Honda Gave us a New 4-Seater Talon and it FREAKIN RIPS!!! (launch mode is awesome!)
Shout out to Honda on this project! Go follow their IG and comment some American flags 🇺🇸@HONDA_POWERSPORTS_US

  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland

    Pin this if you love America

    • F G
      F G


    • Adam Denton
      Adam Denton

      Getting it in the tail pipe by a Chevy impala

    • Adam Denton
      Adam Denton

      Never been to America but people say it's a good country

    • albert mitchell jr
      albert mitchell jr

      Just a heads up, 2 wienermobile went up four sale in Canada. $12k each

    • Curtis Wilson
      Curtis Wilson

      @TheNewsGuy ALgoneChannel it's a crown vic I think one of the other guys drives

  • Mystery Youtuber
    Mystery Youtuber

    I have the same exact one same colors 4 seaters awesome exhaust

  • areoheye

    Ngl i thought the talon expert was a child until he started talking 😂

  • Tshepiso Mokgabudi
    Tshepiso Mokgabudi

    How much for it??

  • rick Nichol
    rick Nichol

    Yo holy Moly

  • Game Thinker
    Game Thinker

    How much was this also do u think a 12 yr old could drive it like idk maybe in a field I want this exactly I’m willing up to save up for it Ik ur not selling it but I wanna know where I can buy it Ik my mom can not buy it but I can save up and get it I’m willing to

  • kamron decastro
    kamron decastro

    and can u buy it

  • kamron decastro
    kamron decastro

    ummm is it legal and do you need a drivers liscense also is it a go kart

  • muaythai193

    DCT + 270 degree twin = winning

  • Lickmybutthole226

    Must be nice to make hundreds of thousands from ALgone videos then just fetting hundreds of thousands of stuff for free

  • Celeb Talk
    Celeb Talk

    mmmm. Vtech

  • Tim Maninger
    Tim Maninger

    Nice to cooper on your channel again

  • John Mokoena
    John Mokoena


  • Crazy 2-1 ILZ
    Crazy 2-1 ILZ

    It looks disappointed and stupid I would rather pay $8000 for dirt bike that can go 70mph and jump higher

  • King Aryan
    King Aryan


  • Rysky Highlights
    Rysky Highlights

    Do u need a driver license for this lol 😂


    how tall is driver???

  • Jackson Lee
    Jackson Lee

    “You can launch it at around...five thousand...OR YOU CAN HOLD IT AT LIMITER!” Love this guy

  • Trap TableTV
    Trap TableTV

    Do you need a driver's license to drive that and can I drive that when I'm 10 or 11

  • Jerald Lifsey
    Jerald Lifsey

    6+ months later...did Honda take it away?

  • Dil Lee
    Dil Lee

    Good advertising for Honda, because it WILL be put through its paces, I don't think Honda will want it back after Cleetus had it for a year, if it hasn't been rolled pt drowned.

  • Loud Mike Media
    Loud Mike Media

    mtn dew

  • Jamiethemtbaddict

    2021 Honda talon 2 seater has launch control just bought one. Won’t have it till like October

  • perezm714

    Pay it forward.. lend it to me =)

  • Luc Vallières
    Luc Vallières

    those will cost 39 000$ in Canada.. the 2021 two seater is 29 000$ :(

  • Thomas Courtney
    Thomas Courtney

    Give him the side by side Honda! And we will buy one. Lol

  • Shane Gill
    Shane Gill

    My friend has a 2 sitter talon and it rip can’t imagine that

  • Talon Blanchard
    Talon Blanchard

    My name is Talon! 😀😎


    I bought my first SxS and it is a 2019 1000R...Get the R 5 more inches in travel

  • NinerOut

    You should let the SXSBlog boys fix that one up for you...thinking big ass turbsky

  • Blaine Trahan
    Blaine Trahan

  • Roger G. Mosquera Jr.
    Roger G. Mosquera Jr.

    cool that Honda did this go Freedom Factory!

  • Tactical Talon
    Tactical Talon

    Went and bought one after seeing this video. Didn't get the Live Valve version. Unfortunately I'll have to get aftermarket launch control.

  • Lesya Stepanchuk
    Lesya Stepanchuk

    I have a Honda pioneer and this is next

  • Daniel Jessen
    Daniel Jessen

    Think you need to take it back to Honda and tell them to throw the Jackson racing turbo kit on it

  • Rosa Fonseca
    Rosa Fonseca

    Lmfao Honda out here trying to turn a v8, Mountain Dew fed, doin it for Dale American into a Honda guy 😂😂

  • alex betancourt
    alex betancourt

    50 degress id would be wesring a tshirt and shorts up by me and grillin and have a beer

  • Shawn Griffin
    Shawn Griffin

    Cleetus: Honda lent us this Talon... Cleetus next week: Let's see if we can drive it on two wheels with 4 guys in it?

  • DJ Smith
    DJ Smith

    No cap it looks like a power wheels

  • Rail Stalker Adventures
    Rail Stalker Adventures

    Cleetus, that Honda Talon 1000X4 is a doggone BEAST of machinery. I say you keep that thing and use it for the Freedom Factory, dude. #HellYeahBrother #FreedomFactory #DoItForDale

  • Oskar Bjornstad
    Oskar Bjornstad

    Who eats more spaghetti Holley or coop?

  • Turbo Tractors
    Turbo Tractors

    SXS needs to leave their touch on this bad boy

  • Rafael Borges
    Rafael Borges

    I wish cooper would rip the cars also, only cleetus drives around

  • Devin Buchhorn
    Devin Buchhorn

    Wow, Holley is looking extremely floofy

  • Jayden Van Ness
    Jayden Van Ness

    Remember Cleetus. “It ain’t mine”.

  • D W
    D W

    That trans makes me want to get one, lower it, put some sticky car tires on it and blast thru a road course or rally x. I wish the paddle shft on my ctsv was that quick

  • Ryan Moore
    Ryan Moore

    The look of that long blonde mullet flowing in the wind just reminds me of murica🤟

  • typhoondan

    4.58 that mullet looks so majestic! 😂 Good move keeping it even after Summernats 👍

  • brandon jackson
    brandon jackson

    you guys finally made a video that wasn't just doing burnouts and trying to start old junk? wow lol. content kings

  • Ben B
    Ben B

    Am I the only one worried Ol Cleet's gonna run over his super cute dog?

  • Fluffybudders

    The bullet proof mullet blowing in the wind @ 4:53

  • Unkn0wn C0mmand
    Unkn0wn C0mmand

    4:55 the mullet just wants to be free.

  • Ironwind1972

    Funny how people get expensive gifts after they're rich vs while they are struggling.

  • drumboarder1

    Cleetus literally lives in a big house with palm trees, 2 golden retrievers, palms trees, a jump, these things and he owns a race track.. He may have the best life imaginable

  • Jared Shoemaker
    Jared Shoemaker

    King of not having a silhouette of the vehicle with a clickbait title only to reveal it for 30 seconds of the video

  • Twigs TV
    Twigs TV

    Take those back seats out and put an LS in it

  • mark lenhard
    mark lenhard

    Hey cleetus does that black van go have a d# or a# wrote any where inside

  • Wicked#IV

    I see it in the background dont worry I cought it 🤔🧐

  • X SinclairX
    X SinclairX

    How long is that fence 😳


    next week in the talon plz dp a FULL PULL

  • Dragon Timothy
    Dragon Timothy

    I want one

  • cpstuhr

    Cleetus using his new found c8 paddle shifter knowledge on a side by side

  • SL Fishing
    SL Fishing

    Please help demo ranch with his car .

  • aluminumfetish

    4:36 freedom wings

  • mrsmilesy

    I want one!!

  • Moto Flash
    Moto Flash

    If you buy a CFMOTO side by side you probably should have a lot of money to just abandon it and buy a Honda or Yamaha side by side

  • Mr260 Z
    Mr260 Z

    Is it still called a “side x side” if it’s a 4 seater?

  • Ronin

    would be awesome to hunt from being so narrow

  • Jeremy Bromilow
    Jeremy Bromilow

    “Or you can hit the limiter” HELL YEAH BROTHER !!

  • Crypto King
    Crypto King

    Can am is still better

  • Cody Bixby
    Cody Bixby

    Hey garret. You should look up iceman500 on youtube! Its a side by side ice ice race in balsam lake wisconsin!! You should consider coming next year!! Its a blast!


    Once a pone a time there was a prince who cared for his people and one day yeh king had a bad mishap and lost his left arm ..awe,!...he cared about all his people and had too step aside to make care all his demands where being taken care of he was lost and people use too come and sit and talk have dinner all theses people where scared that the prince was losing his mite on the kingdom .. they lost faith in him as a prince 👑 his father brought in all kinds of medical and wizards to free him of this weight of a collar around his neck . He went into exile. Broken he lost his fathers trust in running certain ventures so his Father had to go on a mission to get backing to help keep his kingdom strong and thriving..when he returned he came baring a beautiful gift for his son and his father said it’s up to you how you rise this horse a powerful mare a black mare that stranded at least 25hands high.. and had these dark eyes that scared the prince ...I wish I could get someone to give me a beautiful ride like that but I guess I’m not worth it a one armed gimp ... really someone who could use it to go to the store or go out for a ride but no .. I will sit here not feeling sorry for myself but in awe... thinking I could have something like that I haven’t driven since my amputation and I sit here thinking one day the reason will come byei always try’s to help people in turn now I sit here with no vehicle to get in and go fishing of metal detecting ..well I guess I messed myself up a cry little baby but good of heart ... one day I will find away to help people again .. sorry for wasting your time brother ... good luck with the track I’m sure you will go far .. remember to thank the good lord for helping us and keeping us safe .. see ya guys and play it forward...🐺🐾🐾🐾🐾💥👣👣👣🙏⛏⚒⚔️🦴✝️🛐☦️

  • NAH Videos
    NAH Videos

    Looks freakin mint! Do more vids with the golden retrievers!

  • lockpic -
    lockpic -

    nothing like a mullet blowing in the wind

  • bustin yanutz
    bustin yanutz

    Isn't that typical people that can afford stuff get it for free , people that are poor usually go to pay even more then normal price to get something. ONE OF THE MANY FUCKED UP THINGS GOING ON IN OUR COUNTRY

  • Biblija

    too slow

  • Clam Thrasher
    Clam Thrasher

    The look on Coopers face when jumping the Talon lol

  • Kosmoto

    "What do you gotta lose?" ".....A Honda sponsorship." lol!

  • Dr. Z. Smith
    Dr. Z. Smith

    These Honda's are so cool. Best on the market.

  • Tys Weasel
    Tys Weasel

    is coop actual nube, or can he really drive??? doritos go to waste

  • SwiftySZN

    “What an absolute unit”

  • Timothy Thayer
    Timothy Thayer

    Also, Holly Banana Pancake's paws were smoking. She let's 'er rip tater chip!

  • Timothy Thayer
    Timothy Thayer

    This fuggin guy. "You can launch at, what's that, 5k rpm...OR YOU CAN GO TO LIMITER!" And then sends the crap out of it. You watch that right knee. The way Cleeter stomped that go pedal was disrespectful. Love it.

  • Zacksan00

    Mullet blowing in the breeze

  • Princess Burnout
    Princess Burnout

    Merica Love

  • Guido Brunelli jr.
    Guido Brunelli jr.

    That was funny he hit launch control took off ,and then you see the dog outrunning it 4:29 ! :)

  • Jake Mesa
    Jake Mesa

    The mullet flowing graciously in the wind was the best part! Sweet machine as well 👍🇺🇸👍

  • Joshua Breeden
    Joshua Breeden

    I wish Honda would give me a four seater I'm paralyzed from the waist down with no mobility scooters and I live in a house that is on a hill the only way I can get around in my yard as if someone pushes me I guess that's the way life goes if you don't need it you'll get everything if you need it you get nothing my insurance won't even pay for an electric scooter for me to get around the yard

  • Lee Carver
    Lee Carver

    Looks like you doxxed yourself in this video, hope I'm wrong. Love the vids keep up the good work.

  • mrfayetteville91

    Honda, no break in period required 👍

  • Richard S.
    Richard S.

    Lub me some Holley! Hope she will see this!!! FF for life!!!!

  • dsm02c

    Needs turbo more than any other vehicle.

  • Landis Woodruff
    Landis Woodruff

    When you going to do a home tour

  • Ryan LeBlanc
    Ryan LeBlanc

    You should street bike swap onr

  • Veremalus

    "it's cold" "dude 50 degrees" lol southerners always crack me up when they in hoodies and jackets at 50F. Up in the midwest and were all like "hell yeah brother it's mid 40's out today, i get to wear shorts and a T-shirt today!"

    • bigseff23

      Having lived in both Florida and Wisconsin. 50 degrees down here is a lot colder because it's so humid. I remember being in Wisconsin and it be like 35° and the sun was shining and there was no humidity and it wasn't that bad

    • jairo G.
      jairo G.

      Same thing you come down south you will be the same . you wont want to come out the house or apt with ac it gets hot, humid, feels nasty also when its both

    • Caden Marcell
      Caden Marcell

      Veremalus but summer down here is unbearabal

  • David Bakker-Wester
    David Bakker-Wester

    New fire and rescue for the freedom factory?🤫😉

  • Ron Nie
    Ron Nie

    It's about time they done something. They're only 8 years or so behind us Can-Am guys. #teamrenegade

  • Ross Cullen
    Ross Cullen

    Definitely a party in the back with that mullet in the wind. DAMN proud to be Florida man today.


    My “friend” broke my leg with a one similar to that

  • LeanDaddy2011

    Need to get a hold of Cleetus, 2 Wienermobiles for sale in Canada.

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