How To Sneak Food From Your Child ||
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    How to get fat

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    Ana Maria Estrada cruz

    Madres si compartes le darás un buen ejemplo tú hija o hija

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    mrs. xdars

    Seriously who put the music for the soda?😂😂😂

  • CougaR -
    CougaR -

    ah yes cover my chocolate in lettuce so my child can’t see, not suspicious one bit (also won’t the taste of the lettuce linger on the chocolate…)

  • Gucci life
    Gucci life

    i get that you want your kid to be healthy but think about you you should eat healthy too

  • rainie bennett
    rainie bennett

    I hope this isn't real cuz it's so this moms mean

  • Jaswinder Kaur
    Jaswinder Kaur

    Yea thats normal everyone carrys a glue gun on them at all times

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    Dyjf d9

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    Maria Pires

    That’s rude tho at least give half :(

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    That is smart lol 😆

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    Priscila Maria da Silva Fochesatto

    Essa grito é agora quando eu uma fase dela ela pensou que ela tá certo mas ela mandou chocolate mas vai brigar filho dela vai aprender mas também mudou se eu topo trator ficou bem chato porque ela pensou que tá olhando com medo dele e também abençoa que tava eu tô um pouco pode colocar viste amanhã ela

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    Bad mom

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    Мать года

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    Shakulada is very beautiful

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    Que maldade

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    Or just share

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    Brianna Flug-Geissler

    She's being discreet must be pretty hard I don't hide food from my mom we snack together and hide it from my dad

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    Father Karnage

    Bad parenting 101

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    Ghyslaine Leone

    nqo more sweets

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    Não É mais fácil de ser não;---;

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    So you want us to hate are kids

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    Só falar q não vai da pronto

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    Ugh her face when she growls us so weird I mean more like eww

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    Bad mom

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    Now thats just rude

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    What a selfish mon

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    Tell me why I smelled hot glue when the hot glue gun came out?

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    Eu sendo mãe:

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    Lol the mean face is like you didnt won in among us🤣🤣🤣

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    Cuswil Maravilla

    Its kinda not nice tho :(

  • valeri vazquez
    valeri vazquez

    Que mala madre

  • Jade Dao
    Jade Dao

    Daughter: I'm home Mom: Grabs glue gun near her on the sofa Also the mom: Grabs head of broccoli some reason on the sofa

  • Sadiya Np
    Sadiya Np

    If your Asian parents tell you, you're useless after seeing your grades, show them this video.

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    Emty Fox

    How to teach your kid to eat pencils

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      some random kid on youtube

      nice parent😍😍 eat pencil

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    ꧁Anime111꧂ “꧁Shinigami꧂”

    Man the mom acts more childish than her own children



  • Raya Staykova
    Raya Staykova

    This is a bad way to live

  • kit kat kk
    kit kat kk

    The poor child wants to have a bite of junk food hey now that I think about it my mom is like that to me and my siblings

  • Eleni Trachili
    Eleni Trachili

    Or you can share with your children

  • ImanHaris

    Me Teaching my daughter how to cheat.

  • its jake here
    its jake here

    Why you eill eat chocolate if your kid see you

  • Max Dukhovskoy
    Max Dukhovskoy

    Ah yes, I usually have a hot glue gun on the ready next to my couch to hide chips from my child

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  • J van Velzen
    J van Velzen

    Im a kid, thats not fair😑

  • Jen Toa
    Jen Toa

    Dad:where is my chocolate. Big sister:It was not me! Younger sister:$_$_#/#^#

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    Sümeyye Erol

    Hiç bir çocuk inanmaz buna 😂

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    study is life

    greedy mother..

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    Jeevaselva Selva

    This is crazy video

  • created by rifadul
    created by rifadul

    The mom is not saring food to her child the mom is not real the mom is fake the real mom is saring food

  • Kristoffer Cruz
    Kristoffer Cruz

    The "Mom" is literally eating pringles and watches my soul

  • Kristoffer Cruz
    Kristoffer Cruz

    Child:Mom I'm home! Mom:This little maneuver is gonna cost us 51 years

  • KMightyCap

    WTF who eats chocolate like that!!!!!!

  • Jovie Ann Tacanloy
    Jovie Ann Tacanloy

    why would a mom hide food from her child?🤔

  • Shriniket Emuri
    Shriniket Emuri

    Is this called parenting it's like How a idiot treats their loved ones badly

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    Just say this mine

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    You shouldn't do that lol

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    Um so likeeee *why would you hide food from your kid?* 👹🗿🔪🔪

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    What happened to just saying no to your child 🤣

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    Q webada

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    Shanta Hagan family

    I do keep on, on my phone😰🤢😭😂😪😭😞

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    Sorry but we don't all have a glue gun and a piece of earth in our couch 😂

  • Divine Walker
    Divine Walker

    That’s so wrong to a child

  • Samantha Salzwedel
    Samantha Salzwedel

    Not only if I’m not seeing another parent but that child looks to be about four years old and she was just coming home that means she let her daughter leave the house at four. Then she has a hot glue gun always prepared to hide chips what the actual fuck

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    HYPER Clan

    I refuse to believe that 3 million people liked this video

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    Wow that's good Drake very sweet

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    Dario Vdp

    At the childs school* teacher so how is your mom Child: my mom eats pencils and always has her glue gun plugged in Teacher : this is fine

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      Tina Myers

      @Dance!!!! iwhhsjsosisukuuk

    • Dance!!!!

      5th like

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    I’m first of all I love lettuce and chocolate so it would be a win win for me and if I saw the pencil shaking more than me when I see my cousins cat I would eat it And I would see the cardboard in between ever heard of cracks?

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    Me when i see my mom having a bunch of broccoli: mom can i have broccoli

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    isobxndit YT

    this so stupid

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    Why does this have 3 million likes, and why is a adult woman eating chocolate like an infant

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    Baceh seh choupakeh kuyo khateh ho aaptoh oouski ma hona aapko toh oousko Dena chahi yeh oour aaptoh karhi rahe ho dousara koh bhi shekharaheh ho

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    la niña con estilo camila

    😾😾😖 que mal que no le conparten a la niña yo ce que es un video peroooo

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  • la niña con estilo camila
    la niña con estilo camila

    La mama es lanbucia

  • Over Board
    Over Board

    When the kid goes on a diet: The mom: hides the chocolate The kid: accepts it. We had her in the first half not gonna lie

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