Ep.017 | Jack Hibbs & Amir Tsarfati: A Global Perspective Of The Church’s Re-opening |Real Life Talk
Pastor Jack sits down with Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel and discusses the tensions that exist over the re-opening of the church, the concerns of COVID, and adhering to local law while maintaining obedience to God.

  • Annie Carroll
    Annie Carroll

    My God, in His book, wrote down the day I would be born and the day I would die. Bless His Holy Name.

  • Kate Seymour
    Kate Seymour

    I Love You Both very very Much

  • Ivonne E. Tello
    Ivonne E. Tello

    What ca we do here in Portland? 😢

  • Brent Osendorf
    Brent Osendorf

    Thank you both God bless

  • kam taha
    kam taha

    I do belive only reason we know this covid thing is hoaks because Holly Spirit reveal it to us and the eyes of our understanding has been open to the truth and rest of the world are delusional as it is written in The Word!

  • Christine H
    Christine H

    Amir and Jack conversing like this on these subjects is a blessing! I want to offer them refreshments. 😂 I can't wait to listen to more of these chats. Very cool!

  • Susan Marks
    Susan Marks

    Thank you both for the testimony that you give to us . The love in your hearts for Christ is so amazing. We continue to watch and listen to every word. For Amir we want him to know that so many people follow him and his ministry we will stand with Israel and pray for them. God bless

  • ohwhatelse

    Just ran across you recently, Amir. Blessed by yr wide variety of teachings. Thank you, from a disabled widow, USA.

  • ohwhatelse

    I saw on PBS TV, USA, one guy working toward a Covid vaccine said they were using stem cells from aborted babies. I tell you what, I'd give them permission to shoot me with a rifle rather than shoot me with a COVID vaccine containing murdered baby stem cells! But, how do we know which vaccine we'd be getting or what's in the approved vaccine???

  • Tamara Lacher
    Tamara Lacher

    What would Disney do with 2 fishes and 5 loaves?

  • Reme Ileto
    Reme Ileto

    Philippines, owsome to note every important issues made known in this endtime hour. Thank God, some few.been updated like me.

  • Paul Allis
    Paul Allis

    Jack, Don't keep saying 'My Gosh' because it really means "My God'.

  • T Allen
    T Allen

    I wish so much I lived close enough to come to this church...

  • Robin & Chels
    Robin & Chels

    Right on guys! Bless you both!

  • Darlyn Bilbao
    Darlyn Bilbao

    Shalom brothers Amir and Jack. It's so heartwarming to watch you and listen to this conversation! It's comforting and encouraging... BTW, covid stuff didn't stop us from gathering, meeting and worshipping. I'm from the Philippines, in our province with only few reported cases, there are still protocols and restrictions set by our local government to be followed, maybe such are very likely to all other countries around the world as I've noticed. The way we do it isn't easy and simple, but we did it every time anyway. We still do our worship and we praise God for covering us with His protective arms, not to get caught by the authorities on our way from home to the church. I also thank God for silencing the mouths of the neighborhood surrounding the Church for reporting to the authorities about our gatherings and meetings. In fact, He brought more souls, young and old, to join us lately and they are actively joining us now. We are truly amazed of God's ways on touching the lives and hearts of these people who are now free to worship Him in spirit and in truth. They just had their baptism recently. Our Lord is an awesome God! Glory and honors be to Him alone!

  • Scherie Allen
    Scherie Allen

    Thank you Jack and Amir for this information. Prayers for you both and your families.

  • Jesus saves
    Jesus saves

    Love these two. God bless 🙏

  • Ron

    I am very inspired by both of you with regard to your love for people and your common sense. You guys are tremendously encouraging and an inspiration. God bless you in both of your ministries.

  • devra engle
    devra engle

    I do love both of my brothers in the Lord, but I think it is unkind to make lightly of the seriousness of the coronovirus . Today my aunt died because of the coronovirus. You said they are labeling coronovirus for deaths from something else. Perhaps you don't understand physiology. My aunt died from complications of a heart attach and was having several strokes while on the ventilator, but did not have this problem until she caught the coronovirus. It was the coronovirus that caused these things to occur. Please try to be more thoughtful to those who have died and their love ones who are trying to cope with their loss. nothing will turn them away from Jesus more than no empathy from Christians. Yes, we need to stand up for our freedom of worship and religion, but don't make light of the coronovirus.

  • Jimmy McDougald
    Jimmy McDougald

    You Guys Are Missing The Entire Point of The COVID-19 Plandemic, It's not about the Virus, It's About Shutting Down Global FREEDOM and ECONOMY So that Humankind Becomes FEARFUL and FINANCIALLY RUINED so that they're ECONOMICALLY DEPENDENT on The Global Cabal, that's what COVID-19 is all about.

  • Dave Micklewright
    Dave Micklewright

    Morgellons Leicester UK.

  • tombeetwo

    Yes do another and more programs.

  • Leslie Young
    Leslie Young

    I am a Canadian living in Manitoba and a very small , mostly elderly church. We are meeting, doing the social distancing, having to wear the mask. They just recently made the mask mandatory in public buildings due to numbers increasing. Trouble is so many are believing the lies and are fearful so they’re choosing not to come. There were about 6_8 less people last week. Only 10-15 showing up. As long as they are keeping the doors open, I will continue to go. Our prime minister is ushering in communism; it’s so clear to some of us but so many are blinded.

  • Upnorthaleut Dirks
    Upnorthaleut Dirks

    In public we ware masks 😷 but when we meet in private we don't seem to be aware

  • Michelle Smith
    Michelle Smith

    Trump is evil !

  • Andrea Allen
    Andrea Allen

    I’m blessed to have you both!!! 🙏

  • thomas holland
    thomas holland

    Acts 5:29 KJV Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.

  • Dee Robinson
    Dee Robinson

    Here in Newfoundland we've had drive in services once we entered level 2 and now have reopened for the most part, all the while following the Public Health guidelines.

  • Harold Hart
    Harold Hart


  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson

    The jews are God's choosen people and he will as his word says will bring them back. he will never forget them and will allways love them.

  • Mary Mclocke
    Mary Mclocke

    *Okay Pastor Jack* --They've traced Trump's getting the virus to the waiting room at the Debate. HOW did it get in there?? How WOULD it get in there?? Someone had it already? No Dems have it --only Republicans.. (the same only different, you know what I mean).

  • Linda Hudson
    Linda Hudson

    As a Canadian I can tell you that our church is opened and has been for months now. We don't have a large congregation, but we have two services so we can spread out and stay "legal". There is Sunday School between the two services, we meet during the week and the youth are now involved with their programs. We must wear masks inside all buildings unless you can't wear one, so you are therefore exempt. I am one of the exempt ones and have never had a problem going into stores, etc. We do not have to provide proof of our medical reason for not wearing a mask and it is illegal for anyone to ask us why.

  • The King Is Coming
    The King Is Coming

    26:45 Pray for Canada... so many evangelical churches with huge church buildings and yet they have shut down and have stopped holding services. They have restricted themselves much more than the government is allowing them. It is totally unbelievable. Pray for Courage for the Canadian pastors and churches.

  • Doreen Sartori
    Doreen Sartori

    People don’t like the truth because otherwise they’ve got to do something about it and they don’t want to they need their ears open and there are eyes open to see the truth of our God you two fellers are doing a dam good job I enjoy listening to you from Australia

  • Grace du Prie
    Grace du Prie

    Be blessed for your faithfulness jack and Amir

  • Grace du Prie
    Grace du Prie

    Let's wake up to the deception of Covid!

  • Wendy Peppercorn
    Wendy Peppercorn

    The fascists/globalists know the churches gathering will prove that their virus as OVERBLOWN!

  • Barbara Norris
    Barbara Norris

    Right on the money ❤

  • Penny Dicker
    Penny Dicker

    What a wonderful conversation, bless you both.

  • Candy Robinson
    Candy Robinson


  • Cornell Pintilie
    Cornell Pintilie

    God bless you pastor Jack and Amir .

  • Jennifer Berger
    Jennifer Berger

    Praise the Lord!!! Our church has been open since May/June as well! Alberta, Canada :>)

  • His daughter
    His daughter

    Prayer watch for President Trump and Melania October 2nd 12 noon spread the word. They tested positive for covid 19

  • Avatar Music Productions
    Avatar Music Productions

    Regardless of how you feel about the Coronavirus, President Trump just tweeted he tested positive for Coronavirus so make sure you keep him and his family in prayer as well as the rest of the nation's leadership. They are currently quarantining.

  • Diane Orrin
    Diane Orrin

    Here is Melbourne Australia, we have emergency laws that shut down all but essential businesses, curfew between 8pm and 5am, no movement beyond 5km from our homes, no meeting of more than 2 for exercise of only 1 hour and 1 hour for one person to shop for essentials only! This has just been changed to removing curfew (still no meeting in others' homes), outside exercise & meeting of 4 others with social distancing and now up to 2 hours exercise (still within 5km from home). Our church meets by zoom for services and prayer meetings. People are being arrested in their homes for encouraging a peaceful, social distancing, mask-wearing protest in a park. It is outrageous how we have been suppressed!

  • Jeff Guild
    Jeff Guild

    You are spot on about current events except you are so wrong about pre-tribulation rapture. Jesus said Matthew 24:15, 29-31! Keep witnessing through the Tribulation to try and make us white. Daniel. 11 please wake up!

  • Avatar Music Productions
    Avatar Music Productions

    I appreciate these men of God like Pastor Hibbs, Pastor MacArthur, Pastor Faraq, and others who are standing to keep their churches as the church is needed but we still need to be wise as we avoid giving in to fear. I have had two separate relatives in different states contract COVID-19. One made it and the other didn't. True enough, more people are surviving than dying but this virus has shown itself to spread quickly and there is a good percentage (@30%) that will have long-term effects including memory issues, heart damage, lung damage, etc. Many others are surviving it well but it is nothing to take lightly. The masks can't totally prevent the virus but they can help reduce the particles produced when we talk and minimize your risk to others if you have it. Churches should be open but I pray congregants aren't too dismissive and being careful about this virus. Even if there are not 200K dead from this virus, the potentially serious effects it can have on the bodies of some individuals is not to be laughed at and you don't want to be one that has residual damage from it.

  • Rebel-Rally.com

    Why aren’t we doing religious protests?

  • Peter Terrell
    Peter Terrell

    Our church is open three times a week, in Plymouth, Devon. But we have to have 1m separation and wear these useless masks. Having said that, we are, in one sense better off than before the virus because we have a daily 9 a.m. morning service on FB in which we can comment. We also have numerous zoom meetings for home groups and prayer times - so within the law we do not 'forsake the gathering of ourselves together.' So, I don't see the need to 'protest'.

  • Mike Haney
    Mike Haney

    Churches in Israel and the world are Not closed, they are "underground" groups. You cant stop it! That is the only way to overcome fear! And if Biden gets in the church in the US will be underground in 3-4 years, because they will change the constitution..

  • John 3:16
    John 3:16

    Praise the Lord! Enjoying your fellowship time. When 2 or 3 are gathered in His name HE will be amongst us. Stand firm in our faith body of Jesus christ for we are sojourners in this world. 🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺. 👀⌚

  • Linda Lyon
    Linda Lyon

    God is good

  • BornAgain

    Hallelujah...bless and pray for our brothers brethren. In Jesus mighty saving name.

  • Paul Murray
    Paul Murray

    Great that you are meeting. Could it be that God has moved the church out from within it's walls and into the marketplace of social media? What has been the global increase in online presence and content provided by churches. Yes we want to meet together but there is a lost world thundering toward hell.

  • SprocketBlueRocket

    I wonder if this is yet more evidence that a God who will maximize the number of souls saved is closing in on the next phase of His plan? Maranatha.

  • Mark My Birds
    Mark My Birds

    CNN sells fear.

  • Doren Renfrow
    Doren Renfrow

    Jack and Amir - please know we are blessed because you're spreading truth with His Truth!

  • Sharon Davis
    Sharon Davis

    My Messianic congregation here in Bend Oregon has been meeting the same way because our Rabbi feels the same as mr. Jack Hibbs

  • Gerri Beaulieu
    Gerri Beaulieu

    This is the only church I can trust, from Chilliwack, BC, Canada

  • Carla Kruter
    Carla Kruter

    I love you two! I am so fed up with this crazy world! Thank you for telling the truth, eventhough so much people don't want to hear it anymore! Praying for this lost world, they need Jesus more then they will ever know! Hope jesus will take us home very soon! Maranatha!

  • j s
    j s

    From the Netherlands, we love you and thank you both so much fot this conversation. The Lord bless you and keep you! Yahweh make his face shine on you, and be gracious to you. Yahweh lift up his face on you, and give you peace. His Shalom In Yahushua's Almighty name For you, and your familie, your church and everyone around you You are my real brothers and my friends Thank You Abba Yahushuah for these brothers and friends Amen

  • Jeanie Roo
    Jeanie Roo

    A citizen research network uncovered this bio weapon was likely started in the US at Fort Dietrich and later outsourced to China. See conversations with George Webb on YT channel McDuff Kennedy’s Man to Smash the CIA (@ outbreak times.)

  • Morina Ramesar
    Morina Ramesar

    The Entire World is Dancing to the same Music of One Organization the WHA....Very profound! The WHA is governed by Mammon. The church is a body that cannot be shut down....A closed door to a building is not shutting down the church.....The CHURCH that will stand is not intimidated by Mammon.

  • Tracy New
    Tracy New

    Thank you for speaking the TRUTH about what Covid really is! Churches are falling prey to the government's control. Give them an inch and they'll take a yard. Stand up for your faith and the blessing of worshiping the Lord with others regardless of what the government says. I pray more churches will take a stand. It makes me so sad to see so many Christians putting their physical health above their spiritual health. Remember, physical health is temporary. Spiritual health is eternal! I refuse to allow the fear of Covid to take over my life. My prayers are with our brothers and sisters around the world that are dying for their faith. All the while we have families staying at home, (allowing Satan to do his work) afraid to walk into a church building for fear of catching a disease. SIN is the disease we should be fearful of, NOT Covid.

  • Vivian Smith
    Vivian Smith

    It definitely is. Any erroneous information thought that is a lie, is from the spirit of Error. 1 John 4:6 We are of God. He who knows God hears us; he who is not of God does not hear us. By this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error. It is a lying spirit influencing the man propagating whatever lie. Darwinism, philosophies of man, replacement theology, etc. In or out of the church you will find diverse teachings that are completely false when brought to the light of scripture. "If you are not with me you are against Me," the bible says. If you are not with God them what spirit are you under?

  • Darleen Smith
    Darleen Smith

    Thank you both for having this discussion on line for all to hear. I love listeniing to you both as you hold very little back in your presentation,which helps those of us truely following Jesus and the word of the Bible, to have the understanding on who you speak of and also follow in love.

  • Sarah Penk
    Sarah Penk

    Thank you Pastors, fellow brothers... you both are loved! May your hearts be refilled with encouragement! You both are cherished, please keep on doing these, sharing wise words of God. Thank you Mr. Amir, thank you Mr. Jack, may your spirits be at rest within this restless world by God's calming hand of care. Please keep on sharing Truth, despite the discouragement that may happen at times. Please keep the Deaf communities in prayer, they need the gospel around the world too, they need to see the gospel, too see truth. Thank you!

  • Dean Floyd
    Dean Floyd

    No one falling ill during large church services week after week, is proof there nothing to worry about. That's why they frown regarding these gatherings.

  • Dean Floyd
    Dean Floyd

    "Strong Delusion" perfectly describes the world's response to Covid-19.

  • patricia burell
    patricia burell

    Is Jack Hibbs being harassed by Gov Newsom? As the Gov is harassing John MacArthur...

  • Jesus is King
    Jesus is King

    Did you know the bible says most people are going to Hell? There is a narrow road to get to Heaven and very few find it? Why is this? Because we are dead in trespasses and unable to have full revelation of the bible and God’s will for our lives. We need the merciful gift from God of regeneration. This is where God brings us to life and leads us to repentance and the turning away from a life of sin and leads us to accept him as our Lord and Savior. We become servants of Christ rather than slaves of sin. The bible says unless a man be born again he will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The bible says we must examine ourselves to be sure we are in the faith! Is your eternity assured? Have you been reborn from above? I pray today that you will ask the Holy Spirit to regenerate you, teach you his word, and lead you to him if he hasn’t already. Amen Amen Titus 3:5 - Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost; Matthew 19:28 And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life. 30But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.

  • Christine Gajai
    Christine Gajai


  • Carolyn Patty
    Carolyn Patty

    This has nothing to do with health, it is political and it's about control. This virus is real but this is not a pandemic.

  • Melissa Culpepper
    Melissa Culpepper

    Glory to God in the Most High!

  • Eliane Jann
    Eliane Jann

    sooo good, thank you two. God bless you richly. And your friendship is so nice, it makes me think about David and Jonathan. Thank you Jesus for people who don't love their life and are ready to give it away for the love of Christ.

  • James Neil Hogg
    James Neil Hogg

    Because amir happen to be on the towers 9- 10 he got accused for being involved

  • Larry Sherrill
    Larry Sherrill

    Who is it that troubles Israel??? Who is it that slanders your history...Who is it that sows these lies...And ENJOYS YOUR OFFENSE...AND THE OFFENSE OF YOUR CONTRY...WHO HAD THE MONEY TO " AFFECT " YOUR POLITICIANS AND HOLLYWOOD...LETS PULL DOWN THEIR .......................MASK.... The fake news in publishing against your faith, and religion, and history, and your fathers good name and nature....They are inciting your offense and inciting riots and Theft, stealing, killing, and destroying...They are fighting the good nature of your government....and your constitutions...and your rights framed there not to be changed...Each day they collude new lies in what was supposed to be the public record of news service where truth was examined for the good of the population...They claim to want conversations and the force opinions with threats and violence...They hide behind brand names so there is no costs to those who enjoy when you become offended...They want to take the supreme court to solidify their hold on your minds...They think you are cowardly and will not come together to fight with them...When you fled from the cities and crime they think they know your nature...as cowards and liars...They call you names, smelly Walmart shoppers raise the price of your food and think there is no price for this because you don't really know who they are...They have one war room among them some where who organizes their lies they send out...I would be surprised if Nancy Pelosi Doesn't know where it is...They have fought against the "Thin blue line" and released the violent into your cities and want to pass legislation to bring the "Ghetto" as a concept to your neighborhoods... Let this be clear you are not voting for "Donald Trump" or for "JOe Biden" …You are voting for a candidate they do not own or for a candidate they do own...They are fighting against any independent people, group, state, or opinion...They control the narrative because they have bought the public face of news...BY OWNING the great majority of news organizations in the United States and probably the world...They have the ability to sop any effort you make against them...By coming at you from a dozen or a hundred different directions...Small sop is the root word for sophomore and sophist, to water down and to divide...So they will water down and divide you and send agents to confront you that seem to come from others...They are the hidden hand that gives the sucker punch...They are the rich that has a new machine that can generate money without risk , Chinese money may be their new cash cow...They are the rich who have bought your public utility of the Truth in news in this country to weaponize it against the citizen ship... Any citizenship that could stand against them or reveal their presence...is their target... manipulate

  • Cathy Waters
    Cathy Waters

    Thanks for this riveting talk.

  • Sheila Goss
    Sheila Goss

    Absolutely wonderful discussion today! Thank you Amir and pastor Jack! So much truth and very eye opening!

  • Rick Beaudin
    Rick Beaudin

    Pastor Jack, when you said you guys need to do another show about all this stuff, what you should do, is try and get Amir and people like Pastor James Kaddis and talk about these issue. Pastor James does not like Amir and feels he taught false theology based upon what Amir said. It would be nice ti see these issues delt with in an open and honest way.

  • curr c
    curr c

    I am hard pressed to find the words to praise God for the upholders of God's Word, and His Church. The LORD is pleased with you both Jack and Amir. My heart is filled with love for such as you who hear God and obey. I'm a Canadian and am heartbroken that our Country has been hijacked by haters of God. God bless America, the only country that's standing against the takeover of the global agenda. God bless President Trump who, as a country's leader, is alone in the world , standing against the enslavement of humanity. God shows His power in that one man can stand against all the evil forces that are pitted against him and win. God bless Israel who shows us the power of God as well.

  • B. Jewel
    B. Jewel

    Very interesting...I found out what a vision of a closed fist (us safe inside) with stormy winds around it means.. Ephesians 4:14,15

  • Luz D
    Luz D

    Yes, because there's plenty ; that call themselves christians, but they just want to judge the genine christian people !!! They operate or act according to their ruler! 💔💙

  • Terri Vines
    Terri Vines

    It amazes me how many get on FB and talk trash but will not show their faces! I show my face because I don't want to hide behind anything! Not only do we need braver people but also Pastors! Too many are scared to stand up for truth!

  • Luz D
    Luz D

    God bless the Men Servants of the Almighty! From the begining of all this: I had a hard time believing and hearing about this! And thinking that it wasn't real! Churches and Businesses locked up ?

    • Luz D
      Luz D

      We aren't supposex to relax ; they are still pushing the fatidic mask !!!

    • Luz D
      Luz D

      I was expecting that someone would wake up and assemble a demonstration of demanding the truth with proofs of such!

  • Teena G
    Teena G

    I have so much respect for both of you because you are both men of God. It is a blessing to hear both of you. God Bless you both!

  • Hanneke B
    Hanneke B

    Ahhmein .In the last days there are doctrines of demons .Who are following Yushua Hamashia will be hated .Go on dear friends.Don,t give up!He is coming soon .Abbah Father bless you and keep you.Abbah Father make His face to shine upon you,and be gracious to you.Abbah Father Yachuwah lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace and also your family.

  • Russ Wahl
    Russ Wahl

    My Dad just sent me the link to your videos. Finally some pastors with a back bone! I will continue to watch and want to encourage you to keep preaching! From the Canadian prairies of Saskatchewan. Thank you God bless

  • Connie Hallmark
    Connie Hallmark

    Really pushing liberal colleges on tv

  • Jason C
    Jason C

    Thank you Jack and Amir! May the Lord richly bless you both!

  • Linda Fuller
    Linda Fuller

    COVID19 IS STRAIGHT FROM THE PIT OF HELL!! How else can you explain everyone being in lockstep with this lie?

  • Linda Fuller
    Linda Fuller

    correction to previous statement...SATAN IS THE FATHER OF DECEPTION! DO NOT SERVE SATAN!

  • Linda Fuller
    Linda Fuller


  • Linda Fuller
    Linda Fuller


  • Linda Fuller
    Linda Fuller


  • Kathleen A Granny Off Her Rocker
    Kathleen A Granny Off Her Rocker

    ecumenicalism is a doctrine of demons..meeting with other religions to worship all kinds of gods and say it's GOD'S plan and desire..the catholic church is huge on this as well as Rick Warren who started Chrislam ....I refuse to listen to any of his sermons ,

  • Kathleen A Granny Off Her Rocker
    Kathleen A Granny Off Her Rocker

    Windword in Aldergrove BC is open...50 up and 50 down...it is all the pastor can do right now but we also meet on wedesday nights for School of the Supernatural and also the young adults meet and the youth meet...but the thing is this whole thing is a big big lie..its an agenda of the NWO to control the world and persecute the Church and subdue people with masks which is psychological warfare and herd community helps disease to lessen . The whole shut down world wide is a big hoax. Big Big hoax..it's a bio-weapon and it is not working as well as Bill Gates and the cabal want it to...they have more up their sleeve to kill more people...I pray Jesus comes quickly ..

  • Kathleen A Granny Off Her Rocker
    Kathleen A Granny Off Her Rocker

    WOW Brother Jack we need more wise, brave pastors like you !!!

  • Kathleen A Granny Off Her Rocker
    Kathleen A Granny Off Her Rocker

    Basically Amir does not understand that most of this has been a big lie and the threat of this covid is not that high

  • Kathleen A Granny Off Her Rocker
    Kathleen A Granny Off Her Rocker

    I thought that CV 19 was worked on in the USA way back in 1981ish...there's a horror book about the inventing of covid coming from Wuhan but it seems to me that it was invented in the USA then china got a hold it and released it ???

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