How to Install Can-am Shock Therapy Rad Rods

  • Blake Braswell
    Blake Braswell

    Sounds like i need to find an alignment shop fast. I couldn't figure out why my x3 was turning to the right so i adjusted my front to allow me to drive straight. My old rods were mangled up to take any measurements an i purchased used squeeky ca tech rods

  • Jay Dargert
    Jay Dargert

    What is the length of the lower radius rod? want to double check my rods. Thanks in advance. X3 XRS

  • Lunch Box
    Lunch Box

    Thanks for all the detailed measurements

  • Jesse Johnson
    Jesse Johnson

    Pro Tip: You should post links in the description for the products shown!

  • AZ Livin
    AZ Livin

    How is that a double shear plate?

    • Grant Parnes
      Grant Parnes

      I was wondering the same. Seems like a double bolted to a single. Still in the big picture a single?

  • Neil S
    Neil S

    So what do you recommend for my front end it’s been set by an alignment shop at zero should I toe it in or out ? It’s a little squirrely as is . little bit or out because it’s a little Squirrley in the front end

    • Shock Therapy llc
      Shock Therapy llc

      We have found that 1/4 inch toe in front and rear is the most stable.

  • Bad Dealer
    Bad Dealer

    I Really Wish That X3 Wasn’t CVT.......Its The Best Looking SxS On The Market. Its The Closest To What A Sandrail Looks Like... That CVT Is A Bummer...

    • 3D Productions
      3D Productions


  • Alex

    Bonsaiiiii 😂

  • Seth449 Smith
    Seth449 Smith

    Love your videos!

  • Scotty Church
    Scotty Church

    What was the stock length for the bottom rod?

    • Shock Therapy llc
      Shock Therapy llc

      27 1/8"

  • tom58c

    X3 looks so good on those 35's!

  • Full Throttle Off Road
    Full Throttle Off Road

    I am a Samurai

    • Shock Therapy llc
      Shock Therapy llc

      Oh Hell ya you are. After a couple drinks, I am confident that a kick in the balls would not have stopped you in the slightest! LOL