How To Fall Asleep In 2 Minutes
Can't fall asleep? These sleep tips are better than ASMR!
Mask vs No Mask Lab Results - Do they work?
Created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Mitch Moffit and Rachel Salt
Illustrated by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot
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Why We Sleep


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      Uni Corn

      I don’t really like the old one was better no hate

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      Fedex Courier

      M-am bucurat să găsesc în sfârșit acest hacker, el fiind inteligent și de încredere []

    • Ryan

      So, If you have a sleep disorder, such as say insomnia, it's a technique that's very likely not to work ? How to fall asleep in 2 Minutes ( unless you have insomnia ) - there fixed it.



  • Sensei Nonsense
    Sensei Nonsense

    Its 6:13 Am and i cant sleep AHHHHHHHHHH

  • Fooking Loosah
    Fooking Loosah

    Me: about to fall asleep after 2 hours of trying My anxiety: dammit you shouldn’t have said that in science class earlier you looked dumb, and oh, everyone was probably thinking of how ugly you are through that screen, and don’t forget, everyone probably thinks you are a weirdo for obsessing over one direction, and last but not least, here is your daily reminder that you are a failure

  • Xxatlantic SeasxX
    Xxatlantic SeasxX

    Me:thinks of kakashi Also me:1:00 am 👁👄👁

  • Hijavata Navaho
    Hijavata Navaho

    Who fell asleep while watching?

  • Jonny Vos
    Jonny Vos

    Damn I got to stage 4, Im out...

  • abbs c
    abbs c

    I cant deal with this antisleep I have school in the morning

  • Jackson The enderman
    Jackson The enderman

    My creepy clown mask is staring at me for my closet yeah that’s definitely going to help

  • Psyco wwolf
    Psyco wwolf

    I literally got 3 hours of sleep and its 5AM

  • Josh

    I’ve 100% got insomnia

  • Gerald Vaughn
    Gerald Vaughn

    If you still can’t sleep try to relax your body. Scan it for any tense muscles and relax them. Being in a very relaxed state can be even more restful than sleep itself.

  • Amber Woolford20
    Amber Woolford20

    This is so amazing! Thankyou so much!

  • Back Back’s Galaxy
    Back Back’s Galaxy

    me: clicks faster then sonic can run-

  • Kuru Ookami XD
    Kuru Ookami XD

    if i let my one leg out i think of ghost and if i take the blanket off me its cold and if i wore the full blanket is feels like lava

  • Anna Baker
    Anna Baker

    I can literally fall asleep in a minute, the second my head hits the pillow I'm out-


    Someone's paper tomorrow 😌

  • Shyla playz
    Shyla playz

    I searched up “how to sleep for five days” not this 😭 if I sleep for 5 whole days without waking up it will be like I’m time travelling and the next episode of sk8 the infinity will be out!

  • Stacey Nelson
    Stacey Nelson

    Me: Trying to sleep so i dont get in trouble XD My brain: GURL- u cant resist You Tube. get ya phonnee

  • chuck

    The video made me sleep

  • Jsmooth

    lol broken rule 7 at 1:30am

  • Walter Oberg
    Walter Oberg

    Whaching this vid makes me sleepy


    :him says to expose yourself to the sun: * me ;-; u only go outside on Fridays or on days I go somewhere

  • Alexander Nuñez
    Alexander Nuñez

    I fell asleep watching this video

  • Crystal Harris
    Crystal Harris

    i fell asleep at 8'46 before he vedo goes anyfarfef

  • Use Less
    Use Less

    Me: _try to sleep_ My brain: lets have a point less conversation about your anxiety or over thinking that one stupid thing about tomorrow

  • i don't get sleep
    i don't get sleep

    only 2 am? damn thats early its already 4 am :/

  • Robin Lindholm
    Robin Lindholm

    Who else is watching this at 3 am?

  • Lali

    Reasons I can't sleep: 1. ALgone 2. anime 3. well I stay up watching anime till 2am so-

  • Itz rxmi :D
    Itz rxmi :D

    I’m so tired now


    I am watching this at 3: 22

  • Anonymous Gaming
    Anonymous Gaming

    I'm watching this video at 2:46 am

  • Anshul Mehra
    Anshul Mehra

    Me watchimg this at 2 : 30 am

  • RandomRan

    Guys whats this Navy things he's talking about I don't understand

  • Aeron Ezequiel Remolador
    Aeron Ezequiel Remolador

    Who's watching 2:22 AM I can't SLEEP

    • •Mochie Playz•
      •Mochie Playz•

      Im watching this nearly at 7 am

  • Hailey Kwapis
    Hailey Kwapis

    I think the reason i can't fall asleep is because my room is the hottest room in my house!

  • Gerard Menezes
    Gerard Menezes

    Who watched this before going to slee

  • H H
    H H

    Me: throws blanket across the room Me: I welcome death~

    • Boat Boat
      Boat Boat


  • Wings of Fire
    Wings of Fire

    When I go on my iPad when I’m about to go to bed it makes me tired

  • 4ETHER

    its 1 AM and im desperate for answers

  • MissRY Answers
    MissRY Answers

    THIS IS A SUPERB VIDEO. Bravo. Take a bow. Here's your shiny gold Medal. ZZZzzzz

  • Scott Abraham
    Scott Abraham

    I legit fell asleep during this video....

  • Etienne Adams
    Etienne Adams

    Writing before bed helps me so much. often times not being able to fall asleep for me is a result of my brain not being given enough time to process things from the end of my day to bedtime. Writing gives you an opportunity to process, wind down, so that you feel more closure from the day and know exactly where you're starting off the next day rather than feeling the continuation of time preventing you from disconnecting from it.

  • PatoYT


  • rachel keeton
    rachel keeton

    I don’t want to take my covers off

  • Noor-Fatima Hussain
    Noor-Fatima Hussain

    Alright I admit it’s 12:48

  • Noor-Fatima Hussain
    Noor-Fatima Hussain

    ALgone: relax Me how

  • fun

    me at 5 am : how fall asleep in 2 min

  • iI Grizzly Ii
    iI Grizzly Ii

    My brain: “2 hours, take it or leave it”

  • Deniz Kendirci
    Deniz Kendirci

    if i'm tired enough then i pass out. if i'm not tired enough, then i don't go to bed at all. problem solved. i generally sleep for six hours from 06:00 to 12:00.

  • iI Grizzly Ii
    iI Grizzly Ii

    I actually did the navy trick and I was out like a light every night ever since

    • RandomRan

      What Navy trick?

  • UnicorneGamingRblx

    Fun fact: i actully watch tv before sleeping

  • Emily Moore
    Emily Moore


  • XxQueen0_0UGLYxX

    The thing that worked for me is the pressure on eyes relax then spam think "DONT THINK" it worked for me thank you! 😀 But it only worked for me for like 2 or 3 days soo why?

  • zul zulaa
    zul zulaa

    Ty for teaching me stop losing sleep (i cant sleep at night i sleeping midnight to 12pm tysm for teaching)

  • Guinness book of shit Crossx
    Guinness book of shit Crossx

    How to fall asleep Turn wifi off

  • Some dude Plays games
    Some dude Plays games

    Ok guys I’m at 1 minute 40 I’m super ex

  • Gamer Girls
    Gamer Girls

    I pass out on a full moon

  • Peanut The Peanut
    Peanut The Peanut

    I just have problems with sleeping when there are lights on but.. I LIVE SOMEWHERE THERE IS A MIDNIGHT SUN, AND I HAVE WHITE CURTAINS THAT CANT BLOCK SUCH LIGHT so.. ima go cry to sleep ✌

  • shruti

    how to fall asleep in 2 mins: get sun exposure before you go to bed me at 4am: ok

  • Mama Merpup
    Mama Merpup

    Me: sleep Body: SLEEP Brain: let’s do some flash backs of watching that sleep walking video❤️

  • Stefanie Lonn
    Stefanie Lonn

    The beginning of this video only applies to me for 30 minutes, thankfully

  • Eric Corona
    Eric Corona

    Smoke 💨 some weed simple

  • Eyub sultan
    Eyub sultan

    Me watching how to sleep at 3am

  • Samuel

    I am a good sleeper but for some reason im watching this.


    Wow!!! Amazing!!!

  • BerylL

    My grandpa: ~falls asleep while standing up~ Me: ~falls asleep while standing against a wall~

  • Sicknott

    thank you


    Wanna sleep read 👇 ......Read more

  • abby

    the demons under your bed that wake the second the lights go off watching you watching this : 👹👹🙄🙄🤔🔪🔪😃😴

  • A Hershey bar that has a phone
    A Hershey bar that has a phone

    I thought hitting your head really hard makes you fall asleep in a second

  • Countryball Animation
    Countryball Animation

    Cookie Monster: Never Sleep 3:06

  • Kpop Girl
    Kpop Girl

    Me: don’t use your phone 4am 😊

  • Kpop Girl
    Kpop Girl

    Me: don’t think My brain: JENNIE AND G-DARGON ARE DATING

  • Kpop Girl
    Kpop Girl

    Me: takes blanket off My brain: the monsters are coming from under your bed

  • Emily Kate
    Emily Kate

    When you dont wanna kick the blanket off because your blanket will keep you safe from the imaginary monsters and demons.

  • Iveta Deksne
    Iveta Deksne

    Me sleeping with ice

  • ZD emonoid
    ZD emonoid

    sleep paralysis visits me everyday 😢

  • Dylan ya know
    Dylan ya know

    Omg hen did it get 3am oh no

  • a n g i e
    a n g i e

    Me: * watching this at 3:00 am *

  • Kia H
    Kia H

    Love this video. Doing a easy chore before bed has helped. When I get in body clock mode. I DO sleep better. Before I had kids I read alot more books. Another reason to grab a book before bed. 👍 So Navy guys simply meditate into sleep. I gotta try it. Sounded like power off meditation.

  • Meme Kong
    Meme Kong

    *sleep in a colder environment* Me who is under my blanket with 100 temperature: bruh


    me tryna sleep my brain vietnam flashbacks

  • chvrm

    “Dont use your phone” “Me Using it”

  • Mason Flack
    Mason Flack

    I don't think this can help its hard for me to sleep

  • Blaze

    we watching at 1:30am

  • Jackson Lowery
    Jackson Lowery

    Me without a blanket on reading these comments at 12:00 AM Me a few seconds later* “I think imma put a blanket on now...”

  • Pedro Mariscal
    Pedro Mariscal

    Wanna fall asleep in 2 minutes,.. take a .5 gram dab

  • Charcoal Hans
    Charcoal Hans

    Why do think i want ur forgiveness?

  • lilbluecreeper

    How to sleep fast 1. find a brick 2. throw it up in the air 3. wait 2 seconds 3. night night

    • cringe is not good
      cringe is not good

      Nice one

  • Alyaa Alebrahim
    Alyaa Alebrahim

    *tried to sleep* My brain @ 3am : let’s do a makeup tutorial !!

  • Somebody

    I’m just built for night shifts

  • Leeyroys dance club
    Leeyroys dance club

    everyone is up super late I'm watching this at 10pm so I get a decent nice sleep cuz I keep waking up at 4am😭😭

  • Queen Ken
    Queen Ken

    I had a nightmare about finding nemo-💀

  • It’s Spring Love
    It’s Spring Love

    So. Everything is pretty much asleep after 3 PM why do I because I literally want to get all my sleep after 3 PM do you know why because we have to wake up at freaking 820 or 8:45 in the morning and literally I’ll get sick of it because I literally have to wake up so early and then later I’m going to be extremely tired so I have to sleep before 3 PM and yeah I am I’m always like I can’t sleep I can’t sleep it’s because of school oh no it’s really not but the thing is I’m so annoyed by school so yeah 😤

  • ThatCringeyGurlShizuz

    So I Have been missing someone and it hurts..

  • I swear my life to sub to anyone who subs to me
    I swear my life to sub to anyone who subs to me

    Who else is like watching this at 2am and can’t fall asleep, and then this comes as a recommended video on how to fall asleep in 2 mins, and when they’re like: take a shower before bed or a bath, u bed Craaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!!

  • Megan Cas
    Megan Cas

    3 am rn trying to fall asleep real fast

  • VinVibe.

    Watching this on 2am check

  • Sreenidhi Kartha
    Sreenidhi Kartha

    This is where he says how to sleep 5:07

  • LordLenni

    Me: Right, I will sleep at 9pm tonight *"wait just this one more youtube video"*

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