Fivio Foreign, Calboy, 24kGoldn and Mulatto's 2020 XXL Freshman Cypher
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Watch Fivio Foreign, Mulatto, Calboy and 24kGoldn's 2020 XXL Freshman cypher.
Beat produced by Jetsonmade.
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Directed by @travissatten
Produced by @ritemediagroup
#Cyphers #Cypher #XXLFreshman #XXLFreshman #HipHop #2020XXLFreshman #HipHopCypher #FivioForeign #Calboy #24kGoldn #Mulatto #HipHop
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  • Name Checks Out
    Name Checks Out

    you have to listen to this more than once to understand Fivio's flow.

  • Mitchell Wells
    Mitchell Wells

    Saying it now 2020 best class that been in awhile

  • tomthekidd 427
    tomthekidd 427

    Okay mulatto had so many freaking bars its insane

  • Saad Miraaj
    Saad Miraaj

    From this cypher, we can agree that the only one who really freestyled was fivio while everyone else had there freestyles memorized

  • TheKidd Monte
    TheKidd Monte

    In my opinion they should have switched nle choppa to this cypher and Calboy to Nle’s cypher

  • Chloe Frison
    Chloe Frison

    She is so pretty and can rap💯❤️🙏🏾

  • Basilisk

    Please bring bbno$

  • um chile anyways so
    um chile anyways so

    Mulatto is such a queen

  • King Nash3
    King Nash3

    Everytime l go on ALgone l make sure l play this classic💥

  • marcus

    24k stopped himself from calling mulatto a bitch even tho it wouldve flowed way better lmao

  • 30tusind franke
    30tusind franke

    ID on fivios Shirt?!🔥🔥🔥

  • Challenge4JOE

    I like how fivio looked at mullato when he said he won’t pass on it either lmao

  • Prestin Kim
    Prestin Kim

    everyone hating on fivios freestyle, lol like hes the only one that didn't write anything before, you could tell, and he still went hard

  • Michael Alexander
    Michael Alexander

    My man hittin that 😂😂😂

  • Michael Alexander
    Michael Alexander

    Who invited lil pump jr

  • DjTecniq

    Calboy look like Dababy’s nephew...🤣

  • Turkey_boi87

    Fivio with the adlibs is crazy😂🔥

  • Zyon Miller
    Zyon Miller

    We need a female cypher only

  • Zyon Miller
    Zyon Miller

    If this doesn’t go down as best cypher in history everybody go report xxl and get them deleted.

  • Jajuan Woods
    Jajuan Woods

    Fivo pulled a Mosey

  • Blitztik

    Mullato’s verse was heat but I dont think she rode the beat as well as fivio and 24k

  • Blitztik

    Yeah this shit was heat

  • SplashGrinds

    24kGoldn killed es

  • Goat Boy
    Goat Boy

    We’ve came a long way from 2016 🤣


    What beat is this?

  • Rafael Galaxy
    Rafael Galaxy

    Fivio is not even a rapper he is new in industry 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jayds ___
    Jayds ___

    i be playin latto’s part and then starting it over lmaooo luh u sis 🤪😂

  • Alexander Fortune
    Alexander Fortune

    24k murdered tf outta ts

  • Fabiaan Vergara
    Fabiaan Vergara

    mulatto WOW

  • Long Dangley
    Long Dangley

    Im outta touch this year because i dont know any of these people

  • Drizz

    24KGoldn’s verse doesnt get enough credit. One of the more simple yet better freestyles of the past few years imo.

  • Jennifer Gunning
    Jennifer Gunning

    Definitely was 🔥 🔥

  • Splash WTG
    Splash WTG

    Fivio just took the biggest dub on what Mullato said to him!!!!

  • nappings

    Only the girl was good, Chris brown was just talking shit fivio was dr ad lib even on his own verse and the other nigga came in his Pyjama pants and rapped about nothing. The women killed it tho she lit

  • Yuhh William
    Yuhh William

    fivio would kill this is the beat was lofi

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee

    Fivi with the ad lib's and real freestyle🌟

  • Clapz is a qt
    Clapz is a qt

    Calboy came hard tho I lowkey been sleepin on him.

  • Clapz is a qt
    Clapz is a qt

    " i sit in the seat and I catch it and she throw to me" the way fivio looked at her he wanted to make sure she got that im dead !!

  • Clapz is a qt
    Clapz is a qt

    fucked up fucked me that is not karma lmfaooooo .

  • Clapz is a qt
    Clapz is a qt

    ya'll sleep on big latto

  • Clapz is a qt
    Clapz is a qt

    fivio in love wit mulatto

  • Tadhg Keogh
    Tadhg Keogh

    24k and lattos werent freestyles cal and fivis were freestyles all were great

  • Huncho

    24kgoldn so good he made lil pump look like fake lil pump


    Fivio to me looks like Travis Scott and Pop Smoke in one human. What do you think? I liked his freestyle tho. He has talent cause he is a drill rapper but he still made his bars work over this melodic trap beat. Props to him

  • Alex Mendoza
    Alex Mendoza

    1. 24k 2. Mulatto 3. Fivio 4. that order.

  • Ashanti Mariee
    Ashanti Mariee

    Did y’all notice when Fivio shoot his shot back at mulatto and looked at her

  • Iamhigh 24
    Iamhigh 24

    Just came to see if lil mosey 2 years later still feels like the man

  • p00per91

    I wasn’t expecting that from 24k he killed that

    • p00per91

      Also I think cal boy did pretty good I just feel like this wasn’t his beat. I liked his lines they were clever

  • First Last
    First Last

    Bro fivi went nuts tho...

  • Ahnxt

    Now we all know fivio smashed after that

  • Datniger

    24k got some bars

  • Jesse Vornanen
    Jesse Vornanen

    does somebody know what brand 24kgoldins jeans are?

  • Super saiyan gaming
    Super saiyan gaming

    We down bad if this the rappers we get for xxl

  • Gwizdaplayboy

    When was the last time there was a good Xmas freshman class??

  • Lil G
    Lil G

    Imagine if lil keed was here 😭😭

  • J LionG
    J LionG

    Almost about to be half a year ago that this was posted ,time flies

  • Neon

    shits fire

  • Gotz Bandz
    Gotz Bandz

    I love mullato

  • EduAce

    Big Latto killed it. Especially the Fivio reference. Overall it is a 🔥🔥🔥🔥 cypher. Actually my favorite XXL Cypher of all time.

  • iii Ri
    iii Ri

    Goldn 😍

  • Kryze


  • Gigimw2

    24k golden on aimbot he dont miss

  • Yup Dup
    Yup Dup

    Follow the 10 commandments Christians and ask for forgiveness so you can go to heaven

  • Zay M.
    Zay M.

    24KGoldn really surprised me here.

  • Mario Saldana
    Mario Saldana

    24kGoldn kinda killed it...I thought he wouldn’t but damnn he’s pretty good

  • Eileen

    This beat goes hard 🔥

  • Axeie

    Why does it sound better in 2021

  • Evito Fernandes sam
    Evito Fernandes sam

    Okay this is just trash

    • J LionG
      J LionG


  • JP Multimedia
    JP Multimedia

    This cypher was fire , but don’t let it distract you from moseys garbage cyphers

    • UNSN Zod
      UNSN Zod


  • Kade Matthews
    Kade Matthews

    24s hair shake is better than Lil moseys whole career

  • Dandre Howell
    Dandre Howell

    I re watched so many freshmen cyphers over and over and over it’s sad😂

  • Gavin Doby
    Gavin Doby


  • Iwalkovermarz Idm
    Iwalkovermarz Idm

    24k goldn was the best 😂

  • Gregory Smith
    Gregory Smith

    Oh shit a real freestyle on xxl

  • 25 Dads
    25 Dads

    Trash ass year man. Fuck.

    • J LionG
      J LionG


  • Big King Z
    Big King Z

    The first nigga that Started to rap is a disappointment the female did way better than him lmaooooo

    • J LionG
      J LionG

      He was cool

  • Jeffrey The First
    Jeffrey The First

    I'm back here 😭

  • Luc P.
    Luc P.

    I guess these are all better than the 2016 one lmao

  • Anwis Tv
    Anwis Tv


  • Kodak_ Bih
    Kodak_ Bih

    Big Latto, that's it right there

  • _IS0WAVY _
    _IS0WAVY _

    A A A

  • Oxriella

    24kgoldn went hard asf 💯

  • Cedsoncole


  • Vincent Estonactoc
    Vincent Estonactoc

    Fivio the best 6th man

  • Lil Xylophone
    Lil Xylophone

    crazy how addictive this beat is, Jetson snapped

  • Miguel Alvarez
    Miguel Alvarez

    Gave me 2016 cypher vibes

  • roberto galvan
    roberto galvan

    24kgoldn shoulda been last cause his was lit 🔥 and he referenced every rapper in this cypher, woulda been a badass finish

  • Yasmine Fuzz
    Yasmine Fuzz

    Okaaay y’all, but Malutto didn’t have to come that hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • HeroLink13

    Drake came from a tv show and is still taking off

  • Jacob Waugh
    Jacob Waugh

    Favio and pop smoke brother's you can tell

  • IamLDB

    24kGoldn verse still underrated

  • Anthony L
    Anthony L

    this is one of the rare cyphers where everyone went crazy

  • I Play Games
    I Play Games

    Bruh the only reason this has the most views out of every Cypher this year is because of 24k golden legit no other reason

    • J LionG
      J LionG

      It had the best chemistry and beat in my opinion but 24k was good

  • nathan quillman
    nathan quillman

    3:09 why they got lil tjay in this one

    • UNSN Zod
      UNSN Zod

      That’s tjay?

  • shadz

    When 24k said “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” I felt that

  • Marcy Marcy
    Marcy Marcy

    Lets Be honest Latto and 24k Killed iT Queen of the south💅

  • Sadhu Meewes
    Sadhu Meewes

    Not a freestyle

  • Savonn Champelle
    Savonn Champelle

    Who’s listening to this while nodding their head back n forth w The Who farted face 🥴🔥🔥🔥

  • Mayan G / G Mystics
    Mayan G / G Mystics

    Last nigga really tried to do the X ayee get new material 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

  • The dank Dinos
    The dank Dinos

    Never heard of her but this shi heat

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