Hussle and Motivate - Nipsey Hussle (Official Video)
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Film Scored by AVAA
Video Commissioners: Joseph Boyd & Emmanuelle Cuny
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  • Alcatraz Pho3nix_300
    Alcatraz Pho3nix_300

    Quote ME on this... Nipsey... I carry the torch inside my heart, mind and spirit. When my music pops off... The Marathon will still continue to continue

  • Dustin Gatx
    Dustin Gatx

    I didn't come to listen to this song for nothing I'm here to make something.

  • Vanzuid

    I wish I was there.... if I ever get the change I would visit the recognise place forsure

  • Vanzuid

    nipsey was real asf I guess !

  • Vanzuid


  • Tsegay 6ixt9ine
    Tsegay 6ixt9ine

    Rlp Rlp Rlp Rlp

  • B-Town CHILL
    B-Town CHILL

    🙏🏿 🎶🔊🎵🎼 ✌🏿✊🏿💪🏿👌🏿

  • Touché


  • Investors motivation
    Investors motivation

    When you invest you're buying a day you don't have to work

    • Linda poplin
      Linda poplin

      Some people are so poor and been that way for so long that they lose their self confidence and belief

    • pop Sarah
      pop Sarah

      All nice recommendation I have already contacted her and she attends to me nicely

    • christiana joe
      christiana joe

      @Eva Helen Tell her i referred you please

    • christiana joe
      christiana joe

      @Eva Helen +1 8 6 0 3 7 0 3 8 8 9

    • christiana joe
      christiana joe

      @Eva Helen That's the more reason you should reach out to her and get good insight before getting to invest


    I need more subs hit people its nip, Never will find a guy like him

  • Carlos Crespo
    Carlos Crespo

    Marathon Lifestyle. We really doing It out here 🙏🏽 R.I.P Nip

  • Karan Machiavelli
    Karan Machiavelli

    "Stand for some shit that you never rep Passing through stages in life Through the ups and the downs like it's all just another test Live by the rules like a fuckin' ref I got respect in a hundred sets Too many chains, need another chest Playin' no games if it wasn't chess Cut from that cloth that you couldn't stretch Cut from that circle you couldn't test Heavily pressured and under stress Even though niggas ain't show it, we was a mess Honest attempt, play him to the left Judge a young nigga by they address Left us no option, what they expect? Only thing we knew for sure was to bang the set Fuck livin' basic, I'm takin' risks Fuck what they sayin', I'm sayin' this Don't waste your time, it don't make you rich It don't mean nothin', so fuck 'em, let's make a grip Double up, triple up, make it six Ballin' so hard, you could pay a bitch Lead to the lake if they wanna fish Make sure them niggas around you stick to the script This should be written in stone You should come visit my zone Don't take my word, double-check all of my flows Ask 'em how Hussle got on But fuck what you heard This is for who walked down that road Sold everything but they soul Straight off the curb, real niggas rich as you nerds Addressed to whom it may concern I don't do this for nothin', nah"

  • Karan Machiavelli
    Karan Machiavelli

    "Quote me on this, Got a lot more to prove."

  • Karan Machiavelli
    Karan Machiavelli

    "Thats all I'm tryna do, Hussle and motivate!"

  • Prendince DeLain
    Prendince DeLain

    Still listening Nip 🕊

  • jj walken
    jj walken

    I got respect in a hundred sects..

  • jj walken
    jj walken

    Choppers are throwaways...

  • Calvin Armstrong
    Calvin Armstrong

    yeah u hate people watching me

  • Trevo

    Braboooo de mais ❤️

  • brian allan
    brian allan


  • Chrono

    The ending I’m dead lol

  • Magdalena Garcia
    Magdalena Garcia

    You're my favorite rapper. Rest in peace my King .I love you Nipsey❤️🎚️👑

  • Isaac Bakker
    Isaac Bakker

    Bunch of fake love here. If you REALLY loved him work on yourself, stop praisin and step your game up. Clowns 🤡

  • Bing BangXo TV
    Bing BangXo TV

    This video ain’t have no business going this hard 🤣🔥

  • Fatima kara
    Fatima kara


  • Mclovin400 justus
    Mclovin400 justus

    He's got the most balls out of any rapper ever for sitting on that car like that


      Bruh my grandma has more balls than that 70 years old riding a 700cc racing quad 😂

  • matthew dicker
    matthew dicker

    Man drops how it is , but the beats are full , the lost legends would be we’re using g these. Beats, Nipsey another legend gone for what.. Jealous Excuse my breath here Cunts taken ours . Then there sitting in a jail , should be a hail. What wrong with people Losing Biggy and T and god knows how many more . Now Nipsey. Fucking breaks my heart.

  • Chasity Mccoy
    Chasity Mccoy

    RIP 🙏💙👑...2021.. just imagine if he was still here all the bangers 🎶🎶that he would have made

  • TriniTunerz

    He like Tony stark dad even dead he still taking us to school respect to a real one

  • Shauntae Wallace
    Shauntae Wallace

    The fact that he immediately put his homeboy on at the end is the most gangsta part of this video. J Stone up there now.

  • Severus Floki
    Severus Floki

    He got what people like him ultimately deserve.

  • Fatih Urhan
    Fatih Urhan

    From Last Chance U

  • Luka Rakić
    Luka Rakić


  • Vaovasa Saau
    Vaovasa Saau

    And the mutha Fuckn marathon continues into 2021!🏁💙🇦🇸

  • Francis Pena
    Francis Pena

    He wasn't making music videos. He made movies.

  • slim Q
    slim Q

    I miss my nigga RIH Nipsey

  • Jee Ruiz
    Jee Ruiz

    Damn cuh

  • Kå Rím
    Kå Rím

    is how no car glass got smash after all them shots 😂😂but u still my nigga Nipsey 💙r.i.p💙


    This shit dumb

  • 95 explorer
    95 explorer

    Legends never die the great nipsey hussle 💔🏁🙏🏽

  • JayJ-ay -
    JayJ-ay -

    This the greatest rap/hip hop video of all time...nip made a whole movie 8 minutes

  • K Marie
    K Marie

    Who's on the piano?

  • K Marie
    K Marie

    Nip up there with Pac and Big!

  • Queen Ac3
    Queen Ac3

    The fact that he knew his purpose an could influence the mass I feel is what made them take him out they don't want us to come together because they know what it'll mean for them jmo rest up King 👑💪🏾💙🙏🏽🤘🏾🥰

    • Luis Torres
      Luis Torres

      Yea real shit

  • Erick Lavert Williams
    Erick Lavert Williams

    Motivation for your ass. All Day Long. OWNIT

  • Jaiden John-baptiste
    Jaiden John-baptiste


  • Mario Abelha
    Mario Abelha


  • Mario Abelha
    Mario Abelha

    Nipssey is the best. And tupac

  • Mario Abelha
    Mario Abelha


  • Takai M. Gibson
    Takai M. Gibson

    I love you 🍿‼️🚦🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾

  • J Wallace
    J Wallace

    It be so hard for me to watch his videos now 💔

  • kanervatie

    Hardknock life.

  • Bernie Ramdev Patel Singh
    Bernie Ramdev Patel Singh


  • TOREY Gill
    TOREY Gill


  • satish dhoni
    satish dhoni

    sadly this isnt goin to continue :'(

  • War Lore
    War Lore

    I come from Juarez. Mexico it was the murder capital of the world. Rough af my parents didn’t support me so I ran away cross the border and joined the army. Nipseys wisdom motivated me

    • chiefcodesosa

      sometimes i feel like doing the same

  • Kevin Douglas
    Kevin Douglas

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ rip

  • Jonathan Weathers
    Jonathan Weathers


  • Mr Murray
    Mr Murray


  • Tristin Mills
    Tristin Mills

    No cap this man was really a rap god

  • Micky Bricks 2.0
    Micky Bricks 2.0


  • Ziplok

    I can not deny it since they turned down my promo I never listened to Nipsey we have 1 direct connection and it never came together because NYC folks are too greedy and they need to stop being greedy.

  • FLEEO808

    yoooooo steezee whats choppin

  • Totalsweet Heart
    Totalsweet Heart


  • king usher
    king usher

    Shoot out to 808 🚀💯🏁 HB sup with ya brodie 💸

  • Josh Van Ness
    Josh Van Ness

    This shit goes fucking hard as fuck 💯 RIP Nipsey Hussel

  • Mambichwa ZA 420
    Mambichwa ZA 420



    A great man to b truly missed and never forgotten and his messages for the peoples

  • Hunter is Here
    Hunter is Here

    As always, the cops shot first

  • MasterOfNoNe

    Growth....RiP 👑 Nip

  • Skye Daw
    Skye Daw

    Rip nip yu shoulder packed a AKR fucc hands guns my NIGGA crip 🥶

  • David Te Awa
    David Te Awa

    slauson bruce deserves a oscar for his part cuhh..

  • shan rei
    shan rei

    I just realizes my man at 5 min + was reppin my spot Twin Cities. Mpls riots was part of my mans purpose. RIP

  • Brian Gutierrez
    Brian Gutierrez

    Nipsey hussle legend still is


    Im a videographer. There will never be another Nip but I aspire to leave this kind of content... this is forever 😳 All money in

  • Nore Ga
    Nore Ga

    R.I.P NIP

  • Greg Bydanov
    Greg Bydanov

    That's why they follow me, huh? They think I know the way...

  • Jb4 Intellestial
    Jb4 Intellestial

    I wish he didn't die i got on his game too late and I regret that so much. NIPSY R.I.P

  • Phitecolla

    What're they saying at 7:00, what's the guys name?

  • Anthony Andrews
    Anthony Andrews

    i love this intro

  • Roblin Prasad
    Roblin Prasad

    Rip Nip


    fuck! why they take him. RIP my nigga

  • Tumai Nathan
    Tumai Nathan

    Miss you my guy! Long live neighbourhood nip hustle 🙏🏾

  • Jake Schnulle
    Jake Schnulle

    The more I realize people look at me as a role model, the more I relate to this song.

  • Mc Wise
    Mc Wise

    Hard knock life kinda beat wow dope

  • Guillermo Rosalez
    Guillermo Rosalez

    London is not hood

  • Finn 11
    Finn 11




  • Agent Klodovsky
    Agent Klodovsky

    Is this song that made the eye kill him?

  • Big Bas - Favela Industry
    Big Bas - Favela Industry

    Still! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Samuel Roberts
    Samuel Roberts


  • SoleDontPanik tinifu
    SoleDontPanik tinifu

    He had that “TC” hat in there. About the unity frfr


    Hope your soul us at rest for eternity. Your family is loved and taken care of.

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee

    Favorite Nipsey song. R.i.p king.

  • Regina Greaves
    Regina Greaves

    Real man for sure 😍

  • Gabriel Gomes
    Gabriel Gomes

    i miss this man F

  • Danny Weaver jr
    Danny Weaver jr


  • Sinaloa Es Mio
    Sinaloa Es Mio

    Happy 4/20 we miss you a toke 4 yew💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

  • M J
    M J

    Miss ya Bra Bra...R.I.P. Never forgotten Nipsy.

  • Jaylen Mcallister
    Jaylen Mcallister

    Only if you could make it to 2021 mann the world we live in

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