Today we do a HARD Among Us quiz!

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  • Tamara Seckold
    Tamara Seckold

    There 7 billion people not 7 million people

  • fdtger fdge
    fdtger fdge

    The willing cost rarely collect because preface kelly dry to a beautiful sword. bitter, right iron

  • Travis Tann
    Travis Tann

    Correction there r at least 6 billion people in the world

  • Franz Mariano
    Franz Mariano

    i checked again and it was 7 billion people on the earth

  • Repeat Gael
    Repeat Gael

    OK it was 12 because it means how many locations are in the First map instead of cafeteria

  • Claudio III Requino
    Claudio III Requino


  • Makhadzi Nemurangoni
    Makhadzi Nemurangoni


  • Makhadzi Nemurangoni
    Makhadzi Nemurangoni


  • Pro Master
    Pro Master


  • Lol Poopsalot
    Lol Poopsalot


  • Lol Poopsalot
    Lol Poopsalot


  • Ezekiel

    Ssundee there is 7+ billion people in the world not 7+ million

  • Hiya Hiya
    Hiya Hiya

    Ssundee: There are only 7 million people in the world in 2021. Me an intellectual: There are 7.9 billion people in the world in 2021.

  • Rougue_ Marcel
    Rougue_ Marcel

    Its 7 billion

  • Onyok Anacleto
    Onyok Anacleto

    There's 7 billion people in the world


    I clicked the light button and it turned white

  • Alexa Genesis
    Alexa Genesis

    Wait pc vision actually cost money in among us

  • Saudamini Mallick
    Saudamini Mallick

    I love among us!!

  • Rita Chow
    Rita Chow

    There is actually 7.9 billion

  • Saudamini Mallick
    Saudamini Mallick

    I like the airship and i play it everyday

  • Stephen Burgess
    Stephen Burgess

    There are like something billion ppl in the world lol

  • Inamul Raza
    Inamul Raza

    7 million people in the world Me: there re 8 billion people

  • Elias Thompson-Bowman
    Elias Thompson-Bowman

    Its based on a movie with aliens not a video game

  • Candy Bryant
    Candy Bryant

    It's three six what's wrong wichu

  • EmEm 84
    EmEm 84

    I have seen 2 things wrong with this. Two. Things. 1. He said 7 million people in the world. Great job! 10 million people subbed to him are ghosts! 2. (12:04) You just fall out of the airship. No thumbs up; just fall.

  • MittensTheCatz

    7-8 billion, Ian. You ain't that big of a nerd, okay!

  • Starkyoshi S
    Starkyoshi S

    It is 7 billion Ssundee

  • Bida Bae EJ
    Bida Bae EJ

    The one with how many rooms i counted the and nico is right 12

  • Danielle Rivera
    Danielle Rivera


  • EJB_Elite

    You’re a nerd boy lol

  • Thomas Whipp
    Thomas Whipp

    Airship does not have a cafeteria!!!

  • Thomas Whipp
    Thomas Whipp

    I am proud of being a nerd🤓🤓🤓😎😎😎

  • Thomas Whipp
    Thomas Whipp

    I got over 2 Right!!!

  • Mjdn

    I always knew that I was a figure of your imagination

  • Antoni Kurek
    Antoni Kurek

    1:42 Future(not far) will have light pink(Rose)

  • emily price
    emily price

    There 7 billion people not 7 million people

  • Maxwell Olsen
    Maxwell Olsen

    and there is 7 billion.6 not 7 million

  • Maxwell Olsen
    Maxwell Olsen

    Hi ssundee

  • JMann625 Gaming
    JMann625 Gaming

    I’m a nerd

  • TheRealMacaroni

    there is 7 billion people in the world not million

  • DarkSurvivor

    Whenever I hit the like button it’s turns white 🙂

  • Giuliana Di Leo
    Giuliana Di Leo

    I got 23 pionts

  • Brandon Kinne
    Brandon Kinne

    there is 7 billion people not million

  • Guard

    Ya got Million and Billion mixed up SSundee, 7 BILLION people on the earth.

  • Felita Rom
    Felita Rom

    Only 3 wrong

  • AR - 03MS 880837 Sheridan Park PS
    AR - 03MS 880837 Sheridan Park PS

    there is 7 billion people sir and i know this is a old vid

  • Carsten de Landmeter
    Carsten de Landmeter

    Not 7 million 7 "billion"

  • Alysen Prince
    Alysen Prince

    Angelic_Ocean is correct.

  • Peter Lim
    Peter Lim

    Lol he doesn’t know that there 10000000B people in the world and more but I don’t know how much more

  • TGW Playz
    TGW Playz

    Your so stupid there 7.9 billion people in the world not 7.9 million

  • Lucasbadukas57

    you know its 7 BILLION right?

  • Nirvana Kumar
    Nirvana Kumar

    i like airship

  • Tiffany Sharpe-Karam
    Tiffany Sharpe-Karam

    I’m a nerd

  • Harry Llewellyn
    Harry Llewellyn

    There’s seven billion people in the world

  • Alfred Yong
    Alfred Yong

    There are 7b3hm78m4ht67t190people in earth

  • 潘以琳

    But mine turn’s black and not blue-ish

  • shreehan Bati
    shreehan Bati

    is 7 B not 7 M

  • Aashiek Parker
    Aashiek Parker

    0:56 8:02 There is more than 7 Billion people in the world 4:27 AMONG US’S ORIGINAL NAME IS SPACE MAFIA

  • Suan Htat Naing
    Suan Htat Naing

    it's 7 bill


    Not 7mil it is 7bil 509mil

  • Ruatruati's playroom
    Ruatruati's playroom


  • What is what
    What is what

    “I got a memory of a goldfish” - SSundee 2021

  • xx_ermielplayz foxy deku_xx
    xx_ermielplayz foxy deku_xx

    no the new borns

  • gábor czine
    gábor czine

    actually there is 7 billion people on earth

  • cris liban
    cris liban

    I know theres 7 billion people and I'm just 10 years old.

  • Pheonix Gordillo
    Pheonix Gordillo

    Gold fish have 30 second memory but you must have a very special goldfish


    It is not 7million it is 7.8billion

  • Bodhi Rezzara
    Bodhi Rezzara


  • Bodhi Rezzara
    Bodhi Rezzara

    I’m a nerd

  • Paraflame

    You had 21 points nico had 5 points

  • NeerYT

    4:11 Among us Is Not Based Of A Game Its Based Of A Movie

  • Austin Lada
    Austin Lada

    7 million people? it's 7 billion people mate.

  • Christy Herrera
    Christy Herrera

    Correction 7 billion not million

  • The Crystal Nation
    The Crystal Nation

    Excuse me mr ssundee sir.. umm there are 7 BILLION a people in the world…

  • Lexi Hancock
    Lexi Hancock

    Nop is not 7 million it’s 7 billion

  • tmmcrowd

    There’s 12

  • Abuzarr Fawwaz
    Abuzarr Fawwaz

    Sir its including caf

  • McMahonFamily McMahon
    McMahonFamily McMahon


  • McMahonFamily McMahon
    McMahonFamily McMahon


  • McMahonFamily McMahon
    McMahonFamily McMahon

    They come back up

  • McMahonFamily McMahon
    McMahonFamily McMahon


  • McMahonFamily McMahon
    McMahonFamily McMahon


  • McMahonFamily McMahon
    McMahonFamily McMahon


  • McMahonFamily McMahon
    McMahonFamily McMahon


  • McMahonFamily McMahon
    McMahonFamily McMahon

    Tiny hide

  • McMahonFamily McMahon
    McMahonFamily McMahon


  • McMahonFamily McMahon
    McMahonFamily McMahon


  • McMahonFamily McMahon
    McMahonFamily McMahon

    You did nav twice

  • Abigail Martin
    Abigail Martin

    The game your playing is suppose to know all of the answers but when it asked how many rooms are in skeld you counted 14 and they said it's 12 so you look up a picture and it shows 14 so some of the stuff of said you got right could be wrong and the stuff you got wrong could be right so... DON'T TRUST THAT GAME IT CAN BE LYING TO YOU SSUNDEE!!!

  • Ziva MacNeal
    Ziva MacNeal

    I think I got 20 or 21 or maybe even 22

  • Abigail Martin
    Abigail Martin

    I got most of these right because I have been watching and playing among us a couple weeks since it came out when I was looking for a new game to play

  • jaylen Brown
    jaylen Brown


  • Cheryl Vaughn
    Cheryl Vaughn

    I said fix wiring for most common task

  • LeeAnn Jenkins
    LeeAnn Jenkins

    No 8 belening

  • lin jrt ygky
    lin jrt ygky

    your a nerd mate.

  • Dimentio 453
    Dimentio 453

    3 for question 2 I think Edit:Yeah I got that

  • bertchillsukdure enpdela
    bertchillsukdure enpdela

    Are you acting stupid or I just dum because u keep saying 7m but it's actually 7b

  • Colin Kovaleski
    Colin Kovaleski

    7 bill not mil

  • FL.1*2 ด.ช.พชร กวนยาร์ด
    FL.1*2 ด.ช.พชร กวนยาร์ด

    Sorry sundee but there is not 7 million but there is 7,000 million wich is 7billlion people now on earth