Fivio Foreign is Mad Pop Smoke's 5 Killers Locked Up, Wants Them on the Street (Part 6)
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In this clip, Fivio Foreign said he hasn't found closure amid the arrest of Pop Smoke's alleged killers. Fivio actually said he doesn't want them in jail which is just a tacit insinuation of advocating for street justice. He also revealed that he's featured on the deluxe version of Pop Smoke's posthumous album and says they had a couple of other songs together that might appear on his upcoming project.

  • Carlos Kidd
    Carlos Kidd

    Again here go vlad tryna to start and snitch let the shit go clown

  • Roman Jacobs
    Roman Jacobs

    Damn his teeth are white son

  • Tammy Jones
    Tammy Jones

    Damn I was just figuring it out pop smoke dead I wish I woulda knew this shit😢😭😡😭

  • Abolisher ROS
    Abolisher ROS

    Can they please come out so the public can handle them

  • A B
    A B

    This dude is trying so hard to be cool for the camera lmao

  • Allesklar


  • Ghost 30
    Ghost 30

    the way he chews gum bothers me.

  • Germany Calderon
    Germany Calderon

    He don’t care 🤷‍♀️ he’s just trying to come off like he does by doing theses interviews but he could careless. Every time someone speaks on pop and the focus ain’t on him he looks down , don’t care, nonchalant and unbothered.

    • God of Thunder
      God of Thunder

      Smh facts

  • Balls Isstraightupthic
    Balls Isstraightupthic


  • Christian Wanjiku
    Christian Wanjiku

    I don't get it does Fivio not like Pop

  • kpopsicles !
    kpopsicles !

    I just saw the boogie trailer in my reccomended I don't listen to rap that much but I slowly started listening to pop smoke his voice is unique and he was so young only 3 years older than me that's crazy it's sad that they really only miss you when your gone

  • Jade Wayne
    Jade Wayne

    u can hear the pain in fivios voice

  • Damian076

    Yo favi LOOK dumb as hell but he cool as fck at the same time.. he mad smart tho

  • Soldier ofYHVH
    Soldier ofYHVH

    This the last VLAD TV video for me. This nigga is your typical airhead 'thug' finessing for the cameras.

  • Richard Hernandez
    Richard Hernandez

    This dude only cares for his own fame

  • Ylz Døughbøy
    Ylz Døughbøy

    half of u niggas aint even from nowhere talkin shit

  • Buffalo Brave
    Buffalo Brave

    Fivio is not doing shit talking about he wants them on the street 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Chris P
      Chris P

      So the woos can get back or they will pay a hit man from la

  • Karen A.
    Karen A.

    Why Does He Look And Sound Like Gunna To Me

  • TheReaper_Unspoken

    all the decent rappers get shot by other people. I'm not classing the mumble rappers tho

  • Penny773

    Love How The Nigga Said “ I DONT WANT THEM IN JAIL”... 💯

  • Haywood Aikins
    Haywood Aikins

    Vlad is the law,,n these gangster dry snitching just speaking on it ganster pose to keep it n the street

  • Bugsy boy
    Bugsy boy

    Idiots blaming snitching on Vlad are stupid af. If Vlad who doesn’t force anyone to talk can make you talk imagine the police. STFU

  • C Da loc
    C Da loc


  • Humble Timez
    Humble Timez

    Bro can y'all stop going to VLAD? Damn smh Y'all talk too damn much in front of him

  • I Am Chedda
    I Am Chedda

    He act like he would've did something


    Fivi on von & smoke shyt both gon r.I.p to dem guys

  • Libby 17-_-
    Libby 17-_-

    Fivio want them nigga to himself 🙏😂

  • salvador llamas
    salvador llamas

    Ppl saying ohh he leaked his address before he died ohh this ohh that Phone call-.- female clearly said she checked door it was open dumb b left it open Pops friends stalling- talking bout idk the address or help but won’t use some brain and take pop to hospital 3 real friends would of found out who was in that house not wait till months later even fivio don’t care he won’t move cards because he not thinking the same by that I mean he not loosing his life

  • kevin van maurik
    kevin van maurik

    FUCK FIVIO FOREIGN FOR REAL, First making a song with POP SMOKE called Sweetheart, And afterwards he is talking that he is mad that POP SMOKE'S killers are locked up, Mannn GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE, i wished so many times that the've taking you instead of POP SMOKE, R.I.P WOOOOOOOO, FOREVER IN MY HEART !!!!!!!!

    • Olushola Ayeni
      Olushola Ayeni

      I think you misunderstood him, if they were on the streets they would probably get killed

  • Beary Wilkins
    Beary Wilkins

    Was he part of murder?

  • Beary Wilkins
    Beary Wilkins

    What what album I wanna know so I can remember pop smoke

  • Fuzzipiffen

    Fivio eyes don’t lie he off the perks Here



  • RNDL justin
    RNDL justin

    This nigga is the best undercover cop ever

  • Dionté

    imagine if they was in a duo 👥 and released a collab album ♿️ call it Foreign Smoke 😙💨🍃

  • Tyshawn Holloway
    Tyshawn Holloway

    Fivio wasn't gonna do nothing


    Bro fivio don't explain yourself bro he maken you sound weak when your strong 💯


    Bro I'm losing respect for Vlad he sounds like he's with the feds like what fuck you askin bro stfu Vlad straight up 💯



  • AhmedElmi

    Vlad why are you asking these questions?

  • Sam Louie
    Sam Louie

    “I feel you, fuck those dudes!” Stfu vlad

  • Dxrkmxn

    What kind of gum is that?

  • Yahmya Wilson
    Yahmya Wilson

    why tf would he be mad that pop smoke's killers are in jail ? what type shit is that

    • Yahmya Wilson
      Yahmya Wilson

      @Backend Child idgaf tho don'y @ me on that hype shit

    • Backend Child
      Backend Child

      U slow.. he sayin he want them on the streets so he can get them killed 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Patrick

      He wants revenge that’s why he wanna avenge his mans 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Ethan HArris
    Ethan HArris


  • Ethan HArris
    Ethan HArris

    He probably say he’s mad at her locked up so he couldn’t kill him

  • Cameron Dosanjh
    Cameron Dosanjh

    OMG if u so mad about it now how come no one ever attempted to rush these men during the 6 months after Pops death. Fake love and fake brothers.

    • Backend Child
      Backend Child

      Cause nobody knew who did it before they got arrested

    • Frek


  • Hennxssyyy

    yooo wth

  • Darg Corleone
    Darg Corleone

    Wow!! What is wrong with Vlad and his dry snitch description!?!?!

  • jan hiken
    jan hiken

    That outfit 🔥 fully Amiri with cartier glasses big DRIP 💧

  • Reman KN21
    Reman KN21

    My question is what did the Court decided for them killers ?

  • sportyculvercity

    Niggas gotta be careful of what they telling this dude man smh 😂😂😂😂

  • Matthew W
    Matthew W

    Them boys lucky they locked up they get dropped so quick ong

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius

    Bro shut your ass up. You had months to do something about it

    • Google meets
      Google meets

      How stupid

  • Ashley Boneparte
    Ashley Boneparte

    Vlad makes the FEDS job easy... real ones ain’t falling for it tho 😎

  • BigMall TV
    BigMall TV

    Fivio my guy but he gotta spit the gum out for interviews..

  • HangeEdits

    just send him the addy and he'll hunt em down.

  • Ch E
    Ch E

    Very good, tell the feds your intentions and help.em put on what they already figured, "gangsta". Just don't switch your name to Capone or anything to that effect lmao.. from trigger to twitter..smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Jose V
    Jose V

    Vlad was dying to ask "why u dont want them in jail?" Lol

  • damon booker
    damon booker

    Take the dam gum out of your mouth idiot

  • DrillRap Media1
    DrillRap Media1

    Before I even watch this video,ain’t nobody from ny going out to Cali to do no work gtfoh,and I’m from Nyc I fw Cali ppl they don’t even respect our gangs lol smh this guy can’t be serious

  • CHIEF 111
    CHIEF 111

    Fivio chewing that gum like that is straight arrogance 🤢😂

  • Jessyka Slay
    Jessyka Slay

    Dislike my comment if u know vlad is da police

  • Francis King kong
    Francis King kong

    he scary af I aint go lie the way he said he wants them on the street I just felt his energy hard

  • Rian Gath
    Rian Gath

    This interview full of mixed emotions don’t know why I clicked on it smh 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Rian Gath
    Rian Gath

    Why people on vlad always gotta act like they been forced to be there🤔smh

  • Ossy Okoyomon
    Ossy Okoyomon

    The interviewer talks so damn slow its hard to get trough it

  • Ashton Pruitt
    Ashton Pruitt

    They gon get stuck in prison not even an issue

  • Yawa Is natural
    Yawa Is natural

    Fucking vlad !!🤨Why don’t you go interview Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Martin Sheen, Macklemore or some white controversial person!!! Why do black artist give this culture vulture The time of day boggles my mind!

  • gein

    They caught Pop Smoke off guard

  • Official Vårϸiɛ
    Official Vårϸiɛ

    using his name for clout🙄 he dont care abt pop yall he want to take the throne. he wanna be pop smoke.

    • Frek

      @Official Vårϸiɛ yea I misinterpreted what you said and I strongly agree with you

    • Official Vårϸiɛ
      Official Vårϸiɛ

      @Frek bro it dont mean nunthing. He did it! ur closest freind can be ur closest frenemy. and plus he just exposed him self on his song trust. im telling u fivio trynna do sumthing he trynna be something he not so he couldn't really do it so he had to get pop out the way!! and now pop out the way he getting so much recognition so much clout etc. pretending to love pop smoke blah blah

    • Frek

      How? They knew each other for quite awhile. Fivio has his own style and pop has his

  • Number 3 Stunner
    Number 3 Stunner

    Just clicking as an experiment to see if he's still too annoying for me to watch more than one clip. Made it to 1:36 - and most of that was Glad talking. WTF was he chewing gum for?

  • Coeuri Z32
    Coeuri Z32

    “ now that we know who they came from “ 👀 he talkin bout h***** my question is what are they gonna do about it ?

  • Ryant W
    Ryant W

    food for thought : so y'all don't think fivio killed pop smoke or sent someone to kill him?

  • Brandon Cottingham
    Brandon Cottingham

    Lol it sound good Fivi

  • Montana To the death of me
    Montana To the death of me

    Your not gangster boyyyyy

  • Ha Gotem
    Ha Gotem

    This guy won’t do shit anyways lol

  • Riley Weaver
    Riley Weaver

    Fivio isn’t gonna do shit to anybody

  • Carlos Linares
    Carlos Linares

    I ain’t gang related but pop smoke’s music was so unique...his songs are🔥

  • Watch Big Nate TV
    Watch Big Nate TV

    Why did he even do that interview? He looks like he annoyed

  • Dawan Johnson
    Dawan Johnson

    Go to Cali n slide these dudes try to act so tough smh. Get someone in their gang but he won't. Bet if they were free nothing would've happened to them. Cali different with that gang stuff. I don't see nyc dudes going to Cali to slide lol these dudes just talk tough to talk

  • C. D.
    C. D.

    Why do you talk over people then on top of that you make it clear you’re competing with the guest because you talk so fucking loud when you do it. Damn, should they ask you questions instead?

  • Drip

    is it me or does this vlad nigga move so federal its crazy

  • HankBlockOG

    He knew who it was before they got locked up he just doesn't want no smoke with the set.

  • Jamaal Stubblefield
    Jamaal Stubblefield

    Everybody speak that I want the killers on the street 💩 but when they out niggas never touch em.

  • Hugh Mongus
    Hugh Mongus

    those frames are clean af 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Go by Rico
    Go by Rico

    you can tell he happy pop smoke is dead

  • Sheed iWakening
    Sheed iWakening

    This channel is still alive?

  • ChinaLeonee

    Fivi: “now that we know where they at, you know. . “ Vlad: 👁 👂 Me: 😂💀 He can’t say too much because doing a interview with Vlad is like talking to the cops. . Niggas ain’t trying to go to jail. .

  • Fully Focused
    Fully Focused

    Does anybody know where I can get that shirt from?

  • Samuel Dixon
    Samuel Dixon

    “Uh uh” “Uh huh” Might be the greatest quote this cop has ever gotten


    Dat boy itchin

  • Fully Focused
    Fully Focused

    Yo what kind of shirt is that?

  • Tidiane Saidou
    Tidiane Saidou

    Vlad: ”I feel you fuck them dudes”🤣

  • Uptown On The Beat
    Uptown On The Beat

    Fuck them dudes n whys vlad bag always reaching

  • msconcreterose93

    He kinda fine

  • Miguel Osorio
    Miguel Osorio

    mike amiri mike amiri

  • mr_heshallappear DEW
    mr_heshallappear DEW

    ⏸️Pause like 2 times...😂😂😂

  • Wifi

    This man look hella sus he definitely had something to do with his death

    • username username
      username username

      U trippin

  • King M L
    King M L


  • Father Begone
    Father Begone

    Pop got smoked by Hoover’s they get active

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