Galaxy S21 Ultra: Official Introduction Film | Samsung
Designed to be epic in every way, with a revolutionary camera experience and powerful performance.
Introducing the new #Samsung #GalaxyS21 Ultra.
Galaxy S21 Ultra’s bold new contour-cut camera design in a category of its own. And the new Phantom Black color only adds to its allure.
Galaxy S21 Ultra revolutionizes all a camera can do. With the highest resolution video available on a smartphone, you can now pull epic hi-res photos straight from 8K video. With 8K Video Snap, you won’t miss the moment choosing between photo and video.
Ground-breaking Director’s View reimagines movie making. Simply switch between camera angles, from ultra-wide to wide, go close with tele or select Vlogger Mode to put yourself in the film. And at 60fps in 4K across all four lenses, every move now looks super smooth.
Epic high resolution doesn’t stop at video. Enhanced 108MP sensor captures true-to-life photos with rich colors. The brilliant shots continue in Night Mode as AI deep learning and multi-frame blending transform after dark adventures into bright, vivid photos.
Galaxy S21 Ultra runs the fastest chip in Galaxy. 2x faster NPU with enhanced GPU and CPU deliver category-leading speeds, enabling its epic Pro-grade camera to seamlessly handle the highest resolution photos and videos possible. It even manages the 5000mAh battery more intelligently so it outlasts the day, even on 5G.
When scrolling through your feed at speed, Galaxy S21 Ultra’s 120Hz Intelligent Display adapts refresh rates to what you’re watching, making battery way more efficient too. Eye Comfort Shield intelligently adjusts blue light for you.
[S Pen]
And with the first S Pen compatible for Galaxy S Series, you’ve got an entirely new level of precision editing at your fingertips. Perfect for trimming videos to the exact frame, S Pen will revolutionize how you craft your videos and images.
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  • Bruno Silva
    Bruno Silva

    O celular que faz ultrassom kkkkk

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    Fazz Flavors

    I need this for my food channel :)

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    fafa the turtle

    The all new 2021.

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    Perfect phone ❤⚫

  • Buddy Bruh
    Buddy Bruh

    Samsung be like :you can shoot 8K vide on a Quad HD screen

  • Chlara Khate
    Chlara Khate

    How I just wish Samsung should upgrade from Android version always better then iPhone given same features in all upgraded phone, camera arrangements only different on new iPhones now.... Samsung just think of above been android version phone stuffs like that

  • Chlara Khate
    Chlara Khate

    How I just wish Samsung should upgrade from Android version always better then iPhone given same features in all upgraded phone, camera arrangements only different on new iPhones now.... Samsung just think of above been android version phone stuffs like that

  • Gursharandeep Singh
    Gursharandeep Singh

    Even if we buy this phone we will not be able to know how to use all the cameras🤣

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  • bbann wong
    bbann wong

    不足一個月就壞了 本想是最好但現實不是…….

  • ataur rahman
    ataur rahman

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    Alexis Lorenzo

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    Hashir Yunus

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    I just pee my pants 👖lol 😆 Because I'm watching this on my new... Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra I finally upgraded and not looking back....awesome cellphone super fast 5G super fast 🙌 The best of the best Or this guy don't buy anything that's why I waited 4 long years!"

  • Luna Merve
    Luna Merve

    Writing from iphone 6s plus,uh god i really want this s21 ultra

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    Buddhika Senaratne

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    Jamshid Boyturaev

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  • قصي وادي
    قصي وادي

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  • Khan Eye
    Khan Eye

    Samsung Team Read pls: S 21 ultra: i try to take pic. first time i not put SIM yet. i just try to focusing 100 zoom. after few mints camera Auto shutdown. and error show mobile is heat up.....after an hour i try to make a video clip after 4 mint heat up again and auto shutdown camera....... it mean i choose wrong device, i purchase S21 ultra only for ُPhoto and video shooting. pls guide me ty. any solution pls?

  • Romeo Namboga 2
    Romeo Namboga 2

    S-S series A- A series M-M series S-S series U-U series N-Note series G-Grand series

  • Wael Faddah
    Wael Faddah

    I wish someone could help me, s21 ultra has a MAJOR issue,data switches from sim1 to sim2... Roaming charges thought the roof I made a video, samsung is ignoring me

  • ايه عبد الامير
    ايه عبد الامير

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  • Chemssou Bessebàa
    Chemssou Bessebàa

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  • William Burton 68
    William Burton 68

    Please tell me Samsung, does the s21 ultra have a pre-installed screen protector, and how can I safely remove it. Very annoying.

  • Bobby Otabor Iyeke
    Bobby Otabor Iyeke

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    Muhsin Ali

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    Eduard Corrales

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  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar

    Hello, I buyed the S21 Ultra on Friday and have overheating issues. After minutes if camera usages or gaming the phone heats up to 44+ degrees and at a certain point it shuts down.Never buy a samsung phone with Exynos! I have learned my lesson 😌

  • Al Rashed Bhuiyan
    Al Rashed Bhuiyan

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    armandeus Youtube

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  • Kawaii

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    El Samsung lleno de elegancia y estilo pero siempre demuestra su alto nivel de eficacia para la vida cotidiana. Representando siempre el lujo y el estilo. Resaltando toques modernos y retro, sin dejar atrás la funcionalidad demostrando al 100% que Samsung es el mejor representante de la tecnología de punta y de modernidad. #seguidorsamsung

  • Fokri Mstafa
    Fokri Mstafa

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  • Elizabeth Williams
    Elizabeth Williams

    i won a new Samsung S21ultra delivered to by I just answered a few questions correctly and I was giving a brown new phone 🥳

  • 軒hao

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    Ayesha Khan

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    David .G.

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    Muhammad Ihsan

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    Ariel villena

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  • Ariel villena
    Ariel villena

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  • Andrea Hidalgo
    Andrea Hidalgo

    Demasiado Epico con todos los sentidos sentir y disfrutar todos los dias #GalaxyS21 y #Buds y llevar elegancia,estilo,diseño exclusivo de alta tecnologia,colores vibrantes, camara profesionales, sin preocupacion de lluvia,trueno ni viento bateria mas duradera todo esto lo encuentro Ecosistema unico y maravilloso Samsung tu mundo a tus manos📱⌚🎧🎧📷🙌💭🌊🌌☁📱🏊😎😎#SeguidorSamsung

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    Andrea Hidalgo

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  • Andrea Hidalgo
    Andrea Hidalgo

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    sandor agustin bernal torres

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    Jeton Demaj

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    • Animals

      Around 1200

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    Dreyk Romaní

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    El Random

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    Musinguzi Osbert

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    Silh S

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    Samsung has sold me a fake phone in Turkey

  • Selim

    Samsung has sold me a fake phone in Turkey

  • Unboxing ASMR
    Unboxing ASMR

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    Mislene 'mislene'

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    Muhammad Ikram Sheikh

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    Iam Groot

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    Muyingo Muhammad Idris

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    Angel OwO

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      Muhammad Ikram Sheikh

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    rashen koshi

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    mighty19 god20

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  • Andrew Zhong
    Andrew Zhong

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    * --- Aquí viendo el video en mi Nokia 1100 -- *

  • melon_cookie

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