Fivio Foreign - 13 Going On 30 (Official Video)
Official video for "13 Going On 30" by Fivio Foreign.

Listen & Download “13 Going On 30 ” by Fivio Foreign out now:

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Directed by JLShotThat

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  • esmael hassen
    esmael hassen

    No looks

  • esmael hassen
    esmael hassen

    Just give up on me 🔥 hustlers

  • esmael hassen
    esmael hassen


  • esmael hassen
    esmael hassen

    I just hate his name 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • N Meseret
    N Meseret


  • Sniper

    ‘Them niggas gave up on me Should've never gave up on me A nigga made it homie. And rewarded everybody who waited on me’. Damn, if u start a song like this, u can’t lose. This shit is motivational or a motivation to go hard Because indeed some people gave up on me a couple of years ago but I made a comeback and gonna reward everybody who waited on me. 😎

  • C T
    C T

    Wish I could give this more than 1 like 🔥🔥

  • Eww Bill
    Eww Bill

    They gave up on me .. ima come back in the second half

  • COMBkO 76st LLOEC 1
    COMBkO 76st LLOEC 1

    3:04 C.I.P Pop Smoke

  • Rim2K

    Wasn’t a fan of Fivio a lot a few years ago cause tbh I didn’t like Big Drip but he grew onto me later and now I’m a big fan

  • Mo Money
    Mo Money

    Dis shit hit different when u can relate fr 💯

  • trey zuchini
    trey zuchini

    "RIP POP SMOKE,WE GON TAKE THIS SHIT TO THE TOP" felt that no cap tho

  • Jamari Thomas
    Jamari Thomas

    Someone gotta protect him. We can’t let him go like Pop. Pop was special to drill NYC. Fivio is

  • Jamari Thomas
    Jamari Thomas

    Fivio is the king of NYC Drill right now. The way he’s impacted NYC with his music is so special!

  • Sanela Kandić
    Sanela Kandić


  • tribe of gad
    tribe of gad

    He could of made it more lyrical

  • Salah Buddir
    Salah Buddir


  • Lucky Libra
    Lucky Libra

    I keep doubling back i literally love this track!! Wondering like why I'm just hearing it I done shared it with my brothers they like you late sis lol we been on this, lmao i always be the one hearing the best songs first!! okay they got 1 up on me but Fivio you LIT!!!

  • All Things Bre
    All Things Bre

    I LOVE this nigga 😬🥰

  • Lucky Libra
    Lucky Libra


  • simphiwe mjezu
    simphiwe mjezu

    fivio has tht demon wth hm sining u cn tell frm the eyes

  • E4Event Bangladesh
    E4Event Bangladesh

    "I'll will find a way back to you, No matter what, I promise." "Love isn't a feeling or emotion that changes timely, it's everlasting." Time is distance but love is a bridge. What do you say that we forget the past, forget all that we have been before, forget the future even, and we simply look to the here and now? Isn't that all we ever have in the end? Need more love with

  • Thabiso Kola
    Thabiso Kola


  • 2sxope V2
    2sxope V2

    He raps in bullet points

  • Innocent Ray
    Innocent Ray

    Dis need 10 mill slime da flow jus so rare🤯✅suprise it ain’t platinum yet

  • Santiago A R
    Santiago A R


  • anthony Phung
    anthony Phung

    The hapless sail philosophically repeat because tortoise immunohistologically question in a fluffy foam. open, elite circulation

  • Samer. Bey
    Samer. Bey

    I'm gaining weight 💪🏽

  • RikSantanaBaby


  • RikSantanaBaby


  • RikSantanaBaby


  • RikSantanaBaby


  • RikSantanaBaby


  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur

    Yeah, let's do it Yeah, (Uh) uh, yeah Niggas gave up on me (Niggas gave up on me) Watched them give up on me Huh, ayy, look, uh [Chorus] Them niggas gave up on me Should've never gave up on me A nigga made it, homie And rewarded everybody who waited on me I watched 'em switch (Uh, switch) They not 'bout to switch back (Uh) Life is a bitch (Yeah) I get you bitch smacked (Bow) Look, give me a break, Kit Kat (uh) I know she want me to hit that But I'm focused on a big bag I'll let you fuck whеn I get back [Verse] Now I'm makin' bigger moves I'vе been lied on, I've been ridiculed (Uh) Them niggas pitiful They'll switch up on you for an interview (Uh) Yeah, they'll switch up on you for an interview (Uh) All in the front (Uh), everywhere I go, I go with a gun Every case I caught, I go on the run (bow) Every folk I see gone go in the trunk Every nigga take em' home in a blunt Every night I'm gon' go home when I want I remember I was down in the dumps I was feedin' niggas, givin' them lunch Niggas forget (Niggas forget) But I remember (But I remember) My bitch is pregnant, my mom's in the hospital dying Damn it was early December I’m losin' my crib (Oof), my life in a blender (Uh) I really said what I did and I did what I said I was never one of these pretenders [Chorus] Some niggas gave up on me Should've never gave up on me A nigga made it, homie And rewarded everybody who waited on me I watched 'em switch (Uh, switch) They not 'bout to switch back (Uh) Life is a bitch (Yeah) I get you bitch smacked (Bow) Look, give me a break, Kit Kat (uh) I know she want me to hit that But, I'm focused on a big bag I'll let you fuck when I get back [Bridge] I gave them my life (I gave them my life) I gave 'em all of me I see you ballin', but how you gon' win against the winners? Boy, you're playin' in the wrong team Yeah, I let the doggies off the dog leash (Uh) Yeah, I let the doggies off the dog leash (Uh) [Outro] Yeah Don't let them niggas tell you, you can't do this shit, nigga The key to this shit, nigga Is to be the better version of the last you Whether it was a pic, a trip, your video, your bitch, upgrade Everybody think you're supposed to look at what's lit and then follow that Don't follow that, nigga Do it for the people who love you The people that don't love you, they just don't love you yet Uh R.I.P. Pop Smoke We gon' take this shit to the top The smoke will never clear, nigga Grrt, bow

  • Setheru Bey
    Setheru Bey


  • Kelvin Mendez
    Kelvin Mendez


  • Kelvin Mendez
    Kelvin Mendez


  • Kelvin Mendez
    Kelvin Mendez


  • Professor Deprogramme
    Professor Deprogramme

    Why isn't this at 50 mil?

  • Bismillah Wesley
    Bismillah Wesley


  • Yolanda Futch
    Yolanda Futch


  • Salah Buddir
    Salah Buddir

    The people that dont love you just dint love you yet.. 🤦 💯

  • filipe Santos
    filipe Santos

    King von king of drill ever 👑🎧🍃🔫

  • Ian Perry
    Ian Perry

    Bro Polo Fivi and Durk the only real ones we got left protect them at all cost RIP King Von RIP Pop

  • Mulah Marciano
    Mulah Marciano

    I feel every bar on this jawn 🔥

  • E Fenney 4 the win
    E Fenney 4 the win

    Realest shit I heard all year

  • Chvchie j
    Chvchie j

    "Switch up on you for an interview " ... LilSWIPEY ¿?

  • Daniel Jaramillo
    Daniel Jaramillo

    I like to switch back

  • Daniel Jaramillo
    Daniel Jaramillo

    Let’s do it favi

  • Kahmari Green
    Kahmari Green

    2:29 just realized that was Pop Smoke

  • Theo Fountoulakis
    Theo Fountoulakis

    You n me are not so different. We both came here to listen again this drill song😜🔥

  • Ab

    Hits too deep if you know what he's taking about 🤘

  • Yanis Agodor
    Yanis Agodor

    Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)@

  • Eli Ah
    Eli Ah

    Fivi living life

  • Bleubeing

    Forever a banger

  • Don Chxxz
    Don Chxxz

    "My life in the blender"😔

  • Oliver Bobadilla
    Oliver Bobadilla

    Anyone see the little dog give fivio a high five?

  • lawrence edwards
    lawrence edwards

    Boy garbage truck juice...been waiting on a solo better than big drip...and a collab better than i am what i am...bro riding pop wave hard and he ass...this cant be ny rap...



  • Arya Jahangir
    Arya Jahangir


  • Wisdom is Gangster
    Wisdom is Gangster

    He still gonna die.All that fame and money dont mean nothin when niggas want your life

  • Matthew Rock
    Matthew Rock


  • Mikrobio

    ''my bitch is pregnant, my moms in the hospital dying, damn it was early december i'm losing my crib my life in a blender'' hits different!!!!!! every time i hear it.

  • Streaky Drip
    Streaky Drip

    He ain’t lying at the end, you gotta better yourself even if that means cutting link out the chain. Sorry JayDee you didn’t make the cut

  • Alla B
    Alla B

    Rip pop smoke we gonna take this shit to the top 🔥

  • Homie Gernard
    Homie Gernard

    This beat is so hard 🔥‼️

  • Colin Brown
    Colin Brown

    This my Anthem to life Right now!

  • Wavey F
    Wavey F

    A real slow Big SPIN 🤫🤐🦿🦾

  • sharpzinto production
    sharpzinto production

    This is dope "masterpiece" 🔥

  • Master Atl
    Master Atl




  • southy soilder
    southy soilder

    You know when a song feels like its talking str8 to you 🔥🔥🔥


  • Lost Cause
    Lost Cause

    My lil nigga moe stay bumping this shorty you ain't neva lied they fake out here 1hunnit

  • Tahir_gxd17

    These niggaz gave up on me shouldn't have never gave up on me 😴🙏🏾 mi resepct da part deh most

  • Sniper

    I’m not a Fivio fan but this is some different shit buddy👌

  • isaiah alsup
    isaiah alsup

    Trap symphony's this please

  • Abrham Almaw
    Abrham Almaw

    I lost a homie last night this is the last song I seen him dancing too RIP ANDRE RIP PATRICK RIP GEORGE!!!💙💙💙🤦‍♂️

    • Ricky Riicks
      Ricky Riicks

      May God Heal you through those tough times 🙏🏽🙏🏽💙💙🕊🕊

    • Parker

      @Gear Bangin' Entertainment man just say RIP and move on

    • Jesse R
      Jesse R

      feel better homie

    • Antonie Quijano
      Antonie Quijano


    • Gear Bangin' Entertainment
      Gear Bangin' Entertainment

      I send my RIP depending on the life they lived. If not, i take it back. okay?

  • Lynn Whylly
    Lynn Whylly


  • Jonas Kgomo
    Jonas Kgomo

    This song sent me to the Matrix, saw Neo , he said Favio is the one

  • Rashimeir Cooper
    Rashimeir Cooper

    I felt that when fivio said "my life in the blender😣"

  • Dreamaholic Design
    Dreamaholic Design

    This is it!

  • Salah Buddir
    Salah Buddir

    Im makin bigga moves🔥

  • Emperor

    I'm very sure that I'm not the only one feeling the Pop Smoke Junior brother vibe. If the beats was faster, it would have been a pop smoke beat

  • Karim Aponte
    Karim Aponte

    Facts he's talking facts

  • Afro Samurei
    Afro Samurei


    • Afro Samurei
      Afro Samurei


  • loyalty overmoney
    loyalty overmoney

    Prop gun my ass

  • The Real Chubbbz
    The Real Chubbbz

    Play this masterpiece on 1.25x thank me later.

  • natashachange67

    TOOOOO FINE💯💯💯💯♥️♥️♥️💋💋

  • Christopher Gatto
    Christopher Gatto

    Another legend right here

  • rFFy_ 77
    rFFy_ 77

    Underrated song

  • Bryan Schiavone
    Bryan Schiavone

    I gave them my life, I gave them all me‼️ I felt that

  • sharif williams
    sharif williams


  • DCJ 92
    DCJ 92

    I wanna be like bro over here🔥🖖

  • Christina Jean-Louis
    Christina Jean-Louis

    we lost king and pop smok whichs sad

  • oao money man
    oao money man

    U r 30

  • Kayjay Jay
    Kayjay Jay

    Woooooooo so sexy 🥰🥰🥰

  • bruhmonument420

    "the people that dont love you...they just dont love you yet" damn man that hit too hard for some reason

  • Wavey F
    Wavey F

    Da smoke a never clear🤫🤐🧏🏿‍♂️💥🖕🏿

  • Smoove Divaz
    Smoove Divaz

    I 💝 Him.... My BK Brother

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