Ep.018 | Jack Hibbs Interviews Dennis Prager | Real Life Talk
Jack Hibbs and Dennis Prager of Prager University sit down to review the pressing issues of our day. Join their discussion on the impact of today’s youth on the culture, the educational system in America, the controversy of nationalism, and the current push for socialism.

  • Alex Gramm
    Alex Gramm

    The Bible says that the righteousness of God is come. And that righteousness is a person Jesus Christ There is nol righteousness that a man can create on his own that will justify him before God.

  • T Tom
    T Tom

    it is so true about socialist or commi, I lived and survided the khmer and this only over 3 years of it, parents dead brother dead but kind of luck for me I was 10-13 years of age at the time.. souless is the corret term, we only see sun up and sund down I dont'r remember the clothes I wored or what.. it blanks to me now.. all black.... it was hell or what.. it still flash back to me time to time... the zero year... Khmer rouge, if you people don't know or understand the social or commi youtube.... but you wouldn't find any of it much because it was a black from the outside world not like this erra of the internet... ????.. I see and understand a bit after at 56 life is just like a movie except the living in those years a real instead on screen......

  • Christina Murrey
    Christina Murrey

    I have also been praying for Dennis to accept Jesus as his Messiah, 🙏❤️

  • Al Carter
    Al Carter

    There is a firmer foundation on which to stand for moral guidance. May I suggest you look at Albert Gleason Carter on Amazon Books?

  • Dorothy Poole
    Dorothy Poole

    They have books that teach evolution in the first grade.

  • Dorothy Poole
    Dorothy Poole

    I went to Bob Jones University. Conservative plus and inspirational.

  • Dorothy Poole
    Dorothy Poole

    People are asking, "Can I change my vote?"

  • Dorothy Poole
    Dorothy Poole

    What about Planet 7X, coming March 30-31, 2021 See Gil Broussard. (Ezekiel 38 & 39)? See my book "will Israel Survive?" on Amazon.

  • pphead

    Prager sounds like Mr. Delicious from Rax.

  • MissGolden ForLife
    MissGolden ForLife

    Yes, I believe that all humans are the same but I am also beginning to believe that all so-called humans are not actual humans and I'm not saying this as a bigot. I really do think there is a strong possibility that we are NOT all the same. I also think that if we are actually not all the same, our distinction and difference has NOTHING to do with so-called race. I believe this is all on a spiritual level. The confusion and chaos is because we have been conditioned to focus on race instead of the soul of the individuals we come in contact with. You can tell when you're dealing with an evil soul, you can even tell if you're just around one. I've learned and relearned that these evil persons have no place in my life. If don't give them a minute or an inch anymore!

  • James Boettger
    James Boettger

    As my first time the interview with Mr Prager was eye opening

  • Brett Maragni
    Brett Maragni

    I love Dennis Prager. What a great mind and gracious gentleman. In response to his comment about a single man lusting after a single woman not committing adultery (in reference to Christ's statement in Matthew 5)... I would point out that that single man (a) does not know who his wife will be and (b) does not know who that woman's husband will be. In light of the fact that God is outside of time and sees all history at once, when a single man lusts after a single woman who will be married to someone else someday, that single man is sinning against both this woman ( in light of 1 Timothy 5:2... the command to treat a single woman like she is your sister) and her future husband.

  • Petra Holtze
    Petra Holtze

    So enjoyed the explanation of the sabbath, we now rest in Jesus, the Lord of the Sabbath! I thought this a special moment, and Mr Prager was listening, I hope he thinks back and will make that step to faith in Jesus soon!

  • Debra Waters
    Debra Waters


  • Penny Plyman
    Penny Plyman

    I’ve listened to this twice now. And I have shared it with my friends and family, thank you for all your love and wisdom and hard work. May Jesus bless each of you!

  • Georgia Bulmer
    Georgia Bulmer

    Thank you so very much. I am a christian that has always wondered and asked about the Sabbath and why we do not worship on that day. Never get a satisfactory answer. I understand a little about what Pastor Jack said. Need more.

  • Trish Carter
    Trish Carter

    So informative! Will pray for Dennis Prager eyes to see Jesus Christ as our Messiah and I feel sure he will by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Barb B Q
    Barb B Q

    Social Experiment- Luciferians have no interest in godly things.

  • Barb B Q
    Barb B Q

    Thank you to both of you!

  • Tamara Lacher
    Tamara Lacher

    Christian's don't expect life to be fair. Subsequently we are grateful for what is good and don't take it for granted.

  • Stevenevo Sando
    Stevenevo Sando

    I love pastor jack! I thought it was funny he was looking for words explain the sabbath! I think he got Caught off guard abit! 😁🙏🏻

  • peterc

    I think an important perspective on prayer is provided by Psalm 55.22, "Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee; He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved". Casting your personal burdens onto the Lord in prayer is particularly important for Christians today in the 21st century as the world becomes increasingly turbulent and continues to move ever further away from truth and reason.

  • Bobbie MOHLMAN
    Bobbie MOHLMAN

    The Bible tells us that near the end even the Elect will be deceived that is what has happened to David Platt my own minister rides the fence that’s why left that church!

  • peterc

    I am British from the North West of England. My mother and myself are conservatives and Christians. My sister, my only sibling, is a politically correct leftist to the core. I left school at sixteen and did an apprenticeship. She left school at eighteen and went to university in the south of England and has lived in London all of her life since. Tragically, I know that when mother passes I am unlikely to remain in contact with my sister and her family. We literally live in diametrically different and opposed worlds.

  • dianne cramer
    dianne cramer

    Thank you. A friend introduced me to Jack Gibbs today at a small group of women I teach Bible truth. I have watched Dennis Prager. This interview has been a joy to listen to. God's Word is always an inspiration. Thank you both.

  • Alan D
    Alan D

    Jesus said God made sabbath for man not man for the sabbath. Jesus himself did things on the sabbath. He also said your Sheppard if you had a sheep that fell in a pit would you not go & get it out ? God made a covenant with the jew and christ with the Christian. And in the end God will deal with the Jew in a way that they now know who christ is. And every knee will bend and every head will bow.

  • Alan D
    Alan D

    Come on Dennis. That should be an easy one .Hitler was a socialist and where is socialism rooted? Where is communism rooted ? On the left. History shows this. Even though it isn't taught anymore. But this is how the left is able to manipulate things. Because people who do know it wont stand up and say so.

  • Ron DeJohn
    Ron DeJohn

    Ministries no longer focus on the return of Christ. An EBook on Amazon entitled “The Body of Christ is Neither a Body nor of Christ” is truth. The enemy fought its publication, but could only separate some words such as this. Fear not, soon we’ll be home.

  • Maggie S
    Maggie S

    I have two children. Love them to pieces!! I’m very proud of them. One is a physician the other is an attorney. They they have walked away from what I tried (they went to Christian grammar school) to instill in them as far as this country being founded on Judeo/Christian values. I trust them to God who alone can open their eyes. But if Christ came for His now, I’d worry they wouldn’t make the cut. Love the info. The truth is out there.

  • June Duffy
    June Duffy

    WOW Dennis - God Bless you for your bravery in bringing the word to the Russia Jewish People and hopefully those Russian Jews have left Russia. Thank you!

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown

    Paul was talking about the ceremonial Sabbaths. The Lord rested on 7th day Sabbath after 6 days of creation and rested on 7th day Sabbath after dying. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. The bible is littered with the #7. If you deny the Sabbath then at least treat your Sunday like a Sabbath.

  • eric cruz
    eric cruz

    Prageru needs to expand into a social media platform as well where free exchange of ideas are also opened for discussion instead of other platforms. It has enough recognition that it can stand on its own

  • cristine connell
    cristine connell

    out of my 4 children, my eldest daughter went to college, haven't seen her in over a over a year! praying w/o ceasing! my younger daughter whose fiance doesnt know the Lord is in college for journalism. he used to talk to me, but now we havent not seen them since Feb! He is too afraid of the virus.

  • Susan Finlay
    Susan Finlay

    Awesome word, Awesome individuals. thank - you.! Oxford, UK.

  • Barrie Smith
    Barrie Smith

    Thank you Jack for your understanding of the sabbath and that Jesus fulfilled the law by his death th truth will set you free thank you Dennis

  • Trucker_Pete

    I support the Jewish people not because if what God will do for me if I bless them but because they are the chosen people of God. Honoring them is honoring God. My Lord and Savior was born a Jew. God bless the nation of Israel.

  • Barrie Smith
    Barrie Smith

    The blessing is to both Jew and and the non Jew that blesses Israel and the Jerusalem as we Brits see, England going down the drain and the EU with it


    The screen is moving behind them...weird and makes me dizzy.

  • Helen Breier
    Helen Breier

    More!!!!! I'm thankful you two sit and engage in the name of the Lord. Always learn from his wisdom. Reading thre Torah is enlightening and life changing.

  • Morgin Cupp
    Morgin Cupp

    Thank you! God bless you both 💖

  • Michael Fredt
    Michael Fredt

    Whenever I listen to Mr. Prager, it's the HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HOUR !

  • Kathleen Sanderson
    Kathleen Sanderson

    This is great. But the camera that moves back and forth makes me seasick!

  • dan norris
    dan norris

    “The Jews” according to the N.T. are those who are circumcised in their hearts, believe in the same God as Abraham and Jesus even called gentiles who received him true sons and daughters of Abraham. This pastor does not know the N.T. or the O.T. Very sad.

  • dan norris
    dan norris

    Not sure why you would want someone who rejects Jesus as the Messiah to speak in your church. The church is founded upon Jesus messiahship. It’s like having a communist speaking to the heads of Wall street, totally absurd.

  • Linda Aywaz
    Linda Aywaz

    Prayer, you brought a very good point regarding the 4th commandment, why Christians keep Sunday as the day of worship, is because it was changed by the Catholics church, in the firth century, check out “the Roman challenge “ Christ said if you love me keep my Commandments, (all 10)

  • Ewane Raissa
    Ewane Raissa

    I find praying hard too😔

  • Muddy Boots
    Muddy Boots

    That Rational Bible is what I was hoping for.

  • Kenneth Mills
    Kenneth Mills

    You better be happy with your PRAYERS to Lord.

  • Rita Thomson
    Rita Thomson

    Thanks you 😇

  • Ann Baltys
    Ann Baltys

    You both are a JOY!

  • amapola53

    Awesome conversation between a Christian and a Jew!

  • Jonathan Gonzalez
    Jonathan Gonzalez

    Good conversation, Your answer on the Sabbath was very strange!

  • phyllis churchill
    phyllis churchill


  • king'sdaughter

    I'm glad the young people are listening to Dennis Prager, because I'm not finding that they have respect for the other adults/seniors in their families and communities. When I was growing up, we were taught to respect our elders. Parents were obeyed or suffer the consequences, and thereby we learned right from wrong. Grandparents were loved and honored above all. We thought we taught our children to do the same, and upon reaching our retirement years, looked forward to the care and respect of our younger generations, only to be disappointed. We are home alone, left out of their lives and in some cases, openly disrespected for our political view and for our faith. Keep teaching them, Mr. Prager. There has to be someone they will listen to.

  • Kevin McBride
    Kevin McBride

    Despite all his conservative views unfortunately when Mr. Prager dies he will never stand before the Lord because he continues to reject Jesus as God. He rejects the cross of God's Grace. So sad his false theology is more important to him then salvation.

    • Gaylen Halbert
      Gaylen Halbert

      Yes. Thank you.

  • Diane

    Young people need great male role models. Most don't have any. Both of you are doing God's work. Blessings!

  • Suzanne Lojko
    Suzanne Lojko

    Amen that Dennis fell in love with Christians! May he give his heart to him and accept him as Savior!

  • Luke Salazar
    Luke Salazar

    Also Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself

  • Sandra Wilbanks
    Sandra Wilbanks

    The American Jew won't be liberal democrat for much longer. Thanks to New York Gov and mayor. They will be voting for Trump I'm sure. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Pat passey
    Pat passey

    What a great Man !!! I have never heard of him before, my loss .

  • C Rock
    C Rock

    May the Lord bless Dennis

  • andrew davis
    andrew davis


  • andrew davis
    andrew davis

    Your HOPE is in Jesus Christ...... if you look anywhere else for your hope, you are on shaky grounds.

  • Allison Harmon
    Allison Harmon

    Very close to home when Dennis spoke of children not talking to parents because they voted for President Trump... 💔

  • ThankOurVets

    I didn't realize he was not a believer until I watched this. Wow. Yes, I will pray for him!

  • brookflowing

    I believe God's Word stands whether single or married. Lust is lust.

  • Megastar58

    Come to Jesus Christ those who are heavy laden and He will give you rest (sabbath).

  • Rebecca Abrams
    Rebecca Abrams

    Pastor Jack, did you lead him to CHRIST JESUS? Tell him about the gospel? Or, just stroke his ego along with yours? I have watched most of his videos. Sure, Dennis fights for America . And yet you sit there and laugh with him while he doesn't claim CHRIST JESUS as LORD AND THE ONLY SAVIOR! Jack, you are becoming a secular pastor. Dennis isn't a CHRIST JESUS follower. He is a secular Jew. What did you have in mind teaming up with Dennis for this video? What is your message ? You are practicing acceptance . Dennis needs a Saviour not praise.from humans.

    • Rebecca Abrams
      Rebecca Abrams

      @Gaylen Halbert I have been watching his videos for awhile now and this one really troubled me. It seems that when something fits Pastor Jack's AGENDA he goes with it, ya know?

    • Gaylen Halbert
      Gaylen Halbert

      Yes. Thank you.

  • San Dan
    San Dan

    Thank you Gentlemen! Wisdom 👍

  • Cherie Davis
    Cherie Davis

    Dennis Prager you are such a joy. I have gone to 34 countries to meet and learn about others. The more I alike and “ exotic” the better. Just turning to you daily brings me lightness. Joy and humor. Thank you.

  • Cherie Davis
    Cherie Davis

    My heart is so in pain over the corruption of the last administration , the intelligence systems, Obama, Biden, Hillary, Nadler , Pelosi. And the Horrible horrible media. The possibility of electing the same but worse back into office. I know God is in control. He is our hope. I’ve Ben working hard to share the truth because there is so many lies about our President. How evil the government and our youth. My hope lies in Christ but I feel the need to light a candle in this darkness. Letting people know how close we are to the Rapture. I need prayer of healing for my body which has 2 unsuccessful back surgeries, constant pain and pain medicine which now makes me almost irrelevant. My heart is broken over this nation. I am a vet and care so much about what this nation has stood for. The lack of justice now. The wickedness of the deception and I know the Bible tells us in advance so we will not wonder what is happening. Please pray for peace. Please pray for me. Please pray for our President and our nation. Thank you God bless you all.

  • Mitzi Gardner
    Mitzi Gardner

    Sounds like he is reaching to explain the Sabbath commandment...I take a Sabbath and it changed my life and my finances ❤

  • Tamra Cuculich
    Tamra Cuculich

    Thank you both for your wisdom. I always enjoy listening to God"s teachers.

  • Karen J
    Karen J

    Loved it, just loved it. Some real food here! 1 thing tho Pastor Jack... please ask your cameraman to be still, I felt like I was on a seesaw... 😅😅💝

  • Maryj

    Thank you for having Mr. Prager on ... this was enlightening and a blessing. Pastor Jack, you are likewise a blessing in witnessing to a Jew. I hope it goes in his ears, let him hear and remember, and take action. Shalom.

  • rick north
    rick north

    13:00 mark. I don't bless Jews because of Genesis 12. I am a partner to any group of people who are productive, creative, talented. But, Genesis 12 helps.

  • rick north
    rick north

    8:45 mark. American Jews vote Democrat because of discrimination against them in New York. Groucho Marx, famous, rich could not join the New York City golf club. Now, however, Dennis Prager is right. They are naive, and vote Democrat because they say their family has always been Democrat. No longer the party of JFK, Thomas Jefferson, Harry S. Truman.

  • Donna Skalski
    Donna Skalski

    Jesus said it’s from the Jews salvation comes. Jesus Christ is all over the Old Testament. Can’t have a New Testament without an Old Testament. God bless love you both

  • Bonnie Fogg
    Bonnie Fogg

    ''What's up with the exodus tax in Commifornia.????? Just heard about this tax and it sounds horrid and sounds illegal?????

  • aptginc

    The religion of the Satanic And witches and new age grow up worldly .

  • aptginc

    Great answer about the Sabbath. We actually as Child rested on Sunday afternoon. Church in the morning and in the evening.

  • aptginc

    I’d change going on the Sabbath just do it , Pastors . It’s a habit made by the Catholics.

  • aptginc

    Same here. Love music my religion (Christian) but worried about what is being done to the country my grandchildren will have to grow up in. If their parents do what they think and believe is correct according to the Bible their children may be taken away ? Yiks! Now I have to pay so much attention to the corrupt governments . City County State Federal. God help us.

  • Chris Hoyt
    Chris Hoyt

    I absolutely LOVE this!! SO blessed by your conversations!! Thank you both!!

  • Lori Kornel
    Lori Kornel

    Love this. Mother in law was from Estonia. When they got freedom from Russia they didn’t like it. Wanted to go back because they didn’t know how to be free. What Jack said about them coming out of graves was how the Estonian people were.

  • Laurene Gruett
    Laurene Gruett

    Such a 'humble' man! What a joy to see and hear Dennis Prager. He's a wealth of information. So enjoyable to listen to his wisdom and love and I appreciate him very much. I've heard him sporadically, but now hope to find him on youtube. Thank you!!

  • Raymond Strom
    Raymond Strom

    We love Dennis. Thank you Jack for this.

  • Lydia Alarcon
    Lydia Alarcon

    Dennis Prager is the reason why I switched from a Democrat to a Republican/Conservative.

  • Dev Sanchez
    Dev Sanchez

    Brilliant man. So much going for him, but saddens me that he doesn’t see the light... only found in JESUS CHRIST. Praying for him.

    • Bailey B
      Bailey B

      @Dev Sanchez not appropriate nor accurate. He is an Orthodox Jew. Here before Christians. He is God fearing and a believer in the Lord. He will be just fine. And I’m Jewish as well. Shalom. We believe in a just God. God knows his true heart.

    • Kathy Cantrell
      Kathy Cantrell

      me, too...every day!

  • Ellotherem8

    Ha stay out of Popeyes sucker

  • Barb Sanders
    Barb Sanders

    Excellent. Thank you both for an intelligent, deeply profound discussion. Love your answer on the Sabbath, Pastor Jack 🙏❤️

  • Stephanie Wright
    Stephanie Wright

    Amen! Observe the Sabbath! It's in Isaiah 58:13, 14.

  • Stephanie Wright
    Stephanie Wright

    Yeshua is in Genesis to Revelation. Wonderful conversations! I love both man of God that loves Yeshua! God bless them both!

  • Paul Reginello
    Paul Reginello


  • Paul Reginello
    Paul Reginello

    Life starts with common sense, which to me is the 10 Commandments. To live is Christ Jesus.

  • Claire Warren
    Claire Warren

    What a blessing. Thank you

  • A J D’Arc
    A J D’Arc

    Love you both. Two men standing in these days of cowering. Greetings-from Netherlands

  • Zulema

    I suppose Trump's lies, corruption, misogyny and deviant demeanor is ok? Is a bit hypocritical. How come they dont address that?

  • Dazobe

    Great conversation, but please stop the screen in the back from going back and forth. Thank you.

  • Helen Stewart
    Helen Stewart

    great interview! Just a thought.....the movement of "Real Life...." was disruptive.

    • btloms

      Yah, kind of distracting.

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