I Ate A $1000 Golden Cookie
I have 7 cookies left, subscribe and ill send you one #shorts

  • MrBeast Shorts
    MrBeast Shorts

    how many likes can this comment get?

    • PickledEgg

      so far 50k

    • BROYO_YT

      About 50k

    • Pringle Milk
      Pringle Milk

      Joe can answer that

    • anime weeb
      anime weeb

      Karl look kinda good with dose black nales cool he hss the drip love ur vods mr beast ;) 😁😁

    • Papae wordu
      Papae wordu

      I think 999999,2334

  • Oliver Kaczanowski
    Oliver Kaczanowski

    but The most exponsive cookie in The World

  • Danny Londono
    Danny Londono

    I’m still waiting for my cookies

  • Aagnik Raj
    Aagnik Raj

    I can buy a good enough laptop to play games with 1k dollers :(

  • Jad Ismail
    Jad Ismail

    why the f does karl have nailpolish on his hands??

  • Gili Abrahami
    Gili Abrahami

    DAAAAMMMMMNNNNN Karl dat nail polish tho

  • Amy Beswick!
    Amy Beswick!

    We won’t 😩✋🏼

  • Megan Saguban
    Megan Saguban

    Wait how's the flavor

  • Raja Subramanian
    Raja Subramanian

    0.05 : can we understand the fact that Karl has something goin on his fingers. I dunno if it’s a punishment from a challenge or no nothing but it looks really weird.😉😉😉

  • kiiwiqlossx


  • krisvyin selvaraja
    krisvyin selvaraja


  • yousha Farhan games
    yousha Farhan games

    I love you and you gives us money and eat golden food😍🤩😘😚❤️❤️

  • yousha Farhan games
    yousha Farhan games

    Oh you are so much cute and also karl is cute too

  • Vandy Mandy
    Vandy Mandy

    Karl wearing corpse merch 😭😭🥺

  • Yeetus Yeetus
    Yeetus Yeetus


  • 2nd Pewdiepie
    2nd Pewdiepie

    But Why

  • Amir Smith
    Amir Smith

    Why is Carl’s nails paint it black

  • MrBeast darling
    MrBeast darling



    I want a golden cookie


    Golden poop

  • A O
    A O

    Karl sucks at everything

  • Guide (Phutthipong) Wongpinta
    Guide (Phutthipong) Wongpinta

    Bruh I am at Thailand 🇹🇭

  • BURA man
    BURA man

    Why carl painted his nails

  • Fatality 888
    Fatality 888

    Try with diamond next time.

  • BirdBig _
    BirdBig _

    So when is every meal you eat for the rest of your life gonna be plated in gold

  • The hotter the better
    The hotter the better

    Such an a hole you are!

  • Saanvi Shetty
    Saanvi Shetty

    Did anyone noticed that Karl wore corpses hoodie ... Only me..ok

  • Olivia Brodie
    Olivia Brodie

    Did anyone notice that Karl’s nails was black

  • kristal Samson
    kristal Samson

    "WE WON'T" lol💀✋

  • Robert John
    Robert John

    Bitcoin is t he feature investing in it now is the wesest thing to do now espe cially the current rise

  • Xpress-Kody

    Why are karl's nails painted

  • Tyvien Delgado
    Tyvien Delgado

    Gib me cookie

  • Aylen Esmerio
    Aylen Esmerio

    Can u believe Karl and mr beast are the same age .?

  • Nandana N
    Nandana N

    Jimmy: We might send you a golden cookie Karl: We won't

  • Isxlated Ice
    Isxlated Ice

    Theres no such thing as golden cookies. But yes, cookies but with yrllow sprinkles would taste really good ngl.

  • Bruh

    Now that he’s ate the golden cookie if he continues to tap on the cookie he will get a bonus

  • Shan D
    Shan D

    That was short

  • SonicAngel '-'
    SonicAngel '-'

    But why

  • TermiteTDM

    Yummy now where the chicken

  • Blinkx Army
    Blinkx Army

    Why is Carl wearing nail paint???

    • Narudog

      Because it's sick

  • Caitlyns Country
    Caitlyns Country

    Why can’t I get cookies

  • Harrison Smith
    Harrison Smith

    That’s expensive One question chocolate chip

  • Dave Miller
    Dave Miller

    Hi hi hi hi hi hi

  • Chambers Family Values
    Chambers Family Values

    Eww why does that dude have nail polish on

    • Narudog

      It looks sick

  • Tears Official
    Tears Official

    Foods that cost less 20$: we are cheap but taste better Foods that cost 1000$: ye but we have gold

  • Bossboy bennett-jones
    Bossboy bennett-jones

    When your mom tells you that food has iron in it

  • Fatima lara
    Fatima lara


  • Chamomile-chan


  • C66


  • Sharmesh Kumar
    Sharmesh Kumar


  • Mᴀʀʏᴀᴍ Iᴍʀᴀɴ
    Mᴀʀʏᴀᴍ Iᴍʀᴀɴ

    Why does Karl has nailpolish ?😭❤

  • A.M.

    I can smell the soy in them through my screen

  • FlourishWitherDie

    Gold is biologically inert, however gold leaf isn't that expensive, and that's all it is, gold leaf on a cookie. You got ripped off bro

  • OmniAdam 07
    OmniAdam 07


  • Yeoreum's Winter
    Yeoreum's Winter

    Mr beast's shirt looks amazing

  • Ginger Panda
    Ginger Panda

    Mr beast,s casual evening snack

  • Paranoyaksz

    You’ve just ate the cookie which’s price is equal to my laptop!

  • Edify Dxn0 ψ
    Edify Dxn0 ψ


  • Aamir Zahid
    Aamir Zahid


  • Rukhsana Arshad
    Rukhsana Arshad

    I'm have the the 11500th comment! (This one)

  • Google 번역을 사용했습니다
    Google 번역을 사용했습니다

    With my allowance it would take 38 months to eat this cookie

  • Rivenza Zeva Halavaldi
    Rivenza Zeva Halavaldi

    Kookie ;-;

  • Jackie Anguiano
    Jackie Anguiano

    The cookies looks so good 😋

  • Bodevi ff
    Bodevi ff

    I want one cookie sent me one

  • MC green
    MC green

    Mrbeast:"eating golden cookies" All the Muslims during Ramadan: why must you hurt me this way

  • astrxim

    Subscribe to me!!!

  • Matt Picketts
    Matt Picketts

    The amount of black on karls fingers..

  • jen misterio
    jen misterio

    Im happy karl is there

  • FrostPlayz QwQ
    FrostPlayz QwQ

    I want a golden cookie!

  • Unleashed Studios
    Unleashed Studios

    Can I have one

  • May diaz
    May diaz

    Where do I order

  • Chease Pad 3
    Chease Pad 3

    they look good

  • Dhar Mann
    Dhar Mann

    Can I get a golden cookie because I’m subscribed

  • MFDP

    why people want gold in their cookie

  • SoundCreators2020

    Golden Cookie hmmmm Nows that good eating lmao. I’ll be expecting my cookie in the mail sir lol

  • Laura Perez
    Laura Perez

    mr beast plis send me and to my mom i havent eat some expensive food

  • He Blake
    He Blake

    He needs to lose that guy man . Mr beast needs new friends

  • Numb370hermit

    Gold helps you look younger soo yeah maybe you should give it to chandler

  • suck

    how are people getting mad about nail polish that’s just sad

  • Matheus Studios
    Matheus Studios

    golden diarrhea

  • Anisur Rahman
    Anisur Rahman

    I'm fasting :-\

    • ZWC8 ok
      ZWC8 ok

      gl with ur fast bro

  • Max Nguyen
    Max Nguyen

    Coral in the shorts is pretty good

  • Patar

    Waiting for cookie..... Sadge

  • Nicky Ibrahim
    Nicky Ibrahim

    Karl have dirraria

  • Raghavan J
    Raghavan J

    Anyone notice Karl has nailpaint?🤣🤣🤣



  • Xyril Destura
    Xyril Destura

    golden diarrhea

  • Wtrqlswgyl Mblywtkrcy
    Wtrqlswgyl Mblywtkrcy


  • Danson Nathaniel
    Danson Nathaniel

    I love karl

  • Danson Nathaniel
    Danson Nathaniel

    Im love your tnt vd

  • Danson Nathaniel
    Danson Nathaniel

    Hey mrbeast im am at Indonesia

  • Leo Mostafa
    Leo Mostafa

    The “special” cookies

  • Antonis Kalousis
    Antonis Kalousis

    imagine men having their nails colored

    • ZWC8 ok
      ZWC8 ok

      there's nothing wrong with it

    • suck

      you don’t have to imagine it’s right there in front of you

  • baconrsher33 onyoutube
    baconrsher33 onyoutube

    why are karls nails painted

    • suck

      idk he can do whatever he wants

  • jax hay
    jax hay

    Jimmy stop making me hungry 😋

  • Chantel Ford
    Chantel Ford

    I love you

  • Eloise Endres
    Eloise Endres

    My ant has canser can you please help us

  • Exotix Kambing
    Exotix Kambing


  • Mehnoor Fatima
    Mehnoor Fatima


  • RundellMinecraft


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