Ep.018 | Jack Hibbs Interviews Dennis Prager | Real Life Talk
Jack Hibbs and Dennis Prager of Prager University sit down to review the pressing issues of our day. Join their discussion on the impact of today’s youth on the culture, the educational system in America, the controversy of nationalism, and the current push for socialism.

  • Susan Ziegelhofer
    Susan Ziegelhofer

    I'm 62 and praying for our country to return to God and modeling that. I'm also grateful that I'm hoping I won't be here to see America change drastically.

  • carol paventi
    carol paventi

    I love you and I love Dennis Prager❗❤

  • Color Creatively
    Color Creatively

    Love the interview...... but I dislike the sign on the wall behind the two men. It is very distracting because it moves. It actually gives me motion sickness.

  • Ed Brackeen
    Ed Brackeen

    Dear Jesus please open the eyes of Dennis and give him repentance to acknowledge Jesus and the saving gospel. The death on the cross, burial and the glorious resurrection on the third day. Amen ROMAN'S ROAD" plan of salvation: ROMANS: 3:10 “As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: [ all are guilty before God ( unrighteous) we must BE RIGHTEOUS to go to heaven. ] 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; [ JESUS is the Glory of God and all have come short of Jesus righteousness ] 6:23a- For the wages of sin is death; [ the only punishment for sin is eternal death in hell (Revelation 21:8 the second death) ] Revelation 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. [the second death is the death of the soul in the lake of fire forever and this is the only thing that we will ever deserve, but JESUS paid the penalty for us and will set us free from death and hell and give us eternal life because of his sacrifice for us.] Romans 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. [ sin debt is paid, even though we are sinners, God demonstrated his love by His sacrifice ] 6:23b- but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. [ Salvation is a gift of God, paid in full by our Saviour's sacrifice ] 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. [ repentance and acceptance of the PAID IN FULL sin payment is the only way to receive the gift, we must believe by faith through the testimony of those that came before us that Jesus arose from the dead ] { 1 Corinthians 15:- tells us that the gospel is the death, burial and Resurrection of Jesus and that there were more than 500 people that saw Jesus after he arose from the dead and this is the testimony that we are to carry on and witness to others} 10:10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. [ we are made RIGHTEOUS by repenting and believing that Jesus PAID IT ALL. ] Ask Jesus to save you right now and trust him, because he arose from the dead. Ephphatha

  • connie jackson
    connie jackson

    Love you both. Two very wise and committed men. Thanks Dennis for your honesty and openness. You are a very humble man. Thank you Jack for such wise answers to Dennis. I believe God has chosen Dennis for

    • connie jackson
      connie jackson

      Future witness to the world

  • Susan Capers
    Susan Capers

    Pastor Jack and Dennis Prager thank you I have been brought to tears with both of your statements about prayer. I am reading or listening to scripture through out the day. I want to know what God has to tell me too!! I feel like I am talking to him always because I know he reads my thoughts! I stop and say a sentence in prayer request form on a particular concern just whenever I need to! I also thank him, I ask him to help me on just about anything and I tell him I love him through out the day every day! I will thank him for the blessing of your message today. I don't feel so bad about my prayer habits anymore!

  • Dutch Lady
    Dutch Lady


  • Dutch Lady
    Dutch Lady

    And again I am re listening... it's a fabulous interview. And really wish you'd have him as a guest again.. or even on Happening now... NOW THAT would be a challenge for him ..right Jack?

  • Maureen Wagner
    Maureen Wagner

    Thank you Jack Hibbs and Dennis Prager for your delightful and candid conversation. Shalom to both of you and yours!

  • M. E.
    M. E.


  • Karine Carde
    Karine Carde

    Dennis Prager knows enough to be kneeling to Jesus, yet he does not! Think about that Friends 😁! It's mind boggling to witness that self righteous people still decline to believe in the only obvious Saviour! Wow! Still, I pray him & his family will bow the knee to Jesus before it is too late.

  • Lili Kerven
    Lili Kerven

    He 'knows why' the first 5 books, then why is he not saved? It's common sense at this point!

  • J.T.Patton

    I Love both of you.

  • bryan coray
    bryan coray

    Study the book of the Revelation for yourself! Short chapter- by-chapter study of the Revelation for individual or small group Bible study. RevelationStudyGuide org

  • Nancy Wenger
    Nancy Wenger

    Not just a rational mind, but structures of piety and obedience are necessary in training children.

  • Yo Krob
    Yo Krob

    What does a believer have in common with a Non believer? What unity does light have with darkness? What does a Prager have in common with a Hibbs? He that does not confess Christ, the Messiah, as come in the flesh, is a liar and an Antichrist. Is that not written? Why are were listening to and admiring someone who has no interest in finding the truth for himself and boldly denying Christ? And why are you open to him teaching doctrines outside of Christ? No. Married, or NOT, if you look at another with lust in your heart, you do commit adultery. There is no place in the Bible where it says that God changed his mind about the 4th commandement. We keep all 10. Mr. Hibbs, let's keep our focus on Christ, and on those who love him, not on those who deny him. You lost my trust.

  • Dennis Holtyn
    Dennis Holtyn

    God gave us the Ten Commandments and back in the day they sacrificed something if they committed a sin But Jesus said “look,committing adultery is a sin but if you even look at a woman in lust. You’ve already committed adultery in you’re heart” So another wordsyou’ll be sacrificing all day long. You could sacrifice till the cows come home and you’re still not covering all your sins. But if God comes down and presents himself a living sacrifice. Then you are covered once and for all time” for all your sins So believe in Me. Take me into your heart and my Holy Spirit will guide you and if you do mess up and sin and say Lord forgive me. He knows your heart that you didn’t really mean it But that doesn’t give you a license to sin. But if you are pure in heart he will forgive you. That is why he says “the pure in heart shall see God”

  • Sigigirl 1234
    Sigigirl 1234

    Love Prager and PragerU and I love Jack!!

  • LuckyTahlula65

    Wow, I'm constantly in prayer with the Father too. All day, everyday I am in prayer to Him. I hadn't thought of it like that before. I say a prayer every night that is literally the same prayer. I've added things here and there, but for the most part it's the same. Prayer does not come easy to me because I want to honor Him. I want to make Him smile. I want my prayer to be beautiful, respectful, praising and thankful. But all day I tell Him I love Him and need Him and I how thankful I am to have Him. I sing to Him and Jesus. They are my heart and soul, so why do I have a problem with words at bedtime? Thanks to Mr. Prager for his visit.

  • Michelle

    How can Dennis Prager not be a believer in Jesus???

  • Marcia kipp
    Marcia kipp

    Fantastic interview! Wow! 2 beautiful men in Christ!!!...❤❤

  • Rudy Barraza
    Rudy Barraza

    "the left dosent build anything they just destroy" what a statement.! So true.

  • j p
    j p

    I wish dennis knew the Lord

  • gomphrena -beautiful flower-
    gomphrena -beautiful flower-

    I’m seeing this 6 months later, but the message is still the same. These are two of my favorite people ever. Love hearing them together! God bless them and you, and God bless America.

  • lisa deiss
    lisa deiss

    I thought i was only parent whos kid didnt speak to them over voting Trump. Its so sad

  • Janice P
    Janice P

    I loved hanging out with my grandparents. I learned so much from them.

  • Rachelle Roberts
    Rachelle Roberts

    Thought: Did Jesus tell us that if you lust after a woman you have committed adultery in your heart because it was a warning to be careful of your thoughts because your thoughts can turn into action which can be a sinful action? I believe Jesus was warning us to be careful. Having thoughts when you are single is by bible definition not adultery if neither is married. But we should still be careful to not let our lust overflow our thoughts which can keep us from making careful decisions about a partner. Jesus loved parables and taking things to the next level but only because he wanted to drive home the point to us sinners to be careful, Satan is at every corner to tempt us.

  • Tom Joseph
    Tom Joseph

    Why R u giving a platform to the enemy? Prager is not a Christian and his goals are at odds with Christ.

  • F Wooden
    F Wooden

    There are 10 commandments. So the new covenant only does away with one of them? Think about it. God never changes toward his people. If we are grafted into Israel why do we separate ourselves when it comes to this.

  • Melanie Hughes
    Melanie Hughes

    It makes me just a little bit dizzy watching the wall moving behind you. 🤣😂😆

  • Melanie Hughes
    Melanie Hughes

    Jack I absolutely love what you said about prayer. I also am in constant communication with God. My mind never stops thinking and I know God lives in me and knows all my thoughts so while I do take time out for sending up specific worship and prayer (I like to use the Lords prayer as a guide and expand on each verse how it applies to each day for me) I view that constant commentary in my head as my thoughts towards God. Even asking His opinions and asking Him to guide all my thoughts to Him. So sometimes we think mean things and get angry and sometimes weird images and fears from our old lives creep in and I immediately ask God to help purify my mind and keep my focus on Him. I just feel like I'm letting Him help guide me by acknowledging He's already there and knows and even produces my thoughts and feelings. If you can control your own thoughts and feelings by allowing Him free access your actions will show His glory in all you do. I've actually asked to give up my free will and do only His will as He guides me. I find it brings me peace and I've been known to have alot of anxiety and panic attacks but with His help I can calm myself without medication and the fear and panic comes less and less. Maybe Satan's getting tired of Jesus kicking him out of my head.

  • Monte Reamer
    Monte Reamer


  • Mia Crowe
    Mia Crowe

    In Lord Jesus Christ's name, this video needs to be shared with & heard by every person who lives on the face of the earth, under it & above it! I've shared it with near my little 80.

  • Evelyn Fargate
    Evelyn Fargate

    The magical glue inspiringly lie because cat semiannually saw absent a colossal magazine. resolute, purring cloudy

  • Emilie Abenojar
    Emilie Abenojar

    Halalu Praise God Yahvah (Aramaic-Hebrew-Acts26:14 [Rabonni-Aramaic-John20:16],Rom3:2,Gala3:29-26 Holy Name-Eze36:23-26-31) Scriptures say ALL things work for good to those who love God Yahvah and who are called to do His Plan-Rom 8:28,Isa3:10-16-26 We pray and thank YAHVAH for opening wide your ❤️ to His Word -to give you spiritual wisdom and insight to know Him better, to flood (Hab2:14 overflow-John7:38 without limit -John3:34-31-30-3-7) yes flood you with light so that you can understand the confident hope He has given to those He called (Hebr1:14,3:1 we are His House-Hebr3:6-10) His Holy people who are His rich and glorious inheritance (please note His rich glorious inheritance) and to continue complete the good work He has begun on you-Phil 1:6 (He called you before the world began-Eph1:4-17-19,Jere1:4-5-9-12-19) the Holy SCRIPTURES make us thoroughly fully equipped to do good to everyone and complete in Yahvashua's Holy Name-2Tim3:16-17-12-2 stay clear-2Tim 3:5 One Lord Adonay Unity-Eph4:13-3-6-15,Eccl 8:1-16-17 Name Above Every Name-Phil 2:9-5-11-14 -16 Everlasting Prize Reward-Phil 3:12-8-18-20 He gives us eternal life thru His Son Jesus Yahvahshua-2Cor5:17 -21-please note He is Eternal Life-without end-so He can never be shortened-Psa147:5,1John5:11-12-18 ALgone video You Are Forever by Lifebreakthrough Halalu Yahvah Elohim Adonay El Shadday Amen Amen Amen!

  • Ann Weidner
    Ann Weidner

    I admire these fine men. It is a shame that this is the minority now.

  • Rhea Shields
    Rhea Shields

    Amazing! Dennis speaks almost prophetically about the election, eight months away at the time of this interview.

  • mourningwarbler

    If a wayward son returns home, will his father say, "Never mind about my rules. I wanted to teach you something with them, but whatever."

  • mourningwarbler

    It's like Dennis Prager home schooled himself. I know some other people who did that.

  • SMH

    How is Dennis making money. This man grew up rich. restore values yes now what... Never talks about lowering co-pays / deductables or predatory lending or family mental illness or how looks height help determine success. Would relish a debate with Dennis.

  • Kimmy

    May I meet you Both? One Day??? I am extremely poor and in a wheelchair! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL ITS PEOPLE!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Kimmy

    Its not only hard work its a very lonely place in the World! Because that's me!! Being honest always and not regretting the things I do is lonely!! I've taught my Children the samething! I changed the entire way I was bought up Which WITHOUT GOD I WOULD NOT OF SURVIVED!! I WAS TOLD IT COULD BE DONE BUT IT WILL BE THE HARDEST THING YOU(ME)WILL EVER ACCOMPLISH! GOD DOES NOT LIE AND IS MORE LOYAL THAN ANYONE PERSON!! YOU TWO MEN HAVE MADE MY EASTER ALONG WITH THE RESURRECTION ONE OF THE GREATEST DAYS I'VE EVER HAD!!🙏🙏🙏🙏GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!

  • Regenia Clark
    Regenia Clark

    JH you did a great job responding to the Sabbath. Definitely sensed the Holy Spirit giving you your response. Thank you. Excellent.

  • Jean Phillips
    Jean Phillips

    My Dad once told me he had died & our Lord showed him a look at Heaven . He struggled to describe what he saw but ended with; "There's more to this than what we get out of going to church" . I grew up going to Sunday school, summer Bible school, went to choir practice & spent so many hours memorizing scriptures. It was a weekly ritual that put structure into my life but always left me wondering if Dad was right & that there was more to this than what we got from performing our rituals. As I got older, I started searching for what Dad meant. I'm grateful for all I learned growing up in the church, but years later I discovered what my Dad was talking about. The "church" did not teach us how to apply all those verses we memorized to our daily life! Like our schools, we are taught so many things, but not taught how we could use what we learned in our daily life. It was all about memorizing all the lessons we learned so we could pass a test on how much we retained. Our GPS. Church was the same way. We were taught all the rules, but not how to apply them to our daily lives. What you could do & not do with no in depth explanation. I spent many years studying on my own & finally reached a point where I have a greater understanding of what my Dad meant . I always knew it was just not enough to show up at church once a week but now, I too agree with Jack, church, is everyday, all day, no matter what I'm doing, or where I'm at, I always have our Lord with me & I have this constant running conversation silently going on from the time I wake, til I fall asleep. I've never known such peace & fullness in my life ! The dam broke & no matter what comes my way, I don't get stressed out. I'm not perfect, I know I'm a sinner, but I know He helps me grow stronger to fight the temptations & battles & life has become a pleasure for me no matter what comes my way. Now I know what Dad was talking about & I have a greater understanding of having a personal relationship with God. With the covid shut down, so many people are having a rough time coping, but for me, it just gives me more time to study so I can learn how to serve my God more & better.

    • E. Cornelius
      E. Cornelius

      Thank you!

  • Michael Harty
    Michael Harty

    Love Dennis, love Jack

  • Wayne T
    Wayne T

    I don't agree with Jack's answer regarding the Sabbath 44:50.... The 4th commandment is so easy why does he refer to Paul and is answer is so long winded.

  • slidenapps

    How does Denis rationalize that Jesus is not the messiah when you can clearly see from the prophecies, especially from the ones in Daniel that predicted to the day that he would ride into Jerusalem on a donkey?

    • Rita Thomson
      Rita Thomson

      Blindness 😇

  • D VS
    D VS

    Rest from your works...enter His rest meaning believe in Jesus!

  • Collette Blanchard
    Collette Blanchard

    Excellent discussion Gentlemen! Thank you for being critical thinkers.

  • Linda Marsh
    Linda Marsh

    I love and pray for you both! The world is a better place with you both!

  • Elvia Cisneros
    Elvia Cisneros

    These two gentlemen need to be heard a lot more from younger people (older too!). Why? Because they rock!

  • Kimberly (Kingdom Runt)
    Kimberly (Kingdom Runt)

    FUN FACT: Did you know that the Hebrew word for "holiness" is kadosh.... A more precise translation of kadosh is "transparency"

  • di laur
    di laur

    The single woman whom you might lust over could become some other man's wife so you would be committing adultery with her future husband's wife.

  • John Van Ruiten
    John Van Ruiten

    Thank you guys, that was awesome! I can't wait until you do it again. I've been praying for Dennis for years. He's gonna pray to accept Jesus as Lord any day now.

  • Sylvia Foust
    Sylvia Foust

    My daughter and I cannot talk about politics. Please pray for those that their eyes are closed. I pray for God to open their eyes and their heart before it's too late.

  • Rebecca Anderson
    Rebecca Anderson

    I've been enjoying what I've learned and thought about listening to Prager U on ALgone. Listening to Pastor Higgs has been such a blessing as well. Thank you for this interview! I'm still praying about what I've been learning about America's troubles now, but all the more after listening tonight.

  • Alex Gramm
    Alex Gramm

    The Bible says that the righteousness of God is come. And that righteousness is a person Jesus Christ There is nol righteousness that a man can create on his own that will justify him before God.

  • T Tom
    T Tom

    it is so true about socialist or commi, I lived and survided the khmer and this only over 3 years of it, parents dead brother dead but kind of luck for me I was 10-13 years of age at the time.. souless is the corret term, we only see sun up and sund down I dont'r remember the clothes I wored or what.. it blanks to me now.. all black.... it was hell or what.. it still flash back to me time to time... the zero year... Khmer rouge, if you people don't know or understand the social or commi youtube.... but you wouldn't find any of it much because it was a black from the outside world not like this erra of the internet... ????.. I see and understand a bit after at 56 life is just like a movie except the living in those years a real instead on screen......

  • Christina Murrey
    Christina Murrey

    I have also been praying for Dennis to accept Jesus as his Messiah, 🙏❤️

    • Marg Chris
      Marg Chris

      @K. Day Sorry but the Bible is very clear. Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life and no one can go to the Father except by Jesus alone. Jesus is God and you have to confess it in your heart. No one can follow the 10 commandments because we are humans and we’re not capable to. We are saved by grace through Jesus’ death on the cross. All we have to do is to accept Him in our heart and follow Him daily. It’s not easy but with the power and help of the Holy Spirit, we can !! And we will have peace and freedom in Christ 🙏.

    • K. Day
      K. Day

      As long as he follows the 10 commandments he will be fine. Especially the very first and most important commandment that even Jesus said was the most important, the 1st commandment. Its not a requirement to believe Jesus is God.

  • Al Carter
    Al Carter

    There is a firmer foundation on which to stand for moral guidance. May I suggest you look at Albert Gleason Carter on Amazon Books?

  • Dorothy Poole
    Dorothy Poole

    They have books that teach evolution in the first grade.

  • Dorothy Poole
    Dorothy Poole

    I went to Bob Jones University. Conservative plus and inspirational.

  • Dorothy Poole
    Dorothy Poole

    People are asking, "Can I change my vote?"

  • Dorothy Poole
    Dorothy Poole

    What about Planet 7X, coming March 30-31, 2021 See Gil Broussard. (Ezekiel 38 & 39)? See my book "will Israel Survive?" on Amazon.

  • pphead

    Prager sounds like Mr. Delicious from Rax.

  • MissGolden ForLife
    MissGolden ForLife

    Yes, I believe that all humans are the same but I am also beginning to believe that all so-called humans are not actual humans and I'm not saying this as a bigot. I really do think there is a strong possibility that we are NOT all the same. I also think that if we are actually not all the same, our distinction and difference has NOTHING to do with so-called race. I believe this is all on a spiritual level. The confusion and chaos is because we have been conditioned to focus on race instead of the soul of the individuals we come in contact with. You can tell when you're dealing with an evil soul, you can even tell if you're just around one. I've learned and relearned that these evil persons have no place in my life. If don't give them a minute or an inch anymore!

  • James Boettger
    James Boettger

    As my first time the interview with Mr Prager was eye opening

  • Sound of Truth with Brett Maragni
    Sound of Truth with Brett Maragni

    I love Dennis Prager. What a great mind and gracious gentleman. In response to his comment about a single man lusting after a single woman not committing adultery (in reference to Christ's statement in Matthew 5)... I would point out that that single man (a) does not know who his wife will be and (b) does not know who that woman's husband will be. In light of the fact that God is outside of time and sees all history at once, when a single man lusts after a single woman who will be married to someone else someday, that single man is sinning against both this woman ( in light of 1 Timothy 5:2... the command to treat a single woman like she is your sister) and her future husband.

  • Petra Holtze
    Petra Holtze

    So enjoyed the explanation of the sabbath, we now rest in Jesus, the Lord of the Sabbath! I thought this a special moment, and Mr Prager was listening, I hope he thinks back and will make that step to faith in Jesus soon!

  • Debra Waters
    Debra Waters


  • Penny Plyman
    Penny Plyman

    I’ve listened to this twice now. And I have shared it with my friends and family, thank you for all your love and wisdom and hard work. May Jesus bless each of you!

  • Georgia Bulmer
    Georgia Bulmer

    Thank you so very much. I am a christian that has always wondered and asked about the Sabbath and why we do not worship on that day. Never get a satisfactory answer. I understand a little about what Pastor Jack said. Need more.

  • Trish Carter
    Trish Carter

    So informative! Will pray for Dennis Prager eyes to see Jesus Christ as our Messiah and I feel sure he will by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Barb B Q
    Barb B Q

    Social Experiment- Luciferians have no interest in godly things.

  • Barb B Q
    Barb B Q

    Thank you to both of you!

  • Tamara Lacher
    Tamara Lacher

    Christian's don't expect life to be fair. Subsequently we are grateful for what is good and don't take it for granted.

  • Stevenevo Sando
    Stevenevo Sando

    I love pastor jack! I thought it was funny he was looking for words explain the sabbath! I think he got Caught off guard abit! 😁🙏🏻

  • peterc

    I think an important perspective on prayer is provided by Psalm 55.22, "Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee; He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved". Casting your personal burdens onto the Lord in prayer is particularly important for Christians today in the 21st century as the world becomes increasingly turbulent and continues to move ever further away from truth and reason.

  • Bobbie MOHLMAN
    Bobbie MOHLMAN

    The Bible tells us that near the end even the Elect will be deceived that is what has happened to David Platt my own minister rides the fence that’s why left that church!

    • Rita Thomson
      Rita Thomson

      No it dose not... It says IF it was possible . Meaning ITS not possible 😇

  • peterc

    I am British from the North West of England. My mother and myself are conservatives and Christians. My sister, my only sibling, is a politically correct leftist to the core. I left school at sixteen and did an apprenticeship. She left school at eighteen and went to university in the south of England and has lived in London all of her life since. Tragically, I know that when mother passes I am unlikely to remain in contact with my sister and her family. We literally live in diametrically different and opposed worlds.

  • dianne cramer
    dianne cramer

    Thank you. A friend introduced me to Jack Gibbs today at a small group of women I teach Bible truth. I have watched Dennis Prager. This interview has been a joy to listen to. God's Word is always an inspiration. Thank you both.

  • Alan D
    Alan D

    Jesus said God made sabbath for man not man for the sabbath. Jesus himself did things on the sabbath. He also said your Sheppard if you had a sheep that fell in a pit would you not go & get it out ? God made a covenant with the jew and christ with the Christian. And in the end God will deal with the Jew in a way that they now know who christ is. And every knee will bend and every head will bow.

  • Alan D
    Alan D

    Come on Dennis. That should be an easy one .Hitler was a socialist and where is socialism rooted? Where is communism rooted ? On the left. History shows this. Even though it isn't taught anymore. But this is how the left is able to manipulate things. Because people who do know it wont stand up and say so.

  • Ron DeJohn
    Ron DeJohn

    Ministries no longer focus on the return of Christ. An EBook on Amazon entitled “The Body of Christ is Neither a Body nor of Christ” is truth. The enemy fought its publication, but could only separate some words such as this. Fear not, soon we’ll be home.

  • Maggie S
    Maggie S

    I have two children. Love them to pieces!! I’m very proud of them. One is a physician the other is an attorney. They they have walked away from what I tried (they went to Christian grammar school) to instill in them as far as this country being founded on Judeo/Christian values. I trust them to God who alone can open their eyes. But if Christ came for His now, I’d worry they wouldn’t make the cut. Love the info. The truth is out there.

  • June Duffy
    June Duffy

    WOW Dennis - God Bless you for your bravery in bringing the word to the Russia Jewish People and hopefully those Russian Jews have left Russia. Thank you!

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown

    Paul was talking about the ceremonial Sabbaths. The Lord rested on 7th day Sabbath after 6 days of creation and rested on 7th day Sabbath after dying. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. The bible is littered with the #7. If you deny the Sabbath then at least treat your Sunday like a Sabbath.

  • eric cruz
    eric cruz

    Prageru needs to expand into a social media platform as well where free exchange of ideas are also opened for discussion instead of other platforms. It has enough recognition that it can stand on its own

  • cristine connell
    cristine connell

    out of my 4 children, my eldest daughter went to college, haven't seen her in over a over a year! praying w/o ceasing! my younger daughter whose fiance doesnt know the Lord is in college for journalism. he used to talk to me, but now we havent not seen them since Feb! He is too afraid of the virus.

  • Susan Finlay
    Susan Finlay

    Awesome word, Awesome individuals. thank - you.! Oxford, UK.

  • Barrie Smith
    Barrie Smith

    Thank you Jack for your understanding of the sabbath and that Jesus fulfilled the law by his death th truth will set you free thank you Dennis

  • Trucker_Pete

    I support the Jewish people not because if what God will do for me if I bless them but because they are the chosen people of God. Honoring them is honoring God. My Lord and Savior was born a Jew. God bless the nation of Israel.

  • Barrie Smith
    Barrie Smith

    The blessing is to both Jew and and the non Jew that blesses Israel and the Jerusalem as we Brits see, England going down the drain and the EU with it


    The screen is moving behind them...weird and makes me dizzy.

  • Helen Breier
    Helen Breier

    More!!!!! I'm thankful you two sit and engage in the name of the Lord. Always learn from his wisdom. Reading thre Torah is enlightening and life changing.

  • Morgin Cupp
    Morgin Cupp

    Thank you! God bless you both 💖

  • Michael Fredt
    Michael Fredt

    Whenever I listen to Mr. Prager, it's the HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HOUR !

  • Kathleen Sanderson
    Kathleen Sanderson

    This is great. But the camera that moves back and forth makes me seasick!

  • dan norris
    dan norris

    “The Jews” according to the N.T. are those who are circumcised in their hearts, believe in the same God as Abraham and Jesus even called gentiles who received him true sons and daughters of Abraham. This pastor does not know the N.T. or the O.T. Very sad.

  • dan norris
    dan norris

    Not sure why you would want someone who rejects Jesus as the Messiah to speak in your church. The church is founded upon Jesus messiahship. It’s like having a communist speaking to the heads of Wall street, totally absurd.