Honda Talon submarine! Crazy wet ride at holopaw

  • David Kestner
    David Kestner

    where in florida is this this is my type of weekend!!!!! Long live the talon

  • GraphixSimpsForHer

    dude i dont see the snorkle for the Talon

  • Chris Strohbach
    Chris Strohbach

    Where was this exactly? I ride the Prairie in Okeechobee all the time.

  • braylonwilson21

    You mean you were taking a boat thought the canal

  • Johnny Velez
    Johnny Velez

    Did your cluster stop working?

    • Mud Puppy
      Mud Puppy


  • Timothy Simpson
    Timothy Simpson

    Where is this located? Talon giving it hell

  • Максим Карташов
    Максим Карташов

    Класс! Куплю мебе такой! Ещё бы форум подсекали, парни, где можно почитать протнего!

  • Mississippi.dirtymax

    Mud puppy will a 2017 420 pull 30” mud lite skinnies

  • Car Krayz
    Car Krayz

    how did water not get into the air box when your going deeper than the intake inlet!?

  • Chad

    Great place to ride

  • vampov

    I don't know if the engineers designed this to submarine like that but I guess if you have the money have a good time. America is still free for another couple of months. By the way how do you seal the gas tank vent tubes?

    • Mud Puppy
      Mud Puppy

      ran up the roll cage

  • Redneckway

    How dare u say another man's tires are fat!😂😂 great video!

  • Dalovesac King
    Dalovesac King

    So I'm pretty sure the Talon can be sold at marine dealership as well

  • John D.
    John D.

    Maybe a jet ski or a jet boat is a better option for your riding style...lmfao. I can't see where your snorkel is.

  • Chris Clews
    Chris Clews

    Wow u sent it lol just subscribe 👍 😅

  • Joshua Avila
    Joshua Avila

    Yo talons rock

  • todd bauer
    todd bauer

    Looks nice and deep out there.. i need to come up that way sometime and ride with you guys... i am south of you

  • Zypth Dark
    Zypth Dark

    Is it a 2020

  • wayhe owen
    wayhe owen

    STUPIDITY! What a way to RUIN a good Machine!!!!!!!!

  • Tennie Toxic
    Tennie Toxic

    Where in the hell is the damn snorkel

  • sportsman 500 slowly building
    sportsman 500 slowly building

    What gear reduction do you recommend for a foreman 400 on 33 and 18 bkts ples help

    • sportsman 500 slowly building
      sportsman 500 slowly building

      Also if I wanted to do the 75% how hard would it be

    • sportsman 500 slowly building
      sportsman 500 slowly building

      Okay thanks mud puppy

    • Mud Puppy
      Mud Puppy

      Realistically the only way you're going to spend those remotely well is with a 69

    • Mud Puppy
      Mud Puppy

      The biggest you can go without major case mods is a 35% and it won't be low enough for those tires

  • Beau Godwin
    Beau Godwin

    I took my maverick in a whole where i was neck deep, 6" lift 4" portals 18" wheels on 37" silverbacks, an got almost to the end an the wheels quit turnin, got it winched out pulled my seat out an had a freakin hole in my belt box snorkel rubber!!! Got that fixed gonna go back an hit tht hole again!!

    • Beau Godwin
      Beau Godwin

      @Mud Puppy yea im gonna most definitely get a talon in the near future!

    • Mud Puppy
      Mud Puppy

      Have experienced similar things with most of my belt drives which is why I got a talon

  • friskie kermie 69
    friskie kermie 69

    Hey mud puppy what size of rims would fit 28 inch aztexs?

  • Texas bornfishing
    Texas bornfishing

    Put some boat floaters on it now you have a legit boat

  • Logans Scarborough
    Logans Scarborough

    You should get some of the interco bloggers for the talon

  • owen Summers
    owen Summers

    Does he still have the honda 300

  • travis kerns
    travis kerns

    Would you take the talon over the highlifter rzr ?

    • Mud Puppy
      Mud Puppy


  • Jacksonamzin L
    Jacksonamzin L

    if i got aztecs what gear reduction and lift size? (the 30 inch ones)

    • Jacksonamzin L
      Jacksonamzin L

      Mud Puppy honda 500 2019

    • Mud Puppy
      Mud Puppy

      How am I supposed to know what machine you're talking about putting them on lol

  • Jabotank1

    Bad ass!!!! I always wondered about the Honda. Now I see

  • Jbrap

    The review I needed lol they weren’t treating there talons like this in the professional reviews 😂

  • catfish charlie
    catfish charlie

    Did you say that your xmr had lower gearing from the factory vs a regular can am? I know the clutches are the same and terrible on all of those. I just can’t remember if you said the gearing in low range and high range was lower?

  • A J Hofer
    A J Hofer

    Yep well imma go get the snorkel 🤿 lol 😂.... I found mud in my dirty side of my air box so yeah snorkel is coming

  • Ken Welch
    Ken Welch

    Looks crazy wet out there!

  • Jon's ATV & Outdoor Channel
    Jon's ATV & Outdoor Channel

    I have zero experiences with side by side's but I've been subbed to your channel for a few years now... How are you able to go that deep? I don't see a snorkel anywhere. That's amazing. First time in my life you've had me consider/sort of want a SxS lol. Great video's as always.

    • Mud Puppy
      Mud Puppy

      Watch my snorkel video it's there it's just super clean and hidden

  • Jackson Burchard
    Jackson Burchard

    Thats how my 900 ranger was first time out i drove through a lake

  • Micah King
    Micah King

    Is it snorkeled because I didn't see not one on it

    • Pocket Change TV
      Pocket Change TV

      Micah King that’s what I’m saying

  • Jessie Estock
    Jessie Estock

    Hey mudpuppy get with me I’ll buy the Honda sxs when ur ready to get your new one

  • K.C Dirt and Motorsports
    K.C Dirt and Motorsports

    At this point I think you want to kill the Talon just to have content but everything you try just ends up in a "why to buy a Honda" sales pitch folder.

    • Mud Puppy
      Mud Puppy

      Pretty much lol

  • Hunter Cales
    Hunter Cales

    Always balls to the walls ! Great content/video !!

  • burnt_pizza

    Damm north beach is deeep


    Awesome video

  • Jacob Evans
    Jacob Evans

    Bad ass!!!👍

  • big country
    big country

    That's sick be careful going that deep in a canal me and my friend went doing that in his razor and a cotton mouth swam over the doors and wouldn't get out he swam over our shoulders and went down to our feet

    • Mud Puppy
      Mud Puppy

      Had that happen too lol

  • corgily


  • Dusten Smith
    Dusten Smith

    dude I didn't realize u where in Florida. let meet up and ride together

  • YoBoyReese

    Love the content man keep it up!

    • YoBoyReese

      シVeXy EVO ?


      no one you fortnite pfp

  • make America great again
    make America great again

    I been saying this for a long time ..Honda is just one tuff utv/ atv Now let's see if any belt drive utv/atv can do that .... Honda America

  • HD Thomas
    HD Thomas

    Imagine being the 1 dbag that disliked it lol. Love the vids!!

    • Dusten Smith
      Dusten Smith

      Whenever you put things on the Internet they will always be haters. I always got haters on my channel u got to get used to it. It comes with being a ALgoner

    • Jane McCabe
      Jane McCabe

      HD Thomas now 5 lol 😂

  • Matt’s Guns and Gear
    Matt’s Guns and Gear

    Nice! I know the guy who owns that sweet 4 seater 🤣

  • not pewdiepie
    not pewdiepie

    am I blind or is there no snorkle?

    • Mud Puppy
      Mud Puppy

      It's just a very clean snorkel, have a few videos on it

  • Michael Yarwood JR
    Michael Yarwood JR

    Was out their Saturday all day and night

  • Tim

    could it have died from too much back pressure?

    • Tim

      @Mud Puppy my maverick did the same thing so i was just wondering.

    • Mud Puppy
      Mud Puppy

      Two-cylinder pensions rarely have that problem.

  • j can am rider
    j can am rider

    I saw yoi yesterday lol

  • Johnrustin Porter
    Johnrustin Porter

    That’s was sickkkk

  • Southern Ties SxS
    Southern Ties SxS

    Me and Marshall need to come ride with you one weekend this summer bro. Idk if you remember me or not but I got the wildcat sport from Bama Slam.

  • Mountainboy18

    I have a Honda recon should I snorkel it?


    That was insane it started right back up!

    • Omega clan
      Omega clan

      Yeah cuz it didn’t sink

    • Wesley Clements
      Wesley Clements

      It’s a honda

    • Peanut Butter
      Peanut Butter

      It’s a Honda... of course it did..

  • Abe Klassen
    Abe Klassen


  • Jesse Stoker
    Jesse Stoker

    Good ride

  • Jordan D
    Jordan D

    Did you check the diffs and trans from water getting in?

  • Trail Masters
    Trail Masters

    Send it

  • caleb miller
    caleb miller

    3:38. Me

    • pencil and paper
      pencil and paper


  • Adam 12
    Adam 12

    Bad ass

  • Joe Mcgrath
    Joe Mcgrath

    That’s not even deep

  • Jose Cuervo
    Jose Cuervo

    I started watching you cause I have the exact same wolverine. Still love it but really liking these new Talons. Once people start seeing them out more, Polaris is gonna start loosing market share bigtime.

  • KingHonda15

    I’ve got a question for you. Trying to figure out what tires I should run on my 200 big red 3 wheeler for the creek. Bottom is all sand. Tried kenda bear claws but all they did is get me stuck every 5 feet. What tires would you recommend?

    • Drake slocum
      Drake slocum


  • Grant Jeansonne
    Grant Jeansonne

    Try that on a can of ham

  • Grant Jeansonne
    Grant Jeansonne

    Try that on a can of ham

  • Main Street Customs 33513
    Main Street Customs 33513

    The damn thing is submarine lol

    • Abe Klassen
      Abe Klassen

      Main Street Customs 33513 no sir issa BOAT!!!!

  • Ronnie Williz
    Ronnie Williz

    That was badass. That gear on gear action is paying off. Where is the snorkel located I couldnt see It anyways. But nice vid we need more vids like this. Nice job.

  • GG Tube
    GG Tube

    I really enjoy your content KAUZ

  • Regin Gargoles
    Regin Gargoles

    Mud puppy❤

  • Jacob Noble
    Jacob Noble

    Finally going deep

  • Off-road King
    Off-road King

    Mud puppy. I’m first

  • Stock tires all I need 5 foot snorkel
    Stock tires all I need 5 foot snorkel


  • Drake Anderson
    Drake Anderson

    first comment

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