Greek Myths They Couldn't Teach You In School
When we learn about Greek mythology in school, we hear a lot about the heroes. But it turns out that there's a lot of little details - and entire stories - that are super dark, and slip through the cracks of higher learning. Here are stories from Greek mythology they couldn't teach you in school.
Tantalus, the king of Sipylus, was insanely rich and incredibly evil. Given that his father was Zeus and his mother was the daughter of two Titans, maybe genetics had something to do with it. Regardless, he was afforded certain privileges. Among them was a standing invitation to enter Mount Olympus, where he would join the gods for their meals. Three different stories emerge about what happened next, but they all agree that Tantalus screwed up.
In the first story, Tantalus tells his fellow mortals what the gods are planning for them. In another, he steals the gods’ food, ambrosia and nectar, and gives it to those same mortals. The third story is a bit more... extreme.
To test whether the gods really did know everything, he decides to kill his son, Pelops, and cook him for dinner. He serves his special Pelops stew, and no one eats it, except for Demeter, who is distracted and mourning the loss of her daughter to the Underworld.
As punishment for the act, Zeus condemns Tantalus to eternal hunger and thirst. He’s even forced to stand in a pool of water that drains when he tries to drink, and beneath a tree with fruit that hangs just out of reach.
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A stew for the gods | 0:00
The Stretcher’s iron bed | 1:11
The endless hunger of Erysichthon | 2:07
The origins of Pan’s flute | 3:06
The original bacchanal | 3:51
Caught between Zeus and Hera | 4:55
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  • Grunge

    What is your favorite Greek Myth?

    • SeaJay

      @Anna Fischer I thought it was all of Zeus’s tendons, but that may be incorrect.

    • Dobhar Don
      Dobhar Don

      Artemis and Orion

    • Sir Bumble Bee
      Sir Bumble Bee

      Theseus vs the Minotaur (I think that is what it’s called-)

    • Kane Fisher
      Kane Fisher

      The Theogany

    • Melani Potvin
      Melani Potvin

      The story of Orpheus and Eurydice

  • CiiJ1

    I had a dream when I was locked up where I woke up saying mythology 1849, what could this mean? I saw 3 ancient serpents coming out of the water in italy and all of the fish fleeing and crabs acting strange and running onto a beach...What does this mean?

  • Michael Young
    Michael Young

    These are all the versions that I learned back in school. Now, truth to tell, I don't remember if that was primarily the influence of my schools or my parents encouraging my voracious reading habit.

  • Dolores Lehmann
    Dolores Lehmann

    We actually learned both the Tantalus and the Procrustes myth in school, and at a fairly young age (6th-7th grade or so).

  • suonatar1

    I'm pretty sure I learned about Tantalus and a Pan's flute in high school.

  • Hesketh Speaker
    Hesketh Speaker

    Another issue not taught in school: many gods, demigods and heroes were pedophiles.

  • Christopher Agro
    Christopher Agro

    What about Kronos emasculating his father and swallowing his children? Those are pretty gross, too, and yet I have heard of them!

  • Sherbetbomb 327
    Sherbetbomb 327

    Lol...we don’t get taught Greek mythology in history or English. We learn mainly modern history. Aka, world wars, colonisation, industrial revolution. Freedom rights etc. Heck we barely do any ancient at our school. It’s kind of sad...

  • PanglossDr

    At school I studied Classical Greek. We learned about Tantalus.

  • Maria

    *when you know all of these because of percy jackson*

  • Gaurav Kaushal
    Gaurav Kaushal

    I love how in almost all religions they talk about how perfect the gods are, and how you would be blessed to catch their attention. And then there's the Greek gods, where if they like you you're screwed, and if they don't like you you're also screwed.

  • Freakaziod Chimpy
    Freakaziod Chimpy

    Dionysius was the father of alcoholism.

  • Madelyn Cheng
    Madelyn Cheng

    Poseidon raping Medusa and then Athena cursing her for it. 😬

  • Luna Ellis
    Luna Ellis

    me realizing that nearly all of these are in Percy Jackson....

  • Ken Behrendt
    Ken Behrendt

    Most of the Greek myths were intended to teach people what kind of punishment the gods might visit upon them if they indulged in various excesses. They may also have been intended to make people realize that even the gods, despite their supreme powers, could get involved in petty disputes, betrayals of trust, and illicit love affairs. Nowadays this has all been replaced by scary public service announcements and gossip about the lives of celebrities and politicians. They are all just old wine in new bottles.

  • Anne-Mary Perdikeas
    Anne-Mary Perdikeas

    i dont know about you but i grew up in greece and they taught all of these myths even though I went to a greek-french school (not when we were in primary school mind you).

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell

    As usual, not a single mention of any of the same gender relationships; another aspect of mythology that never gets taught. Now we see why.

  • Emma Williams
    Emma Williams

    Hera isn't completely a villain, she was his sister. He assaulted her so that her honour was ruined and she had to marry him.

  • Jenna Fox
    Jenna Fox

    They may not have taught it in school but I read almost all of these in Percy Jackson

  • Francisco Toro
    Francisco Toro

    How very american puritanism. Putting fig leaves over the ink sketch of a naked woman. Pathetic.

  • Zachary Christensen
    Zachary Christensen

    Dude I knew most of these and I learned them on my own

  • I'm drum
    I'm drum

    Funnily enough, they did teach me about The Stretcher, best class ever.

  • Didier Pelupessy
    Didier Pelupessy

    I learned about all of these... in school... you lied to me. Who would lie on the internet?

  • Gamer Senpai
    Gamer Senpai

    The story of Medusa. A priestess Raped by a god Her goddess punishes her for doing it in her temple. (She was supposed to stay a virgen) Messed up.

  • Gamer Senpai
    Gamer Senpai

    Read about most of them... Then again I'm a book worm..

  • Glen Coco
    Glen Coco

    pjo stans already know all these myths lol

  • Dafne Tzatzi
    Dafne Tzatzi

    I live in Greece ... Believe me they do

  • ・Lauren・

    I remember Procrustes from Percy Jackson. Never liked that guy.

    • Just a Punk Fangirl
      Just a Punk Fangirl

      Ahem "Crusty"

  • Buddy Cooke
    Buddy Cooke

    I learned most of these in school

  • Tom Petrocelli
    Tom Petrocelli

    The Thebes you showed (Egyptian) is not the same as the Greek Thebes.

  • Ismene Chalari
    Ismene Chalari

    That's funny because here in Greece they teach us the first 3 when we were 9 years old. At least in my school.

  • Van Lepthien
    Van Lepthien

    Wrong Thebes in the picture.

  • Rachel Evans
    Rachel Evans

    dinner and a "nap"

  • Carter Thomas
    Carter Thomas

    let's not forget when poseidon and aphrodite made princess pasiphae of minoa fall in love with a bull, which would eventually lead to the birth of the minotaur

  • Moonlight .Z
    Moonlight .Z


  • Von James
    Von James

    Ο Διας και οι καυλες του....

  • big bingus
    big bingus

    We haven't been taught much Greek Mythology by any of my teachers until like 9th grade... and it was mainly the Odyssey at that. I just remember spending most of my time throughout 4th-5th grade binging all of the Greek mythology books I could get my hands on (I didn't read+watch Percy Jackson until like 7th grade and I dont really like it). Despite it being very unfamily friendly, I still found them interesting as a child and even now as a young adult.

  • Robby Jordain
    Robby Jordain

    These arnt myths their lineage from ancient pompei

  • Dandelion Dandylion
    Dandelion Dandylion

    What're you talking about? My school doesn't teach any of these. I watch OSP instead

  • Skulduggery Pleasant
    Skulduggery Pleasant

    i already knew all of these- and no, i never read percy jackson

  • Thâmara Chaves
    Thâmara Chaves

    I still don't understand why Poseidon did nothing to help his daughter

  • Amy N
    Amy N

    These are not fairy tales. The spirits of these beings still exist today. The mixing of DNA to create chimera type beings is offensive to God. It’s happening again today with the jab they want to give you nothing is changed. mRNA

  • magnvss

    Couldn't or wouldn't? Many of those myth weren't that odd or unknown. Maybe lack of time as mythology is quite extensive.

  • BloodyBay

    *My Third-Grade Teacher:* "So Perseus set out to slay Medusa, who, along with her sisters Euryale and Stheno, had been cursed by Athena into creatures called Gorgons, who could turn people to stone by looking them in the eye...." *Me:* "Why did Athena curse Medusa and her sisters?" *My Third-Grade Teacher:* "Medusa made Athena mad." *Me:* "How did Medusa do that?" *My Third-Grade Teacher:* " Athena gave Perseus a shiny shield which could be used as a mirror, so that he could see Medusa without being turned to stone..." *Me:* "Hmmm...." *Me, at the county library a few days later, after convincing my mother to take me there so I could read more about that myth:* "Mom, what does 'rape' mean? Like how 'Poseidon raped Medusa in Athena's temple'?" *Mom:* D-8 Yeah, that myth is definitely the worst case of victim-blaming in all of Greek mythology. "Goddess of Wisdom," my ass!

  • UFO314159

    I didn't learn any of those in school. Damn public schools.

  • Yes I'm A Weeb
    Yes I'm A Weeb

    Εγώ γιατί ξέρω αυτούς τους μύθους τότε;

  • masterpython

    Did Tantilis exist before Prometheus.

  • Nibble Nugget
    Nibble Nugget

    I all ready know all of these

  • hawa augustina
    hawa augustina

    my school don't even teach me basic Greek myths so...

  • Rivar

    When i think of it they dont teach you much of anything at school you have to learn everything yourself

  • Creative Writer
    Creative Writer

    Wait...if the gods and humans can procreate with eachother, doesn't that technically make them part of the same species?

  • Vicky Tsak
    Vicky Tsak

    1:14 we learnt about this in 3rd grade 👁👄👁

  • Stayros Paparunas
    Stayros Paparunas

    Well we all must be greatly to Hellenic myths for the stories... don't forget the India mythology..or Viking mythology n Gauls had mythology with Druids ...if u read them u learn history of the world as a fairy tale..beside the myths we ve true historical facts...

  • Δημήτρης Αυλωνίτης
    Δημήτρης Αυλωνίτης

    I already knew all of them since I'm Greek and I have to say that I'd like to see in hear when Apolonas and Artemis slaughtered all 12 children of a woman who made fun of their mother, in front of her. I mean.. that's really horrific

  • Hill Master
    Hill Master

    They didn't teach you that, don't know why, we have it in normal school books, at least the gen x.

  • Carlos Arturo Velarde
    Carlos Arturo Velarde

    Tantalus is actually where the term tantalizing comes from

  • Code Name
    Code Name

    Tantalus the king of syphilis?

  • Calliope Pony
    Calliope Pony

    If you really want some Greek myths that would have caused a stir in school look up Myrrha or Hermaphroditus.

  • CEO of bruh moments
    CEO of bruh moments

    Why didn’t you do the origin of the Minotaur

  • Daniel Abilez
    Daniel Abilez

    Something for everyone.... in these stories.... Good Times... good times

  • Trisha Zarzoso
    Trisha Zarzoso

    i love how the myths are so messed up whilst the background music is so upbeat XD

  • eldersprig

    Zeus the werewolf? Zeus the transvestite? Honestly I've heard of all of the stories in this video.

  • Yashaya

    I didn't learn in school that Greek Mythology Gods and Goddesses are the fallen angels.

  • k a t h r i n
    k a t h r i n

    well, all my fellow percy jackson fans out here know „crusty‘s“ story...

  • k a t h r i n
    k a t h r i n

    well, my german school didn’t care and we had to read iphignie, the story of tantalos‘ daughter so we actually had the god‘s stew in class 😂

  • Cherry Bomb
    Cherry Bomb

    Them: you probably didn’t learn these in school 11 year old me knowing all of these: mkay

    • SuperLady

      Ditto. At 8 I apparently asked my mom why “Oh-de-pus” married his mommy, if that made his kids his siblings, & if that’s where the term Oedipal complex came from (mispronouncing Oedipus but pronouncing “Oedipal complex” correctly). She was startled & asked what the hell I was reading, my response was “Oh-de-pus the King” (Oedipus Rex). It’s about the only time I was told to NOT read (too bad for my mom I was only a few pages from the end)!

    • Spencer Willits
      Spencer Willits

      Yup. Learn the classics, none of these are exactly secret

    • Rebekah Bell
      Rebekah Bell


    • -.-

      this is me lol

  • Toyadome C
    Toyadome C

    Pericles was an asshat. Just leave Medusa alone

  • Mahiii

    For the goddess of women and children, hera sure does kill a lot of them


    It was all bullshit, all of this (made up crap) was just someone's way of getting a leg up on others, and even today we see the same thing, all of the fake 'Men Of God' getting wealthy by lying to the little people, take Muslims, (please) (: the males in this fake religion Islam use it to control their women and children and other little small minded people, yeah they have a good thing going don't they?, and even today we let politicians play us ): . So go ahead and let these guys take advantage of you and control what you think, after all they are Gods, right?.

  • AskAboutLillie

    The first 3 are in Percy jackson

  • Random Girl
    Random Girl

    So basically everyone did incest.

  • sofia velez
    sofia velez

    I was expecting the myth of how Aphrodite was born from Kronos’ testicles either mixing or creating the seafoam out of which she was created. Fun.

  • IIBatwomanII

    I like how these myths were not taught in school in other countries, but in Greece they are part of the mandatory curriculum when we are 10 😂

    • Dun dun dun !!!
      Dun dun dun !!!

      I wish I had to sneak them and read I'm still not finished

  • PercyJacksonfangirl 4vr
    PercyJacksonfangirl 4vr

    Dark story time! Queen Niobe was prideful of her 14 kids, 7 girls and 7 boys. She even went as far as to say that she was better than Leto, mother of Artemis and Apollo, because she had 14 kids while Leto only had 2. Needless to say, Apollo and Artemis were furious that some mortal would speak about them and their mother that way. So they go down to Earth with their bows and arrows to teach Niobe a lesson. Apollo kills Niobe's 7 sons at their practice (idk what it was I just know they were at a sports practice) and Artemis killed her 7 daughters. Niobe was so distraught that she commuted suicide. Now, harsh, yes. Apollo and Artemis had spent their whole lives being disrespected and harassed by Hera and some other gods (mainly Hera. Who went as far to send a huge snake after Leto and curse her to not be able to give birth on any land anchored to the earth. So Leto had to travel all the way to the floating island of Delos to have her twins. All because Zeus was Artemis and Apollo's Dad.) So they made Niobe a message to everyone who disrespected them "This ends now!". Not saying that murder is the answer to the problem. Just saying this was their reasoning.

  • Moira Eftychía
    Moira Eftychía

    Half of those were formally thought at my school class of mythology. The rest were briefly described by said teacher or others. Either way, props for the editing. Is really smooth and easy to follow.

  • N. Reese
    N. Reese

    What a shame that the STUPID narrator didn't know how to pronounce the names correctly.

  • Daniel Coetzee
    Daniel Coetzee

    What a pile of dung....! To think people actually worshipped these vile creatures....! And, they actually teach tis "super dark" Greek mythology in schools but prayer is banned from schools...!

  • vanessa wishdoom
    vanessa wishdoom

    What about Medusa, and what bitch Athena and Poseidon did to her.

  • Prilavolus

    I heard about Tantalus in high school.

  • The Illiad
    The Illiad

    Hera, sis, Zeus is you rbrother. Stop the bullshit

  • Jasna Varcakovic
    Jasna Varcakovic

    too fast..monotone

  • Steven Wertyuiooo
    Steven Wertyuiooo

    I am Greek. Most of those are kindergarten stories. Edit: I said it as a joke but actually it is true for the majority of the stories...

  • Vladimir White
    Vladimir White

    4/6 of these stories were in the percy jackson kids books. Lol never learned about in school huh?

  • sarcasmishowidohugs_

    0:49 I actually knew that? They didn't teach me that in school but it was in a book I had. And it was supposed to be a CHILDREN'S book. O_O

  • john vicente
    john vicente

    Sisyphus ...Plzzz

  • Dark Lord Of The Universe
    Dark Lord Of The Universe

    This was quite interesting.

  • Persephone Pomegranate
    Persephone Pomegranate

    Greek mythology overall is messed up lol

  • Snicker le Gamer
    Snicker le Gamer

    I hate this because you didn’t tell us WHY they didn’t tell us this in school

  • Hamann9631

    Higher education probably heard these stories. Primary education is where these stories probably aren't told.

  • Cheyenne Bokuhoot
    Cheyenne Bokuhoot

    Wait you guys learn Greek mythology in school???

  • naomi carmen
    naomi carmen

    well i mean to be fair... it all starts when the gods *cough*zeus*cough* assaults anything that moves

  • sleeepu

    we studied the first one

  • Kathleen Animates
    Kathleen Animates

    A bunch of people are saying that they learned all of this in school. You... you guys got to learn about Greek mythology in school?? You're lucky- I probably would've known most of those if I remember what happened in the Percy Jackson books, but I read them two years ago and have the memory of a goldfish most of the time. I do remember the Crusty thing, though-

  • Lilith Minasyan
    Lilith Minasyan

    In my country we are taught these stories though... 🤔😅🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Jaded Mist
    Jaded Mist

    Actually our mythology teacher was very passionate about the topic and taught us most of these things.

  • Anonymous user
    Anonymous user


  • Jason Shirtz
    Jason Shirtz

    I did learn about 2 of these in school. Learned about the iron bed & perseus in high school, and we did a production of Baccae of Eurydipies (which retells the dionysus story) in college.

  • agnostic47

    Many traditional Fairy Tales are way darker than the version told to children.

  • Iamkhaos Olympus
    Iamkhaos Olympus

    You got to have physical proof of them being fake lol , besides they don't talk about certain gods because of their nature like khaos for she is a hermaphrodite mostly a female, that's a start

  • WalkenDead1369

    I like all the old tales, no matter the origin. Greek, Egyptian, Celt, Asian, Native American, pretty much from any land.

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