Funk Flex x Jadakiss x Murda Beatz- Damn Shame (Official Video)
I was on Gillie Da King / Wallo IG LIVE and they patched in Jadakiss because he wasn’t in my TOP5! Kiss replied “You got something for that album?” It took me several days because i know i only had one shot to keep his attention and not send over something he aint feeling! I was already back and forth with Murda Beats about a Rowdy Rebel track and a Bobby Shmurder track! (Before Bobby came home) HINT! So the right vibe was created… Kiss did what he does better than anyone else and we was ready! I thought it was important to shoot vid on the block of the TUNNEL! We both had some great memories of many evenings of parting, mean performances and hot cars circling the block! Me and the LOX over the years have had more ups than downs! If i never told u guys i have the utmost respect for y’all!
From The Desk Of :
Newest member of the lypo club! hahahah
Lugzs shoe legend! hahahah!
Directed By: @Juganot,
Produced by Funk Flex & Murda Beatz
Label: InFlexWeTrust Films & Records: Tat Wza, Sabrina B., Joe Jaxson, Emma, Nova, HR, AZ, Wil, Mike G., Clare, Seife, Pamela, Juganot Media, Quinn Films, No Cap Films, Basil
A&R’s: Hunter, Jayden, Dante, Alex
Special Thanks To: Maria, Orlando, Shaft, Gabby, Joie IE, Carl Chery, Ebro Darden, Tuma Basa
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  • Nick Sheppard
    Nick Sheppard

    The what the game needed this fr Jadakiss never disappoint

  • Jeff Carey
    Jeff Carey

    WTC woulda been there mid90's ijs

  • Dr. Mercurio Arboria
    Dr. Mercurio Arboria


  • Randy Cruz
    Randy Cruz

    Make a vid on ave D

  • Entertainment master 69
    Entertainment master 69

    bro they gotta slow down the beat

  • Waleed Caldwell
    Waleed Caldwell

    This what da game been missing.... this type of rap make these new niggas tuck in those chains

  • Thomas Goss
    Thomas Goss


  • Leafy Ward
    Leafy Ward

    Top 5 Dead or Alive 4Eva🐐🔥🔥🔥

  • G - Radio Control
    G - Radio Control

    Fire water!!!

  • Plies Thug
    Plies Thug

    U killin it. bro!

    • Plies Thug
      Plies Thug

      I rep tz where fat joe came

  • Gater Coles
    Gater Coles

    y'all need niggas study this video an the concept go back to as much footage as you can find from them 90s study it

  • Profecy

    his voice dont sound dat deep and raspy as usual. u can its a different engineer who mixed his vocals

  • Jonathan Sanchez
    Jonathan Sanchez

    This is what's hip hop has come too ha! but jada legend always classy what can we do as people grind with the fine print feel me uff jada 😎

  • WF88S2021 SMITH
    WF88S2021 SMITH

    Years of change plus new progress. # You are welcome

  • WF88S2021 SMITH
    WF88S2021 SMITH

    Goodvibe Now or Later. 2021 Mr. Game thanx. # Love boat moved. Hi Sisley

  • WF88S2021 SMITH
    WF88S2021 SMITH

    They call me the crane in sky. # slic one

  • Thomas Madden
    Thomas Madden

    Yes Funk Flex stand in the back of him and let him make that money 💰💰

  • Diego yuhzeet
    Diego yuhzeet



    Jadakiss forever!!!

  • strikehair55

    Great track, hope all is well.

  • Dice Anderson
    Dice Anderson


  • Tdot G h
    Tdot G h

    Even some of these rappers are starting to realize Trump was the man.

  • Michigan Money
    Michigan Money

    I Literally have to pause it Before the Beat Switch or it fucks up my Whole Vibe..

  • cmacdagod

    anyone who's listened to this with subwoofer, holy shit this track knocks right!? blew all the dust out of my speaker

  • make believe
    make believe

    for nicki still marry her

  • make believe
    make believe

    Fox but wolf know blow Wood house but bricks gone

  • make believe
    make believe

    Buzz feed wait

  • Angelo Santana
    Angelo Santana

    About time we got some Flexx Fire...🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • jean cadet
    jean cadet

    He talking about the hall game. The guy at the end make sense

  • Tamira Johnelle
    Tamira Johnelle

    Gave Em cell phones. Sheesh.

  • Tamira Johnelle
    Tamira Johnelle

    He has thee Illest Voice.

  • Octopus


  • Dorian Fullenwinder
    Dorian Fullenwinder

    Deyyum dis isssshhh fyyeeeeee

  • chobbiblunt


  • Alexandria Sims
    Alexandria Sims

    I know the whole song of hunting season and I’m trying to learn this one and I now have a song and I love this song

  • Ramon E.
    Ramon E.

    Only OG’s know about these classic wips 💪🏾💯

  • Mobillion Black
    Mobillion Black

    Whatchu know bout 850?

  • Popa Stoppa
    Popa Stoppa


  • Tony Ishmeal
    Tony Ishmeal

    Trump!! 2024

  • Kitchen Currie
    Kitchen Currie


  • Marquand Lewis
    Marquand Lewis

    Fire like always






    maddddd hot!!!!!! Lmove

  • Darius Jermaine
    Darius Jermaine

    It's not about what you made,it's what you run through. Damn shame But I guess that's what it's come to

  • MetalliEquus33

    That beat drop is the fucking dopest shit !!!! Make me wanna punch faces

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Killed it!! $$$


    Kiss is like Nas an Jay put together they call that a problem shout out kiss your word play even when the kids come in.

  • Calvin Allen
    Calvin Allen

    Top 5

  • Duah ListoweLl
    Duah ListoweLl

    Jada got it all

  • Dave P
    Dave P

    og vehicles

  • Frederic Reid
    Frederic Reid


  • KO ARD
    KO ARD


  • Jamal Sowell
    Jamal Sowell

    Straight 🔥

  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson

    Jadakiss, one of the greatest for sure.

  • Snaggabenz

    I understood every word and metaphor

  • kayla monroe
    kayla monroe

    Damn jadakiss got the bars for dayssssssss man. No mumble rap ! Kiss never disappoints

  • Keith Minor
    Keith Minor

    top five dead or alive; guess he was right! OUt of jay, nas, 50, busta, cam, KISS still spitting the hardest bars

  • Chris Cole
    Chris Cole

    Harddddddddd 🔥!

  • Talent Page
    Talent Page

    The young people disliked this. This shit flames!!!


    RIP X 🐕

  • reaper B
    reaper B

    Beefing on the internet that's wat it come too damn!!!! Real

  • Chea

    Whuu, wanna see that CJ clip. Let me look for it now

  • Director G Smith
    Director G Smith

    I never heard one week bar from Kiss once again he delivers !!

  • Ericca Clark
    Ericca Clark

    I LOVE JADAKISS!! The most under appreciated ever!!

  • 7MotH

    when Senior Hip Hop Citzens get a hit of that Weed/liquor and bring out the goonies to play #RapGameLegends

  • ChillzakaIceman

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 & SUBSTANCE

  • The Mayor
    The Mayor


  • Rappers Digest
    Rappers Digest

    Banger 🔥

  • steven murphy
    steven murphy

    Heat bars

  • ogswag beats
    ogswag beats

    This that real shit this was needed for the youth salute to Jada fire!!!

  • WF88S2021 SMITH
    WF88S2021 SMITH

    2021XXX. Vin said its movie time again.SI' PEACE 😃

  • WF88S2021 SMITH
    WF88S2021 SMITH

    Listening. #1 rap video. JAKISS DR. PUN. 4EVER LOVE KRS 1 plus (1)


    This needs to have 50 MILL VIEWS WTF

  • Willam Wilson
    Willam Wilson

    Kiss might be my G.O.A.T.

  • WF88S2021 SMITH
    WF88S2021 SMITH

    Thanx.Make sure ur working. BXXX

  • WF88S2021 SMITH
    WF88S2021 SMITH

    Tuesday Early.. BX Fiie thanks

  • Chad-Cinque Taylor
    Chad-Cinque Taylor

    You gotta have morals and ethics to listen to this type of music

  • exit9 mastertec
    exit9 mastertec

    In flex we trust car meet was good edsion nj sup.... grrrr....

  • William Lovett
    William Lovett

    That convertible m3

  • WF88S2021 SMITH
    WF88S2021 SMITH


  • WF88S2021 SMITH
    WF88S2021 SMITH

    Buy one. 300ZX

  • PuMah Marley
    PuMah Marley

    Flex love that whip lol he got it in every video

  • David McClelland
    David McClelland

    Gotta love Jada.

  • Nonie Cruz
    Nonie Cruz

    What’s the name of the song at the end of this one? Viva la raza 🙌🏽

  • shunda smith
    shunda smith

    27TH & 12TH THE TUNNEL. BEST CLUB EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ant mo
    ant mo

    Best that ever did it.

  • A Masterson
    A Masterson

    These dude's need to take notes..haaa

  • Marcus Witty
    Marcus Witty


  • Marcus Witty
    Marcus Witty


  • carlos king
    carlos king

    Facts!! J kiss nigga 100%


    I am waaaaaay to late on this! Holy sh*t!!

  • chase boogie
    chase boogie

    He bodied this shit , word up .. kiss is the goat 🐐 still rapping with that hunger ✊🏼✌🏼✌🏻 RESPECT

  • Leigha Ellis
    Leigha Ellis

    The master's together❤️

  • Chicago Boy
    Chicago Boy

    Once you hear that laugh, it's over with 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ISM Jay
    ISM Jay

    This nigga Kiss get better with time

  • Cookies Ncream
    Cookies Ncream

    Jada ❤️

  • Joe Green
    Joe Green

    Only 70 80z baby can truly feel this . GENERATION BEASTMODE WORD!!!!

    • Joe Green
      Joe Green

      @eM powerZ wake up cuz I'm talking about living in the 90s not rap u square

    • eM powerZ
      eM powerZ

      No offense but that doesn't make any sense whatsoever 😅 Kiss ain't come out till the 90's

  • David j
    David j


  • Princeofpeace

    This song is more dope than the real dope

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