Enisa - Count My Blessings [Official Music Video]
ENISA - Count My Blessings
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Directed by Enisa
Video by Gezim Mavric
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I’m a rebel
Yeah I know
I count my blessings
Yeah I know

I see the light on
When you don’t
I don’t forget where
I come from

I count my blessings
Yeah I know
So far from where
I was before
I count my blessing
Yeah I know
Verse 1:
He woke up crying,
Crying in his Maserati
He won’t stop counting
Counting all that dirty money
The bottom line is
The only thing that gets him going
Oh my, my it’s never enough

I may not have all your money
I’m still on my way, way
I wake up stay
Thankful for the day

I’m a rebel
Yeah I know
I count my blessings
Yeah I know

I see the light on
When you don’t
I don’t forget where
I come from

I count my blessings
Yeah I know
So far from where
I was before
I count my blessing
Yeah I know

Verse 2:
She goes so hard yeah
Knowing that somebody’s watching
Then gets so mad when
They don’t really pay attention
I wish she knew that
She don’t gotta please nobody
Oh my, my, knew she was enough
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    • salma salmita
      salma salmita

      ذ ٩٧من ٦ههالةةة

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    • nesrine abdou
      nesrine abdou

      The original song IS tunisian 🇹🇳🇹🇳


      Amazing track

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      Mohamed Moha


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    Oktay ccn


  • Ayşe Gül
    Ayşe Gül

    the original of the song İbrahim Tatlıses - Mavişim 🇹🇷


    LOVE YOUU❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Enea Shala
    Enea Shala

    You are Albanian like I know beautiful woman🇦🇱🔥hajde shqipe🔥🇦🇱❤️

  • CoOp

    Can someone help me this melodie is the same like a rumenijan song i search it since years please would be so happy 🙏🏽🙏🏽🎉🎉 this song is too good 🍀🎉

  • Jelena Mladenovic
    Jelena Mladenovic

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    Bekir Erdinc

    Bizim Türkler nerede kaldınız.

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    Simi Brown

    The world needs more artists like Enisa

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    mom love u

    I will forgot my place the future country will trillion tans of oil Somalia inshalla Africa the future world community

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    Birol Erdinç Sel

    great voice and music,congrats

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    Basma Elghzal

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    gourab pal music

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    Ghassen Ben Hamadi

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    Princess Rhoda Olaewe

    A mister can I please know you better please. 😁💖😁

    • Princess Rhoda Olaewe
      Princess Rhoda Olaewe

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    طافش / TAFESH.Y T

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    Møhãmèd Sghîrè

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    Farouk tagmouti

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    donjeta shabani



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    Nisha bint Adan

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    its Me

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    steve Carpenter

    She is absolutely stunning 😍😍😍❤️ and great song. Love her black leather outfit 👌👍

  • Abdalla Nasser
    Abdalla Nasser

    So far where I was before

  • Esra Yesil
    Esra Yesil

    The orginal song come from ibrahim tatlises- mavişim turkey🇹🇷

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    Arsim Ajdari


  • Nexhmie Muça
    Nexhmie Muça

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  • TN

    Line this song is copy :))

  • Yannis și Iulia
    Yannis și Iulia

    I'm a rebel, yeah I know I count my blessings,yeah I know I see the light on and when you don't I don't forget where I come from 😍 Love this song! 🤗 Mândra ca sunt româncă 🇷🇴!

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    Donko Power

    Why she is making double Head symbol??..Is she really proud from where she comes from???

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    Chisa Lyngdoh

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    gfgjtrAissa Benturkia

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      gfgjtrAissa Benturkia

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    • gfgjtrAissa Benturkia
      gfgjtrAissa Benturkia


    • gfgjtrAissa Benturkia
      gfgjtrAissa Benturkia


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    gfgjtrAissa Benturkia

    انا نحب اغنيكي

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      gfgjtrAissa Benturkia

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