin

    you should get a limited gen 5 Cummins for testing purposes

  • Maddie Pearl
    Maddie Pearl

    My dads friend owns S&S speedways thats super cool seeing you guys went there!

  • Dimebag Darrel
    Dimebag Darrel

    Lookes like he was Amish

  • Dimebag Darrel
    Dimebag Darrel

    This kid looks mexican. Or Mennonite

  • Bringemin fishing
    Bringemin fishing

    bro i can’t believe you were in Philly in the beginning of the vid i drive past that gas station everyday you went over the plat bridge

  • The Best truck guy
    The Best truck guy

    Who makes the lift

  • Hunter Mcgonegal
    Hunter Mcgonegal

    Anyone else watching in 2021

  • Will Patterson
    Will Patterson

    Anyone watching this now that he bought a new one lmao

  • Joel Lopez
    Joel Lopez

    It was so clean😭😭

  • maxpaul11

    That one sweet looking truck! Wow!

  • dewboy13

    Case and point, just because you have youtuve money doesn't make you intelligent. Plus that truck looks like garbage.

  • Fadi Sayed
    Fadi Sayed


  • 4041


  • Fishing with Will
    Fishing with Will

    Buy a Ford the say it’ll last a life time they say🙄🙄🙄

  • Mohammed Amin
    Mohammed Amin

    Can you describ the truck please, engin, model, year, modifications on it, suspensions lift brand, wheels


    Why you destroy that 😪

    • Jose

      cause he can

  • stephen mucha
    stephen mucha

    no way you were at sns

  • Willie Anderson
    Willie Anderson

    Who here from 2021

  • marco gutierrez
    marco gutierrez

    Im glad he wrecked it. Its just a truck. Our entertainment is more important than this truck

  • Evan Justice
    Evan Justice

    Anyone gonna be here in 2021? this year means nothing to me

  • Carter Herasymiuk
    Carter Herasymiuk

    Can’t believe that they bought that truck just to destroy it. I’m surprised it went thru all that abuse and it still worked when it was bought back

  • Totally not Tom Delonge
    Totally not Tom Delonge

    Who else is here after he bought the new F350 Limited

  • B and F Gaming
    B and F Gaming

    Ah when it was nice

  • Bob Burner
    Bob Burner

    That truck looked so cool

  • sitriix

    Cant believe ya trashed the thing 😂😂

  • Brandon Arcadia
    Brandon Arcadia

    I love all these fuckn videos 😂

  • Brandon Arcadia
    Brandon Arcadia

    That truck is 🗑 😆

  • christopher cusack
    christopher cusack

    yo u should link with goonsquads and send them all ur stuff when ur done and they can fix it again lol

  • Travis Renaker
    Travis Renaker

    Kill the ford!!!

  • Stuart Toler
    Stuart Toler

    This video was a bruh moment

  • money !!!
    money !!!

    My f350 can make it through that🤣

  • Rmjr Junior.
    Rmjr Junior.

    Trucks sweet. But for some reason I’m sure it won’t b for long, haha

    • Will

      Wall its already dead

  • J S
    J S

    Where does my dude find so much money lol

  • Brock Bajari
    Brock Bajari

    At 7:15 did I just hear Godzilla

  • gid prix
    gid prix

    Living the good life

  • Jacob Jordan
    Jacob Jordan

    Sold 4 trucks to get it, then 2 weeks later it is destroyed and buried in the ground. Very nice way to spend your money.

    • Chris Ryan
      Chris Ryan

      money doesn't mean shit

  • Jacob Z
    Jacob Z

    Still one of those most awkward handshakes I’ve ever seen. @1:12

  • J C
    J C

    Don't mess this truck up

  • adam underwood
    adam underwood

    Found on road dead

  • JojoX

    I fucking love this guy 🤣😅🤣

  • Quinton Daniels
    Quinton Daniels


  • Kristopher Boice
    Kristopher Boice

    Proof that money can't buy brains!! I would sell my left nut for that truck and these guys just destroy it like it's nothing!! I am sick to my stomach right now!

  • John Grady Hamblin
    John Grady Hamblin

    fords suck get dodge

  • thateffin guy
    thateffin guy

    RIP that beautiful truck

    • mondo 925
      mondo 925

      iknow right

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