Welcome to Coffee Walk Ep. 130!
Last week we loaded up both trucks & trailers and took off to Dexter, Missouri to check out a 160 abandoned salvage yard where we were promised two things- JEEPS AND PORSCHES. BOOM!
If you’re interested in purchasing parts from any of the Jeeps shown on this episode, please fill out our USED PART REQUEST FORM on our website and one of our experienced parts techs will reach out to you ASAP.
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For any other inquiries regarding the cars that we got on this buy, please send us a detailed email to SOCIAL@CBJEEP.COM with your contact info.
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  • Steve Tripp
    Steve Tripp

    Wow Dennis is so cool .

  • William Vaillancourt
    William Vaillancourt

    My sister has a 95 last of the y js

  • Grimrpr6942

    How long before we see a "saggin pants" t-shirt in the merch store Dennis??

  • Mister Vacation
    Mister Vacation

    Looks like somebody was smoking crack in there.

  • Nigel Bullock
    Nigel Bullock

    Great episode. Did you not want the cool 944 or the red maserati. Amazes me that someone buys a porsche carerra2 and sticks it in a field for 20 years. Whats the logic

  • DLEY96

    All them obs fords though

  • josh Maitland
    josh Maitland

    Man you have my dream job. I love some keeps and I'd love to restore. Keep it up!

  • C_Monster

    The thieves gonna go looking for parts and all the Jeeps are going to be gone 😂😂😂

  • joe nunes
    joe nunes

    Very good show

  • Tony Collins
    Tony Collins

    Hey Dennis Collins my name is Tony Collins in nor Cal I got a 77 cj5 I love your work and your channel

  • Mickey Griggs
    Mickey Griggs

    Is this legit Dennis Collins video just curious

  • Brad Kimbler
    Brad Kimbler

    Great video. It is awesome to see you save those jeeps. It's weird to think that TJs need saving... I guess I'm getting old. Also, my family (on my mother's side) are Lamberts and started that restaurant chain... "Home of the Thrown Rolls".

  • JR

    I absolutely love this video! To me it looks like all scrap metal, but your passion to restore these really comes through! Keep up the good work! 👍

  • boost leezy
    boost leezy

    how much for that white mr2

  • Byronkb B.
    Byronkb B.

    Excellent video love seeing new junkyards good job guys, I liked and subbed

  • Bennie White
    Bennie White

    Glad i watched this just right down the road from me and you can't beat Lamberts some the best food in the midwest

  • Tsxtasy1

    18:09 does it have active aero? Yes, it does. (I’ll say yes to anything you suggest until you put money in my hand)

  • Ken Paduch
    Ken Paduch

    bad hair job and why the shades?

  • Jr Hendershot
    Jr Hendershot

    Great videos thanks for sharing

  • James 7528
    James 7528

    Minus the crap music pretty cool video. From a guy that has lived around Dexter all my life I have often wondered what was there at the old concrete plant.

  • Jezza Gates
    Jezza Gates

    Love this “show” and is a lot more interesting and entertaining than most of the shows syndicated on tv! Someone should sign Dennis up to his own show especially now when we are avidly watching television and stuck at home due to Covid 19. 👍

  • 70Slinger

    Haven't finished the video yet, I'm guessing the cash is in his wife's Louis Vuitton hand bag, very manly. 😃

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips

    That's what's up Dennis keep up the good work

  • mat conley
    mat conley

    Dennis seems like a great guy to work for... I feel like what you see is what you get... We need more of that

  • CEEAAT !!!
    CEEAAT !!!

    I could bounce a quarter off of Dennis' hair !! Bob Barker would be proud !

  • Roy L
    Roy L

    Great video!

  • Sean DeBottis
    Sean DeBottis

    First time finding this channel and Bam subscribed. Great content and personality!

  • Second Hand,DIY
    Second Hand,DIY

    i only have one complant the music is way to dam loud

  • Levi Krantz
    Levi Krantz

    Love that first gen dodge!!😍🤤

  • Magnus R
    Magnus R

    That black Saab 900 cabriolet in the back , at 33:25 ..is a $20,000 in Sweden , ship it over to me 👊👍😉🇸🇪

  • Shannon Rehwinkel
    Shannon Rehwinkel

    The sign on the door about the saggin pants is killer! 🤣 LMAO 🤣

  • PH 420
    PH 420

    That was some walk you had to do

  • Jon Nun
    Jon Nun

    I feel like I just snorted an 8-ball of some good ass meth and I'm here watching cringing my ass off

  • Jon Nun
    Jon Nun

    Dennis, I absolutely love you but for fuck's sake please wear some baggy clothes and relax!

  • Spungebob Squarepantz
    Spungebob Squarepantz

    I have that exact same PJ trailer. 2021 44’ deck. 3-7k axles. If your looking for one I have it for 13k.

  • jessie weathers
    jessie weathers

    That my home town

  • andrew murphy
    andrew murphy

    Loved it when i saw you on Gas Monkey,you certainly know your stuff man

  • Stephen Yukich
    Stephen Yukich

    I think Discovery channel should give you your own show

  • Keith Stafford
    Keith Stafford

    I grew up in dexter & we usta ride dirt bikes on the back part of the property

  • T.

    baby steps Dennis back on the field!

  • Ed Kuryluk
    Ed Kuryluk

    Any ideas how to get in touch with the guys at this yard? Got all the jeep parts I need, but I see something else.

  • Franco Reyes
    Franco Reyes

    Best show

  • LSX T MT
    LSX T MT

    So epic bro....RR wanna B,jeeps guys are all dbs

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    Leon Johnson

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  • Leon Johnson
    Leon Johnson

    Would like to know where this is want to buy some stuff I seen

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    Derek Ross

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  • Jessica Wells
    Jessica Wells

    That cam shaft,I found one like it an mounted my mail box on it.

  • itsmebrian 2
    itsmebrian 2

    i have a porsche here in nc for sale



  • red ed
    red ed

    Love this dude

  • Dan Bartolini
    Dan Bartolini

    I would hate to be behind any of these trailers on the highway the shit blowing of must have been epic

  • Randall Mcdaniel
    Randall Mcdaniel

    Lambert's Cafe is always a good bet for good meals

  • Tinda Mama
    Tinda Mama

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    Brian Bond

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  • Gary Timmins
    Gary Timmins

    Has Dennis ever been to the Longbridge factory in bham England home of rover does anyone know

  • adel al-rawashdeh
    adel al-rawashdeh

    wow what's a great hunted .. well done .

  • Poker Mike
    Poker Mike

    Awesome finds Dennis

  • Tom Hegland
    Tom Hegland

    Is that a Trans AM in the background at 33:18!! A '80 or '81 Pace Car maybe?

  • Derrick Blagg
    Derrick Blagg

    i would post that white mr2 y the first jeep , they are hot right now

  • Michael Bristol
    Michael Bristol

    Big Den out there making dreams come true. Sweet ! 😎

  • Peter Cooper
    Peter Cooper

    Surprised you didnt buy the 924 and the 926 as well

  • Rawdyrider

    Rather see Broncos bein rescued!

  • Master Mind
    Master Mind

    Those guys are sitting on gold....I am jealous..

  • Fabio Versari
    Fabio Versari

    cosa c'era scritto nella porta ..!? molto bello fare del business, da jeep morte e farle rivivere una seconda vita. !!! grandissimo ..E bravo Dennis ..!! sei un MAESTRO..!!!!

  • Red Rooster
    Red Rooster

    I would like that crew cab ford that has the collapsed camper on it.

  • N.C. Builds
    N.C. Builds

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    Jeremy Whittington

    Is no one going to say anything about what looks to be a 79 10th anniversary trans-am in the background as they went to the barn to see the Porsche?

  • Newport Family
    Newport Family


  • philip gerbin
    philip gerbin

    Nice find sir

  • Jauhn Miller
    Jauhn Miller

    My best friend lives right behind the shop you parked at. And we used to deer hunt the back of that land.

  • X

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    Jamie Park

    Absolutely Amazing!!! I love seeing these video's thanks

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    Michael Cuff

    Loved the old utlity 2nd gen Cummins! I have 2003 crewcab dually longbed Cummins. Smarty tuned.

  • TrapHouseZombie

    Dennis -have you ever been to Toledo Ohio??

  • Robert Stoudt
    Robert Stoudt

    Great episode

  • Manuel Perez
    Manuel Perez

    I mean to Impala from 1957 to 1964 let me know what you have

  • Daniel West
    Daniel West

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  • Paul Meadows
    Paul Meadows

    Dennis probably has a Disney contract for the next Jurassic Park movie and has a million dollar budget to get 10 jeeps ready 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Joshina woods-mubmub
    Joshina woods-mubmub

    Fit as

  • M Stringer
    M Stringer

    As a kid, i used to spend Saturday Mornings watching TV Fishing shows with my Dad if we weren't fishing. At 56, if I'm not playing around with my cars or bikes I'm watching Dennis. Great Show, great knowledge, a gentlemen of a businessman.

  • Blaine Train
    Blaine Train

    I live in missouri and have seen a Porsche pulling a log splitter down the interstate.

  • Steve Bridges
    Steve Bridges

    Would you mind letting ne know how to get in touch with these guys? There was one vehicle in your video that caught my eye, they will probably want more than I can afford but would like to ask them about it. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me how to contact them,. Thank you Sir

  • Philip Caputo
    Philip Caputo

    A fella could clean and repaint the roof, so that you have the patina, clear coat the car and roof

  • TermlessGHM

    Why do ppl actually do something like that..? Accumulate so many cars, I can't imagine they'd enjoy or even use most of them and then just let them fall apart. It really tripped my OCD badly!

  • Some random guy
    Some random guy

    Looks like you missed the real show stopper there. A Honda super car, the NSX, or Acura NSX. Go back and get it, it is worth more than most of the cars you bought put together

  • David Mckenna
    David Mckenna

    I’ve never drove a cop but I’ve been the back of one a few times lol

  • Classic Waves
    Classic Waves

    Anyone know if this place sells car to people? I saw a couple im interested in

    • Ed Kuryluk
      Ed Kuryluk

      ​@Terry Mace Thanks so much, truly appreciate it. Weather has been dangerous in that area, smart idea not going.

    • Terry Mace
      Terry Mace

      @Ed Kuryluk was supposed to go up to dexter mo. This week. Was going to look around the place. They said nephew & I can look around. Weather messed that up. I will find out for you. I'll get back with you.

    • Ed Kuryluk
      Ed Kuryluk

      @Terry Mace If you come up with the contact info, can you send me a DM. I saw a few I would be interested in. Thanks!

    • Terry Mace
      Terry Mace

      Give me abit. Going to get # for you. Gotta call nephew. I know all about that place and history. Nephew at work. I live in Louisiana. But go back dexter once a month.

    • Classic Waves
      Classic Waves

      @Terry Mace no way! Thank you so much for a response, do u know the name of the place or anything to get ahold of them?

  • Bailey Isaac
    Bailey Isaac

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    Steve Williamson

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  • Peter Ness
    Peter Ness

    help needed,could anyone out there thats knows about Jeeps please help,as a young boy i watched a tele movie named salems lot with Hutch from starsky and hutch ,David Soul,in the movie he drove the most baddest jeep ive ever seen ,does anyone know what model it is?????

  • Peter Ness
    Peter Ness

    greetings from Down Under,all i have to say is God Bless people like Mr Collins for saving these vehicles ,what a tip top fella

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    Anthony Phung

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    Vincent Cook

    Man, what a treasure find! I saw a couple of Dodge Stealth RT's in the background. Some pretty cool cars from the 90s.

  • Turbojunki

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  • Spenser davis
    Spenser davis

    Come up to p.a there's a junkyard full of keeps around grantville PA

  • Pinback71

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  • Evan Brown
    Evan Brown

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    Gopta Singh

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